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									Greek Goddess: Artemis
      (Roman: Diana)

                       Amy Busch
Who is Artemis?
 Goddess of the Moon & hunting
 She also protects women in childbirth
 She dislikes men and values independence
  from them
    ◦ Artemis is the Virgin God, but in a non-
      traditional sense
        She feels complete without being in a relationship
         with a man, unlike almost all other Goddesses
Place of Residence
No set place of residence.
 Roams the forest with her female
 and sometimes
 either hounds
 or stags
   Silver bow and arrow
    ◦ Signifies her great archery skills, and are the
      same as her twin brother Apollo’s
   Crescent moon
      Often seen on her forehead; a symbol of her
       power over the Moon

          •Hounds / stag
              -Represents her power over the
                wilderness and all wild animals
 Artemis is the daughter of Zeus and Leto,
  and twin sister of Apollo
 She never wed or had any children, but had
  many nieces and nephews thanks to Apollo
Leto, Zeus, and Apollo
 Both Artemis and Apollo cherished their
  mother because of the horrible ordeal she went
  through to have them
 Artemis was definitely a “daddy’s girl”
    ◦ At age 3, Artemis sat on Zeus’s knee and asked for
      eternal virginity, bows and arrows just like Apollo’s, all
      the world’s mountains, lop-eared dogs, nymphs for
      hunting companions , stags to lead her chariot, and
      more… Each willingly given to her by her loving
   Artemis and Apollo stayed close throughout
    their entire lives, and bonded by hunting
Special Powers
 Artemis could bring sudden death and
  disease to women with the use of her
  “gentle darts”
 She could transform humans into animals
 Wild animals obeyed her
 Phenomenal huntress and
Personality/ Characteristics
 Artemis had a temper that reflected the
  fury of nature
 She could be both compassionate and
  vengeful, or nurturing and destructive
 Unlike most goddesses, she valued
  independence from men
    ◦ Artemis is one of the three virgin goddesses
   She was strong, untamed, and very
    overprotective of Leto
   Hera, Zeus’s wife, was jealous of Leto for bearing Zeus’s
    children. She forbid her from giving birth on land or sea,
    so Leto had to go to a floating island called Delos
    where Artemis was born first. Artemis felt great
    compassion for her mother who had to go through
    labor pains, banishment, and Zeus’s
    violence, and became her midwife for
    the birth of Apollo.
   Liobe, queen of Thebes, boasted to Leto about her 7
    sons and 7 daughters, and claimed that made her a
    better woman than Leto. Artemis and Apollo being
    overprotective as they were, killed Liobe’s children with
    poison darts.
Another Myth
   Artemis was bathing in the woods, when Actaeon, a
    young male, stumbled across her. Being the virgin
    that allowed no man to see her nude, she turned
                  him into a stag, and he was torn to
                  pieces by his hounds because they no
                  longer recognized him.
                      Some myths claim that Artemis
                      ordered the hounds to attack
                      Actaeon so he could tell no one
                      of what he saw.
Allusions in Today’s World
   Artemis is the name of a crater on the

   A cat with a crescent moon on its
    forehead from the cartoon Sailor Moon is
    named Artemis
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