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									          “Due Diligence is a moving target”
               Corporate Assessment
            Food processors & Handlers

                     Date: July 09, 2009

    Due Diligence

        “Due diligence is the efforts made by an
     ordinarily prudent or reasonable party to avoid
                  harm to another party”

Due Diligence Challenges
• How does your company keep ahead of
  the due diligence curve?
• Is your company strategically organized to
  ensure due diligence?
• Are the proper checks and balances in
  place to demonstrate due diligence?
• Do 3rd party audits provide you with
  sufficient data to assess due diligence

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   Due Diligence Ever-Changing Landscape

• “Due diligence is a moving target”TM in
  food processing & handling as a a result
  of changes in regulations, best practices,
  technology and customers’ expectations
• Companies must adapt to increasingly
  more stringent government regulations &
• Industry and competitors best practices
  cannot be ignored and must be factored
  into the due diligence equation
• Technological innovations allow for more
  robust testing for food borne pathogens
• Customers demand higher level of
  stringency for food safety programs

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• Identify those variables related to the
  demonstration of due diligence in food
  safety programs
• Establish a high level corporate cross-
  function team to review and monitor the
  ever-changing due diligence landscape
  (current state vs. future state)
• Ensure channels are in place for due
  diligence communication between
  corporate and operational entities
  (processing plants, suppliers, growers,
  distributors, restaurants)
• Conduct 3rd party Due Diligence
  Assessments (DDA)
• Review DDA findings and develop
  improvement plans to close food safety
  program gaps

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• Greater protection of brand integrity and
• Higher level of confidence in company’s
  food safety and quality programs
• Increase corporate transparency in overall
  food risk management
• Elevation in the level of preparedness for
  potential crises such as product recalls and
  foodborne illness outbreaks
• Reduction in liability claims
• Decrease potential for regulatory
  compliance issues
• Ability to better gauge the effectiveness of
  3rd party food safety audits
• Develop an organizational culture of due
  diligence accountability

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