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Best Spray Tans


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									Best Spray Tans
Spray tans can provide the answer to the many people who desire the look of a beautiful tan avoiding the danger of a solarium or sun tan. Soaking up the sun is now in days past as it is no longer a carefree, fun activity. With more and more evidence of the damaging effects of the tanning beds and sun, there's much more to worry about when consider your tanning options.

When it comes to enjoying the beauty of wonderful, sunny beaches, you will likely be well aware that sun protection is crucial. Nonetheless, you, like many others, may associate this outdoor tan with beauty and health. The question has become how you might achieve the beauty benefits of the tan without the health hazards linked with the sun exposure. Tanning beds seemed to be the answer in the past, but now numerous studies have proven this exposure to be even more damaging.

For those wishing to avoid premature aging, scarring, skin irritations and even, skin cancer, our sunless tanning can provide the answer. Also, the time involved in the sunless tan is much less than that of tanning beds or sunlight. The sunless tanning process consists of using a spray containing dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which gives you the appearance of a beautiful tan. And when visiting our salon, you only need about ten minutes to complete your process.

During the spray tan, DHA is sprayed on your body in a fine mist. The DHA spray reacts with dead skin cells on the surface of the body. This reaction causes these skin cells to turn brown. Most tanners are absolutely delighted with the outcome of the spray. Great coverage and realistic results is reported by tanners. Most of these processes last around five to seven days before requiring reapplication.

Although sunless tanning is a somewhat new trend in beauty, it is increasingly gaining more popularity. As numerous tanning lotions or creams leave streaks or appear uneven, this creates a common misconception about the spray-on-tan.. This professional tanning process is far more perfected than that of the self-applied cosmetics and the results speak for themselves.

There are a lot of benefits of spay tans and listed below are three of the most often desired:

•When you desire a bronzed skin tone, you can get one regardless of where in the world you live in or how cold it might be. Even if you reside in an area that is often cloudy, you can still experience the look of health and beauty that only a tan can achieve. •Our tanning appointment is easily worked to fit your schedule. As a matter of fact it's as simple as booking a nail or hair appointment and requires little advanced preparation whatsoever. •Spray tans require little hand contact and are very even and realistic. Tanners will not experience blotching or streaking associated with tanning products applied without the professional assistance of a salon.

There are a few tips we would like to provide for you in order to make your tanning experience with us as beneficial as possible. Before your appointment, you should always wax or shave at least 8 hours prior to your spray tan application. It is recommended you wear loose clothing (preferably dark) to reduce the materials and keep your clothing from staining in any way. In order to preserve your beautifully colored skin, it is advisable that you keep your bra off after the initial application. You should also be freshly showered and exfoliated before your appointment and wear no moisturizers, perfumes or deodorants. To make certain that your process gets through to your skin it is important that you are wearing no make up..

After tanning it is advisable that you avoid cooking over an open frying pan and do not shower for at least 6 to 8 hours after your tan application. This will allow time for the tan to develop. The darker your skin will be is dependant on the amount of time you leave the product on. After your product has developed to your desired level, you are free to shower as usual and may choose to apply one of our many tan savers.

As you can see, spray tans make the most sense for those desiring the beauty that only a bronzed skin can provide. Not only will you experience the security of knowing you are providing your skin protection from the risk of cancer, but you will also feel better about protecting your skin to prevent aging. In summation, the health and beauty benefit of our spray-on tan is a winning combination.

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