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									   Why Should You Start Investing In Real Estate Using A Coach?
                                      By: Curt Cloyd – Director
                                    Personal Wealth Academy, LLC
Often people will get confused, frustrated and overwhelmed by all the different strategies
available for investing in real estate.
That's one of the great things about real estate investing - all the different ways you can make
money! It's also one of the reasons most people need a real estate coach to help them...
Because it becomes far too easy to get distracted and focus on the things that are non-essential,
instead of focusing on the things that are essential.
Let's talk about exactly why this happens.
It really boils down to misinformation that is perpetuated by many of the people who claim to be
real estate "gurus". These guys that come out every few months with the latest "trick" or "secret"
that will allow you to make tons of money in your underwear without ever owning a property
and stuff like that...
... and all you have to do is plunk down $997 for their fluff filled course that's going to make you
a millionaire in real estate next week.
You see, they get you all excited about an easy button. Everyone wants to take short cuts to
success, which is why these products are so appealing. But you know very well that if you
bought one of those expensive courses, it very rarely is as easy as advertised.
You'll have to do a lot more work than you expected before you bought the product. Plus, trying
to digest the hours of video, audio and printed materials becomes overwhelming!
What you thought would lead you down the path to success only frustrates you to the point of
failure. It's why very few people end up being successful using the product model.
But the thing is that you desperately want to believe that a magic bullet does exist. That there's
got to be a way that you can quickly and easily make big bucks. So you keep searching - buying
products, attending seminars, even going on bus tours looking for it.
All this stuff just distracts you from the core essentials that are necessary to reach the goals you
want to with investing in real estate.
The funny thing is that the vast majority of these strategies and tactics proposed by gurus in their
expensive products actually do work...
... but there's a disconnect. Very few people are wired in a way where they can take a lot of
information, absorb it properly and then correctly implement that information successfully on
their own.
And that's what's expected of you when you buy one of these products. You don't have anyone
that you can talk to. No one to help you with investing in real estate in a way that's right for your
situation. No one to guide you and advise you when problems occur or when situations arise that
you aren't sure about.
At Personal Wealth Academy, we believe that investing in real estate - especially in the
beginning - needs to be done with an expert coach.
But it can't just be anybody. It has to be an experienced investor who has done every kind of
deal imaginable with previous success. Along with still doing deals in the current market.
That's why all of our expert coaches have been investing in real estate with great results for over
a decade. And they are still doing deals right now!

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The reason that your coach should be doing deals now is that the real estate investing landscape
is constantly changing. Just in the last year, there's been numerous laws that affect home
purchases. Every time these laws change, the rules of the investing in real estate game change
That's something a course simply can't adapt to.
Here's just some of the immense benefits you'll receive from working with our real estate
coaching services at Personal Wealth Academy.
You'll eliminate all the frustration, confusion and being overwhelmed with getting started
investing in real estate.
Your coach will help you develop a clear game plan with specific action steps that you need to
achieve the goals that you have. It's customized to your exact wants and needs.
You'll have someone you can talk to that has walked in your shoes before. You'll be able to call
or email your coach to get expert guidance and advice about any situation that arises.
You'll save tons of time and money that you would have spent on things that are non essential as
you focus only on the things that are essential in this business.
You'll be able to save yourself from potential bankruptcy by being able to side step the common
money blowing mistakes that many people make when investing in real estate.
And much, much more!
You can probably see at this point, why it is so important to work with a real estate coach instead
of buying a course and trying to figure out how to win at this game all by yourself.
If you are interested in potentially working with one of the PWA expert coaches, there's
something really important that you need to understand.
We don't work with everybody.
In fact, we are extremely selective with the people that we work with for several reasons.
Because our coaches are currently doing real estate deals, they spend about half of their time in
that arena, which limits the amount of clients that they can take on at any given point in time.
We also strictly limit the amount of clients that each of our coaches works with in order to ensure
that each client get the white glove treatment that we promise.
Also, it takes a certain type of person to be successful using real estate coaching. There has to be
a willingness to learn and more importantly do what the coach teaches the client.
So in other words, there really has to be a good fit between the coach and the client. We
thoroughly screen all applicants to make sure that each client will be a good fit with one of our
coaches and thus have the highest chances of being successful with our program.
We've made it really easy to find out if you would be a good fit with us. All you have to do is
take our short "real estate investor success" quiz by registering using the box on the right.
After you enter your email and click the "get free instant access" button, you'll be taken to a page
where you can take the short quiz.
As soon as you complete it, we'll let you know what the next steps are that you should take.
So go ahead and take the quiz now, while it's fresh on your mind - you'll be glad that you did!

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