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									Endangered Species

• Marine Mammals
• Latin name – Delphinus
• Found in Atlantic ocean and Antartica
Biological Classification
      of Dolphin
   Kingdom : Anamalia
   Phylum : Cordata
   Class    : Mammalia
   Order    : Cetacea
   Sub-order: Odontoceti
   Family   : Delphinidae
   Genus    : Delphinus
   Species : Delphis
       Endangered Dolphins
• Hector’s Dolphin
• Amazon River Dolphin
• Chinese White Dolphin
• Dusky Dolphin
• Tucuxi Dolphin
           Hector’s Dolphin
• Known as Cephalorhynchus hectori
• Smallest of the deliphinids
• About 1.4 m in length
• Found in England
• Found in shallow, coastal waters
        Amazon River Dolphin

• Known as Boto
• Freshwater River dolphin
• Found in Brazil, Peru and Bolivia
• The neck vertebrae of the Amazon river
 dolphin is able to turn 180 degrees.
• Lives in the freshwater of the Amazon River.
       Chinese White Dolphin

• Known as Sousa chinensis chinensis
• Humpback Dolphin
• Body length is about 200 - 350 centimetres
• Found in Southeast Asia
             Dusky Dolphin
• Known as Lagenorhynchus obscurus
• Found in coastal waters in the Southern
• Found in South America, Southwestern
  Africa, New Zealand
         Tucuxi Dolphin

• Known as Sotalia fluviatilis
• Found in the rivers of the Amazon Basin
• It is around 150 cm in length
Why are Dolphins endangered?

    They are endangered because of the
              following reasons:
• Mankind activities
• Pollution
• Natural Activities
           Mankind Activities
• 95% of death are due to mankind activities.
• Capture and subsequent holding of dolphins
  in research and aquarium facilities is
  contributing to their deaths at an alarming
• Transportation of the captured dolphins
• The exposure to disease in captivity
• The increased popularity of swimming with
  dolphins programs
• Fishing Activities

• Humans are polluting rivers, seas and oceans
• Chemicals that pollute its habitat create the
  highest level of concentration of these
  pollutants in its body. As a result, diseases,
  difficulty to reproduce or even death take their
  toll on these species.
• Oil drilling, navigational sonars and even ship
  engines create continuos streams of
  underwater noise.
          Natural Activities

• Global Warming have caused loss of food
• Have to compete with sharks and toothed
  whales for food.
        How to protect Dolphins
•   Reduce Overfishing
•   Avoid throwing plastic litter
•   Bring petitions against dolphin hunting
•   Reduce Carbon footprints
•   Reduce Captivity of Dolphins
• Fishing affects dolphins by over-exploiting
 their stocks , thus leading to starvation of
 animals that feed on them.
• Also along with dolphins other marine
 animals are also killed accidentally.
• Fishes should be chosen from sustainable
 sources and caught in ways that do not
 damage other ecosystems.
   Avoid throwing plastic litter

• Plastic garbage ends up in oceans where
  it is hazardous. Dolphins swallow them,
  mistaking it for food.
• This leads to their slow and painful death.
• Garbage should be disposed off properly,
  or recycled.
      Avoid Captivating them

• Capture and subsequent holding of dolphins
 in research and aquarium facilities is
 contributing to their deaths at an alarming
• If we want to see more and more dolphins
 then we should stop captivating them or
 using them for research purposes.
  Petitions against dolphin hunting
• Dolphins are still hunted by a number of
• We can sign petitions and put pressure on
  governments to bring this practice to an end.
• We should avoid eating dolphin meat should
  also pressurise places that sell it to stop.
       Reduce Carbon footprints
• All marine life has to deal with the impact of
human activities on ocean ecosystems.
• Reducing your carbon footprint by driving less
and using less energy makes the most
difference. You should also consider gentler
household cleaners. Harsh chemicals end up in
the oceans and do not do the life there any good
at all.
               My Views

• According to me the only way to protect
 dolphin can be the above measures. As
 we know that dolphins are an endangered
 specie and a beautiful water creature too
 it should be our right to protect them.
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• Shobhit Agrawal
• Akansha Gupta
• Mayank Taneja

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