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									 "Synthetic cannabis" or "Synthetic marijuana" is
  the herbal Incense chemical product that also
 mimics the effects of cannabis when consumed.
    K2 Incense and Spice are the most popular
 brands of this psychoactive herbal product which
are legal to be bought and consumed. This kind of
 Herbal Spice is referred in more than 40% of the
 high school seniors and also had been reported.
We think that parents had enough to worry about.
   It's labelled as spice does not mean that this
    product is safe and legal to be used. Go on
     reading these articles to know more about
          synthetic marijuana and its effects.

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Legal Herbal Spice In 2002 fake weed was introduced and gained huge
popularity since then Producers claim the product as 100% natural Herbal
Spice which is completely safe as they are not tracked on urine drug tests
which makes people trust the effects it produces None of those products are
completely natural is the truth which lies behind those claims
 They have been examined to show that they contain different synthetic
cannabinoids The effects of the chemicals are a mystery because there are
no published studies that investigated their possible side effects but those
chemicals aren't illegal though the effects they have on go to website the
human body are not completely known In the online stores also these facts
are noticeable which sell these products but have they are not responsible for
the effects of Herbal Incense on the human body, soul or mind of the visible
 The effects of smoking Herbal Incense It has been already stated that no
scientific studies have been there that examine the effects of smoking Herbal
Incense to the human body Plenty of reviews are there over the internet
whichclaims the fake weed which produces a similar high as marijuana which
lasts shorter Other reviewers say that smoking K2 Incense leaves a person
with a relaxed feeling which can't be compared with the "head high" caused by
the use of real marijuana
 Reviewers often complain that those products make them feel throat burn and
ache in the lungs long after they have been consumed and none of the
reviewers give good marks for taste
 Long-term effects of smoking synthetic marijuana Long-term effect is left by
any substance that you smoke on the lungs, but there are no such other
known specific effects that these synthetic products may have on the brain and
body Although there are warnings of dangerous chemicals that are used in
them which are toxic to the human body and should not to be used
 Popular brands that claim to be safe, like K2 Incense tempt adolescents often
because they have the idea that they are totally natural and can cause them
no harm because they are legal Always make sure to educate your children if
you are a parent and warn them that these products contain chemicals and
have not been tested on their side effects
They should not be consumed is the bottom line
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