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									                                                            Angela Cavanagh
                            1400 Martin St., Apt. 2115, State College, PA, 16803, (631) 617-4703,

Education      The Pennsylvania State University, Schreyer Honors College                                                       University Park, PA
               Bachelor of Science, Economics                                                                                      December 2011
               Minor: Business Administration for the Liberal Arts
               Cumulative GPA: 3.43 Major GPA: 3.83
               Schreyer’s Honors Scholar                                                                                          Fall 2010-present
               Economics Honors Program

Leadership/   Women in Business                                                                                                 University Park, PA
Activities    Director of Corporate Relations                                                                                    April 2010-present
               Positioned as a member of the executive board of an award winning student organization that manages
                over 300 members focused on the recruitment and retention of female Smeal students
               Secure sponsorship and event funding by communicating with over 70 corporate partners with a goal
                of raising $15,000
               Organize 10 corporate meetings, 2 annual events, and other general events throughout the year
              Subcommittee Head                                                                                           December 2009-April 2010
               Led a leadership committee of 4 members responsible for coordinating and executing a leadership-
                oriented event including activities such as an organized dinner and an interactive book symposium
               Organized a marketing committee of 5 members to promote WIBWeek events such as a book
                symposium, formal networking dinner, and professional development seminar to ensure maximum
              Liaison                                                                                                            January-May 2010
               Served as a liaison between Women in Business and Penn State United for Haiti
               Coordinated fundraising events, such as a spaghetti dinner and a lollipop sale totaling over $500
              Penn State United for Haiti                                                                                       University Park, PA
              Co-Founder                                                                                                    January 2010-May 2010
               Co-initiated a philanthropic organization with over 30 university-wide organization participation
               Assisted in the planning of awareness events and fundraising initiatives
                                                                                                                                University Park, PA
               Actuarial Science Club & Accounting Society
                                                                                                                              Fall 2009-Spring 2010
               General member

Work           Hauppauge High School Varsity Cheerleading                                                                           Hauppauge, NY
Experience     Varsity Coach                                                                                               June 2007-February 2008
                Assembled and coached a game/competition team and complied with all safety regulations
                Fundraised approximately $3,000 for seasonal expenditures
                Budgeted funds for uniforms, choreography, competition costs, etc.
               Franklin First Financial                                                                                             Hauppauge, NY
               Mortgage Broker Associate                                                                                         January-June 2007
                Recruited customers nationwide and developed a client database
                Developed financial packages that were most suitable for each individual customer
                Guided customers through the refinancing process, from allocating appraisers to interpreting contracts
               Macy’s, Inc.                                                                                                        Garden City, NY
               Retail/Sales Associate- Designer Handbags                                                                    September 2006-Feb 2007
                Won the “Credit Game Card” several consecutive months by opening at least 10 credit accounts per                  Lake Grove, NY
                 month and consistently achieved monthly sales goals                                                              March -June 2007
                Reconciled entire department during closing shifts

Awards/      Bunton Waller Academic Achievement Scholarship Recipient, Costello Trustee Liberal Arts                              Fall 2009-present
Scholarships Scholarship Recipient


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