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									                       Conference Call: November 15, 2010
                       Call In- 1-866-953-9689 Password: 665294

                   4:00 PM ET -- 3:00 PM CT -- 2:00 PM MT-- 1:00 PM PT

1. Welcome & Introductions – M. Mucha
   J. Anastasio called the meeting to order. Members present were C. Quiram, J. Adams, H. La
   Fever, K. Riddervold, V. Quiram, A. Anderson, MP. Baldauf, C. Doyle, K. Reester and E. Gottko.
   Members, S. Read, C. Dufrechou and M. Mucha were not present.
2. Approval of October Meeting Minutes – M. Mucha/Group
   A motion was made, and seconded, to approve the October meeting minutes without change.
   The motion passed unanimously.
3. Update on Sustainable Infrastructure Rating System – P.King/Julia
   J. Anastasio briefed the group on the outcome of the October 26, 2010 Board of Directors
   meeting and updated the group on the progress of the project. J. Anastasio also alerted the
   group to several requests that will be sent out seeking technical experts and pilot project
   nominations to help the working group refine the tool.
4. Update of GAT activities
                  Content Development for Webpage -- K. Reester
                   K. Reester updated the group on the progress of the webpage GAT team. The
                   GAT is collecting sustainability-related action plans (climate plans, etc) and
                   evaluating how best to present this information on the website.
                  Develop Plan to promote Framework out to Chapters, technical committees,
                   other partner organizations, etc. -- MP Baldauf
                   MP. Baldauf has scheduled a GAT conference call after Thanksgiving. The group
                   will focus on how to reach out to Chapters.
                  Coordinate with Select Technical Committees -- M. Mucha
                   No report provided.
                  Develop Set of Sustainability Principles -- C. Quiram
                      C. Quiram reported that he scheduled a meeting with President Crombie to get
                      a better idea of what President Crombie is looking for in the “sustainability
                      principles” he has called for. After this meeting, C. Quiram will schedule a
                      conference call with the rest of the GAT.
                     Develop model for creating sustainability committees at the Chapter level and
                      communicate with Chapter leaders, consider revising PACE awards criteria to
                      include sustainability principles – H. LaFever
                      H. La Fever updated the group that his GAT has had trouble scheduling another
                      conference call to follow up from their first meeting. He still anticipates
                      providing a set of recommendations for the Leadership Group to react to by
                      early 2011.
   5. Discuss Agenda for Winter Face 2 Face Meeting – M. Mucha/ J. Anastasio
              Revise Framework for Sustainable communities to evaluate whether to remove
              “efficiency” category.
              Further discuss “sustainability principles” and determine how to respond to President
              Crombie’s request.
              No discussion was necessary – this is a running list for the agenda for the winter face to
              face meeting.

   6. Discussion of FY 2012 Work Plan
      This discussion was postponed.
   7. Updates --- J. Anastasio
      J. Anastasio informed the group that K. Riddervold has agreed to serve as the APWA
      representative on the ICLEI Community-wide GHG Inventory Protocol Working Group. J.
      Anastasio reminded the conference review team that of a conference call scheduled to discuss
      the program for the 2011 Sustainability in Public Works Conference.
      The group decided to cancel the December 20, 2010 conference call.
   8. New items – M. Mucha/Group
   9. Adjourn
      The meeting was adjourned.

      The group decided to cancel the December 20, 2010 conference call.
      The next conference call will be January 17, 2011.
      Happy Holidays!

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