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About Menasha Packaging Company


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									                                          About Morgan Wiswall

Morgan Wiswall, C.P.M. is the Purchasing Initiatives and Sustainability Manager for Menasha Packaging
Company, a subsidiary of Menasha Corporation headquartered in Neenah, WI. Menasha Packaging
specializes in creating high-end graphic packaging and merchandising products for retail, food, and
pharmaceutical applications. In 2011, Menasha was named Post-Crescent business of the year.
Menasha participates in the Wisconsin DNR’s Green Tier program and has earned a “Green Masters”
designation by the WI Sustainable Business Council for its superior sustainability performance.

Morgan has procurement responsibility for all of the corrugated manufacturing operations outside of
Wisconsin. He is also the sustainability champion for the corporation and is responsible for leading all of
its sustainability related initiatives including energy, water and solid waste management, sustainability
related marketing messages, and sustainable supply chain initiatives. Morgan has a strong belief that
successful companies must focus on the environmental and social aspects of their business in order to
maintain sustainable economic results. Morgan has a degree in Economics from Carroll College and
currently serves on the Board of Advisors for the WI Sustainable Business Council and the newly formed
UW-Oshkosh Center for Sustainable Enterprise.

Morgan’s presentation will cover the following topics:
Morgan will start her presentation with a brief overview of Menasha Corp.
Morgan will then share why is sustainability an important business topic? She will then explain what
Menasha Corp has done externally with their customers and internally with operations. Morgan will
also share how Menasha Corp manages natural resources and what the future holds for Menasha Corp.

  Menasha Packaging Company, LLC  1645 Bergstrom Road  Neenah, WI 54956          menashapackaging.com

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