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					    Angel Maids
Maid & Handyman Service

      Welcomes You!

 Cleaning Houses… &

    Blessing Homes

  A Divinely Different House Cleaning
                                 ANGEL MAIDS
                           Maid & Handyman Service

                                 Welcomes You!

        Cleaning & Fixing Your House…
                                  & Blessing Your Home


                         A Divinely Different House Cleaning
                           WELCOME TO ANGEL MAIDS

Welcome to ANGEL MAIDS. We value everyone who calls into our office, whether they become
a client or not. Our intention, as cleaning professionals, is to provide the best service available
anywhere. Totally reliable and hassle free-with the most special, ‘gifted’ cleaners available. If
you ever have any suggestions on how we may do a better job of servicing you, please feel free
to call our office. And please call to report any hassles, frustrations or concerns immediately.

We have made a welcome package for ‘New Clients’, to help you become better acquainted
with Angel Maids. Enclosed along with this letter, you will find some important informational
materials, such as:

How you can help as a client: Keep a consistent cleaning schedule. Excessive ‘skips’ are a
financial hardship to your ‘Angel’. Have a sure and certain entrance to your home. (Key out, at
home, or office has key) Have open and clear communication with the office on ‘what works for
The goal of this company is to please YOU on a long term basis. If there is anything that we can
do to make your experience with ANGEL MAIDS any more enjoyable, please contact the office.
Once again, thank you for your trust and confidence.

Also, please be advised that all of our ‘angels’ are independent contractors, and as such, sign a
legal, binding contract, drawn up by our attorney, which states that they cannot clean for any
client introduced to them through Angel Maids, for up to 12 months after their contract ceases.
This is for our clients’ protection, as well as our company. In many cases, when a client allows a
cleaner to clean their home independently (without company involvement), it has devastating
results. If a cleaner is released from our company, no matter what the circumstance, we will
inform you immediately, and at that time we can no longer be responsible for their actions. If
you have any questions regarding this matter, feel free to call our office anytime.

                                          ANGEL MAIDS
                                          Stacy (Business Manager)

                    THE DIVINE DIFFERENCE:

                                         INSTEAD OF A STRANGER?”
1.) CHARACTER: We compensate our ‘Angels' much higher than other companies, to assure the
highest moral character, and responsible personnel: Mature, screened…all come highly
recommended by others.

2.) PERSONAL: One ‘Angel' or ‘Angel Team' assigned to you as permanently as possible.
Cleaning your home each time, on time. Your ‘Angel(s)' get to know you and know your
housecleaning needs.

3.) QUALITY: We take pride in each and every clean we do. If you are not completely satisfied
we ask that you notify our office within 24 hours of your cleaning and we will make it right. Its
our Angel Maid Guarantee!
1st: Direct communication with your ‘Angel(s)' for your requests, instructions, complaints, etc.
2nd: Communicate with office. Company accountable to you for your complete satisfaction. 3rd
You may request a different “Angel Maids” assignment…if you are not pleased with your
current one.

                     Angel Maids is Licensed;
                       Angel Maids is Bonded,
                         Angel Maids is Insured,

 Each Angel Passes an Extensive
                Background Check and is covered by Workers Compensation Insurance.

FAIREST PRICE: You Purchase a “Block of Time”, “Angels” clean your priorities in the time frame

Our Goal: TO BE YOUR PERMANENT CLEANER. Our fee provides all of the above items, and all
cleaning supplies and equipment.

Customized Cleaning – no extra fees:

We encourage you to ask us about anything else -organizing, dishes, laundry, ironing, cleaning
out closets, polish silver, packing/unpacking ETC. We are a customized cleaning service, so we
do almost anything (as long as it’s reasonable, and we can do this in the timeframe you have
purchased). We hope your experience will be a Blessing to your household!!

                      BOTTOM LINE
     YOUR TOTAL PEACE OF MIND…knowing you are getting:

                       1.) Highest character personnel.

  2.) Quality, professional, & experienced cleaning with care.

                                  3.) Fairest price…

‘Cleaning Houses and Blessing Homes’
                       The Divine Difference:
           Kitchen
           Countertops Range & Hood Refrigerator Exterior Microwave (In & Out)
           Dishwasher Exterior Sweep Floors Mop Floors
           Chrome Fixtures Sink Tidy Up
           ** (Request Only)
           **Oven Cleaning **Cabinet Exterior
           Refrigerator Interior ** (Request Only) Cobwebs Window Sills
           Baseboards Doors Frames Wall Hangings
           Bedrooms
           Furniture Lamps & Shades Vacuuming Mopping (wood floors)
           Tidy Up Carpet Wall Edge
           Change Linens**(Request Only)
           Ceiling Fans **Blinds **Cobwebs
           Baseboards **Door Frames ** Wall Hangings **Shelves Window Sills**
           Living Areas
           Glass Doors Foyer Mirrors
           Furniture TV/VCR Surfaces Lamps & Shades
           Vacuuming Mopping (Wood Floors)
           **(Request Only) Blinds Window Sills
           Under furniture Door Frames Cobwebs
           Ceiling Fans Window Frames
           Wall Hangings Baseboards
           Bathrooms
           Commode Sink Area Tub/Shower
           Mirrors Chrome Fixtures Light Fixtures
           Soap Dishes Sweep Floor Mop Floor
           Request (Only) **Cobwebs **Window Sills
           **Baseboards **Wall Hangings **Shelves
           Door/Window Frames
 *Cleaned monthly on rotational basis (Regular Client’s ONLY) **Cleaned ONLY upon request
Special Instructions:
We also encourage you to ask us about anything else
(Organizing, dishes, laundry, ironing, cleaning out closets, ETC).
We are a customized cleaning service, so we do almost anything (as long as it’s reasonable, and
we can do this in the time frame you have purchased). We hope your experience will be a
Blessing to your household!!
METHOD OF PAYMENT: Please leave payment (cash of check) on dining room table or on
kitchen counter in plain sight for cleaner to pick up or give it to your ‘Angel’ personally.
Value’ Pricing:
Question: Keeping your house clean for $44 a week & up?
Answer: Regular weekly/bi-weekly service – $88.00 for 3 work hours + $24.00 for any additional
(Prices based on 3 hour block of time with bi-weekly.$88.00 every 2 weeks is $44.00 per week)
Pay For Time Purchased:
Question: How much time should I purchase?
Answer: You may purchase 3 work hours & use them as you wish. However, for a ‘whole house’
clean, we recommend a block of time based on the square footage of your home.

Cost Cutting: Question: How can I get the most out of my block of time?
Answer: We have many suggestions of how you can do this:
EXAMPLE: The 1st clean purchase a bigger block of time, So the Angel can be more detailed and
get to the hard to clean areas that may take more time.
EXAMPLE: ??Alternate floors with each clean.
EXAMPLE: 1st clean ONLY main level of home - 2nd clean ONLY second level of home.
??Have your ‘Angel’ clean only the heavily used rooms in your home.
EXAMPLE: Bathrooms, Kitchen, Children’s room.
Fairest Prices:
Question: How do we keep our prices so competitive?
??– Small rental or lease fees.
??-No Franchise Fees, Company cars, or uniforms.
??-Owner has other income sources & is not solely dependent on Angel Maids Profit.
??-Faith – based’ Service Company – to be a Blessing of service to others. NOT profit driven.
BUDGETING YOUR “ANGEL” EXPENSE: If our rates do not fit into your budget, consider

a. Scheduled time
b. Amount of cleaning duties
c. Frequency of cleaning (which may result in additional time needed for complete cleaning)
ANGEL ASSIGNMENT: We do our best to keep one ANGEL assigned to you permanently. If there
are any problems with your angel please communicate with us so we can do our best to keep
your ANGEL assignment permanent. Other ANGEL changes may be due to a route change,
sickness, or other emergencies.

PAYMENT AND SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Leave a check made out to Angel Maids and any special
instructions on the kitchen counter. Good communication with your ANGEL is very important in
establishing a good, working relationship.

PREPARATION FOR CLEANING: No preparation is necessary. However, less clutter is better!
‘Extra’ work (other than normal cleaning), your ANGEL does, the more time there it will take
your angel. Always communicate your concerns or priorities.

TIME BLOCK PURCHASED: You have purchased the time, and your ANGEL will be present during
that period of time, following your instructions, assignments, or priorities, concerning any
household task. If their regular cleaning tasks are completed in less time, you pay for the actual
time used. If their regular cleaning takes longer than scheduled, after a few cleanings, we will
communicate with you that we need more time, or less cleaning duties.

EXTRA TIME, EXTRA DUTIES: If schedules allow, your ANGEL may work extra time, with
additional payment per above fees, at your request. Call and reserve the extra time if possible.
Since daily schedules may be very ‘tight’, your ANGEL may not be able to stay longer than

EXTRA DUTIES WITHIN TIME BLOCK PURCHASED: Please understand that all ‘additional’ duties
take time away from regular house cleaning. It is your decision what is most important to you,
and how you direct your time. Any ‘extra’ duties done during your block of time, makes less
time for other general cleaning duties.

Unsatisfactory cleaning is a result of: a. Oversight or improper training of ANGEL
b. Not enough time scheduled to clean properly
SOLUTION: Call immediately and speak to someone in our office if you feel there has been an
improper cleaning. You are not complaining! Leave a message if it is after business hours.
Please let us know, even on minor things. You must be completely satisfied with our service, or
we have failed.

LAST CHANCE SOLUTION: Ask for an ANGEL reassignment.
We believe there is a perfect Angel Maid for everyone but sometimes we may need to look for
a better fit. This generally always solves any problem with an unsatisfactory clean.

NO ENTRANCE AVAILABLE TO ANGELS: If owner has forgotten to leave key and cleaner makes
all attempts to enter and clean, but fails, the owner shall be liable for a $20 time/mileage fee, if
owner is at fault for cleaner is not able to clean.

                                   RECOMMENDED HOURS
                                  FOR CLEANING SERVICES
                                    Up to 1800 sq ft 3 hours
                                    1900 - 2700 sq ft 4 hours
                                    2800 - 3700 sq ft 5 hours
                                    3800 - 4700 sq ft 6 hours
                                    4800 - 5700 sq ft 7 hours
                            Spring/Fall Cleaning:
                          Double the amount of time.
      (These Times May Vary Depending on Needs of Client at the Time of Service)

Regular Scheduled Cleaning
(Weekly or Bi-Weekly)
$88.00 1st 3 work hours
$24.00 each additional work hour
 $12.00 for a ½ hour
$88.00 3 work hours $100.00 3.5 work hours
$112.00 4 work hours $124.00 4.5 work hours
$134.00 5 work hours $148.00 5.5 work hours
$156.00 6 work hours $172.00 6.5 work hours
$180.00 7 work hours $196.00 7.5 work hours
$204.00 8 work hours $220.00 8.5 work hours
$228.00 9 work hours $244.00 9.5 work hours
$252.00 10 work hours $268.00 10.5 work hours
One Time Cleaning
$99.00 service call including up to 3 work hours
$28.00 Each Additional Work Hour or $14.00 for a half hour
$99.00 3 work hours $113.00 3.5 work hours
$127.00 4 work hours $141.00 4.5 work hours
$155.00 5 work hours $169.00 5.5 work hours
$183.00 6 work hours $197.00 6.5 work hours
$211.00 7 work hours $225.00 7.5 work hours
$239.00 8 work hours $253.00 8.5 work hours
$267.00 9 work hours $281.00 9.5 work hours
$295.00 10work hours $309.00 10.5 work hours
                           -Monthly cleans
          $2.00 per hour Discount off one time clean rates-

                                      Angel Maids
          H A N D Y M A N PR O
  *Spec ials u p t o 3 H o u r s $139.90
                              $45 Additional Hours
                                  Hourly Charge
                            Service Call includes up to
                                 1Hour Labor $90
                              $45 Additional Hours
                                  2 Hours $135
                                  3 Hours $180
                                  4 Hours $225
                                  5 Hours $270
                                  6 Hours $315
                       $35 Additional Hours (over 6 Hours)
                                       7 Hours $350
                     8 Hours $385      9 Hours $420      10 Hours $455
       Call for more information on our Handyman Services
   Choosing a Maid Service

   When your home requires the expertise of a professional house cleaner, you need to find maids that
can provide you with professional cleaning services as well as some solid references. References are one
of the best ways to determine whether a maid service uses good business practices and has happy
clients that give positive reviews. Good references are extremely important, especially in a competitive
industry such as house cleaning, and it is essential that you check the references of any maid service you
want to hire.

Only hire bonded and insured cleaning professionals, properly insured means that your maid service
protects your home and your valuables in case of breakage or damage. It's absolutely essential for your
house cleaner to have General Liability Insurance. Being bonded is just as important. More than likely,
nothing in your home will be stolen by your cleaning service. But just in case, you need to make sure
that your maid owns a Surety Bond. The bond protects you and your home in case of theft. Only hire
maids that carry workers' compensation.

Importance of References when You Need to Find Maids Positive references are one of the main
indicators that a house cleaning company provides quality cleaning services and treats its customers
well. You should contact each reference before hiring the house cleaners and ask them the following
questions: How long have you used the house cleaning company?
Have you ever needed to make a complaint with the quality of service? If so, how did the cleaning
company handle your complaint? Would you recommend the cleaning company to others?

 There are two methods of finding maids in any given area: you can ask a co-worker, friend, or family
member in case someone close to you has had a positive experience with maid services or you can
search a local business directory to find maids in your area. Remember that maids and all kinds of
housekeeping services appear under many different headings in any given business directory, so be sure
to check every cleaning-related heading you can find.

 If you decide to search for maids in a business directory, you should select several house cleaning
companies from the directory and contact each one to determine the types of services they offer as well
as any associated costs. You should also ask each company whether they offer a contract option if you
want house cleaners to visit your home regularly, as signing a contract can often result in discounts.

If you want the convenience of having a professional clean your home for you, it can be helpful to know
how to find maids near you. References can be a valuable resource when it comes to helping you find
maids, and it is important to contact several references before deciding to hire a specific house cleaning
                                             ANGEL MAIDS               CHECKLIST

                     KITCHEN                                                       LIVING AREAS

    Countertops                         Mop Floors                    Foyer                            Ceiling Fans*

  Range & Hood                        Chrome Fixtures             Glass Surfaces                       (if reachable)

Refrigerator Exterior                    Cobwebs*                  Glass Doors                        Carpet/Flooring

Microwave (in & out)                   Window Sills*                 Mirrors                            Cobwebs*

Dishwasher Exterior                     Baseboards*                 Furniture                          Window Sills*

  Cabinet Exterior                     Door Frames*              TV/VCR Surfaces                       Door Frames*

   Sweep Floor                         Wall Hangings*            Lamps & Shades                        Baseboards*

 Oven Cleaning**                      Ref. Door Seal**               Blinds*                          Wall Hangings*

                 Refrigerator Interior**                                            Under Furniture*

                    BEDROOMS                                                       BATHROOMS

 Change Linens**                           Blinds*                  Commode                            Sweep Floors

     Furniture                           Cobwebs*                   Sink Area                           Mop Floors

 Lamps & Shades                         Baseboards*                Tub/Shower                           Cobwebs*

   Ceiling Fans*                       Door Frames*                  Mirrors                           Window Sills*

   (if reachable)                      Wall Hangings*            Chrome Fixtures                       Baseboards*

  Carpet/Flooring                     Carpet Wall Edge            Light Fixtures                       Door Frames*

                     (if reachable)                                                  Wall Hangings*

                     Soap Dishes                                                       Shelves*

                            *Cleaned monthly on rotational basis (Regular client's ONLY)

                                                     **Cleaned ONLY upon request
          Phone: (615) 331-6627                          Fax: (615) 331-0887

                           PRIORITY LIST
           Please feel free to make a priority list for your cleaner.

1. ______________________________________________________________

2. ______________________________________________________________

3. ______________________________________________________________

4. ______________________________________________________________

5. ______________________________________________________________

6. ______________________________________________________________

7. ______________________________________________________________
8. ______________________________________________________________

9. ______________________________________________________________

10. ______________________________________________________________

11. ______________________________________________________________

12. ______________________________________________________________

13. ______________________________________________________________

14. ______________________________________________________________

15. ______________________________________________________________

             ANGEL MAIDS
                    Please Call or Email with questions or Comments                                       615-331-6627

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