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Purchasing Procurement Analyst in Detroit MI Resume Kenneth Wilk


Kenneth Wilk is a detail-oriented purchasing professional with extensive marketing experience in retail industry of over twenty years.

More Info
									Kenneth Wilk
                                                                                                        Novi, Michigan 48375
                                                                                        Cell: (734)277-3374 :

Career Focus

Detail-oriented purchasing professional with extensive marketing experience in retail industry of over twenty years.
Excellent negotiation and communication skills. Recognized for analytical abilities and attention to detail. A professional
attitude with sound judgment skills.

Summary of Skills

    •   Negotiation skills                                         •   Vendor sourcing/negotiations
    •   Strategic planning                                         •   Management collaboration.
    •   Market research/analysis                                   •   Inventory analysis/control
    •   Product analysis/management                                •   Sales analysis
    •   Supply chain management                                    •   Category management and merchandising


Sales and Marketing
    • Increased sales in managed categories from $72 - $112 million over five year period for average annual
       increase of 11%.
    • Developed and implemented programs in beverage category resulting in 10.8% increase in sales
       exceeding overall front store sales of 2.4%.
    • Planned and executed all efforts surrounding ad activity within managed categories as stimulus in
       increasing customer count and sales.
Sales Analysis and Reporting
    • Prepared and presented detailed sales reports and made recommendations to upper management.
Business Development
    • Initiated and played key role in Michigan marketing initiative with high-level management in establishing
       advertising and promotional strategies reversing negative sales trends after takeover.
    • Teamed with corporate, warehouse, and field operations in implementing solutions that improved
       distribution of product for ads in the Michigan market.
    • Led market launch of numerous lines of private label products within managed categories. Identified
       opportunities, researched new product potential, and made decisions regarding manufacturers.
Project Management
    • Assisted in development and implementation of automatic purchasing system improving inventory control and
       out of stocks.
    • Played major part in development of customized distribution system resulting in maximizing sales while
       simultaneously increasing sell-through percentages.
Communication and Presentations
    • Responsible for presenting corporately driven programs to Area, Regional, and District Managers in
       Michigan market and following up in regards to execution at store level.
    • Present any local programs or promotional activities to field as well and communicate them to store
       managers to ensure proper execution.

Professional Experience

Facilities/Maintenance Manager
March 2008 to June 2012
St. Maurice Catholic Church – Livonia, Mi.
    •   Solicited, negotiated, coordinated and monitored all outside contractors for large repairs when required.
    •   Provided analysis and cost controls related to all maintenance activity.
    •   Completed numerous renovation projects.
    •   Performed a variety of duties involved in day-day general/preventative maintenance of buildings and
Builders Assistant
June 2002 to February 2006
Briden Building – Livonia, Mi
    • Assisted licensed residential builder who specialized in home renovations, designer kitchens/bathrooms,
      basements, and decks.
    • Assisted in management of daily activities and operations.
    • Responsible for wide variety of duties including, carpentry, electrical repair, installation, painting/staining.
    • Kept owner informed of job progress and material requirements

Field Marketing Manager
November 1998 to November 2001
CVS/pharmacy (Regional Office) – Livonia, Mi.
    • Managed all outside vendor activity in Michigan market including the development of all advertising and
      promotional activity, category management, and retail pricing for vendors and their related products.
    • Responsible for categories accounting for approximately $120 million in sales at the time.
    • Snack category sales in Michigan market exceeded CVS national average/store by more than three times.
    • Sales increase in snack category of 8.4% exceeded the national average.
    • Generated increase in sales of 18% ($3.3 million) within dairy category over two year period following
      Michigan initiative.
    • Teamed with corporate, field operations, and stores in implementation of new scanning system for
      checking in outside vendor orders.
    • Successfully managed vendor participation and execution in reset process of 200+ stores in Michigan
      market to CVS format.

Senior Buyer
August 1982 to November 1998
Arbor Drugs (Corporate Headquarters) – Troy, Mi.
    • Managed a purchasing staff and administrative assistant responsible for purchasing, inventory control,
      promotional activity, and category management in a number of diverse consumer product categories.
    • Overall sales within these categories totaled approximately $112 million.
    • Produced sales that accounted for nearly 26% of total front store sales contributing to average sales/store that
      far exceeded industry norm.
    • Planned and executed all efforts surrounding all ad activity within these categories as a stimulus to
      increase sales and customer count which contributed to 42% share of the market market.
    • Analyzed performance of categories annually to monitor sales in effort to maximize volume and profits.
    • Teamed with merchandising department in category management responsibilities contributing to a
      sales/sq. ft. figure that exceeded the industry average by almost 30%.
    • Developed strong business relationships with brokers, vendors, and manufacturers to drive business


Wayne State University 1981
Detroit, Mi.

Henry Ford Community College 1979
Dearborn, Mi.
Business Administration

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