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   Preparing for Career
  Success in Architecture
     and Construction

CAREER CLUSTERS—FOCUSING                                           EDUCATION ON THE FUTURE

                                                                                                             of the cluster. They gain
                                                                                                             knowledge and skills
                                                                                                             through coordinated
                                                                                                             workplace learning
                                                                                                             experiences such as site
                                                                                                             visits, job shadowing

Career Clusters Prepare All Students
                                                                                                             and internships. If they
                                                                                                             choose, they may

for College, Technical Training,                                                                             achieve valuable skill
                                                                                                             certifications that lead
Apprenticeships and Careers                                                                                  to employment. Colleges

                                                                  obtained in high schools,                  and universities offer
                                                                  technical colleges, two-year         advanced degrees and
      areer Clusters prepare learners of all ages                 community colleges, four-year        industry certifications that
                                                                  colleges/universities, appren-       prepare learners for profes-
      for the information age as schools, colleges                ticeship programs and career         sional and technical careers.
                                                                  technical schools/institutes.        Apprenticeship programs
      and employers strive for higher achievement
                                                                     Along the way, career             prepare learners for jour-
in science, math and communication. One key                       guidance professionals assist        neyworker status.
                                                                  learners in assessing their             Industry plays a major role
to improving learner achievement is providing                     educational goals, interests,        in training and career
                                                                  abilities and skills to facilitate   development by supporting
learners with relevant contexts for studying and                                                       apprenticeships, craft
                                                                  a good match to the cluster’s
learning. Career Clusters offer these contexts by                 many pathway options.                training, joint industry/school
                                                                  Learners participate in              programs and industry
linking school-based learning with the knowledge                  relevant educational oppor-          training leading to certifica-
                                                                  tunities framed in the context       tion and college credit.
and skills required for continued success.

The Concept of Career Clusters    How to Pursue Education and
   Career Clusters identify the   Training in Architecture and
knowledge and skills learners
need as they follow a pathway
                                     There are thousands of
toward their career goals.        challenging educational and
The knowledge and skills          training opportunities within
identified form a strong basis    the high-skilled world of
for learner success whether       Architecture and Construc-
the learners are in high          tion. Learners need a solid
school, college, technical        background in math, science
training, an apprenticeship       and technical skills. Educa-
program or in the workplace.      tion and training can be
2                                                                                                                                    3
  CAREER CLUSTERS—FOCUSING                                                                              EDUCATION ON THE FUTURE

  Career Pathways at a Glance

  T      he Architecture and Construction Career
         Cluster is divided into three pathways.
         Pathways are grouped by the knowledge
         and skills required for occupations in
      these career fields. Each pathway provides
      instruction as a basis for success in an array
      of careers and educational pursuits.
                               R        EER                      TIE
                            CA                                             S
                                            Y   KNOWL E DGE    AND
                                   H   WA                            SK
                            P   AT                                        IL

        AND SK I LLS


                                                                                    WAY KNO


                                             & Skills

          DG E

                               Design/                  Maintenance/                                   Employment Outlook

                           Pre-Construction              Operations




                                                                                                          Architecture and



                                                                                                       construction comprise


                                Y       A                            D

                                                                                                       one of the largest

                                    THW                  ILLS                       L

                   E                        PA                                 TI
                       R                                                  ES                           industries in the United
                                                                                                       States. Based on the
                                                                                                       latest statistics, this
                                                                                                       career cluster has 13.8
  The Three Pathways                                     What Is the Architecture and
                                                         Construction Career Cluster?
                                                                                                       million jobs. In the next
                                                                                                       few years, many new
  n Design/Pre-Construction                                                                            jobs will be added and
                                                            This diverse Career Cluster
  n Construction
                                                                                                       many employment
                                                         prepares learners for careers
                                                                                                       opportunities will
  n Maintenance/Operations                               in designing, planning,
                                                                                                       result from the need to
                                                         managing, building and
                                                                                                       replace experienced
                                                         maintaining the built environ-
                                                                                                       workers who leave jobs.
                                                         ment. People employed in this
                                                         cluster work on new struc-
                                                         tures, restorations, additions,
  4                                                                                                                                5
                                                         alterations and repairs.
CAREER CLUSTERS—FOCUSING                                             EDUCATION ON THE FUTURE

Design/Pre-Construction                                          n All 50 states and U.S. territo-
                                                                   ries license land surveyors.
                                                                                                       interior design; and civil,
                                                                                                       electrical, mechanical and
Overview                                                           Most require that surveyors
                                                                   pass a written examination
                                                                                                       structural engineering.
   People with careers in
design and pre-construction
                                                                   given by the National Coun-       Employment Outlook
                                                                   cil of Examiners for Engi-            Latest statistics indicate
create our future! They
                                                                   neering and Surveying as          design/pre-construction
turn a concept into a set
                                                                   well as a written examina-        employees hold about 2.5
of plans. Their plans
                                                                   tion prepared by the state        million jobs. Employment is
guide other construc-
                                                                   licensing board.                  projected to grow about as
tion professionals as
they continue the                                                n Community colleges, tech-         fast as the average for all
building process.                                                  nical institutes and career       occupations through 2010.
                                                                                                                       Additional job
                                                                                                                       openings will
                                                                                                                       come from the
                                                                                                                       need to
                                                                                                                       who retire or
                                                                                                                       leave the
                                                                                                                       labor force.
                                                                                                                       Overall job
                                                                                                                       in engineering
                                                                                                                       are expected
Sample Occupations                                                 technical schools offer           to be good but will vary by
                                                                   one-, two- and three-year         specialty. Based on the latest
n Architect
                                                                   programs (including degree        statistics, nearly 3 in 10
n Computer
                                                                   and/or certificate pro-           architects are self-employed.
                                                                   grams) in engineering tech-       Starting salaries are sig-
  System Manager/
                                                                   nology with focus areas in        nificantly higher for engi-
                                                                   civil, electrical, mechanical     neers than those of college
n Computer-Aided
                                                                   and structural engineering        graduates in other fields. The
  Drafter (CAD)
n Landscape Designer
                              Credentials                          as well as surveying and          median annual salary of
                                  Licensing requirements for       drafting.                         architects is $52,510, while
n Mechanical Engineer         n
                                  architects include a profes-   n Four-year colleges and            surveyors earn a median
n Preservationist
n Renderer (traditional           sional degree in architec-       universities offer degree         annual salary of $36,700.
  and computer)                   ture, a period of practical      programs in architecture;         Earnings for drafters vary by
n Surveyor                        training and a passing           landscape architecture;           specialty and level of
n Urban Planner/Designer          score on all sections of         surveying; urban-planning;        responsibility.
                                  the Architect Registration
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CAREER CLUSTERS—FOCUSING                                             EDUCATION ON THE FUTURE

Construction                    n Project Inspector
                                n Project Manager
                                                                 n   Industry-recognized cre-
                                                                     dentials are available from
                                n Safety Director                    trade associations, indus-
Overview                                                             try-established education
    Employees in construction
literally build our future!
                                Credentials                          foundations and industry
These are the people who        n Skilled construction craft-
                                  workers can earn the status
build and remodel houses,
apartments, industrial            of journeyworker.              Employment Outlook
                                                                    Construction is one of
buildings, warehouses, office   n Community colleges, tech-
                                                                 the largest industries in the
buildings, churches, schools      nical institutes and career
                                                                 United States. According to
and recreational facilities.      technical schools offer
                                                                 the latest statistics, the
This pathway also includes        one-, two- and three-year
                                                                 industry has
the builders of highways,         programs (including degree

streets, bridges, tunnels and     and/or certificate             8.3 million
airports as well as power         programs) in skilled crafts,   jobs. Job
plants, chemical plants,          construction management,       opportuni-
refineries and mills.             construction technology,       ties are
                                  construction science and       expected to
                                                                 be excellent
Sample Occupations                safety. Craft training pro-
                                                                 in the
                                  grams run from one to five
n Carpenter                                                      construc-                         Construction has a very large
n Education and Training                                         tion industry, due largely to     number of self-employed
  Director                      n Four-year colleges and
                                                                 the numerous openings             workers. Earnings in
n Electrician                     universities offer degree
                                                                 arising each year from            construction are significantly
n General Contractor              programs in construction
                                                                 experienced construction          higher than the average for
n Iron/Metalworker                management, construction
                                                                 workers who leave jobs and        all industries.
n Pipe Fitter                     technology, construction
                                                                 the continued shortage of
                                  science and safety.
                                                                 adequate training programs.

8                                                                                                                               9
CAREER CLUSTERS—FOCUSING                                          EDUCATION ON THE FUTURE

Maintenance/                   They detect, diagnose and           construction management,      Despite slower-than-average

                               correct minor problems on           construction technology,      employment growth,
                               machinery. They keep the            construction science and      applicants with broad skills
                               structure of an establishment       engineering technology.       should have favorable job
                               in good repair. They maintain       Craft training programs run   prospects through 2010. As
Overview                       the smooth operation of             from one to five years.       automation of machinery
   Employees with careers in   refineries, power plants,                                         becomes more widespread,
                                                                 n Four-year colleges and
maintenance/operations keep    chemical plants and mills.                                        there is a greater need for
our future intact! These are                                       universities offer degree
                                                                   programs in construction      repair work than for the
the people who unload,
inspect, and move new          Sample Occupations                  management, construction      installation of new machin-
                                                                   technology, construction      ery. Earnings vary by
equipment into position.       n Boilermaker
                                                                   science and engineering.      industry and geographic
They determine the optimal     n Demolition Engineer
                                                                                                 region. The median hourly
placement of machines in a     n Environmental Engineer          n Industry-recognized cre-
                                                                                                 wage of general maintenance
plant, assemble machinery,     n Equipment Operator                dentials are available from
                                                                                                 and repair workers is $13.39,
install machinery, repair      n Highway Worker                    trade associations, indus-
                                                                                                 while the median hourly
machinery and perform          n Maintenance Planner/              try-established education
                                                                                                 wage of millwrights is $19.33.
preventive maintenance.          Scheduler                         foundations and industry
                               n Millwright                        consortia.
                               n Specialty Contractor
                               n Thermal Control Technician      Employment
                                   Credentials                      Based on the
                                     n Skilled craftworkers      latest statistics,
                                      can earn the status of     maintenance/
                                      journeyworker.             operations
                                      n Community colleges,      employees hold
                                      technical institutes and   about three
                                      career technical schools   million jobs.
                                      offer one-, two- and
                                    three-year programs
                                    (including degree and/or
                                   certificate programs) in
                                             skilled crafts,

10                                                                                                                            11

            The 16 Career Clusters
        Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
              Architecture & Construction
       Arts, A/V Technology & Communications
       Business, Management & Administration
                  Education & Training
        Government & Public Administration
                     Health Science
                 Hospitality & Tourism
                    Human Services
                Information Technology
             Law, Public Safety & Security
               Marketing, Sales & Service
   Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
       Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

STATE                  DIRECTORS
National Association of State Directors
of Career Technical Education Consortium
                                                    June 2003

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