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									                                             DANNY MALONE
                        Yantis, Texas 75497 903.707.6535 dannymalone@yahoo.com

                            VP | DIRECTOR OF MANUFACTURING
Seasoned senior management professional with over 20 years of experience and expertise in optimizing
manufacturing and production operations for international businesses. Proven strategic leader able to define and
implement global centralized policy ensuring achievement of performance benchmarks, optimal product quality,
and peak efficiencies. Renowned for turning around underperforming businesses to drive growth in profitability
and stability, resulting in a streamlined organization. Well-versed in utilizing Six Sigma and lean manufacturing
processes to deliver best-in-class performance. Demonstrated ability to build facility operations from the ground
up. Strong team lead and manager able to train and mentor personnel at all levels of the business.

  Manufacturing Operations Production Management Strategic Planning Project & Program Management
Team Building & Leadership Business Development Six Sigma Performance Management Lean Manufacturing
 Business Turnaround Revenue Growth Profit & Loss Process Optimization Staff Training & Development
 Budgeting Business Analysis Plant Management International Operations Vendor / Supplier Negotiations

                                     PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

$2 million provider of in-home non-medical care for elderly and disabled clients. Staffs 65 personnel.
President / CFO / Administrator
Lead the compliance program, focused on developing, implementing, and supporting business plans that ensure
proactive identification and mitigation of risks and issues while furthering the core values of the corporation.
Conceptualized and launch customer objectives and strategies, focused on achieving and maintaining excellent
customer relationships through personal attention to concerns and complaints. Support customers in pursuing
local business growth opportunities, including identifying and aiding with achievement of goals for niche
businesses. Determine and eliminate negative financial and non-financial impact factors. Drive growth in pilot
programs for new business. Develop the agency's specific annual plan. Maintain budget alignment.

Selected Achievements:
    Built a startup business from scratch to achieve a sustainable business within 18 months, with $2 million in
    annual turnover.
    Ensured high levels of customer satisfaction and positive customer relationships, resulting in repeat and
    referral business.
    Secured and maintained 100% compliance on a State inspection, with 0 cited issues.

ESSEL PROPACK AMERICAS, LLC, Danville, Virginia 2007-2009
$120 million North American division of an international tube manufacturing company serving oral care,
pharmaceutical, and cosmetics markets. Employs over 700 staff.

Regional Director of Manufacturing
Oversaw 4 manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Mexico, and Colombia, with authority over an $18 million operating
budget, $120 million in sales revenue, and over 700 team members. Spearheaded key operating and
performance improvements, elevating standards for efficiencies, customer delivery, and service. Identified
regional strengths and utilized advantages through development of a cohesive, forward-thinking management
team. Established more robust business processes and procedures for greater systems capability in region-wide
SAP rollouts through a complete restructuring of business systems.

Selected Achievements:
    Turned around 4 underperforming facilities to achieve profitability and 24% growth in sales within 12 months.
    Elevated output by 35%, capacity utilization by 28%, and on-time delivery by 85%.
    Eliminated $8 million in manufacturing operations costs in under a year while simultaneously raising
    efficiencies across key performance areas through critical operating and Six Sigma enhancements.
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   Established the foundation for an additional 20% growth in output by 2010.
   Strengthened inventory turns by 50%, reduced supply chain lead times, and raised management capabilities
   at the warehouse level through implementation of lean manufacturing concepts.
   Coordinated 2 U.S. facilities through the process of successfully obtaining ISO 9001 certification.

JOHNSON CONTROLS AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS GROUP, USA, Singapore, Australia & Mexico 1997-2007
$40 billion global giant in efficient manufacturing systems for automobiles and buildings.
Plant Manager (2006-2007)
Directed a large-scale operation to turn around an underperforming international manufacturing plant, with
leadership over P&L management, productivity, efficiencies, and team growth. Developed strategic initiatives to
initiate top-down and bottom-up change, liaising with personnel at all levels of the organization to elevate
performance levels to best-in-class, high-productivity standards. Provided management and team level training.
Allocated and administered a $120 million operating budget. Coordinated centralization and simplification of
financial operations, systems utilization, departmental workflows, and manufacturing procedures. Leveraged key
lean and Six Sigma principles to drive cost control, quality improvement, and efficiency-enhancing initiatives.
Primary point of contact for all vendor and partner negotiations.

Selected Achievements:
    Transformed a failing facility into a best-in-class site that met and exceeded industry standards.
    Facilitated achievement of ISO / TS recertification, driving enhancements that assured alignment with regulations.
    Generated $8 million in operating cost savings and raised quality 70% while cutting TPPM (Total Parts Per
    Million rejected) by 80%.
    Propelled the plant to a Best-in-Class rating, rising from 32 out of 35 to 5 out of 35. Eliminated $3 million in
    costs, improved cost margins, and aligned facility operations with expected parameters via strategically
    targeted Six Sigma projects.
    Drove growth in inventory turns, rising from 30 to 85 per year.

Director of Program Management (2000-2006)
Promoted to provide strategic direction for a total of 16 North American facilities, including launching 3 new
facilities in Mexico. Total authority over a $2.5 billion project portfolio. Guided new product integration into
manufacturing for individual facilities via new systems implementation. Coordinated full project lifecycles for
foundation and production launch of new facilities, implementing industry-leading principles and standards such
as JIT manufacturing systems, MRP, and key logistics, inventory management, and lean production strategies.
Selected Achievements:
    Took a pioneering role in establishing a high-level management team focused on building year-over-year
    revenue, maintaining $3 million in cost reductions annually, and achieving a position at the forefront of
    emerging industry developments via strategic and tactical action plans.
    Enabled tracking and monitoring of multiple projects in multiple facilities by developing and implementing a
    system that was subsequently adopted as a global standard in all Johnson Controls business operations.
    Grew sales by more than $1 billion through direction of major plant start-ups and engineering projects, guiding
    integration of efficiency-enhancing, revolutionary new products into the manufacturing process.
    Oversaw an 18-month project in Saltillo, Mexico to construct a 300,000 square foot facility, which was the first
    in the world to deliver JIT sequenced interior components for the full vehicle interior.
    Coordinated a 10-day conversion of a plant in Mexico City, expanding production operations from 2 to 4
    manufacturing lines with seamless transition and staff training.

   Commercial Manager, Johnson Controls (1998-2000): Spearheaded production launch of 5 mission-critical
   customer programs for the Melbourne, Australia location, including leading manufacturing and production
   projects valued from $1.8 to $2.5 million. Coordinated 10 operations personnel and 4 departmental managers.
   Negotiated contracts and execution for design, development, tooling, and production initiatives. Recovered
   AUD $800,000 annually through renegotiations with vendors and clients. Drove growth in the Australian
   automotive market. Recovered AUD $2.5 million in losses, turning around to achieve AUD $1.8 million in
   gains within 18 months, with 8% growth in sales.
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   New Business Development Manager, Johnson Controls (1998): Coordinated development and
   implementation of strategic growth models for the Singapore location, targeting the Asian / Pacific
   manufacturing market. Provided support and expertise on mergers, acquisitions, and due diligence. Managed
   finance, budgeting, forecasting, and customer / vendor presentations. Prepared competitive assessments.
   Account Financial Manager (1997-1998): Managed major financial operations for 6 development programs
   within the Chrysler Truck account, focused on achieving financial goals in alignment with program budgets.
   Provided staff training and development. Introduced much-needed structure for the financial software training
   package, with was later adopted as a company standard.

            Information on additional roles in an international capacity is available on request.

                                         FORMAL EDUCATION
                Master of Business Administration in Finance & Operations Management
                       Thunderbird School of Global Management, Glendale, Arizona

                     Bachelor of Arts in Economics (Business Administration minor)
                                   Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas

                                  PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT
                                      Six Sigma Green Belt Certification
                                  Certified Management Accountant (former)
                                  Certified in Financial Management (former)

                                   PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS
                                               Rotary International
                                     Society of Certified Senior Advisors
                    Board of Directors, Institute of Management Accountants (2003-2005)


                                             Japanese    Spanish


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