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					In every part of the world, ladies dream of weddings. More often than not, they succeed in
getting one. Thus, for every nation or country, in every culture, there are weddings.

Weddings have become inevitable events in modern society. But, it is clear and apparent that
weddings have become, in a sense, a way of lifestyle. It can be attributed to the Western

Wedding traditions, be it for Americans, Asians, Europeans, Africans or any race, have become
universalized. When you say universalized, it means the event has adhered to same customs and

Thus, we have wedding etiquettes. Wedding etiquettes can vary from one country to another. But
the variations are only slight and minimal. Moreover, the ethics and etiquettes in weddings are
all but the same.

Because being into weddings or attending weddings have become a way of our modern life,
people can get anxiety knowing that there are certain gestures that can be considered not likely
during weddings.

If you are a bride or a groom, the anxiety can get really concerning. The couple will have to
undergo a hard time—on wedding jitters and on anxiety from wedding customs.

Thus, the best way to help the soon-to-be-wed couple is to educate them about certain wedding

Because learning venues for wedding etiquettes can get so distracting, awkward and
embarrassing at the same time, it is advisable that those needing briefings for wedding etiquettes
consult the book stands.

The following are several of the highly recommended readings or books for or about wedding
etiquettes. To get to know the books better, or to absorb what they have to say, get to the nearest
book store or go to your favorite online shopping site to place an order.

Some recommended wedding etiquette books

“The Everything Etiquette Book: A Modern-Day Guide to Good Manners” by Leah Ingram. The
author, Leah Ingram is considered as one of society’s etiquette experts. Actually, the book is not
exclusive to wedding etiquettes.

The book tackles etiquettes for everyday living. Included in the topics covered are how to deal
with annoying neighbors, how to choose and send the perfect gift for every occasion,
professionalism at work, camaraderie with colleagues and friends, dealing with unlikely relatives
and so on.
Because the book covers everything etiquette, of course, a few pages are allotted to weddings.
The wedding etiquettes mentioned in the book are glimpses and shortened or simplified, but they
still are effective tips.

“Crane’s Wedding Blue Book” by Steven L. Feinberg. Mr Steven Feinberg’s wedding book is
very detailed and covers everything about wedding etiquettes.

The issues tackled start from the preparation—from short listing the guest list, doing the
invitation, hiring wedding planners, and so on. The wedding etiquettes covered by the book
extend to until after the honeymoon, when the couple should have finished giving out thank you
cards to their wedding guests.

The book also gives tips and guidelines on what kind and color of paper to use when printing out
invites and than you notes. It also deals with the proper way of handling unlikely, and yes, even
wedding crashers.

“The Everything Wedding Etiquette Book: Insights and Advice on Handling Even the Stickiest
Wedding Issues” by Emily Ehrenstein and Laura Morin. The book gives out little and practical
do’s and don’ts during weddings.

The book takes the issues from the different perspectives of that of the bride, the groom, the
parents, the maid of honor, the bride’s maids, the groom’s men, stepmothers, down to the guests.

The book boasts of practical solution to every concern and awkward situations that occur during
weddings. The situations discussed can sometimes get cute, amusing and funny, but you can tell
that they are timely and truthful. Several sticky situations, for sure, have happened to you.

Everyone who has attended weddings or who are planning to attend or get into one can relate to
the book.

The book even gives out solutions and advice on how to handle difficult situations during
weddings that include how to ask parents-in-law for financial assistance to cover the reception,
including step parents in the ceremony, allowing single guests to tag along dates down to
planning seat arrangements for divorced parents and more.

The above mentioned wedding etiquette books can be found at our favorite book stand or can be
ordered online. Just read the books by heart so you can get to absorb wedding etiquettes and save
your face when situations get really sticky during weddings.

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