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Advantages of Fast-Teks Franchise On-Site Solutions (Slides)

VIEWS: 7 PAGES: 14 SUMMARY SLIDES: Fast-Teks on-site solutions provides cost-effective IT solutions to both businesses and residential customers. Copyright (C) SP Home Run Inc.

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  Advantages of
Fast-Teks Franchise
 On-Site Solutions
  Courtesy of the
  Small Business Computer Consulting Blog
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  Fast-Teks has
  Been Providing
  Quality IT Services
  Since 2003
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Some of the Big
Advantages of
Owning a
Fast-Teks Franchise
Location Include:
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  1. Support for All
     Major Computer
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  2. Several
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  3. On-site Service
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  4. Call Centers
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  5. On-site Training
     and Qualified
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  A Lot of Small-
  and Medium-sized
  (SMBs) Today,
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  Rely on On-site
  Services for their
  IT Needs
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  Do You Think that
  Businesses Too
  Can Use Services
  Like Fast-Teks
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  To Cut Down On
  their Maintenance
  and Repair Costs?
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