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									ADAPTED AQUATICS (HSQ) - COURSES                                                                                                         Fall 2012

                                                 Professional Rescuer and Instructor of Basic      2 credits
HSQ                                              Life Support Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
                                                 for the Health Care Provider. The course          HSQ 329: Fieldwork in Adapted
Adapted Aquatics                                 includes teaching methods and protocols of        Aquatics Instruction
                                                 cardiopulmonary resuscitation, including          Provides the Adapted Aquatics Instructor or
HSQ 121: Intermediate Swimming                   infant, child, adult and two rescuer procedures   Aid candidate the possibility of concentrating
Designed to equip swimmers with detailed         and use of bag-valve masks.                       on a specific disability. Students study full
strokes and water skills.                        Prerequisites: HSQ 270 (or the former PEC         case histories and medical files and prescribed
                                                 270); permission of instructor                    physical, occupational, and/or respiratory
1 credit, S/F graded
                                                                                                   therapy regimens for specific disabled
                                                 2 credits
HSQ 221: Lifeguard Training I                                                                      individuals. Students develop focused aqua-
                                                 HSQ 272: Instructor of First Aid                  therapy and instructional aquatic regimens for
The first in a two-semester sequence leading
                                                                                                   the individual. May be repeated to a maximum
to certification as an American Red Cross        Covers the American Red Cross certification
                                                                                                   of 3 credits.
lifeguard. Course content includes elementary    requirements for Instructor of Responding
rescue techniques, boating and equipment         to Emergencies First Aid. The course              1 credit
rescues, and swimming rescues.                   includes teaching methods and protocols for
                                                 effective first-response techniques in various    HSQ 475: Adapted Aquatics Teaching
2 credits                                                                                          Practicum I
                                                 emergencies, including treatment of bleeding,
HSQ 222: Lifeguard Training II                   burns, fractures and dislocations, and sudden     Students assist faculty members teaching
                                                 illness.                                          Adapted Aquatics and/or Emergency Response
Preparation for the Red Cross certification
                                                 Prerequisites: HSQ 270 (or the former PEC         classes. In addition to working as tutors during
in Lifeguard Training and Waterfront
                                                 270); permission of instructor                    instructional periods, students have regular
Lifeguarding. The material includes
                                                                                                   conferences with a faculty supervisor. Students
requirements and responsibilities of             2 credits
                                                                                                   may not serve as teaching assistants in the
lifeguards, selection and training, preventive
                                                 HSQ 325: Instructor of Adapted                    same course twice.
lifeguarding, emergency procedures, records
and reports, equipment, health and sanitation,   Aquatics I                                        Prerequisites: Advanced skill level; permission
water rescues, search and recovery, and          One course of a two-semester sequence in          of instructor and department
environmental conditions.                        the adaptation of the aquatic environment         2 credits, S/F graded
                                                 and aquatic skills to teach the disabled,
2 credits                                                                                          HSQ 476: Adapted Aquatics Teaching
                                                 leading to instructor and/or aid certification
                                                 in Adapted Aquatics. Focuses on a wide            Practicum II
HSQ 223: Water Safety Instructor
                                                 spectrum of disabilities including physical,      Advanced students assist faculty members
A course designed for students to meet the
                                                 mental, emotional, and multiple disorders         teaching Adapted Aquatics and/or Emergency
requirements for certification as an American
                                                 in children through adults. Consideration         Response classes. In addition to working as
Red Cross Water Safety Instructor.
                                                 of motor movement and learning theories,          tutors during instructional periods, students
2 credits                                        development of normal versus impaired             have regular conferences with a faculty
                                                 motor-cognitive skills, hydrodynamics and         supervisor. Students may not serve as teaching
HSQ 270: Emergency Response, CPR                 aquatic adaptation, and related anatomy,          assistants in the same course twice.
and Personal Safety                              physiology, and disease etiologies. Class time    Prerequisites: Advanced skill level; permission
An American Red Cross and American Heart         is equally divided between lecture/recitation     of instructor and department
Association certification course designed        and clinical work in the swimming pool. The
                                                                                                   2 credits, S/F graded
to develop skills and knowledge for the          sequence may be completed in either order for
immediate care given to an individual who        certification.
has been injured or taken ill. The course
                                                 2 credits
issues certification in emergency response
first aid, professional CPR training, and the    HSQ 326: Instructor of Adapted
use of automated external defibrillators.        Aquatics II
Presentations include legal issues; disease
                                                 Second course of a two-semester sequence
transmission and prevention; wound care;
                                                 of instructor training in the adaptation of the
drugs, alcohol, and other substance abuse;
                                                 aquatic environment and aquatic skills for
cardiovascular and respiratory disease; AIDS
                                                 teaching the physically, mentally, emotionally,
and STD education. Certifications issued
                                                 or multiple challenged, leading to instructor
meet the required standards for admission to
                                                 and/or aid certification in Adapted Aquatics.
undergraduate and graduate health sciences
                                                 Focus on the general physiological and genetic
programs. An extra-fee course.
                                                 etiologies of various disabilities as well as
3 credits                                        the commonly used surgical treatments,
                                                 drug therapies, and prosthetic devices for
HSQ 271: Instructor of                           the disabled. Class time is equally divided
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation                    between lecture/recitation and clinical work
Covers the American Red Cross certification      in the swimming pool. The sequence may be
requirements for Instructor of CPR for the       completed in either order for certification.

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