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					                 How to Add a Website to the Wimba Live Classroom-Part I
                                  Video Transcription

Slide 1: This tutorial is part one of a two part series that will demonstrate how to add a website
within the Wimba Live Classroom. By loading a website before you enter the live classroom,
you can watch Youtube videos, access news stories or journal articles, and simultaneously guide
students through a specific area of interest. This is a great way to keep students active and to
increase participation. Please note: you can only add Youtube videos in the content folder before
entering the live classroom. Any other videos or media will not play audio for participants within
the live classroom.

Slide 2: To add a website link to your Wimba Live classroom you will need to log into
Blackboard. Then select the course you wish to enter.

Slide 3: When your main course page loads, click on the “Tools” link located on the left side bar.

Slide 4: Upon selecting tools, a list of options will appear. Scroll down to the bottom and select
“Wimba Classroom.”

Slide 5: Now, select the “Add & Manage Content Tab” at the top of the page.

Slide 6: Then select “Add & Manage Room Content.”

Slide 7: Once the Modify Room pop-up window appears on the screen, you will need to select
“New Folder” located in the top right corner of the new window. If you already have a folder
ready for the website you wish to add, you can select the folder by clicking the folder link.

Slide 8: If you have not created the folder for your website link, you will need to select the name
for your new folder. Folder names should be as specific as possible, for instance, if you are
loading a website or group of websites for your third class, title your folder “Class 3 websites.”
When you have typed the name of your folder, press “Create.”

Slide 9: Once you submit your folder, you will now be able to view it in the Modify Room area.
Select the folder you wish to add the websites to.

Slide 10: Inside your folder, you will be able to upload PowerPoints, Create a poll or quiz, and
add a website you will want to review during class. Type the name of your website within the
“Or Add a URL” area. When you have finished typing or pasting your link, press “Add.”

Slide 11: After adding your website, you will be able to view the site within your folder. For
instance, if you had added the CNN homepage, it is now available within the folder.

Slide 12: You have the option to view your new website link within a new browser window, the
main Content Frame of the live classroom, or the branding frame which is a small area at the
bottom of the live classroom (this area is not suggested for a website link) When you have
selected where you want your website to be available, press “Save Changes.”

Slide 13: You now have the option of adding more website links to your folder or simply
entering your live classroom. If you wish to add additional websites, select the “New Content”
button and repeat the previous steps. However, if you are ready to access your new material,
simply exit the Modify Room pop-up window.

Slide 14: After exiting out of the Modify Room window, you can now return to the main live
classroom area by selecting the “Video Live Classroom” link at the top of the page.

Slide 15: Press “Enter Room” upon returning to the main Wimba Classroom area.

Slide 16: After entering your Live Classroom, you can access the websites recently added by
opening the folder you placed them in. To do so, select the drop down menu next to where it says
“Default Content Folder” in the upper right corner of the live classroom. You will then see a list
of all the folders you have created. Select the folder you wish to open, and then press the “Go”

Slide 17: By selecting the link to your web page you will then be able to view the site.

Slide 18: Your website will now appear. You can scroll through and use the links to guide your
class to a specific article or area of interest.

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