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					Parks&Economy: INTERREG IIIB CADSES

Documentation: Kick-off conference in Teramo, 26.06.-27.06.2006


Developing Initiatives to Exploit the
Potential of Natural Heritage for Regional
Spatial Development in Rural Europe

Documentation of the Kick-
off meeting in Teramo 26.06.-

                                                          Kick-off Meeting

Documentation: Kick-off conference in Teramo, 26.06.-27.06.2006


Table of content                                                          Preface
Preface ..................................................... 1           We are very pleased about your participation
                                                                          and the course of the kick-off conference of
Programme .............................................. 2
                                                                          Parks&Economy in Teramo, 26./27.06.2006, and
Summary of the conference ................... 3                           would like to thank sincerely the European
                                                                          Development Office of the Province of Teramo for
    Welcome .............................................. 3              hosting it.
   Parks&Economy: Objective, Results,                                     The first meeting is the result of a successful
Activities .................................................... 3         application process and a great cooperation of
    Presentation of the project partners...... 4                          the project partners. Parks&Economy belongs to
                                                                          the 41 projects that have been selected among
    DEMAP……………………………………5                                                  238 projects in the 4th call of the INTERREG IIIB
                                                                          CADSES Neighbourhood Programme.
    ISC ....................................................... 6
    Joint Convention…………………………6                                           All the partners partners were able to come to the
                                                                          1st conference of Parks&Economy, bringing
    Excursion............................................ ..7             partners together from "old", "new" and "future"
                                                                          EU member states - some with more, some with
List of Participants................................ ..8                  fewer experience - to find new ideas and ap-
                                                                          proaches for an integrated and implementation-
                                                                          orientated development of rural areas.

                                                                          This documentation will give you a review on the
                                                                          programme and the results of the conference.

                                                                          We thank you very much for your active partici-
                                                                          pation and look forward to have more fruitful
                                                                          meetings and deepen our cooperation for the
                                                                          development and implementation of integrative
                                                                          and    implementation-orientated     revitalisation
                                                                          approaches for development of rural areas.

                                                                          Province of Teramo-European
                                                                          Development Office - Lead Partner      Provincia di Teramo

                                                                          Luca Muscelli. - External project
                                                                          manager/ thematic coordinator

                                                Project part-financed by European Union

Documentation: Kick-off conference in Teramo, 26.06.-27.06.2006

June, 26th, 2006

Chair: Province of Teramo:Antonio                           June, 27th, 2006
                                                            Chair: Province of Teramo: Antonio
09.00 – 09.30      Welcome                                                   D’Anastasio
                   (President of Province of                09.20 – 09.30    Lodovico Gherardi
                   Teramo – Ernino                                           (CADSES Steering
                   D’Agostino)                                               Committee)
09.30 – 10.15      Introduction of                          09.30 – 09.40    the Pilot Project in Teramo
                   Participants (All)                                        (I) (Province of Teramo –
                                                                             F. Di Bonaventura)
10.15 - 10.30      Coffee Break                             09.40 – 09.50    the Pilot Project in Grimma
                                                                             (D) (Muldentalkreis – F.
10.30 – 10.45   Antonio D’Anastasio (ARCO                                    Reimann)
                 Associazione Adriatico                     09.50 – 10.00    the Pilot Project in Kysuce
                 Ionico)                                                     (SLK) (REC – Vladimir
10.45 – 11.30    Organisational Issues (All)                                 Hudek)
                 Reporting and Finance                      10.00 – 10.10    the Pilot Project in MEL (I)
                 Management in INTERREG                                      (Municipality of Mel –
                 III B CADSES Projects and                                   Ing.Stefano Cesa)
                 especially in                              10.10 – 10.20    the Pilot Project in Rimini
                 Parks&Economy with                                          (I) (Province of Rimini )
                 Timetable (Luca Muscelli)                  10.20 – 10.30    the Pilot Project in Bosnia
11.30 – 12.30    Questions and Discussions                                   (BiH) (Popovo Polje BiH –
                 (All)                                                       Gordana Vilusic )
                                                            10.30 – 10.40    the Pilot Project in Vratsa
12.30 – 14.00      Lunch Break “Antica                                       (BG) (Tony Mileva)
                   Trattoria dello Zoppo“                   10.40 – 10.50    the Pilot Project in
14.00 – 14.10      Introduction to Work
                   Packages (Luca Muscelli)                 10.50 - 11.05      Coffee Break
14.10 – 14.25      WP 1: Project co-ordination
                   and dissemination (Luca                  11.05 – 11.30    signing of Joint Convention
                   Muscelli)                                11.30 – 12.00   The Parks&Economy
14.25 – 14.35      WP 2: Spatial Development                                 Homepage and Web board
                   and management plans                                      (Aufbauwerk Liepzig –
                   (Klaus Wagner)                                            Reimann)
14.35 – 14.50      WP 3: Networking                         12.00 – 12.40    The (DEMAP) (AWI –
                   Activities (Aufbauwerk                                    Wagner)
                   Liepzig )
14.50 – 15.05      WP 4: Park’s Development                 13.00              Excursion at Castelli
                   and Marketing (R.E.C. –                                     Lunch Break in Castelli
                   Zuzana Hudeková)
15.05 – 15.20      Coffee break                             20.00            Dinner at Teramo

15.20 – 16.30      Introduction to Election of
                   Steering Group (All),
                   Election of Steering Group
                   and 1st Meeting of the
                   Steering Group (All)

   20.00            Evening event dinner al

                                  Project part-financed by European Union

Documentation: Kick-off conference in Teramo, 26.06.-27.06.2006

Summary of the meeting

1st day - 26.06.2006 Welcome

Mr. D’Agostino
President of Province of Teramo welcomed the
Partner    participants    and
remarked the opportunity
give by the project for the
development of the areas
involved in Parks&Economy                                     The ministry of Tourism of BiH and the President of Province of
and thanked sincerely                                         Teramo (Photo Di Bonaventura)
the organisers for having
prepared the first official

                                                              Objective, Results, Activities
Mr. D’Anastasio, responsible of the European
development office of the                                     The welcoming words followed the introduction to
Province of Teramo                                            Parks&Economy by Luca Muscelli from L.M.C.
He spoke about the ARCO
association, an organisation
built to create a network                                     The main objective of Parks&Economy is
between different cities,                                     the development of rural areas. The conservation
provinces and institutions to                                 of these landscapes and their day-to-day
enforce the cooperation                                       management is often too expensive to be done to
inside the Mediterranean                                      the pure merits of environmental protection alone.
area. During the meeting                                      Yet, these natural assets bear a great potential for
Mr. D’Anastasio invited differents partners to have           the development of the regional economy.
a presence in this association to develop future              The original idea of the Parks&Economy project
partnerships.                                                 was to help sensible park areas to overcome
                                                              weaknesses       in    their  regional    economic
                                                              development. The aim of the project is the
                                                              foundation and development of national parks and
                                                              nature and landscape parks in rural Europe. By
Mr. L. Muscelli, co-ordinator of the project                  setting up integrated Development and Marketing
Partks&Economy.                                               Plans (DEMAPs), actions will be outlined to spur
He      spoke   about     the                                 economic development while at the same time
management and about the                                      environmental protection measures are promoted.
financial management of the                                   The natural heritage will be used as a driving force
project,    payment    claim,                                 for marketing regional products and for shaping
project changes and financial                                 regional and citizens’
changes.                                                      identities.
                                                              Parks&Economy should be a demonstration
                                                              project for other regions within the CADSES
                                                              space where the project’s approach and tools
                                                              could also be applied.

                                    Project part-financed by European Union

Documentation: Kick-off conference in Teramo, 26.06.-27.06.2006

The main results are the establishment of nature                  stakeholder co-operation and the promotion of
parks should help to protect sensible eco-systems                 sustainable tourism and other environmentally
while offering better marketing tools for the                     friendly products under the new regional
promotion      of    sustainable    tourism   and                 trademark. The transnationality of the approach
environmentally friendly products. Along with the                 development will significantly improve each
cooperation of stakeholders the project should                    region’s progress through exchanges of
help to foster regional identities.                               experiences and cross-border assistance given
Expected results are, among others:                               between the project partners. The outcome is
- Establishment of a nature park in each project                  aimed to be a model for the development of other
area,                                                             rural sites of natural heritage within the CADSES
- Development of a corporate management for                       area.
each park to enable the registration of an official
trademark for marketing purposes,
- A shared corporate strategy developed by the
stakeholders       (administration,    businesses,
communities) to foster the region’s identity,
- Development of a framework to carry out SWOT
analyses in the parks,
- Parks&Economy guidelines to draft Development
and Marketing Plans (DEMAPs),
- Establishment of a Parks&Economy standard for
the creation of regional product labelling
trademarks to help to promote the regions’ typical
products and services in the park areas.
                                                                  meeting session(Photo Di Bonaventura)

meeting session(Photo Di Bonaventura)

The project will lead to the establishment of
nature parks that will protect sensible natural
heritage sites. Corporate strategies will be
developed by different stakeholders together in                   meeting session(Photo Di Bonaventura)
order to exploit the parks as trademarks (to be
officially registered) for the regions’ marketing.
Regional economies will improve due to the better

                                        Project part-financed by European Union

Documentation: Kick-off conference in Teramo, 26.06.-27.06.2006

Presentations of the project partners                          The DEMAP
The kick-off meeting was an occasion for the                   The project will develop and demonstrate an
partners to present themselves and their activities            innovative approach where
and pilot project.                                             interdisciplinary integrated Development and
The partners have had a good opportunity to                    Marketing Plans (DEMAP) will be drafted based
encounter after having a long engagement by                    upon scientific guidance and results of a SWOT
phone and e-mail in the implementation of the AF.              analysis. The DEMAP will outline actions to
                                                               spur economic development while promoting
                                                               environmental protection as natural heritage will
                                                               be used as a driver for the the marketing of
                                                               regional products (registration of regional product
                                                               and service labels for typical crafts, food products
                                                               and tourism services) and citizen identities.

group photo(Photo Di Bonaventura)

The first day the meeting started on the
presentation of dr. Luca Muscelli of the Work
packages their implementations and timetable. A
long presentation of the activities of co-ordination
and project management, was established the                    Meeting session(Photo Di Bonaventura)
guidelines and the directives to respect the
timetable activities, pinpointing the importance to
respect the deadlines dictated by the MA and by
JTS to report the implementations and the
certifications for the reimbursements. On the
DEMAP and SWOT analysis a brief introduction
was made by dr. Klaus Wagner (AWI). After the
lunch break the meeting started with an
introduction on the activities of networking by dr.
Falk Reimann.

                                     Project part-financed by European Union

Documentation: Kick-off conference in Teramo, 26.06.-27.06.2006

Introduction to Election of Steering                              The Joint Convention
Group and 1st ISC meeting
The session of the 1st days end with the 1st
Interregional Steering Committee session. The
introduction of ISC was kept by Mr. Reimann
(Aufbauwerk Region-Leipzig), who explain the
contents of this organism, an internal control body
to take all important decisions (by consensus or at
least qualified majority).
The SG will meet regularly during the workshops.
Besides face-to-face decision taking consultation
by telephone/e-mail will be continually done.

                                                                  Signature of JC(Photo Di Bonaventura)

                                                                  The event end with the segnature of the Joint

Meeting session(Photo Di Bonaventura)

Each partner nominates a Project Manager as
contact person and responsible for the operational
development of work.
At the end of the meeting a list of manager and
contact person was elaborated to better co-
ordinate the processes of the project.

                                                                  Signature of JC(Photo Di Bonaventura)

                                        Project part-financed by European Union

Documentation: Kick-off conference in Teramo, 26.06.-27.06.2006

                                                                     The excursion and conference came to its end
The Province of Teramo organised an excursion                        with a visit and dinner in Teramo at the
to the Park area and natural heritage,                               Restaurant “Il Cantinone”, where already the first
demonstrating how the natural area had                               steps in preparation for the next meeting in
developed in the last years. Numerous cultural                       Bratislava, 30.10.-31.10.2006 were taken.
and architectural objects of interest were visited.
Highlights had been the house „of ceramic", a
special example of a successful handmade
artcraft and of a historical building, of the
historical city of Castelli.

Excursion on Castelli (Photo Di Bonaventura)

                                           Project part-financed by European Union

Documentation: Kick-off conference in Teramo, 26.06.-27.06.2006


           Cognome        Nome         Istituto
           Allgeier       Katalin      SARD (HU)
           Andreola       Giovanna     Regione Abruzzo
           Andrich         Uwe         Dekmalschmiede Höfgen gGmbH (DE)
           Antal          Jozsef       Innovation Center of Agriculture (HU)
           Antal          Zsuzsanna    Innovation Center of Agriculture (HU)
                                       Förderverein für Handwerk und Denkmalpflege e.V.
           Bielefeld      Uwe          (DE)
           Briani         Massimo      Provincia di Rimini (IT)
           Cerkez         Katica       Minister of Environment and Tourism (BiH)
           Cesa           Stefano      Municipality of Mel (IT)
           Dalle Sasse    Ruggero      Municipality of Mel - Mayor (IT)
           D'Anastasio    Antonio      Province of Teramo (IT)
           Daniele        Paola        Province of Teramo (IT)
           Bonaventura    Fabrizio     Province of Teramo (IT)
           Finocchiaro    Enzo         Provincia di Rimini (IT)
           Fusekis        Nikolaos     Municipality of Lidoriky (GR)
           Gabellini      Antonio      Provincia di Rimini (IT)
           Galyasz        Jozsef       Innovation Center of Agriculture (HU)
           Gherardi       Lodovico     CADSES Steering Committee (IT)
           Gyorgy         Szabados     Innovation Center of Agriculture (HU)
           Hudek          Vladimir     REC - Country Office Director (SK)
           Hudekova       Zuzana       REC - Project manager (SK)
           Kállay         Támas        SARD (HU)
           Kouloulas      Georgios     Municipality of Lidoriki (GR)
           Kovacs         Laszlo       SARD (HU)
           Lanara         Ifigeneia    Bpm Athina (GR)
           Löcher         Rolf         Muldentalkreis (DE)
           Muscelli       Luca         Province of Teramo (IT)
           Reimann        Falk         Aufbauwerk Region Leipzig GmbH (DE)
           Righetti       Giulia       NAXTA (IT)
           Stotzner       Andreas      Dekmalschmiede Höfgen gGmbH (DE)
           Tony           Mileva       Vratchanski Balkan Park, (BG)
           Vasi           Raffaella    Provincia di Rimini (IT)
           Veres          Lajos        SARD (HU)
           Vilusic        Gordiana     assistant of Minister of Tourism (BiH)
           Wagner         Klaus        Federal Institute of Agricultural Economics (AT)
           Zouma          Vasiliki     Municipality of Lidoriki (GR)

                                  Project part-financed by European Union

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