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									   Add a Visible Watermark to Your Photos

Whether you're a professional photographer or
someone who wants to share your photos online,
it's a good idea to add a discrete watermark that
reminds those viewing your pictures who the
photographer was. With the NEW Visible
Watermarks feature you can easily create and add
a personal watermark to all your photos, we'll
show you how.

 What you'll need
   Corel® Paint Shop Pro® Photo X2
   Sample Image PSPPX2_08 (download)

 When you complete this tutorial, you'll be able to
   Load a watermark graphic
   Place a watermark on your photo
   Add an emboss effect to your watermark
  Add a Visible Watermark to Your Photos

Do you have a watermark graphic?
1. Download the PSPPX2_08 image, and save it in your My Pictures folder, we're
   going to use this as our watermark graphic. If you already have a graphic that
   you can use as a watermark, skip ahead to Step 2.

   You can also create your own graphic to use as a watermark. Typically,
   watermark graphics have a transparent background that lets you see photo
   below the graphic. The transparent background also allows the Visible
   Watermark feature's Emboss effect to work properly on the graphic. To get the
   best look from the Emboss effect, make sure your watermark graphic is not
   black or gray. Colors work best.

Open the Photo You Want to Watermark
2. Choose File > Open, to open the photo you'd like to use for this tutorial. Any
   photo will do. You can also find and open a photo by using the Paint Shop Pro
   Photo Organizer at the bottom of your screen.

Load Your Watermark Graphic
3. Choose Image > Watermarking > Visible Watermark.

4. In the Watermark Source area, click the Browse button.
   This displays a standard Open dialog. Here you can
   navigate to where your watermark
   graphic resides, select the graphic
   and choose Open. You'll see the
   graphic in the preview area.
  Add a Visible Watermark to Your Photos

Place the watermark
5.     In the Placement group box, choose a placement option:
       Tile — places the graphic repeatedly on top of the photo
       Center — places the graphic in the center of the photo
       Corner — places the graphic in one of the four corners;
       use the drop-list to choose the desired corner.

Set style options for the watermark
6. In the Style group box, drag the sliders (or type a value in
     the numeric controls) to apply the desired look for your
     watermark graphic:
       Size — adjusts the relative size of the graphic
       Opacity — adjusts the translucent appearance of the graphic
       Emboss — applies a texture effect making the graphic appear
       raised from the surface of the photo.

When you're ready, click OK
7. When the watermark has just the right look, click OK to add the
     graphic to your photo.

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