Making The Decision by rockykunda


									Making The Decision To Get A Laptop Screen

Laptops are convenient because they can go wherever you do. It is incredibly convenient to have access
to your photos, videos, documents and the Internet while on the move. Problems occur when a single
component breaks, and you are stuck with having to deal with a major repair such as getting a laptop
screen replacement before your device is functional again.

A broken screen makes a laptop inoperable in many cases. Sometimes the problem is minor and is
mainly an inconvenience or blemish, but other times the screen may be completely out of commission.
This is especially true with LCD screens. The liquid inside the screen spreads and makes it impossible to
see graphics or text since the screen has a pool of white liquid inside it now. In these situations you have
no option but to replace the screen.

The first thing you should do if you suspect the screen needs to be replaced but think that the rest of the
laptop components are OK is to connect the laptop to an external monitor or television. If it functions
normally, than the screen is the culprit and you can continue on the process to getting a replacement.
Keep in mind if you are experiencing problems with the backlight such as flickering or shutting off after
only a few minutes of use, you may need to replace a different part of the laptop.

The next step is to determine how you want the replacement process to go. If your laptop is still under
the manufacturer's warranty, it is best to have them fix the issue for you. You'll save yourself the hassle
of finding someone else to do it, and you won't have to pay for the new screen. If your laptop is,
unfortunately, out of the warranty period you still have a few different options.

You can contact the manufacturer to determine how much they will charge you for the repair. This is
typically very expensive and may not be worth the investment. It may be cheaper to purchase a new
laptop than to have the manufacturer replace the original screen with another one. You can also look on
the Internet for a screen that fits your laptop model. Once you get the screen you can either take it to a
local repair shop to have them put it in for you or you can take the chance of doing it yourself if you
have the skills needed to replace the screen.

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