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Beauty Angel Q_A


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									                    Beauty Angel Q & A’s

Q: How does the 'red light' on the Beauty Angel work on collagen/elastin
stimulation and all the other claimed benefits of this type of rejuvenation

(The color spectrum chart below shows nanometers/visible colors)

A: It's all about Nanometers! (Plus energy/intensity of the light) Light in certain
color spectrums creates a variety of physiological responses on our skin. And using
other colors spectrums as examples makes this much easier to understand:

Ultraviolet (UV) Light: Between 280-400 nanometers and nobody can dispute what
UV light does! We know that when it reacts with melanin in your skin, you get a tan.
Or a sunburn if you get too much! UV Light also is the most natural way our body gets
Vitamin D, a very essential vitamin for many vital functions.

Blue Light: 470 nanometers and is used for acne treatments at many med-clinics and
dermatologists' offices. Kills bacteria and very well-known and medically approved as
effective - again with no disputes in its efficacy or legitimacy. Often, the Blue Light is
used together with the Red Light at 633 nanometers as the red light assists is cellular
turnover and healing from acne scarring.

Orange/Red Light: 633 nanometers and is proven to penetrate to the fibroblasts
(skin cells) that regulate collagen/elastin production and stimulate them to increase
their production. Think of this parallel: What UV Light is to Melanocytes (melanin),
Red Light at 633 nanometers is to your fibroblasts. So as a result, the red light, with
enough energy, will 'turbo-charge' your skin’s own rejuvenation system!

This system is FDA approved as 'safe' for skin rejuvenation with no known side effects
or possible damage.

So it's not a gimmick. It's not anecdotal evidence. It's proven science!

Q: How does the Vibration Plate work and what does it do? Can I choose to turn
that off if I just want the Rejuvenation effect of the red light?

A: There is a detailed explanation about Whole Body Vibration (WBV) plates at One of the main benefits is
that it will increase the benefits from the collagen lights due to your body's
increased circulation (you will actually feel the tingling). Plus, WBV has great
physiological benefits of helping you build your core muscles, improving
flexibility, toning, and generally will serve as an excellent warm-up before going
to the gym! (Or before VacuStep/Formostar)

You will without a doubt KNOW this is working from your very first time trying
this. There are also 4 different programs available depending on your goals and
current fitness levels.

Some clients may prefer to do the Beauty Angel without using the Vibration Plate -
which is completely possible to do. Only use WBV if desired!

Q: What are the different programs available on the Vibration Plate?

A: There are 4 programs/levels available, which you can select at the beginning of
each session.

Program #1: Wellness (low frequency) – loosens and relaxes muscles. This program improves
flexibility and enhances well-being with gentle movements at low vibration frequency.

           Duration: 12 minutes
           Relieves tension and relaxes muscles
           Improves muscles in the back
           Helps restore muscle performance, such as after injury
Program #2: Entry level vibration therapy (medium frequency interval) – body fitness
for beginners. This program is ideal for beginners and gradually improves fitness with powerful
movements at medium frequency.

           Duration: 12 minutes
           Increases fitness
           Improves muscle function, especially in the back
           Stimulates the circulation

Program #3: Intense vibration therapy (high frequency interval) – body fitness for
advanced training. This program is excellent for sports enthusiasts and serves to strengthen
muscles with powerful movements at high frequency.

           Duration: 12 minutes
           Strengthens muscles
           Increases muscle power
           Improves fitness
           Training for muscle coordination

Program #4: Beauty (mixed frequency) – improves skin appearance. This program reduces
the appearance of cellulite and refines the skin's smoothness with gentle movement at alternating

           Duration: 12 minutes
           Reduces the appearance of cellulite
           Helps tighten the skin
           Stimulates blood circulation

Q: Have any independent tests been done to confirm that the Beauty Angel works
as claimed?

A: Yes! The study was performed in Germany on 59 female subjects between 36
and 70 years old with mild to moderate wrinkles. The link to the study is below.

The study with some detailed Before & After pictures can be found at:
Beauty Angel Study
Also, keep in mind the following control factors that can make your results even

1) Subjects were tested for only 8 weeks with 2 visits per week. Recommended is 12
weeks at 3 times a week.

2) Vibration Platform was not used. The improved circulation created by this will
undoubtedly improve overall results and allow the red light therapy to be more
3) Red light therapy helps active ingredients of cosmeceuticals penetrate deeper and
faster. So by using recommended products, the anti-aging effect will be greatly

Q: What is the recommended program for maximum results? And what does it
take to maintain the results?

A: For best results, it is recommended that you do 3 (12 minute) sessions a week
for a period of 12 weeks. You may come more if desired.

To maintain results it is recommended that you come once (to twice) a week
thereafter. With maintenance, you're basically keeping your collagen/elastin in a
heightened state of production. Plus the red light stimulates your serotonin levels
so you'll feel better after each session while the Vibration Platform will help
energize you!

Q: How quickly will you see results on your skin and what type of results can be

A: Results are broken down into 3 phases. Immediate (first week), Intermediate
(30 days), and Full Cellular Regeneration (90 days).

1) Immediate. You'll almost right away feel and see softer skin, a reduction in pore
size and a 'glow' that even others may notice. These results will be further enhanced
by our product kit and when combined with the vibration programs.

2) Intermediate. At about 25-35 days, the superficial results combine with some of
the benefits of renewed collagen and stronger elastin. You should see some skin
tightening, a light fading of pigmentation issues and/or Rosacea, and possibly a
noticeable reduction of fine lines on the face and body.

3) Full Cellular Regeneration. Our skin cells completely renew themselves
approximately every 90 days, so this is when you will realize the greatest results and
benefits. These may include noticeable fading of pigmentation and/or
Rosacea, reduction in sun spots, less prominent deeper lines and wrinkles, and a
much softer feeling skin.

From the Vibration Plate, you should also notice some gains in muscle definition, core
strength, reduced appearance of cellulite, and greater flexibility. We don't claim
weight loss from the increase in metabolism that the Vibration Plates can help with,
although some customers may realize many benefits beyond the ones we're making
and we're looking forward to hearing about your results!
How 'dramatic' your results are going to be will be determined by several factors.
These factors include age, genetic predisposition, whether you smoke, drink, your
diet, etc.

Q: Is this technology safe? Are there any side effects or negatives from this?

A: The technology is approved as safe by the FDA for skin rejuvenation and there
have not been any harmful side effects reported. Some clients are sensitive to
bright light so goggles are provided.

Q: Is the treatment suitable for anyone?

A: The following people should NOT use the Beauty Angel: Pregnant women,
epileptics, people with illnesses that make them very sensitive to light, and people
who are taking herbal remedies or medications that increase photo-sensitivity. Check
with your doctor if unsure.

Platform Body Vibration training should be omitted after: Acute surgery, or if you
are suffering from cardiac, hip and bone diseases, are pregnant, have received bone
implants or are suffering from an acute illness or inflammation. Please check with
your doctor if unsure!

Q: What if I do other treatments like IPL, laser, microdermabrasion, chemical
peels, spa facials, acne treatments, etc?

A: The Photo Bio Stimulation red light therapy will stimulate the collagen
production in your skin and has proven healing qualities. The result of this is
faster healing and an exponentially greater effect from these other treatments. So
using the Beauty Angel after any of the above treatments will be very beneficial to

Q: Does the Beauty Angel tan you and/or have any UV Light? Can it fade tattoos?
A: NO! 633 nanometers is far away from the UV Light spectrum so there is no UV
Light and this service will not change the color of your skin, unless fading sun
spots or pigmentation issues is what you're talking about!

As for tattoos, there is no fading from using the Beauty Angel or any Red Light
Rejuvenation systems.

Q: Can I combine this on the same day with tanning or with spray tanning?

A: Absolutely! If you're tanning in beds, tan first then do the Beauty Angel. You
get your beautiful color and Vitamin D from tanning; then you get your skin
repairing and toning right after! I can't legally say "Guilt Free Tanning" but that's
kind of how it sounds like when you factor in the 'healing qualities' of the red light

For Spray Tanning, use the Beauty Angel first as it will do a great job of opening
up your pores and increasing circulation. So your spray tan should look better than
ever when doing after the Beauty Angel!

Q: What if I already work out?

A: This will be a perfect service to do before your workouts as the Platform Body
Vibration training does an amazing job of warming up your muscles and putting
your body in a more ready state for training. This technology is used more and
more by professional and amateur athletes to help increase performance,
strength, and speed. I will again refer you to read more about it at

Q: What are the products available for this that will enhance my results?

A: There are 3 products that are designed specifically for the Beauty Angel that
will dramatically enhance and accelerate your results.

BEAUTY ANGEL EFFECT (8oz) - InterCellular Collagen Stimulator with IsoSlim®: for
use before red light therapy sessions, this soothing activator spray will trigger inner
cellular layers of collagen production when used in conjunction with the BEAUTY
ANGEL'S red light therapy. The spray is uniquely formulated for immediate deep
penetration with fast-acting results.
BEAUTY ANGEL REPLENISH (12oz) - Pure Aloe Infused Moisturizer with Isoslim®:
apply this deep penetrating moisturizer, with an amino acid rich formula, daily
between sessions of red light therapy. It's specialized to help build and restore your
skin's natural elasticity, shine and smoothness.

BEAUTY ANGEL FOCUS (4oz) - Age Defying Vita-Complex with Ameliox™: intensely
designed, daily facial treatment combats the body's natural aging process of thinning
skin. This fortified serum delivers a proprietary blend of rich nutrients to help trigger
the cellular levels of collagen production, strengthening your skin's connective tissues.

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Other locations should receive delivery within 90 days or less.
         Marked improvement in pigmentation, healed
         Rosacea in nose area, firmer & more even
         skin tone, reduction in 'bag' under eye

                       Dramatic fading in sunspots on cheek area.
                       Healed Rosacea in nose area.

              BEFORE       AFTER 90 DAYS USAGE

         Depth of wrinkle around mouth reduced, skin
         tightened, hyperpigmentation reduced


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