Lilyfield Christian Adoption and Foster Care: Agency's New Name by Lilyfieldchristian


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									A er months of planning and praying, the
board and staff of Chris an Services of
Oklahoma are pleased to introduce our
agency’s new name:

Chris an Adop on and Foster Care

Please see the reverse side for Frequently
Asked Ques ons on informa on regarding
the name change.

You may visit our website at
or call our office at 405-216-5240.

We hope that you join us in celebra ng our
con nued growth and looking toward the
future as we hope to serve more children
by providing loving, Chris an adop ve and
foster families.
Name Change Frequently Asked Ques ons
1. Why is Chris an Services of Oklahoma changing its
Our Board
       Board       Directors entered into serious talks and
                    irectors ntered nto serious talks
Our Board of Directors entered into serious talks and
discussions about a name change several years ago. The Board
discussions about            hang several y ars g
discussions about name change several years ago. The Board oard
felt that the original name had served us well when the agency
was founded. However, it is quite lengthy and similar to names
of other organiza ons in our area. The Board and staff no ced
that many people in the community struggled to say our name
correctly and we were frequently misiden fied or had to
correct those who introduced us publicly. The board desired
to inves gate the possibility of renaming the organiza on.
The renaming was meant to serve several purposes including
clarifying our mission and cu ng down on confusion and lack
of agency recogni on. The board desired that the new name
be meaningful, memorable, grounded in scripture, and easy to

2. How was the new name chosen?
The board held several focus groups and employed the help
of local ar st and OC graduate Jesse Owen. With the help of
Mr. Owen, the board considered a variety of name possibili es
that had meaning for the important ministry that we do and
were grounded in scripture. Early on, the name Lilyfield rose
to the top. It fits the criteria above (meaningful, memorable,
grounded in scripture, and easy to say). The board felt that the
visual imagery combined with the meaning of the scripture it
referenced gave vision for our ministry. In addi on, a tagline
will accompany the name—Chris an Adop on and Foster
Care—giving clarity to our mission and the services we offer.

3. What scripture does it reference?
Ma hew 6:28-29 “And why are you anxious about clothing?
Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil
nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not
arrayed like one of these.” The scripture reminds us that if we
know God cares even for the lilies of the field we can be sure
that he will care for us, and the sweet children that we serve.

4. Have you changed your mission, vision or programs?
No, not at all. Our board of directors, staff, bylaws, programs
and services all remain intact and unchanged. We hope that
this name change will be a source of encouragement to those
we serve and our agency as a whole. We have experienced
significant growth in the past year and look toward more
growth in the year to come. The process of renaming has
helped our agency focus in on the important work that we do:
finding Chris an families for children through adop on and
foster care.

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