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									                              Checking a Patient’s Appointment
If you have the need to quickly view the details of an appointment, the Check Appointment facility can be used to
‘find’ any booked appointment simply by using the patient name.

This facility is designed to save time in ‘finding’ an appointment when
 the Appointments Book has a lot of Doctors and the appointment cannot be quickly identified
 the date (or time) of the appointment is not known

Once the appointment has been found, the details can be amended (if appropriate). Updates to the appointment
details include Arriving, Calling In, Cancelling, Notes Pulled and Leaving.

To check an appointment, access the Appointments Book.

1. Click on               in the Options box in the Appointments Book to display the Check Appointment

2. If the Patient No is known, enter this in the appropriate cell and press the <Enter> key. If the Patient No
    is not known, click on           to display the Patient Popup. Highlight the appropriate patient and click OK
    (or double click).
3. The Details cell will display any (or all) appointments booked for the patient. Any appointments on the
    current day will be highlighted blue.
To check another appointment, click on Clear in the Icons Toolbar and repeat step 2 above.

Once you have checked the appointment, it can be amended or updated (if required). Highlight the appropriate
appointment and select either, Arrive, Call In, Leave, Notes Pulled, Cancel

November 1999

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