The Alumni Program – Strategic Plan by pptfiles


									                                  The Alumni Relations – Strategic Plan

Mission Statement
“The purpose of the Alumni Association of California Baptist University is to foster and cultivate
   a common bond of pride, affinity and connectivity among alumni, students, and prospective
students and friends of California Baptist University (CBU) through quality programs, services
                                           and events.”

                                         GOALS AND OBJECTIVES

Goal #1: Increase marketing and              1) Understand alumni needs
outreach to alumni.                          2) Increase promotion and communication of alumni events and
                                                activities (based on return on investment) and of University
                                             3) Enhance web-based interactive alumni association
                                             4) Develop and maintain programs to connect and engage alumni
                                             5) Special concentration on developing alumni activities in
                                                appropriate demographic areas throughout the U.S.
Goal #2: Establish benefits for Alumni       1) Evaluate current benefits to see what should be kept, what can
Association members and alumni at               be adjusted, and what should be eliminated
large.                                       2) Create a list of businesses owned by alumni and publicize
Goal #3: Improve the efficiency and          1) Recruit, retain and recognize volunteers
effectiveness of the Alumni                  2) Improve effectiveness of the volunteer Board of Directors
Association. [customer service]              3) Provide excellent customer service through the attractions and
                                                retention of qualified staff
Goal #4: Improve the coordination            1) Formalize coordination and better define roles
among the Alumni Association, the            2) Improve relationships
schools and the various alumni chapters.
Goal #5: Develop ways of working             1) Continue to build mutually beneficial relationships
more closely with Development staff,         2) Co-host and support events
Intercollegiate Athletics, Student           3) Develop regional events to engage alumni and prospective
Services on activities and other efforts        students
involving alumni. [partnerships]
Goal #6: Strengthen existing alumni          1)   Evaluate and enhance existing traditions
traditions and develop new ones.             2)   Identify and consider new traditions
Goal #7: Increase Alumni giving to           1)   Establish and publicize clear fundraising goals for the Alumni
alumni projects, scholarship programs,       2)   Strengthen the Association’s financial position
capital campaigns and Association            3)   Develop an Alumni Association operating budget
budgetary needs

A productive Alumni program is crucial to the long-term success of the University’s
development program and to the larger University effort. It is imperative to link the mission
statement – “California Baptist University Alumni Association fosters and cultivates a
common bond of pride, affinity and connectivity among alumni, students, prospective students
and friends of CBU through quality programs, services and events” to the programmatic

The CBU Alumni Association should keep the alumni informed about the campus and about
each other, provide ways for alumni to have meaningful interactions with the campus and with
each other, and provide a “home away from home.” The CBU Alumni Association should also
recognize the accomplishments of alumni and provide benefits, services, and programs that are
of interest to alumni.

The role of the Alumni Relations Department is to keep alumni connected to campus via
electronic and printed communication, chapter and regional activities, mentoring, outreach to
new students, and social activities. The CBU Alumni Association needs to be the lifelong
connection to the alumnus/a.

California Baptist University wants to maintain strong connections with its graduates. In order
to accomplish this, the Alumni Relations Department and the CBU Alumni Association must
work together with the University to develop effective programs for the alumni. Alumni
activities should be promoted throughout the University and the community.

The current pool of approximately 12,000 alumni must be personally and individually engaged to
increase involvement and support for California Baptist University and the Alumni Association.

To be more successful in the coming years, the University will need to pay more attention to
understanding and meeting the changing interests and needs of its alumni by providing
professionally run programs across the country, which will attract alumni for greater
involvement and support for the University.

1. The CBU Alumni reflect the significantly changing demographics of the University’s
   students over the past 59 years.

      Incomplete data for the alumni is a serious challenge for the CBU Alumni Relations
       Department, which must be corrected quickly with the assistance of the Office of the
       Registrar. At present there are less than 10,000 accurate mailing addresses and less than
       6,000 email address for the pool of more than 12,000 living alumni.

      Systematic efforts to sample alumni opinion should be initiated. The Alumni
       Association, the Institutional Advancement Division and the Alumni Relations
       Department need a better understanding of alumni expectations from the University in an
       effort to gain greater alumni interest and support. Surveys targeted to different segments
       of the alumni may be advisable at this time rather than a general survey. Staff and
       volunteers should also sample alumni opinions and attitudes at every gathering and event.

      Effort should be made to better understand attitudes toward the University held by
       current students and to correct, or address, problems that adversely affect student feelings
       about CBU. Current students and a broad cross section of alumni should also be enlisted
       to identify and assess activities and services of potential interest to all alumni.

2. The Alumni Relations staff consists of a Director of Alumni Relations and an alumni
   consultant. The budget for this office will support the salary and benefits for these staff
   members. The Alumni Association does not yet provide operating funds to fully support its
   activities. The staff is housed in the Yeager Center, Johnson Wing.

      An Alumni Relations Communications Plan must be developed. Regularly held, face-to-
       face contact with a broad range of alumni outside of the Alumni Association Board must
       be maintained in order to assess the alumni’s diverse and changing interests, monitor
       attitudes toward the University, test reactions to possible new activities, and take the
       University’s message directly to alumni. The Alumni Relations Director and alumni
       volunteers must share responsibility for such contact. A coordinated effort with the
       Office of the Registrar and the development staff to add useful information and
       promising leads to the database should be made. In addition to mail, email and website
       contact strategies should be included in a communication plan.

      The Alumni Relations Director should take a more active role in strengthening the
       Alumni Association, helping its members in considering new ways for operating,
       devising strategies and pilot projects which manage the risks inherent in change, and
       encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit. The Director should also work to strengthen ties
       between administration, deans, faculty, students and the alumni.

      Professional development for the staff, including participating in the various alumni
       programs sponsored by the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education
       (CASE), Christian Alumni Professionals (CAPS) and the Association of Fundraising
       Professionals (AFP), and actively exchanging of ideas with more successful alumni
       programs, will enhance the Alumni Relations staff members’ knowledge of the

      The Alumni Relations infrastructure should be strengthened and the staff energies
       directed to activities and priorities agreed upon by the University and the Alumni

3. Four priorities have been established in an effort to focus the Association’s objectives and
   energies to best support the University. They are: (1) connecting and establishing strong
   relationships with students while they are on campus, (2) implementing an Alumni
   Association membership program, (3) increasing overall Alumni Association awareness and
   marketing efforts, and (4) building a larger, more involved volunteer base.

      The Alumni Association is committed to helping the University, developing a greater
       sense of communication and partnership with University leaders and developing a clearer
       understanding of how to work productively with University offices and other volunteer
       organizations. Greater involvement by the President, Vice President for Institutional

    Advancement, Alumni Relations Director and other senior administrators on a regular
    basis will help to direct and reassure the association members that their efforts are
    appropriate and appreciated. Partnership and collaboration is the key to success where
    we create awareness, build relationships and generate support for CBU.

   The Alumni Association is currently involved in a wide range of activities including
    Homecoming, membership programs with several affinity partners, student-focused
    initiatives and chapter events. Some of these activities will be expanded. Other activities
    will be reviewed and determination will be made with regards to their effectiveness.

   The Alumni Association will be identifying new programs that offer attractive models for
    involving alumni, provide a valuable service, and can be duplicated in other areas.
    Opportunities to expand such programs should be explored by the Association.

   Funding and sufficient staff permitting, the Association, with assistance from staff and
    the University, should continue to experiment with other ways to attract alumni,
    including increased small regional receptions, speakers on campus, one-day alumni trips,
    and activities co-sponsored with special interest groups. Bumper stickers or other small
    mementos should be widely and freely distributed, and alumni should be actively
    encouraged to display them. An aggressive commitment should be made to find out what
    will work, then do it and build upon it, step by step, over the next three years.

   Consideration of the financial assumptions underlying the Alumni Association should
    determine the most appropriate strategy for promoting growth of the Alumni program.
    Appropriate ways to underwrite the cost of expanding alumni activities need to be

   Communication with the alumni should be increased beyond the quarterly Roundtable
    magazine. Increased alumni involvement depends upon increased interest in what is
    happening at CBU, which in turn depends upon presenting appealing members. The
    magazine is a useful communication tool in keeping alumni engaged with the institution,
    however additional channels of communications-including regional small group
    meetings, individual meetings with key alumni, speakers, and special events on campus
    and various sites-should be developed quickly.

   The Association’s plan to increase membership is an appropriate long-term goal, but
    membership and dues issues should not be allowed to restrain assertive and creative
    efforts to increase interest and involve alumni. Given the University’s long-term goals,
    revenues are less important at this point than reviewing links between the University and
    as many alumni as possible. Considerations should include, but not be limited to:
    challenging alumni to find “lost” alumni; and placing pertinent community leaders, who
    are alumni, on executive or advisory boards.

   Efforts should be made to identify and understand potential special interest and diverse
    alumni groups, and establish creative and mutually beneficial ways to link them to the
    University and the Alumni Association with a sense of common alumni identity.

      Assistance from the President, Vice President, Alumni Association Board members and
       Alumni Relations Director is necessary to achieve the established goals and objectives,
       but must also be offered collaboratively to address the Alumni Association’s concerns
       about organizational independence and the need to strengthen current activities.

Recommendations regarding the Alumni Program:

1. The mission and role of the Alumni Relations Department, the Alumni Association and
   variety of other alumni groups and activities will be more clearly defined and coordinated as
   a result of the implementation of the strategic plan. Quarterly meetings between the Alumni
   Association Board President, the University President, the Vice President for Institutional
   Advancement, and Alumni Director should be scheduled to provide guidance and direction.

2. The Strategic Plan developed by the Alumni Association should include focused priorities,
   objectives and operating plans. The proposed emphasis on activities to attract more alumni,
   strengthen the Alumni Association, and stabilize the financial base seems appropriate, with
   specific measurable objectives and plans of action over the next three years.

3. The Institutional Advancement Division and Alumni Relations Department, through the Vice
   President, will work closely with the Alumni Association to devise appropriate financial
   strategies and budget commitment to support expanded and refocused programs and
   activities to attract and involve much larger numbers of alumni. Increased “membership,”
   while important for the long term, is less important in the short term, compared to increased
   interest and participation by larger numbers of alumni.

4. The refined Alumni Association Strategic Plan should include a multi-year plan to strengthen
   the Alumni Relations infrastructure and staff with defined objectives and performance
   measures, and should be endorsed by the University President and Vice President for
   Institutional Advancement. Increased financial investment from the University in the
   program should be linked to implementation of the plan and to staff.

5. Continuing professional development and training in implementing the strategic plan for the
   Alumni Relations staff is necessary.

6. Communication with alumni should be systematically increased. The Roundtable will be
   sent to the entire database three times per year. New and expanded channels of
   communication are being developed as part of a conscious strategy for reaching and
   involving more alumni. Articles on interesting, successful alumni and profiles on today’s
   students and faculty with their ambitions and backgrounds will build greater connections
   between students and alumni.

7. New ways to interest and attract alumni – including small neighborhood or regional
   receptions; invitations to attractive, interesting events on campus; or one-day events or trips –
   should be explored.

8. The Alumni Relations Department staff will be conducting extensive research on several
   variables such as websites, homecoming, travel programs, and chapters. Experience at other

   institutions suggest that networking with other alumni; career planning and assistance;
   recruiting and mentoring; programs for parents of new students; and community service
   programs are appealing alumni activities, but these need to be tested and adapted to CBU’s
   distinctive alumni. The Alumni Association should also determine which current activities
   and benefits might be discontinued, modified, or expanded.

9. The Alumni Association should establish a working group of current students and recent
   graduates to help the Association and the University better understand factors that adversely
   effect student attitudes toward the University once they become alumni. The group can also
   help identify affordable ways to increase campus spirit and build student and alumni pride.
   The University should include the appropriate person from Student Services and senior
   administrators in addressing and resolving any problems that may pose fundamental
   obstacles in building stronger alumni ties to CBU.

10. The Alumni Association should develop effective ways to involve a broad cross-section of
    current and future student leaders in the ongoing activities and plans of the Alumni
    Association, and should strongly support a Student Alumni Chapter.

11. Encouragement of the continuation of the close relationship and cooperation between the
    Alumni and the Admissions Office, the Career Services Center, and Intercollegiate Athletics
    is necessary. Alumni should stay actively involved in recruiting, mentoring, and placement
    programs for current and future students. A program to provide placement assistance to
    recent alumni is attractive, but affordable ways to provide continuing placement and career
    networking assistance to alumni also needs to be developed.

12. Exploration of ways to use special interest groups among the students and alumni – such as
    parent group, ethnic groups, schools or majors, sports, affinity groups, etc. – will help draw
    more alumni back into association with CBU.

A Three to Five Year Plan to Strengthen the Alumni Program

1. During the first 6 months to a year, beginning in the summer of 2009, translate the
   recommendations made in this section of the Institutional Advancement Division Strategic
   Plan into specific actions with measurable objectives and begin implementing these actions
   with the assistance of the Vice President of Institutional Advancement, the Director of
   Alumni Relations and Alumni Association Board. This will involve:

      Working with the Alumni Association to upgrade its strategic plan to develop a set of
       mutually agreeable, measurable objectives and a year-to-year schedule for plan
       implementation with defined roles and responsibilities for the Alumni Association, the
       University, and others;

      Encouraging staff and volunteer training and participation in CASE, CAPS and other
       Alumni Relations conference and workshops;

      Experimenting, carefully, with activities – such as receptions featuring interesting
       speakers, small receptions prior to activities and special events on campus, or co-
       sponsored events which might attract greater alumni interest and participation;

      Identifying measurable objectives for the four priorities that have been established, which
       a. Connecting and establishing strong relationships with students while they are on
       b. Implementing an Alumni Association membership program;
       c. Increasing overall Alumni Association awareness and marketing efforts; and
       d. Building a larger, more involved volunteer base.

2. During the 2010-11 academic year:

      Evaluate progress made in implementing the plan, make any appropriate adjustments, and
       proceed with the plan to engage more alumni, strengthen the Alumni Association,
       enhance the partnership of the Alumni Association and the University, and stabilize the
       financial base of the alumni program through the use of membership and affinity

      Increase communications through a wider variety of communication tools such as emails,
       chat rooms and online newsletters;

      Begin systematic efforts to survey alumni attitudes and interests through formal surveys
       targeted to segments and samples of the alumni;

      Establish a working group drawn from current students and recent graduates to help
       identify and address factors which (a) adversely affect the attitudes toward the University
       of its “alumni in residence,” and (b) would foster greater campus spirit and identity, as
       well as increase student and alumni pride;

      Establish working groups to identify and evaluate the range of alumni activities,
       services, and benefits of potential interest to current alumni and students; and

      Continue to expand staff and volunteer direct contact with alumni to refine and expand
       activities based on the results of surveys and recommendations of the working groups.

3. During the 2011-12 academic year:

      Continue to evaluate progress in implementing the plan and make adjustments as

      Establish the financial and programmatic basis for a growing, self-sustaining alumni
       program which will mobilize large numbers of alumni for support of future alumni,
       institutional advancement, and fundraising activity;

      Develop alumni activities which make effective use of the distinctive campus resources;

      Begin planning for the next phase in the evolution and expansion of the University’s
       alumni programs

Timeline: 2009-2011

Performance indications:
     Initiation of alumni public opinion polls and attitude surveys
     Initiation of student involvement in the Alumni Association through the Student Alumni
       Chapter. The Student Alumni Chapter (SAC) is the main vehicle by which the Alumni
       Association reaches the student population. SAC would be responsible for planning
       events and activities through their mission of promoting spirit, tradition and pride.
     Development of a communication plan
     Development of an operating plan/budget
     Increased staff and training
     Increased number of alumni involved in University and alumni activities
     Evaluate the benefits of a Membership Program as a revenue generating source of income

Goal #1: Increase marketing and outreach to alumni.

                                                                                           Responsible Party
                                   Action Steps                           Progress
                                                                                              * = Primary
                   1) Survey alumni to ask about interests and           In process            * Director
                      desires that should be addressed in order to                              All Staff
                      increase their participation:
                       Global surveys
                       Questionnaire at events
                       Personal calls
                   2) Hold focus groups to solicit feedback              In process            * Director
  Objective #1
                               a. Alumni, current undergrads,                                   All Staff
                                    current DCP, current GRAD
  alumni needs.    3) Develop a comprehensive model to engage            In process            * Director
    (Priority)        alumni through a continuum (students,                                     All Staff
                      young alumni, alumni with families,
                      mature alumni, etc.)
                   4) Meet with Alumni Association Board to               Ongoing              * Director
                      assess needs and desires                                                  All Staff
                   5) Create draft Strategic Plan                    Completed July 2009       * Director
                                                                                                All Staff
                   6) Meet with local Alumni Task Force to           Completed July 2009       * Director
                      finalize Strategic Plan & develop strategies                              All Staff
                      for 2009-2010
                                                                           FY 2010     FY 2011      FY 2012
                       Performance Measures
                                                                            Actual     Expected     Expected
Number of surveys                                                              2          4            4
Number of Alumni reached by surveys                                          5,500      7,000        8,000
Number of Alumni who completed surveys                                      1,000+      2,500        3,500
Number of focus groups                                                        n/a         4            4

                                                                                               Responsible Party
                                     Action Steps                         Progress
                                                                                                  * = Primary
                     1) Craft an alumni “message” and embed in            In process               * Director
                        everything we do (“message” TBD)                                           AA Board
                         Define where to embed message                                            Task Force
                     2) Create a consistent look and feel of the          In process               * Director
   Objective #2         association brand (logo)                                                 Marketing &
     Increase                                                                                        office
  promotion and      3) Market and promote alumni events via          Currently doing all          * Director
communication of        website, The Roundtable, email blasts,           these things
alumni events and       direct mail (save-the-date cards and
 activities (based      registration information)
   on return on      4) Increase the number of public speaking            In process              * Director
 investment) and        engagements to promote the activities of                                Board President
    University          the Association
    messages                       a. Four student events, hosted
                                       by the Alumni Association
                                   b. Chapter events, etc.
                     5) Seek and outreach to other existing               In process              * Director
                        promotional opportunities to get the word                               Board President
                        out (i.e. tailgaters)
                                                                            FY 2010         FY 2011    FY 2012
                          Performance Measures
                                                                             Actual         Expected   Expected
Number of alumni reached by marketing materials (web, print, email)          10,000          12,000     13,000
Number of alumni who attend events and activities                           400-500          1,000      1,500
Total number of people who attend alumni events and activities              1,000 –          2,000      3,000
Number of speaking engagements                                                  4             10          15
Number of alumni being reached through speaking engagements                    n/a            n/a         n/a

                                                                                               Responsible Party
                                      Action Steps                           Progress
                                                                                                  * = Primary
                     1)   Include in FY11 budget plans – dedicated      Was not able to get        * Director
                          server on campus for alumni needs             into FY11 budget –
                          (including online networking module and        will re-address for
                          lifetime email addresses for alumni)                  FY12
                     2)   Develop and distribute newsletters             Increase frequency        *Director
   Objective #3
                          electronically                                 and quality (Exact     Alumni Secretary
                                                                         Target) – Met with
 Enhanced web-
                                                                          Jeremy, monthly
 based interactive
                                                                          email newsletter
                                                                          capabilities now
                     3)   Enhance website and continue to               Working with IT and          * Director
                          implement features available through          Marketing to come
                          online networking modules                          up with an
                                                                        appropriate solution
                     4)   Ensure that every Alumni communication              Ongoing             * Director
                          links to CBU website                                                     All Staff
                                                                               FY 2010     FY 2011      FY 2012
                          Performance Measures
                                                                                Actual     Expected    Expected
Number of Online Community registered users                                     1,500       2,000        2,500
Number of hits to Online Community modules                                       n/a
Number of online transactions (member dues, events)                              n/a
Percent of dues-paying alumni with e-mail addresses in CBU’s database            n/a           80%          90%

                                                                                               Responsible Party
                                      Action Steps                           Progress
                                                                                                  * = Primary
   Objective #4
                     1) Evaluate existing programs for impact                 Ongoing              * Director
                        (eliminate and/or expand)                                                   All Staff
   Develop and
                     2) Evaluate and develop programs and                     Ongoing              * Director
                        activities for alumni to engage with current                                All Staff
   programs to
                        students. E.g. attract alumni to become
   connect and
                        mentors to students
  engage alumni
                     3) Encourage alumni to participate in                    Ongoing               All Staff
                        university events in all communications                                   AA Board
                                                                              FY 2010      FY 2011      FY 2012
                          Performance Measures
                                                                               Actual      Expected     Expected
Number of alumni mentors                                                        n/a
Number of alumni programs                                                       n/a
Number of alumni participating in University sponsored events (non-alumni       n/a

                                                                                              Responsible Party
                                     Action Steps                          Progress
                                                                                                 * = Primary
                     1) Evaluate the demographics of where CBU         Demographic map            * Director
                        alumni are located throughout the U.S.         completed. Also        Alumni Secretary
                                                                     have a list of alumni
   Objective #5                                                           locations by
                                                                     state/city. (Currently
      Special                                                         updating to include
 concentration on                                                         2010 grads)
developing alumni
                     2) Recruit Alumni Chapter Leaders to                   Ongoing              * Director
   activities, in
                        establish regional Alumni Chapters – in                                  AA Board
                        demographically appropriate locations
                     3) Plan/implement at least one event per year         Ongoing               * Director
areas, throughout
                        for every CBU Alumni Chapter                                           Chapter Leaders
     the U.S.
                     4) Coordinate CBU goals with Alumni                   Ongoing               * Director
                        chapters                                                                  All Staff
                     5) Create Alumni Chapter Guidelines and         Guidelines completed        * Director
                        distribute to chapter leaders                   – distribution
                                                                            FY 2010      FY 2011      FY 2012
                         Performance Measures
                                                                             Actual      Expected     Expected
Number of alumni mentors                                                        n/a
Number of active chapters and clubs                                              2          10            20
Number of regional contacts for CBU                                              7          10            20
Total number of chapter events                                                  n/a         20            40
Number of people reached at chapter events                                      n/a        400           800

Goal #2: Establish benefits for Alumni Association members and alumni at large.

                                                                                         Responsible Party
                                     Action Steps                      Progress
                                                                                            * = Primary
                     1) Evaluate and improve current                   Ongoing               * Director
                        alumni/member benefits                                            Alumni Services
   Objective #1
                     2) Research membership fees/no membership    Complete: Instituted       * Director
 Evaluate current
                        fees approaches                           Annually Renewable
  benefits to see
                                                                  Alumni Association
  what should be
                                                                  Membership program
kept, what can be
                                                                     in Sept. 2009
adjusted and what
                                                                   (approved by AA
    should be
                                                                    Board and CBU
                                                                    Exec. Council)
                     3) Improve incentives for alumni to become         Ongoing              * Director
                        dues-paying members                                              Alumni Services
                                                                         FY 2010     FY 2011      FY 2012
                         Performance Measures
                                                                          Actual     Expected     Expected
Number of dues paying members                                               50         150           300
$$$ Collected through annual dues                                         $1,300      $4,000       $7,500

                                                                                        Responsible Party
                                     Action Steps                      Progress
   Objective #2                                                                            * = Primary
                     1) Research businesses locally                    In process           * Director
 Create a list of                                                                        Alumni Services
businesses owned                                                                            Committee
 by alumni and       2) Research businesses nationally                 In process           * Director
    publicize                                                                            Alumni Services
                                                                        FY 2010      FY 2011     FY 2012
                         Performance Measures
                                                                         Actual      Expected    Expected
Number of local (So. Cal) businesses owned by alumni                    Unknown
Number of national businesses owned by alumni                           Unknown

Goal #3: Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Association (customer service).

                                                                                              Responsible Party
                                       Action Steps                          Progress
                                                                                                 * = Primary
                      1) Define volunteers’ roles, improve the               In process           * Director
                         selection process and work assignments                                   Task Force
   Objective #1           Develop job descriptions and expectations
                           for volunteers
Recruit, retain and   2) Develop a menu of volunteer opportunities           In process          * Director
    recognize            and a recruitment plan                                                  Task Force
    volunteers        3) Provide volunteer orientation, training and         In process          * Director
                         ensure accountability                                                   Task Force
                          Develop a volunteer training manual
                      4) Host an annual recognition event for                In process          * Director
                         volunteers                                                              Task Force
                                                                             FY 2010      FY 2011     FY 2012
                          Performance Measures
                                                                              Actual      Expected    Expected
Number of orientations held                                                    n/a           1            2
Total number of people volunteering to help CBU Alumni Association             n/a           50         100
Total number of volunteer hours                                                n/a          500        1,000
Number of volunteers returning from prior year                                 n/a          n/a        25-40

                                                                                              Responsible Party
                                       Action Steps                          Progress
                                                                                                 * = Primary
                      1) Redefine board roles and expectations with        Have redefined         * Director
                         job descriptions and tasks                           board roles;     Board President
                                                                              working on
                                                                             complete job
                                                                          descriptions and
   Objective #2
                      2) Provide board orientation, training and         Have established a       * Director
                         ensure accountability                           Bylaws Committee      Board President
                          Ensure the by-laws are understood and            to help ensure    Bylaws Committee
 effectiveness of
                           followed                                           bylaws are
volunteer board of
                                                                           understood and
                      3) Survey CBUAA staff and board members on         Once new board is       * Director
                         board and organizational effectiveness              in place, will    Board President
                                                                          conduct in depth
                                                                          survey of board
                      4) Re-visit the committee structure                      In process        * Director
                                                                                               Board President
                                                                             FY 2010      FY 2011     FY 2012
                          Performance Measures
                                                                              Actual      Expected    Expected
Percent of new board members participating in orientation                      n/a          100          100
Percent of board members who are satisfied the CBUAA services (Survey)         n/a           75          100
Percent of CBUAA staff satisfied with board (Survey)                           n/a           75          100
Percent of board members financially supporting the institution                n/a          100          100
Volunteer hours contributed by board (total)                                   n/a          500          500

                                                                                          Responsible Party
                                       Action Steps                       Progress
                                                                                             * = Primary
   Objective #3       1) Offer staff orientation and increase training    In process          * Director
                         opportunities                                                    VP for Institutional
Provide excellent         Develop a staff training manual                                  Advancement
customer service          Help staff communicate what CBUAA is
  through the              all about
 attraction and       2) Cultivate internal communications and            In process          * Director
  retention of           protocol                                                         VP for Institutional
 qualified staff                                                                            Advancement
                      3) Institute meaningful, regular performance        In process          * Director
                         evaluations for accountability and                               VP for Institutional
                         increased coaching opportunities                                   Advancement
                                                                            FY 2010    FY 2011      FY 2012
                           Performance Measures
                                                                             Actual    Expected    Expected
Percent of employees in the office ranking job satisfaction as “Good to       n/a
“Excellent” (Survey)
Percent of annual Association staff turnover                                   n/a

Goal #4: Improve the coordination among the Alumni Association, the schools and various
alumni chapters.

                                                                                    Responsible Party
                                      Action Steps                    Progress
                                                                                       * = Primary
   Objective #1       1) Meet with deans and administrators of        Ongoing           * Director
                         various schools across campus to
    Formalize            determine the most effective methods for
coordination and         reaching out to “their” alumni (school-
better define rolls      centered alumni chapters)
                      2) Create a working plan for coordination       Ongoing             * Director
                         with various schools
                                                                       FY 2010   FY 2011       FY 2012
                          Performance Measures
                                                                        Actual   Expected      Expected
Number of school/center/department related alumni events                 n/a        5             10
Number of people attending school/center related alumni events           n/a       500          1,000

                                                                                    Responsible Party
                                      Action Steps                    Progress
   Objective #2                                                                        * = Primary
                      1) Meet with alumni (personal, phone calls,     Ongoing           * Director
    Improve              etc.) to inform them of the progress being
  relationships          made, encourage them to come to campus
                         – not just asking for money
                                                                       FY 2010   FY 2011       FY 2012
                          Performance Measures
                                                                        Actual   Expected      Expected
Number of in person meetings per month                                   n/a
Number of phone contacts per month                                       n/a
Number of mailings per year                                              n/a        2             2
Number of email blasts per year                                          n/a      12-15         12-15

Goal #5: Develop ways of working more closely with Development staff, Intercollegiate
Athletics and Student Services on activities and other efforts involving alumni.

                                                                                           Responsible Party
   Objective #1                      Action Steps                       Progress
                                                                                              * = Primary
                     1) Meet with Development staff, Athletic            Ongoing               * Director
Continue to build
                        staff/coaches and Student Services
                        staff/administrators to assess needs and
                        desires for alumni involvement in their
                        respective areas
                                                                          FY 2010      FY 2011      FY 2012
                         Performance Measures
                                                                           Actual      Expected     Expected
Number of meetings per month                                                n/a

                                                                                           Responsible Party
                                     Action Steps                       Progress
                                                                                              * = Primary
   Objective #2
                     1) Host one event per class each year            Already doing            * Director
                        (Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)
   Co-host and
                     2) Work with various departments on campus       Will schedule            * Director
  support events
                        to develop other events in which alumni        meetings
                        can be involved
                                                                          FY 2010      FY 2011      FY 2012
                         Performance Measures
                                                                           Actual      Expected     Expected
Number of alumni-hosted student events                                       4            5            5
Number of co-hosted student events                                           2            4            6

                                                                                           Responsible Party
                                     Action Steps                       Progress
                                                                                              * = Primary
   Objective #3
                     1) Build Alumni Chapter Program to include         In process             * Director
                        chapters in demographically appropriate
Develop regional
                        locations throughout the U.S.
events to engage
                     2) Work with Chapter Leaders to develop       Once chapters are in       * Director
  alumni and
                        plans for “send-off” events for new        place, will work with      Admissions
                        students                                     Chapter Leaders        Chapter Leaders
                     3) Encourage all alumni to serve as                 Ongoing              * Director
                        “recruiters” for the University
                                                                          FY 2010      FY 2011      FY 2012
                         Performance Measures
                                                                           Actual      Expected     Expected
Number of “send-off” events                                                 n/a           4            6
Number of other regional programs involving alumni and students             n/a           4            6

Goal #6: Strengthen existing alumni traditions and develop new ones.

                                                                                              Responsible Party
                                    Action Steps                           Progress
                                                                                                 * = Primary
                   1) Compile information about existing CBU           Have established a         * Director
                      traditions (talk to alumni, students,           temporary Traditions    Alumni Consultant
  Objective #1        faculty/staff, administration; surveys; etc.)     Committee on the          AA Board
                                                                        AA Board; have
  Evaluate and                                                        begun collecting data
enhance existing   2) Publish a list of traditions on the website       Will work on after       * Director
   traditions                                                             list has been       Alumni Secretary
                   3) Include list in the Alumni Handbook               Will work on after       * Director
                                                                          list has been       Alumni Secretary

                                                                                              Responsible Party
  Objective #2                      Action Steps                           Progress
                                                                                                 * = Primary
                   1) Talk with alumni, students, faculty/staff,           In process             * Director
  Identify and
                      and administration to identify potential                                     All Staff
  consider new
                      “new” traditions that will enhance existing

Goal #7: Increase Alumni giving to alumni projects, scholarship programs, capital
campaigns and Association budgetary needs.

                                                                                                 Responsible Party
                                      Action Steps                           Progress
                                                                                                    * = Primary
                      1) Establish University’s expectations of             Will solicit             * Director
                         Alumni Association fundraising                information from E.C.     VP for Institutional
   Objective #1       2) Determine appropriate Alumni                   Will work with AA            * Director
                         fundraising projects                               Board and                AA Board
  Establish and                                                         Development staff        Development Staff
  publicize clear     3) Inform and encourage alumni to                      Ongoing                 * Director
fundraising goals        participate with one or more of the                                          All Staff
 for the Alumni          established fundraising projects
                      4) Encourage alumni to come up with their              Ongoing                 * Director
                         own fundraising initiatives (provided that                                   All Staff
                         they do not interfere or supersede
                         University established goals for alumni
                                                                               FY 2010         FY 2011     FY 2012
                          Performance Measures
                                                                                Actual         Expected    Expected
Percentage of Alumni who contribute financially                                 3.84%
Number of Alumni fundraising projects                                             n/a
$$$ Raised by alumni for unrestricted (scholarships)                          $26,329.42     $35,000      $45,000
$$$ Raised by alumni for restricted projects                                  $85,035.28    $100,000      $125,000

                                                                                                  Responsible Party
                                       Action Steps                          Progress
                                                                                                     * = Primary
                      1) Prioritize CBU Alumni Association                   In process               * Director
                         activities based on impact and level of                                       All Staff
                         importance and return on investment
                          Only host events that break even or make
                           a profit and involve a significant number
   Objective #2            of alumni
                          Establish benchmarks for events
  Strengthen the      2) Investigate ways to enhance/expand                  In process               * Director
   Association’s         current revenue generating sources                                        Alumni Services
financial position
                          National alumni card (discounts from                                      Committee
                           vendors)                                                                Chapter Leaders
                          Expand the number of Affinity Partners
                          Group travel
                          More sponsorships of events
                      3) Investigate new ways to generate revenue,           In process               * Director
                         based on level of return, (e.g.):                                             All Staff
                          Web-based services (i.e. advertising)
                                                                               FY 2010      FY 2011        FY 2012
                          Performance Measures
                                                                                Actual      Expected       Expected
Amount of funding (dollars) provided to CBU Alumni Association                   n/a
Percent increase or decrease in funding                                          n/a
Amount of reserves                                                               n/a
Return on investments                                                            n/a
Amount of private revenue generated by CBU Alumni Association                    n/a
Amount allocated per year for servicing each individual alumnus(a)               n/a
Number of Alumni who use affinity partner services                               n/a

                                                                                         Responsible Party
                                    Action Steps                       Progress
                                                                                            * = Primary
   Objective #3     1) Determine the financial needs of the            In process             * Director
                       Alumni Association                                                    AA Board
  Develop an                                                                               Financial Chair
    Alumni          2) Set up an Alumni Association operating      70 Account already         * Director
  Association          account                                            exists             AA Board
operating budget                                                                           Financial Chair
                    3) Create an operating budget for the Alumni       In process             * Director
                       Association                                                           AA Board
                                                                                           Financial Chair
                                                                         FY 2010      FY 2011      FY 2012
                         Performance Measures
                                                                           Actual     Expected     Expected
$$$ Brought in to Alumni Association account                             $2,538.35     $3,000       $5,000
$$$ Expenditures from Alumni Association account                         $3,139.25     $3,000       $4,000
$$$ Supplemented by Alumni Relations budget                              $5,325.81     $5,000       $4,000


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