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					                      A Learning Arena


              Developing competences for the next
                generation students of industrial

                          Jens Ove Riis
                   Aalborg Universitet Denmark

Jens O Riis
          Challenges to Industrial Companies

    • Industrial enterprises must operate in a dynamic
      and complex world with many unforeseeable
    • The Manufuture report ”A Vision for 2020”:
          –   From resource-based to knowledge-based production
          –   From linearity to complexity
          –   From individual competition to systemic competition
          –   From mono-disciplinarity to trans-disciplinarity
          –   From top-down to bottom-up production
    • Are we preparing our engineering students for the
      new industrial reality?

Jens O Riis
              Also universities are challenged
    • Danish companies hire engineers from abroad
    • We need to develop competences that are needed
          – Understanding the global context of industrial enterprise
          – A deep knowledge of relevant theories and methods
          – Being able to cooperate with others on solving complex
            problems, including
             • Analysis and diagnosis, e.g. the mutual interplay in a
             • Developing innovative and integrated solutions
             • Planning implementation
          – Capability of developing own competences
    • A shift of focus from teaching courses to staging
      learning processes
          – This calls for development of new learning modes

Jens O Riis
    • However, universities are in many ways
      conservative organizations
          – To introduce radically new learning modes requires
            courage, endurance and luck
    • Last year’s discussion in Grenoble gave rise to
          – Several members of AIM have seen the challenges to
            universities and have initiated interesting and new
            learning developments
             • Problem-based learning, experimental learning, e.g.
               games, developing innovative solutions
    • An idea: Could we establish a forum for
      stimulating development of new learning modes?

Jens O Riis
                        A Learning Arena

    • A Learning Arena should
          – stimulate exchange of ideas and experience among
            teachers who have already developed new learning modes
          – inspire and support other teachers to initiate changes
    • Possible elements
          – An interactive website
          – Workshops, seminars or special tracks at conferences
          – An organizational unit for coordinating the exchange of
            learning material
             • Reflection and evaluation of experiences should be

Jens O Riis
     Guiding principles for realizing the idea

    • Clear focus on learning modes for new
          – We should not establish a website with traditional
            curricula, course outlines and overhead presentations
    • An open network
          – AIM could sponsor the initiative, but it should be open to
            all interested faculty member
    • User-driven and agile development
          – Start with a small group of dedicated people and the
            exchange of their experiences
          – Let it grow in accordance with their interests and the
            reception from others

Jens O Riis
    • Drawing on and cooperating with other initiatives
          – Global Education in Manufacturing (Asbjørn Rolstadås et
          – GALA – Game and Learning Alliance (Riitta Smeds et al.)
          – Advanced Production Management Systems, the IFIP
            Working Group 5.7

    • What is next?
          – Is the idea worth pursuing?
          – Are there members of AIM who would be interested in
            developing the idea?

Jens O Riis

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