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					 Windows can be one of your home's most
  valuable assets when it comes to interior
   decorating. Rather than leave a room's
  windows as plain, utilitarian features, try
adding some spice to them with the following
          window treatment ideas.
Textures - If you're windows are painted with neutral white or earthy
colors, you can give them some attitude by varying the textures of
your windows You can do this by installing, for a example, rich silk
curtains and combining them with georgette fabric Rattan blinds or
blinds made with other kind of eye-catching materials can also work
  Don't be afraid of bright colors - While most people prefer to play it
safe with neutral colors when it comes to their windows, neutral is
not always best True, choosing the wrong combination of bright
colors can have a very bad effect on a room's overall look However,
if you know a bit about mixing and matching color tones, adding
some color to your windows can light up a room even more and give
it new life
 Try sticking with two colors and pick them from opposite sides of the
color wheel Maximize the effect of corner windows - When you
have two windows in a room corner that are divided by a strip of
corner wall space, try installing panels or drapes that converge at the
corner and cover up that bare wall space The effect of this set up
will be to make it look as if the two windows are not separate at all,
but rather a large, continuous corner
  Make small windows count - Small windows don't have to be a bad
thing You can make them seem larger and give them more attitude
and punch by installing window panels that begin well above the
window and end below it Pick panels that are wider than the
windows as well
 The effect will be to focus the observer's eye outwards, giving even
small windows a more dramatic effect You can add architectural
window decorations as well, like tiebacks and finials Take it in
stages - Getting the windows of your dreams takes time and money
 If you can't afford the expensive decorations that you have in mind,
start with the basics first Lighting and privacy control is the first and
foremost important thing to take care of Get a set of nice blinds and
 These will serve as the starting point from which you can start
adding more decorations, like , as it becomes affordable

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