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      ANNUAL REPORT ISSUE                                                                                SPRING
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                                                                                                   More than 25 Million
   THE FACES                                                                                       Americans Seek
                                                                                                   Emergency Food
   OF HUNGER                                                                                       Assistance Each Year
   IN NEW MEXICO                                                                                   More than 25 million Americans –
                                                                                                   including nearly 9 million children and 3
                                                                                                   million seniors receive emergency food
                                                                                                   assistance each year from an agency
                                                                                                   affiliated with America’s Second Harvest.
                                                                                                   According to the national report Hunger in
                                                 poverty increased by 16,000 people to             America that is an increase of 8 percent
                                                 354,000. In addition, Roadrunner Food Bank        since 2001.
                                                 distributed 2 million pounds less than the year
                                                 before due to rising transportation costs. And    The study is the largest and most compre-
                                                 our member agencies are trying to feed families   hensive study ever conducted on domestic
                                                 in need at a time when their resources are        hunger with more 52,000 face-to face
                                                 severely stretched to cover expenses. The gap     interviews with people seeking emergency
                                                                                                   food assistance and more than 30,000
                                                 between those in need and our ability to
                                                                                                   agency surveys nation wide. The study
Roadrunner Food Bank and the New Mexico          provide them food remains very wide with
                                                                                                   was commissioned by America’s Second
Food Bank Association are pleased to release     more than 110,000 New Mexicans still
                                                                                                   Harvest – the Nation’s Food Bank
“Faces of Hunger in New Mexico 2005”.            going hungry.
                                                                                                   Network and sponsored by Altria
The most comprehensive study on hunger to                                                          Corporation.
date compiled by America’s Second Harvest        Key Finding 2: Increased number of
and Roadrunner Food Bank, it gives an            children served                                   Every week, approximately 4 million
in-depth look at hunger in our state and the     One out of every three people served by           people receive emergency food assistance
nation. (See attached side bar on hunger         Roadrunner Food Bank continues to be a child      from an agency in the America’s Second
nationwide.) All the food banks in New           with 81,000 or 34% of our clients served under    Harvest network. About 70 percent of
Mexico and over 450 agencies across the state    the age of 18. The number of young children       clients live below the federal poverty line,
participated in the study last spring.           served under the age of 5 has more than           and nearly 40% have at least one adult
                                                 doubled to 28,000.                                working in their households. 17.5 million
Key Finding 1: Closing the Gap on                                                                  people live in households that do not know
Hunger in New Mexico                             Many of our children live in single parent        where they will find their next meal and
The study finds that Roadrunner Food Bank        households which are more at risk for hunger      almost 6 million report going hungry –
and the New Mexico Food banks are reaching       due to lack of income. The report finds that      going completely without food on a regular
more hungry New Mexicans than ever before.       over 23% of children eat reduced amounts of       basis.
Last year an estimated 237,900 New               food regularly, and that 15% of children
Mexicans sought emergency food assistance        regularly skip meals because there is simply      Volunteers and faith based organizations
from a pantry, soup kitchen or shelter.          not enough money for food.                        are the lifeline of America’s emergency
That’s an increase of 66,000 hungry people                                                         food distribution system. More than 65
per year than in 2001! The study further         The effects of hunger on children are extreme     percent of food pantries and 70 percent of
shows that clients are using the emergency       and impact them for the rest of their lives.      soup kitchens rely entirely on volunteers
food services as a stop gap and are coming       Lack of nutritious food affects their develop-    and have no paid staff. Over 1 million
less often.                                      ment and ability to learn, causes low self-       volunteers actively support America’s
                                                 esteem and continues the cycle of poverty.        Second Harvest nationwide. Additionally,
Yet, in spite of the increased number of                                                           the report found that nearly 75 percent of
clients served, less food is being distributed                                                     pantries and 65 percent of soup kitchens
                                                    To read more on the Hunger Study               are run by faith-based agencies affiliated
less often while the number of New Mexicans        and how YOU can help, go to page 6
in poverty keeps increasing every year. In                                                         with churches, mosques, synagogues and
2005, the number of New Mexicans living in                                                         other religious organizations.
                                                           ROADRUNNER               FOOD       BANK

                                                                    Executive Director's Column
                                                           —Melody Wattenbarger
                                                           I write this on the first days of spring, and, as always, I come to this time of year with a
                                                           heightened sense of optimism and hope. Springtime always instills in me a sense that
                                                           everything is possible. Certainly 2005 was a challenging year, a year filled with national
                                                           and international tragedies of almost unimaginable proportions. For the first time in a
                                                           decade Roadrunner Food Bank distributed less food than it had the year before. That
                                                           means fewer meals for hungry people and backwards is clearly not the direction we
                                                           need to go in New Mexico.
       Mission: Our mission is to
                                                           However, despite this short term reversal, I am optimistic and hopeful that we can get
       end hunger in New Mexico.
                                                           back on track to distribute more food again in 2006. March of 2004 was the highest
                                                           month for distribution in the history of Roadrunner (1.7 million pounds). Though we
    BOARD OFFICERS                                         won’t reach that level, March of 2006 will be one of the highest distribution months in
    President:                                             our 26-year history. Generous donors are recognizing that increased costs of fuel,
      Kathy Komoll – Avanti Corporate Services
                                                           food, and freight are having a negative impact on our work, and they are responding
    Vice President/President-Elect:
      Lydia Ashanin – Blue Cross & Blue Shield             with gifts to help us pay the rising costs. People are volunteering in record numbers
      of New Mexico                                        and for types of work that they have not volunteered for in the past. New food donors
    Secretary:                                             come on board regularly, and long-term donors are increasing their contributions.
      Stacey Scherer – Mountain States Insurance
    Treasurer:                                             Here in the springtime I am optimistic and hopeful that together with our thousands of
      Frank Fine – American Luggage Dealers
                                                           partners, we can once again begin to grow in our service to New Mexico’s hungry
                                                           people. When we are able to do this (and we will), we will deliver help and a renewed
    BOARD MEMBERS                                          sense of optimism and hope to thousands of individuals as well.
    Perry Bendicksen – Brownstein, Hyatt & Farber, P.C.
    Becky Burwinkle – First Community Bank

                                                                              President's Message
    Steve Ciepiela – Charles Stephen & Company
    Ken Charney – Sysco Food Services of New Mexico
    Pamela Chavez – Don Chalmers Ford
    Mary Alice Collatz – Collatz, Inc./Tiffany Homes
    John deGraauw – Wells Fargo Bank                       —Kathy Komoll
    Loeky Heaton –Community Volunteer/Farmington
    Jim Klein – Presbyterian Healthcare
    Anne McBrayer – Bank of America                        I was doing some research recently and came across an essay written by Karen Kimrey.
    Doug Weaver – Sandia National Laboratories             I consider myself to be fairly informed about the issue of hunger and its societal
                                                           effects, but I was overwhelmed when I read the following paragraph: “Hunger is the
    STAFF MEMBERS                                          most extreme form of poverty, where individuals or families cannot afford to meet their
    Jesse Baldwin – Director of Data Services
    Frank Barreras – Maintenance                           most basic need for food. Worldwide, more than 850 million people go to bed hungry
    George Carter – Engineering                            night after night. In our own country, more than 36 million people, including more than
    Jeff Carver – Director of Operations, ext. 105
    Tom Chavez – Truck Driver                              13 million children, live in households where people have to skip meals or eat less to
    Randy Gleason – Director of Fundraising, ext. 102      make ends meet. That means one in ten households in the U.S. is living with hunger.
    Dennis Henry – Cold Storage
    Jasmin Holmstrup – Director of Marketing, ext. 129     One in ten…that probably means someone you know or meet on the street each day.”
    Bob Jilbert – Donor Relations Manager, ext. 109        (1)
    Steven Keliiaa – Receiving
    Lee Liggett – Fundraising Officer, ext. 125
    Jacinda Linger – Front Desk, ext. 104                  We’re bombarded by statistics every day, and it’s easy to become numb when we hear
    Nick Martinez – Truck Driver
    Marvin McCabe – Order Fulfillment, ext. 114            “millions”. But “one in ten” – that’s a sobering and recognizable number. One in ten is
    Mark Mora – Receiving                                  hard to ignore. The good news is that recognition is the first step to solving a problem.
    Kerrie Murphy – Accounting Manager, ext. 120
    Skip Newgard – Evening Supervisor, ext. 108
                                                           Additional good news is that recent polls have shown that Americans believe fighting
    Elizabeth Pearce – Volunteer Director/Food for Kids    hunger is the moral and right thing to do. We know that hunger is an issue, we know
      Manager, ext. 101
    David Pino – Food for Kids Driver
                                                           who is facing hunger, and we know how to “cure” hunger.
    Rebecca Rodriguez – Director of Agency Relations,
      ext. 115                                             We have the means right now to solve the problem of hunger. The only challenge we
    Fred Romero – Truck Driver
    Jimi Sanchez – Community Market, ext. 114              face is coming together as a community to marshal the resources necessary to end
    Robin Schold – Logistics Manager, ext. 107             hunger in New Mexico. Imagine what might happen if we converted the statistic of
    Kenneth Thompson – Receiving
    Melody Wattenbarger – Executive Director, ext. 100     “one in ten households living with hunger” to “one in ten households working to end
    Darrell Weahkee – Warehouse Manager, ext. 108          hunger”.
    Larry Whiting – Truck Driver
    John Woodall – Volunteer Supervisor
    Darrell Yonemoto – Assistant Director of Operations,   (1) The Politics of Hunger by Karen Kimrey
      ext. 128

                                     ROADRUNNER      FOOD   BANK

    in New Mexico!

  May 13, 2006

Hunger Takes No Vacation!
       Hunger increases
      during the summer!
   Families, already struggling to make ends
  meet, must feed their children no longer receiv-      For information about Summer
  ing free meals in school. 46% of our families
  are working full time!
                                                          Feeding sites for children,
                                                            call 1-880-EAT-COOL.
    65% or 117,610 children in poverty do not get
  free or reduced meals during the summer.

   Traditional food and cash donations dry up in
  summer – leaving Roadrunner Food Bank's
  shelves bare.

  Leave non-perishable food at your mailbox for
  the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive on
  Saturday, May 13th.

  Look for the Paper bag in the Albuquerque
  Journal May 10th. Fill with non-perishable
  items and return it to any Albuquerque area
  Smith's location from May 8-17th.

  Make a direct financial contribution to
  Roadrunner Food Bank. For each $1
  donated, we can distribute $13 worth of food.

                                                   ROADRUNNER               FOOD       BANK

            Roadrunne                                     Food for Kids Program...
                                                          5 Years of Feeding Hungry Children
                                                     This spring our Food For Kids program finishes it’s 5th year. In that time we have
                                                     grown from a pilot program of 11 schools to 29 schools. We now feed 2,200
                                                     children each week. And, we are pleased to announce that America’s Second
                                                     Harvest has adopted “the Backpack” program nationwide with 70 food banks
                                                     distributing 25,000 backpacks weekly! Little did we know that we were starting a
                                                     national program five years ago!

                                                     New Mexico is third in the nation in childhood poverty with 27.5% of children
                                                     living in poverty. The free and reduced lunch program in our schools helps to
                                                     reduce hunger yet there are thousands of children who go home to empty
                                                     cupboards. In the Albuquerque area, there are an estimated 13,000 children who
                                                     could benefit from the Food For Kids program. More than a dozen schools remain
                                                     on our waiting list.

                                                     3 New Schools Added
                                                     Thanks to increased corporate and foundation support, we were able to add three
                                                     new elementary schools —Mary Ann Binford, Hawthorne and Navajo. As of
                                                     January, 150 children from those schools are receiving weekly backpacks.

                                                     Individuals or groups can also make a difference
    Emergency Backpacks Program                      by adopting a school.
    Roadrunner Food Bank is trying to                Two friends of Roadrunner Food Bank, Cynthia Steiner and Leslie Atler, have
    establish an emergency backpack program          taken on the project of sponsoring one of the 12 schools on the Food for Kids
    for the schools on our Food For Kids wait        waiting list. Cynthia and Leslie held three events in their homes, where Melody
    list. Each quarter, our goal is to develop       Wattenbarger spoke about the need for the Food For Kids program. The events
    100 backpacks for emergencies to be held         were extremely successful! Leslie, Cynthia and 22 of their closest friends, have
    at the dozen schools on the list. The            committed to raising $10,000 per year for the next three years. Their school,
    estimated cost per backpack is $6.00.            Edward Gonzalez, is located on Albuquerque’s Westside. Thank you, Cynthia,
                                                     Leslie and all your friends!
    Would your business or civic
    group like to be a sponsor                                       To find out how you can adopt a school –
    of this program?                                              contact Jasmin Holmstrup at 247-2052 ext 129.
    Contact Elizabeth Pearce, Food For Kids
    Program manager at 247-2052, ext 101.

                                                   TRADER JOES:                                  RALEY’S:
    Our partnership with area retail stores is a   The newest addition to Albuquerque’s food     The newest location of Raley’s Supermar-
    vital program for the food bank. Each          markets, Trader Joes, has joined Roadrunner   kets at Paseo & Ventura has become the
    month, we receive approximately 150,000        Food Bank in helping fight hunger in New      latest addition to Roadrunner’s family of
    pounds of regular donations from Smiths,       Mexico. Store Manager Rick Gray               food donors helping feed our hungry
    Albertson’s, Raley’s, Costco and John          contacted Roadrunner during construction.     neighbors in New Mexico. Store Manager
    Brooks. The donations include produce,         We started picking up donations within        John Bagley has been extremely supportive
    dairy and meats allowing us to offer healthy   days of opening!                              in establishing the donation program.
    and nutritious foods to our agencies and
    clients. Recently we added two new                                                                  Welcome and Thank you!
                                                ROADRUNNER                FOOD        BANK

   For Agencies...
   Children's Summer Feeding Program
We see the hungry faces during the summer – the dramatic jump of children who no
longer are eating free or reduced meals at school. An estimated 117,610 eligible
children statewide do not participate in the summer feeding program. For these
children – summer does not mean “fun in the sun” but increased hunger and
developmental delays. Make summer a nutritious and healthy experience for children!
Here are ideas about how to incorporate a children’s summer feeding program into
your agency.

Questions to Ponder
Before you begin, think about these questions:

      Is there a high concentration of low-income children in the area?
      Are educational, recreational, social activities already established or planned in
      area, can you partner with them?
      How easily and safely can children get to the site?                                        Volunteer
      How will you determine eligibility, will you use school data, census date, or              Even if your program cannot take on the
      income eligibility statements?                                                             responsibilities of sponsoring a site, you
      Will you prepare meals yourself at the site or at a central kitchen, or will you           can team up with another agency to offer
      purchase meals?                                                                            interesting and attention grabbing
                                                                                                 activities, such as:
Locate a Site
With the support of community groups and people, pick out potential areas where you                            Arts & Crafts
can run a program for children. Work closely with them to determine if potential sites                         Mentoring
are in areas where needy children live. The most effective sites are located in areas                          Dramatics
where you can offer a supervised food program with recreational or enrichment                                  Computers
activities.                                                                                                    Music
      Ensure at least half the children in area are eligible for free or reduced-price meals                   Coaching
      Partner up with places where kids go such as community centers like YMCA                                 Life Skills
      Check out residential or day camp programs                                                               Entertainment
      Check out summer bible programs or vacation bible school events                                          Tutoring
      Check out youth programs, summer athletic programs at local school or college                            Kit Flying
      such as the NYSP (National Youth Sports Program)                                                         Athletics
Become a Sponsor or Run a Site                                                                                 Gardening
Invest in your community’s children. If your agency already serves food, have capable                          Cooking
staff and good management practices, you can run a summer food program or run                                  Swimming
recreational or enrichment activities at a site. As a sponsor or directing a site you will:                    Vacation Bible School
                                                                                                               Any fun summer activity
      Find Helpers
      Arrange Healthy Meals and Menus to prepare & deliver                                           For more information about
      Monitor your site carefully                                                                    becoming a partner agency,
      Prepare any claims for reimbursement from those assisting financially                         contact Rebecca Rodriguez,
      Attend a training, visit the website at                              Director of Agency Relations at
      Keep daily records of meals served and children served                                              247-2052 ext 115.
      Attend a Safe Food Handling training, visit
      Carry a positive attitude and have fun serving children!

                                           Roadrunner Food Bank has developed a monthly e-newsletter to help us better inform our donors,
                                           volunteers and agencies plus reduce costs! We no longer will be mailing the quarterly Volunteer and
                                           Agency newsletters. If you would like to receive our monthly E-Roundup with up-to date
                                           information on Roadrunner events and issues, please send your email address to
                                           We will continue to send our bi-annually newsletters via regular mail.
                                                       ROADRUNNER                 FOOD        BANK

       Senior Helpings Boxes
       and Direct Service Programs
    —Robin Schold, Logistics Manager
    Roadrunner Food Bank has always had a             assortment of canned soups, fruits, and           assembling almost 15,000 Senior Helpings
    special concern for Senior Citizens’ needs.       vegetables, pasta and pasta sauce, mashed         boxes needed per year. Our now infamous
    Seven years ago, we began a direct service        potatoes, beans, peanut butter, sugar or sugar    Food Boxing Olympics was created to help
    program, delivering surplus produce, bread        substitute, and jell-o, pudding, or other         with this project. This years Food Boxing
    and dairy products to more than twelve low-       desserts.                                         Olympics will be held on Hunger
    income senior housing complexes. Volunteers                                                         Awareness Day on June 6th.
    and staff of each complex supervise the           In just three years, this program has grown       See page 7 for more information
    distribution of from 1,000 to 3,000 pounds        from 265 boxes to 1, 234 boxes every month.
    each month to their 30 to 150 residents. Over     These boxes are now delivered to partner          Senior Helpings is an expensive project due
    two million pounds of produce and other           agencies and housing complexes in our five        to the specific foods required for each health
    products have been provided in this way to        county service area and 58 boxes each month       need. Wherever possible, we use food
    supplement seniors’ diets. To date this year,     to the smaller regional food banks in Gallup,     donated through food drives, the USDA
    we have distributed 139,537 pounds of             Clovis, Las Cruces, and Hobbs. By supple-         Commodities program and America’s Second
    produce, 17,408 pounds of bread, and even         menting these boxes with fresh produce,           Harvest donations. Our thanks to the Altria
    3,000 pounds of eggs.                             dairy products, and bakery items, our             Corporation and the United Way of Central
                                                      agencies are making a significant difference in   New Mexico whose donations make this
    In the fall of 2003, with the help of a           the diets of needy Senior Citizens.               project a reality.
    dietician, we developed the Senior Helpings
    Boxes with three different menus: Regular,        Filling the three different categories of boxes   For more information about Senior Helpings
    Diabetic, and High-Protein. Each box              requires manpower. The success of the             boxes and our direct service program, contact
    contains a month’s supply of food with an         program means we are faced with efficiently       Robin at 247-2052, ext 107.

                       HUNGER STUDY...continued from page 1
    Key Finding 3: Increased number of seniors going hungry!
    The Faces of Hunger in New Mexico 2005 reflects an increasingly older population seeking
    emergency food assistance. Each year, over 21,000 seniors need our assistance with 27% of the                HELP CLOSE THE GAP
    households surveyed indicating that Social Security was their only income. The number of
    combined households with seniors and young children has also increased significantly. Over             The 2005 study shows that we have
    44% of the households with seniors 65 or older report that they do not know where their food            made strides in closing the gap in
    will come from and 11% of seniors have experienced hunger in the last 30 days.                           ending hunger in New Mexico.
    Key Finding 4: The Working Poor Increasing
                                                                                                          Yet, we need YOUR help to reach the
    Hunger in New Mexico remains a symptom of poverty. New Mexico ranks third in the nation
                                                                                                         more than 110,000 we are not serving.
    with 19.2% of our population living in poverty. The Faces of Hunger in New Mexico 2005
    shows more families are seeking emergency food assistance even though someone in their
    household works full time. We have seen an increase in the number of families living below the      •Get more information about hunger by
    official poverty level –73% of the families surveyed earned less than $15,000 per year with               taking a tour of our facility at
    the average income being just under $11,000.                                                           2645 Baylor Dr. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106.

    The families surveyed indicated that they are faced with making terrible choices every day —            •Donate your time and money by
    41% of the people have to choose between food and utilities including heat. 32% were forced to
                                                                                                         contacting us at 247-2052 or logging on
    choose between a roof over their head or food on their table. And, another significant group,
                                                                                                             to our website at
    28% were forced to choose between food and medicine.
                                                                                                          With every dollar that you donate, we
    As a result of these choices, adults in over ¼ of the client households had to cut the size of            can acquire $13 worth of food.
    meals or skip meals because there wasn’t enough food for almost every month in the prior 12
    months. Over 60,000 people of those helped by Roadrunner and the New Mexico Food Banks              •Volunteer at Roadrunner Food Bank or
    went hungry every single month.                                                                     one of the many agencies statewide that
                                                                                                                work to feed the hungry.
    Key Finding 5: Food Banks play key role in New Mexico
    Roadrunner Food Bank and the New Mexico Food Banks play an essential role in New                      Together we CAN end hunger.
    Mexico’s emergency support network. 87 percent of the food pantries and more than 70
    percent of soup kitchens report that the elimination of the food banks would have a significant
    or devastating impact. Among the agencies, 40 percent used Food Bank products exclusively.
                                              ROADRUNNER               FOOD       BANK

                National Hunger Awareness Day/June 6
                National Hunger             y/June
                                  areness Day/J

                                                                                              Hunger Awareness Day
Roadrunner Food Bank                                                teams competing
is seeking teams for our                                            provides one Senior       Tuesday, June 6, 2006
2006 Food Boxing                                                    with a year's supply            9am -10am
Olympics, a hands-on                                                of Senior Helpings
competition to fill food                                            food boxes. We               at Roadrunner Food Bank
boxes for low-income                                                hope your business               2645 Baylor Dr. SE
seniors. The Food                                                   or organization will            (near Yale & Gibson)
Boxing Olympics challenges 36 teams of        field a team and help Roadrunner Food                For further information,
six to pack the most Senior Helpings          Bank increase the public's awareness                contact Elizabeth Pearce
food boxes within 10 minutes.                 about hunger in our community. This                    at 247-2052 x 101
Roadrunner's Senior Helpings Program          event is limited to maximum of 36 teams.              or
provides medically frail, lon-income
seniors with home-delivered therapeutic
diet food boxes. The true winners of the
FOOD BOXING OLYMPICS are the more             Tuesday, June 6th, is National Hunger        A National Hunger Symposium is being
than 977 seniors each month whose             Awareness Day. This year marks the 5th       organized in Washington, DC to high-
health and independence are enhanced          anniversary of this day dedicated to         light both expanding and increasing food
by Senior Helpings!                           raising awareness about hunger in            stamps and commodity programs.
     Businesses and organizations in our      America. This year's theme is "The Face      Among the Host Committee are former
community are invited to form a team of       of Hunger will surprise you." Here in        Senators Bob Dole and George
six individuals to compete in the Food        New Mexico, Roadrunner Food Bank is          McGovern. To find out more about
Boxing Olympics. An entry fee of $72          hosting their Food Boxing Olympics to        National Hunger Awareness Day, visit
per team will be collected. Every two         benefit our Senior Helpings Program.

               Some myths about hunger in america
  How can there be hunger in                  country, more than two million jobs have     expensive. When a family is living on a
 one of the world’s wealthiest                disappeared since the beginning of 2001,     tight budget, junk food (“filler food”) or
           nations?                           and millions of primary wage earners         fast food is usually easier and cheaper to
                                              have been out of work so long that their     buy than nutritious food. Some of the
Hunger in America looks different from        unemployment benefits have been              poorest children are also overweight;
hunger in other regions of the world, but     terminated.                                  eating junk food is a way to fill up and,
it exists. Almost half of the people served                                                unfortunately, also put on empty
by Roadrunner Food Bank, and                                                               pounds. This means that many poor
America’s Second Harvest live in                 Hungry People cannot be
                                                                                           people who look overfed are actually
households with at least one working                     Obese!
adult, but these individuals must try to      Joel Berg, executive director of the New
make ends meet on low wages that simply       York City Coalition Against Hunger,          It is this aspect of childhood hunger -
cannot cover mortgage or rent payments,       probably put it best when he said,           good nutrition - that is of great concern
the cost of prescriptions and medical         “Hunger and obesity are often the flip       to us. In order to control the weight of
care, utility bills, car payments and fuel    sides of the same coin.” Hunger and          children and improve their nutrition, it is
costs, and food.                              obesity both increase when families          important, for example, to have school
                                              cannot afford to purchase the most           meal programs that provide nutritious
In today’s economic climate, we’re also       nutritious food possible.                    breakfasts and lunches to as many
seeing clients who in years past - have                                                    hungry students as possible.
been strong supporters and funders of         In many areas of the U.S., produce and
our hunger-relief efforts. Across the         other healthy foods are particularly                                                       7
                                              ROADRUNNER                FOOD       BANK

                                 Roadrunner Food Bank’s Full Plate Society is a leadership circle of donors
     FULL PLATE                  who have made a multi-year financial commitment to our work. Full Plate
     SOCIETY                     Society members make a minimum year commitment of $1,000 for five

                                 It’s easy for individuals, civic groups, and businesses to join the Full Plate
                                 Society. Pledges may be paid yearly ($1,000) or monthly (for only $84/ month)
                                 by check or credit card. Additionally you may designate through the United
                                 Way or Combined Federal Campaign.

                                  For more information, contact Lee Liggett at 247-2052, ext 125 or use this

                                  Roadrunner Food Bank can count on my support!
                              I would like to become a member of the Full Plate Society.
                                        Fill a Plate: $1,000 per year for five years
                                        Fill a Family Pantry: $10,000 per year for five years
                                        Feed a Community: $25,000 per year for five years
                            We will bill you for your annual pledge in November unless you request otherwise.


               My check is enclosed, made payable to Roadrunner Food Bank.
               Please charge to my credit card.                Visa               MC              Discover      AmEX
               Card Number:                                                                 Exp. Date
               Name as it appears on card                                                   Signature
               Please contact me about paying my pledge with stock.
               My employer will match my gift.
               Other (please specify)



    City                                              State                        Zip

    Daytime Phone                                               Evening Phone

    E-mail address

                     On behalf of the hungry people you are helping to feed, Thank You!
                          Roadrunner Food Bank 2645 Baylor Drive SE Albuquerque, NM 87106
8                                        505-247-2052 x125
                                              ROADRUNNER             FOOD       BANK

                                    Lydia Ashanin & Bob Powers      First Community Bank               Stacey Scherer & Geary Riles
                                    Nancy Baltus & Lee Ann Lloyd    Mona Ford                          Sally Schwartz & William
                                    Beverly & Perry Bendicksen      Shelly & Marek Friederich          Hershey
                                    Julia B. Bowdich                Debbie & Randy Gleason             Cheryl & Paul Sharps
                                    Andrea & Samuel Brandt          Regina Guest-Rupert                Kelly & Dan Shingler
                                    Randell Brownfield              Elaine Handy                       Maggie & Eric Stebbins
                                    Bueno Foods                     James Haworth                      Janet & Jeff Sterba
                                    Maria Cannizzaro                Tori & Evan Hobbs                  Martha & Chip Stites
                                    Evelyn Carter                   Jasmin & Mark Holmstrup            Gloria & George Treadwell
                                    Jeff Carver                     Wayne Jones                        Ruth & John Tribou
                                    Ann & Tom Caudell               William Keleher & Nora Kelly       John Trotter
                                    Don Chalmers                    Nancy & Robert Key                 Karen & James Twohig
                                    Jacki & Ken Charney             Nancy & Jim Klein                  Jeff Watson/Capital Alliance
  Full Plate Society                Pamela & Victor Chavez          Kathy Komoll                       Investments
                                    Marian & Stephen J. Ciepiela    Sandy & Lee Liggett                Melody & Steve Wattenbarger
      Members                       Mary Alice & Arlan Collatz      Fran Macintyre                     Mary & Douglas Weaver
                                    Jon Cordova                     Lindalee & Norman Maisel           Wanda & Dale Weaver
                                    Creamland Dairy                 Carole & Gary Millhollon           Linda & Steve Wedeen
                                    Debbie & John deGraauw          NM Grocers Association             Joe Werntz
                                    Bill Edmondson                  Diane Harrison Ogawa               Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Wilson
                                    Cindy & Randy Edwards           Bevin Owens                        L. Thomas Womack
                                    Frank Fine & Leslee Richards    Joseph Santangelo

  MANZANO DAY SCHOOL PROGRAM                                                                   By Mrs. Stoddard's
                                                                                               Fourth Grade Class
   Each month, our class visits the Roadrunner Food Bank to
lend a helping hand as part of our service learning project.
   The Food Bank has taken a leadership role in finding             "I feel happy inside that I can help others in need of food. I love
solutions to the hunger problems in New Mexico.                     the jobs and the sorting. I am always excited when I go there. It
    This organization solicits, collects, and transports            makes me think of all the people who have to help each time we
salvageable food from large and small food industry donors          go there."
nationwide, and they purchase large quantities of food in bulk.
They distribute millions of pounds of food each year through a      "The best part of going to Roadrunner is the feeling I get after
statewide network of over 700 emergency food pantries, group        all the work is done. We go there to help, and I think that is a
homes, low-income day care centers, shelters, soup kitchens,        very good reason. While we are having fun we are also
and seven smaller regional food banks.                              helping."
   One of their programs that our fourth grades have participated
in is the Food for Kids, an emergency food assistance program       "The most important reason we go to the Food Bank is to help
which provides nutritious foods to children in low-income           our community. If we don't help out, our community will fall
elementary schools. These children who are not getting enough       apart."
food to eat at home, are given a backpack filled with food each
week to help supplement the free breakfasts and lunches they        "It is fun packing the food for people who cannot afford it. I like
receive at school. Our children have worked together to             being with my friends too. In school you aren't allowed to talk
assemble small packages of cereal to place in these backpacks.      that much when you are working. At Roadrunner you can do
We have really learned the value of teamwork in getting a job       your work and talk at the same time. We get to wear latex
done well.                                                          gloves. I like to blow air in them."
   Here's what the fourth graders have to say about the
experiences:                                                        The main reason we go to the Food Bank is to help. I feel like a
                                                                    savior to those people afterwards. We go there to learn how to
"When we go to the food bank, we help the needy by packaging        help our community and each other. By doing this we are being
bags of all sorts of things like Corn Flakes, Cocoa Puffs, and      the best we can be."
pinto beans. We never know what our job will be, but we know
it will be fun and helpful."
                                                                                Reprinted with permission by Mrs. Stoddard
                                                ROADRUNNER              FOOD        BANK

     The Rotary del Sol Foundation raised
                                                 Construction firm Samcon gave the food        Roadrunner has recently hired Lee
     funds for the Food for Kids program at      bank $6,500 during the holidays.              Liggett as Fundraising Officer. Most
     its annual Governor’s Ball last             Wal-Mart #835 presented three local           recently Lee was general counsel at
     November. The final check for the           non-profits, including Roadrunner, with       Methodist Hospital in Houston.
     program was a wonderfully generous          $1,667 checks during the holidays.            Lee relocated to Albuquerque last
     $25,000 to help feed hungry children.                                                     summer and joined the food bank
                                                 Sandia/Lockheed Martin contributed            staff January 1.
     The Stocker Foundation has                  $10,000 to Roadrunner Food Bank to
     supported *- for several years. During      help the food bank in its work of feeding     For the past seven years Corrales
     2005 the Ohio foundation contributed a      hungry people. Sandia Labs employees          Bosque Gallery has done a benefit
     generous $15,000 for the backpack           also enthusiastically participated in the     show for the food bank. This year’s
     program. Staff and board members from       Holiday Food Drive (see related article       “Bread and Butter” show on Feb. 4th
     the foundation journeyed to New             in this newsletter).                          raised $3,660 for the food bank.
     Mexico to tour the food bank last fall.                                                   Participating artists donating part of
                                                 Scott Patrick Homes owners Scott &            their sales to the food bank were
     Roadrunner Food Bank has received the       Joan Schiabor matched contributions           Jeanine Allen, Shirl Brainard, Britt &
     final $5,000 payment from the Hasbro        from their vendors and other friends          Stephen Densford, Lincoln Draper,
     Children’s Foundation to underwrite         during a holiday celebration. The total       Pauline Eaton, Roger Evans, Andy
     the costs of the Food for Kids program      amount contributed to the food bank           Goldschmidt, Carol Hinote, Elzbieta
     at Tohajiilee.                              through this event was more than $6,000.      Kaleta, Caresse Kruithof de Chavez,
                                                                                               Edythe Lewis, Jan Mikkelsen, Mel
     Bank of America contributed $5,000 to       Gary Goodman of the Goodman Realty            Miller, Vicki Nowark, Mariana
     the Food for Kids program in the fall.      Group made a very generous $15,000            Roumell-Gasteyer, Vernon Salvador,
                                                 holiday gift to the food bank. He has         John Shannon, Diana Stetson, Hava
     A new donor during Hurricane Katrina,       been a strong supporter of the food           Tiger-Callahan, Juan Wijngaard, Fred
     the Domanica Foundation later made a        bank’s work for several years.                Yost, Judith Young, Mikal Deese, Alan
     $15,000 grant to Roadrunner’s Food for                                                    Edgar, Annie Onderdonk, Judy
     Kids program.                               The Daniels Fund based in Denver              Perlman, Betty Rice, Arlene Seitzinger,
                                                 awarded the food bank a $70,000 grant         and Tai Vautier.
     The Altria Corporation once again           last fall. The purpose of the grant was to
     provided $68,000 in funding for the         help the food bank implement a number         To benefit America’s Second Harvest
     Senior Helpings program.                    of strategies to help the food bank get its   and its 215 affiliate food banks, 4,000
     Representatives from Altria in New          distribution back up to the record level of   Wal-Mart stores nationwide raised
     York recently came to New Mexico to         17 million pounds achieved in 1994.           money to help fight hunger in the
     tour Roadrunner Food Bank and other         Escalating costs of fuel, food, and freight   United States by asking customers for
     organizations the corporation funds in      have made it impossible for the food          donations of $1 at checkout throughout
     the state. Senior Helpings is a             bank to keep up that record distribution      the month of March. Wal-Mart
     collaborative program with Albuquerque      level. The generous grant from the            pledged to match customer contribu-
     Meals on Wheels and the New Mexico          Daniels Fund will assist the food bank in     tions up to $5 million. America’s
     Association of Food Banks. The food         getting hundreds of thousands of              Second Harvest will use the money to
     bank uses the funds from Altria to          additional pounds of food out to hungry       purchase food for affiliate food banks
     purchase the special-diet foods that are    people in New Mexico.                         and to make grants for backpack
     used in the Senior Helpings food boxes.                                                   programs and for food bank agency
                                                 The American Contract Bridge League           infrastructure.
     The Pampered Chef organization              #374 supports the food bank each year
     supports America’s Second Harvest           during the holiday season. This past
     food banks throughout the country by        season their gift was $2,000.
     asking customers to round up their bills
     and by selling special cookie molds.        Faith Lutheran Church contributed
     Last fall the Pampered Chef presented       $5,000 to the food bank early this year.
     the food bank with a check for $2,541
     representing six months worth of sales.

                                                        ROADRUNNER                 FOOD       BANK

Betty Lou Dubois in memory of Baby Aaron Alexander
Lana T. Nunn in memory of her husband
Carolyn White in memory of Nancy Loew                                                     Stephanie Michnovicz in honor of Christine and Rome with deep
James R. Moore,                                                                                gratitude
Mary K. Smith,                                                                                    Mary & John Bean in honor of Mary’s mom Helen
Lawrence & Lois Dodds,                                                                            Peterson, age 90
            memory of Clarence L. Johnston                                          Linda Giaquinto on behalf of Robert Aragon
Janice Glover and David Gallant in memory of Florence                                               James & Bernice Langner in honor of their good
Theresa Hernandez in memory of her mother Jennie Hernandez                                          friends Norma Wildish and Ann Halford
Yvonne Dobbins in memory of her husband John                                                       Peter and Sallyann Wolff in honor of David, Paula, and
Robert & Jacquelin Duff in memory of their grandson                                                Rachel Lund
 Ryan Richard Duff                                                                      David and Kathleen Haaland in honor of Chris Haaland on her 88th
John & Holly Woelber in memory of Zearl & Mary Smith                                 birthday
 and William & Ginger Woelber                                                      Anne Woodling in honor of Dave and Sue Woodling
Ronald & Diane Teare in memory of Matt Longjohn                                 Hinkle, Hensley, Shanor and Martin on behalf of Michael Williams
William & Geraldine McCall in memory of E.L. May                                Judith Jenkins in honor of Don & Nancy Fisher, and Barry & Barbara
James Hall & Linn Kennedy in memory of Charles “Chuck"                               Diskant
 Garrigues                                                                      Pamela and Victor Chavez in honor of Ben and Kayley Howard
Bill Barnes in memory of Barbara Barnes                                         Kathryn Dennedy in honor of James (Chip) Dennedy
Edward & Sandra Streit in memory of Brandy Streit                               David and Kathleen Haaland in honor of John and Chris Haaland for
Ruth Aiken Ellett in memory of Rosemary Tunney                                       Christmas
Gerald & Ruth Williams in memory of Babs & Gordon Gunn                          Dennis and Nancy Ohlken in honor of Patty Bartels
Rebecca Gabaldon in memory of Tom Knoll                                         Mary and Thomas McConnell MD in honor of Mr. Thomas McConnell II
Julie Gamble,                                                                        and Mrs. Cynthia Starkey McConnell
Jane & Finley Corkern,                                                          Janelle Raborn in honor of Vicki Broshious
R.B. Price Family Foundation,                                                   Cathy and Daniel Jaco in honor of Bruce Whitman, Dawn Miller, and Liz
Nancy Furbush,                                                                       Miller
Alyce Sugg,                                                                     Linda Towle in honor of Martha Schlenk
Johnson & Nelson PC,                                                            Gary Jones in honor of Kevin and Teri Jones
            memory of Pearl L. Bowersock                         Dorothy Curtis in honor of Ruth Aiken Ellett on her birthday
Congregation Albert Sisterhood in memory of Jimmy Carlo                         Linda Holland in honor of Sherry Ward
Ernest Wilmeth in memory of Arlene Coan                                         Katherine Clarkson in honor of Sally and Bill Blackstad
Staff at Presbyterian Kaseman Child & Adolescent Treatment Unit in              Marjorie Lea in honor of Chris Jacobs and Jonathan Jacobs
  memory of Patricia Sievert                                                    Anne Yoken in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Maxwell, Mr. & Mrs. Ted Terentiuk,
                                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Reid Yoken, and Frank Collette
                                                                                Bernard and Rita Weissman in honor of Debbie Weissman’s birthday

                                          If you have remembered Roadrunner Food Bank in your Will, or are planning to, we would like to thank you for
Have you remembered                       having the caring and foresight to help us continue our work to end hunger in New Mexico. A bequest in your
Roadrunner Food Bank                      Will is a loving way to provide for the future of a charitable organization you support. In addition to being an
                                          important legacy, a bequest offers generous tax advantages and can even help your estate pass tax-free when it’s
    in your Will?                         settled. Besides gifts of cash, you can bequeath stocks and bonds and other property. Please consult your
                                          attorney for advice.

Roadrunner’s Club
Many thanks to these members of the Roadrunner’s Club who have generously chosen to make a gift to fight hunger every month:

 John Aidun & Joan Harris       Kelly A. Genova                Stephanie Mallory               Lark M. Robart                 Carroll A. Thomas
 Robert H. Banks                Kate & Anthony Gerard          Nancy Marano                    Laura Robbins                  Gloria & George Treadwell
 Janet Benson                   Chris Gibbons                  Gail Martinez                   Shannon & Mark Robinson        Larry Tweedy & Ric Markle
 The Bonn Family                Steve Harrington               Rachel Maurer                   Viola Sanchez                  Melanie W. Valbert
 Allan Boyar                    Sandra & Pat Henry             Andra McEneny                   Maj. Christopher Schwartz      Paul L. Vance
 Bel Campbell                   William Hershey                Margaret McReynolds             Sally Schwartz                 Rosalie M. Vigil
 Jennifer Crawford              Helen L. Horwitz               Stephanie Michnovicz            Mary M. Shanklin               Elizabeth Waltman
 Shirley & John Dean            Ann & Wes Jensen               Eleanore & Gary Miller          J.D. Sharick                   Sherry Ward
 Jelle de Boer                  Peter C. Kaestner              Mary D. Mulvany                 Sharon & Zachary Sharp         Melody & Steve Wattenbarger
 Andrew Drom & Barbara Larsen   Eric Keller                    Debra Myers                     Cheryl & Paul Sharps           Wanda & Dale Weaver
 Kathryn Faguy                  Lis Konnecke                   Ronald Nelson                   Charlene Smith                 Amy Woolley
 Tamra Fenstermaker             Holly Kuehn                    Deborah Weaver Parker           Mary Joleen Snell              Jane T. Zingelman
 Marilyn & Arnold Fischer       Fran Macintyre                 Albert B. Ripley                Sueshila Stubbe

                                                   ROADRUNNER              FOOD      BANK

        Eyewitness News 4 Holiday Food Drive
           Raises 650,113 Pounds of Food
     KOB- TV’s eighth annual Holiday Food Drive Nov. 12-19 resulted in the collection         As always, volunteers helped ensure the
     of more than 650,000 pounds of food to help feed hungry New Mexicans during the          success of the food drive. More than 150
     holidays and winter months. Thousands of individuals and organizations contributed       volunteers worked at the post offices on
     to the successful effort by volunteering their time, holding food drives, and            Nov. 19 to receive the huge amount of
     contributing funds. Generous sponsors provided many opportunities to contribute to       food brought in by the letter carriers.
     the Holiday Food Drive. A specially printed grocery sack inserted into the Albuquer-     Volunteers worked shifts daily from
     que Journal on Nov. 9 invited the public to donate at either American Home or any        10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at American Home to
     Smith’s Food & Drug location statewide. Postal customers also had an opportunity to      receive donations from the public.
     put food out at their mailboxes Nov. 19 for members of the National Association of       Finally, hundreds of volunteers came to
     Letter Carriers and the National Rural Letter Carriers Association to pick up. In        the food bank after the drive to help sort
     cooperation with the US Postal Service, post office box holders had the option of        and box the hundreds of thousands of
     donating at any retail postal location in the city. The drive concluded Nov. 19 with a   pounds of food for distribution to food
     live one-hour broadcast on Eyewitness News 4.                                            bank agencies for the holidays. Volun-
                                                                                              teer groups for the food drive came from:
     The following organizations conducted outstanding food drives in 2005:
                                                                                              Albuquerque Academy
                                                                                              Blue Cross Blue Shield
            • The Letter Carriers’ Food Drive collected a record 198,622 pounds of food in    Bureau of Land Management
            Albuquerque and Rio Rancho. A first-time collection in November in Santa Fe       Boy Scouts 174 and 29
            raised more than 4,000 for The Food Depot, Roadrunner’s sister food bank in       Cibola High School
            Santa Fe.                                                                         Citi Cards
            • Presbyterian Healthcare once again conducted the largest employee food          Del Norte Earth Club
            drive with a collection of 61,096 pounds of food. Presbyterian volunteers also    Del Norte MESA
            staffed the trailer during the last day of the drive.                             Del Norte Rotary
            • America Online conducted an outstanding food drive during the fall of 2005.     Girl Scouts Troops 1217/1047/1276/1213 /
            When it was all over, generous AOL employees had donated more than 8,000          1274 /1195 /1253/1185
            pounds of food to feed the hungry.                                                Hoffmantown Church
            • Charter Bank raised nearly 11,000 pounds of food in only their third food       Holy Cross Lutheran
            drive, and this followed the raising of $16,000 for Katrina relief efforts by     Hope Episcopal
            tireless Charter employees.                                                       Imagine
            • Sandia National Laboratories raised 20,709 pounds worth of food and funds       Intel Corporation
            with a virtual food drive and their annual tradition “Take a Turkey to Work       La Cueva High School Key Club
            Day.” In addition Sandia/Lockheed Martin made a $10,000 contribution for the      Management IQ
            work of the food bank during the fall.                                            Montezuma Mediation Team
            • Smith’s Food & Drug donated $15,000 to underwrite printing costs for the        Paradise Hills Methodist Church
            food drive and collected 31,720 pounds of food for the effort as well.            Presbyterian Healthcare
            • In order to avoid of repeat of 2004’s dismal weather, the New Mexico Touring    Professional Bookkeepers
            Society moved their annual Will Pedal 4 Food ride up a month. The successful      Rio Grande Civitan
            October bike ride resulted in a collection of 5,883 pounds worth of food          Rio Soccer
                                                                                              Rio Vista Soccer
            • Vandyke Software raised the equivalent of 6,210 pounds of food in their
                                                                                              Sandia High School Key Club
            holiday cash collection for the food bank. Vandyke Software matches em-
                                                                                              Sandia National Laboratories
            ployee gifts during the effort.
                                                                                              Sandia Presbyterian Church
            • Raley’s Supermarkets collected 13,956 pounds from customers and from an
                                                                                              Sangre de Cristo Youth Group
            annual meat donation from the corporate office.
                                                                                              St John’s Cathedral Youth
            • Several groups worked together to promote the drive and increase
                                                                                              St Pius High School
                                                                                              Su Vida
                   Federal Executive Board (federal agencies) –15,761 pounds
                                                                                              US Marshall’s Office
                   Apartment Association of New Mexico – 3,216 pounds
                                                                                              Westside Kiwanis
                   New Mexico Children Youth & Families Department – 5,496 pounds
                                                ROADRUNNER                FOOD       BANK

Many, many thanks for the contributions of these organizations to the 2005 Holiday
food Drive. Their generosity provided thousands of holiday and winter meals for
hungry people in central New Mexico:

More than 5,000 Pounds
Albuquerque Journal America Online American Home Charter Bank Eyewitness News 4 Federal                           Roadrunner
Executive Board National Association of Letter Carriers NM Children Youth & Families                                 Food
Department NM Touring Society Presbyterian Healthcare Raley’s Supermarkets Sandia                                    Bank
National Labs Smith’s Food & Drug U S Postal Service Vandyke Software

2,000-5,000 Pounds

American Society of Radiologic Technologists Anesthesia Associates of NM Apartment
Association of New Mexico ATA Sandia National Laboratories Central
Refrigeration Citicards Congregation Albert CYFD - Family Nutrition Bureau Cyndee Hopkins
Christmas Trees Department of Energy Eisenhower Middle School e-Telecare Global
Solutions Intel Corporation Juvenile Justice Center NM Trial Lawyers Assoc. Foundation Onate
                                                                                               Bookkeepers Newman Center NM Business
Elementary School Petroglyph Elementary School Raley’s 807 Raleys 809 Raley’s 813 Smiths
                                                                                               Weekly NM Sports and Wellness North
#439 Smiths #448 Smiths #494 T-Mobile US District Court USAF/AFOTEC YAFL
                                                                                               Valley Advisory Council Oak Tree
                                                                                               Apartments Odyssey Healthcare Office of
1,000-2,000 Pounds                                                                             the Registrar - UNM Old Navy ORI/
                                                                                               CFAR Paradise Hills United Methodist
Sandia Science & Technology Park GE Consumer Finance PHDX Skills USA-TVI McKinley              Church Parsons Brinckenhoff Pre-Paid
Middle School Smith’s #414 Double Eagle Elementary School American Express Business            Legal Presidio at NE Height
Travel Smiths #495 Smith’s #446 Smith’s #423 Downs of Albuquerque Smith’s #429 Abacus          Apartments Prewitt Construction Psi
Technology Corporation Pack 12 Cub Scouts Smith’s #459 ASUNM Community                         Chi Quell Corporation Rehab of New
Experience Albuquerque Academy 505 Southwest FCG Star Paving Smiths #450 Raley’s               Mexico Renaissance Hair, Skin, Nail Ronald
804 Humanist Society REDW Smiths #427 Rio Rancho High School La Cueva HS Advisory              McDonald House San Pedro Village
Assn Southwest Safety Services, Inc. Miller Stratevert P.A. Raley’s 805 US Bankruptcy          Apartments Sandia Dog Obedience
Court Smiths #413                                                                              Club Sandia HS Advanced Chemical
                                                                                               Society Sandia Labs Federal Credit
400-1,000 Pounds                                                                               Union Schafer Corporation Shaw
                                                                                               Environmental Sheehan, Sheehan &
Albuquerque High School Allied Cash Advance American Federation of Teachers American           Stelzner Silverado Apartments Smith’s
Home Anderson Schools of Management Arrowhead Ridge Apartments Bell Group Rio                  #443 Southern Wine & Spirits Southwest
Grande BLM BSA Troop 166 Canine Country Club Cervantes Food Products Cottonwood                Abatement Southwest Child Care Southwest
Montessori School CSA Pack 747/GSA Troop 3062 & 103Eagle Ranch                                 Reinsure Southwest Trane Stan’s Frozen
Apartments EMCORE Fidelity Title Georgia O’Keeffe Elementary School Girl Scout Troop           Foods State Farm Insurance Summit
#21 Governor Bent Elementary School Intl Assoc of Machinist & Aerospace                        Apartments SWCA Environmental
Workers IPB Isleta Elementary School James Monroe Middle School KFH Kiwanis of                 Consultants The Weekly Alibi Time Warner
Albuquerque La Luz Child Care Launchpad Lavaland Elementary Manzano High School                Telecom TSP Sandia National
Senate Marriott Pyramid Hotel Meyners & Co. Molina Healthcare Mountain View Academy            Labs Uniprise UNM Physical Therapy
My Favorite NM Foods National Car Rental/Alamo Rent a Car NM Mutual Group NM State             Student Assn UNM Civil Engineering UNM
Bar Raley’s 812 Rodey Law Firm S.A.F.E. House Sandia View Elementary Seven Bar                 English Dept UNM Junior SADHA UNM
Elementary Small Business Administration Smith’s #424 Smiths #496 Smith’s #498 Social          Metoritics UNM NROTC Society of Human
Security Administration SS & TP Ktech Sun Health Care Talbot Agency Employees Tetra            Resources Mgmt UNM Student Health
Tech IW T-Mobile-Jefferson Commons Troop 166 Boy Scouts UNM College of                         UNM Student Nurses Assoc US Attorneys
Education Ventana Ranch Elementary School Zuni Elementary School                               Office US Fish & Wildlife Field Office US
                                                                                               Forest Service Regional Office US Game &
100-400 Pounds                                                                                 Fish Van Buren Middle School Vista Montana
                                                                                               Apts Waycor Materials Webster
21st Century Public Academy AAAA Aardvark Audiobooks ABQ/Bernalillo County Library Air         University Western Commerce
Traffic Control ALA/Moses Law Firm Alamosa Elementary School Albuquerque Preschool Co-         Bank Worker’s Compensation
op Albuquerque Fire Dept. Retirees Assn American Home American Income Amerind Risk
Management Analytical Solutions Inc. Animal Care Arroyo del Oso Elementary Atrisco              And many thanks to other organizations
Elemtary School Auto Trader Bank of America Bernalillo County Fire Department Blue Cross       and individuals too numerous to mention.
Blue Shield of NM Border States Electric Broadstone Ladera Apartments Builders Trust Bureau
of Reclamation Canon de Arrowhead Apartments Center for Holistic Health Cleveland Middle       Several organizations made valuable in-kind
School ClientLogic CompuSys Inc. ConAgra CSA Engineering Cub Scout Pack 990 Darling            contributions to the Holiday Food Drive:
Tribes Defense Threat Reduction Agency Dennis Chavez Elementary School Disability
Determination Services Early Ford V8 Club EASI Therapy & Diagnostics East Mountain                   Albuquerque Journal
High Eldorado High School Honor Society Erna Fergusson Library Farm Bureau                           American Home
Insurance Farmers Insurance First Baptist Church Moriarty Forest Service Fremonts Fine               American Scale
Foods Gap/Gap for Kids Girls Scouts Graham Central Station Hillcrest Park                            General Mills
Condominiums Hoffmantown West Church Hospital Services Corp Isleta Casino &                          Smith’s Food & Drug
Resort Jackson Equipment Keebler Landmark Apartments Lifemaster Luz de Nambe Mac’s                   Sysco Food Service of New Mexico
Dental Lab Madison Middle School Matheson Elementary School Mesa Vista FFA MGS                       Transportation Rental Service
Communications MSI National Weather Service Natural Resources Conservation Neff & Ricci              Yellow Freight                          13
                                                   ROADRUNNER               FOOD       BANK

            SOUPER BOWL 2006 SOLD OUT...
      Souper Bowl 2006 Sets New Fundraising Record
     Thank you for making Souper Bowl 2006 a complete success!                   Thanks to all participating Restaurants:
     For the first time in Souper Bowl History —we sold out the
     event! This year we raised over $50,000. Thanks to your             Copelands of New Orleans               The Rancher’s Club
     generous support, we will be able to help more hungry New           Damon’s Fine Cuisine                   Sandia Grill at the
                                                                         Dee’s Cheesecake                          Albuquerque Marriott
     Mexicans in need than ever before.                                  Flying Star cafes                      Pyramid
                                                                         Gecko’s Bar N Tapas                    Santa Ana Café
     Congratulations to our winning restaurants:                         Gold Street Caffe                         at Hotel Tamaya
                                                                         Gruet Grille                           Savory Fare Restaurant
                                                                         Hotel Albuquerque                      Scalo Northern Italian Grill
     In the People’s Choice Awards—Gruet Grille took home top prize
                                                                             at Old Town                        Season’s Grill
     with Executive Chef Marcos Espinoza’s Manila Clam Chowder in        JohnDhi’s BBG                          Theobroma Chocolatier
     Bread bowls. Rancher’s Club took 2nd place with Chef Ricardo        Le Café Miche                          Trombino’s Bistro Italiano
     Reye’s Aztec Cream Soup with Smoked Cuitlacoche. Prairie Star and   Le Paris Bakery                        TVI Culinary Arts Program
     Executive Chef Heath VanRiper won 3rd place with Lobster-Shrimp     The Melting Pot                        Whole Foods Market
     Posole.                                                             Mimi’s Café                            Zea Woodburning Rotisserie
                                                                         Peppers at Courtyard Marriott          Zinc Bistro
     In the Critic’s Choice category – Zea Woodburning Rotisserie won    Perennials Restaurant
                                                                         Pinkies catering
     top prize with Chef Kurt Johnson’s Green Chile Chicken Corn
                                                                         Prairie Star
     Chowder. Second Place went to Gruet Grille Executive Chef Marcos                      Thanks to our sponsors:
     Espinoza with its Manila Clam Chowder. Le Café Miche took 3rd
     place with Roasted Rutabaga, Cilantro, Bacon and Condiments soup    New Mexico Mutual Group                Berger Briggs Real estate and
     by Chef Fred Gallegos.                                              Blue Cross Blue Shield                 Insurance
                                                                         Citi Cards of New Mexico               McNulty Zahm Certified Public
                                                                         Avanti Coporate Services               Accountants
     This year’s People’s Choice for Desserts was Flying Star Café
                                                                         Coleman Vision                         Charles Stephen and
     with Executive Chef Willem Blom’s Insomniac Cake. Theobroma         UPS                                    Company
     Chocolatier won 2nd place with Chuck Weck’s hand-dipped chocolate   Sysco Foods Services                   New Mexico Coffee Co.
     covered strawberries. Newcomer Damon’s Fine Cuisine took 3rd        Whole Foods Market
     place with Chef Damon Flores’ Carrot Cake with Orange Glaze.        Now We’re Cooking Kitchen Outfitters

                                                                         Thank You to our Volunteers:           A Big Thanks to our Soup
                                                                         New Mexico Mutual Group                Dave DeWitt — Fiery Foods
                                                      attenbar           Northside Civitans
                                            Melody W         ctor at
                                                                                                                  Chef and Critic
                                                     e Dire              Blue Cross Blue Shield                 Kathy Baca — Bueno Foods
                                            Executiv                     Sandia National Labs                   Lonnie Talbert — Citicards
                                            RRFB,  awards                Donna Poisson                          Lydia Ashanin – Blue Cross
                                                      e Chef
                                             Executiv               om   DJ Dixon                                 Blue Shield
                                                        spinoza fr
                                             Marcos E
                                                                         Fran McIntyre                          Wanda Blacksher – New
                                                        ille, the        Nancy Klein                            Mexico Mutual Group
                                              Gruet Gr          award.   Louise Pomes                           Sandy Mann — Ronald
                                              people 's choice
                                                                                                                  McDonald House
                                                                                                                Sharon Neiderman — Food
                                                                                                                  Editor and Critic

                                                                                              Souper Bowl 2006 Cookbooks are available
                                                                                              on a limited basis for $5.00 a copy.
                                                                                              Place your order with
                                                       ROADRUNNER                FOOD         BANK

      Thank You Volunteer Group
             of the Year!
     Volunteers are often people who work in demanding jobs, like the
     United States Air Force, yet make time to volunteer with us. The
     personnel from the 898 MUNS have always said yes – and always
     responded to our calls for help in a timely fashion–even when we
     contacted MSgt Brenda Langlois at zero dark thirty on the day of
     her promotion ceremony! We wish to thank the present (and past)
     members of the 898 MUNS for your help. You make it possible for
     us to continue fighting hunger and feeding hope.

                                   2005 Food Drives
                                   We appreciate all of the businesses, clubs, and organizations that conducted food
                                   drives to benefit the food bank during 2005. There were many additional food
                                   drives during 2005 due to Hurricane Katrina:

377 ABW/FTAL                   Cibola Villa Apartments        Hope EFC                        Office of State Engineers     Tender Heart Assisted Living
377 CPTS                       City of Albuquerque            Hubert Humphrey Elementary      OHA/SSA                       The Church of Jesus Christ of
377 CPTS                       Classic Century Square         School                          Our Lady of the Assumption    Latter Day Saints
377 MS/FTAC                    Cleveland Middle School        Humanist Society of NM          School                        The Storehouse
898 MUNS                       Comcast                        Indian Moon Neighborhood        Our Lady of the Sandias       The Vaughn Company
AAAA Hot Air Balloon Club      Corrales Elementary School     Association                     Pack 185/Den 1 Boy Scouts     Think Back P.T.
ABQ Air Alliance VW Club       Cost Plus World Market         Intel Corporation               Phi Theta Kappa               Tips Coffee Shop
Adopt-A-Family                 Cross Oxygen Delivery          Intl Assoc of Machinists &      Pima Medical Institute        Tome Elementary
Albuquerque Academy            Cub Scout Pack 17              Aerospace Workers               Planned Parenthood of NM      Triklock Company
Albuquerque Academy Girls Jr   Curves                         Isleta Elementary School        PNM                           Troop 260 Girl Scouts
Soccer                         CYFD                           James Monroe Middle School      Presbyterian Health Plan      Truman Middle School
Albuquerque Ambulance          Cystic Fibrosis Foundation     Jemez Valley PS                 Prudential Realtors           TSA
Albuquerque Animal Care        David Wade Music               Jewish Community Center         Psi Chi                       Turquoise Trail
Albuquerque Baha’I Sunday      Dept of Homeland Security      John X111 Catholic Community    Quik Quarter                  Union Co Picnic Assoc
School Children                Diana’s Home Grown             Juvenile Justice Center         Raley’s Supermarkets          UNM A-TEP
American Cancer Society        Double Eagle Elementary        KAFB                            Rio Grande Rotary Club        UNM Athletics
American Furniture Warehouse   DPI Southwest                  KASA FOX-2/KIMO                 Ronald McDonald House         UNM College Democrats
American Income Life           Drivetime                      Katherine Gallegos Elementary   Ross Pediatrics               UNM Engineering Graduate
American Red Cross             Dyncorp (DOS)                  Keith Peck                      Rotary Club                   Dept
Ameri-Plex Mortgage            EAA Chapter 179                Keleher & McLeod                Ruby K’s Café                 UNM Hospital
Animal Care                    ERDA Gardens                   La Luz Elementary School        Sage Ways                     UNM Valencia Campus
America Online                 Estancia Police Department     La Parada                       Sandia High School DECA       UNMH Patient Access
Apollo College                 Eugene Field Elementary        La Resolana Apts                Sandia Laboratory Federal     US Attorney’s Office
Armijo Elementary Student      Faith Tabernacle               La Cueva National Honor         Credit Union                  USAF (58 AMXS)
Council                        Federal Executive Board        Society                         Sandia Natl Labs              USCIS
Arrowhead Ridge Apartments     Federal Post Office            Lambda Chi Alpha                Sandia Prep School            US Postal Service
Art Center School              First Baptist Whitestone       Lockheed Martin ATARS           Sandoval County               VA Medical Center
ASA Alvarado                   First Consulting Group         Los Altos Civic Assn            Santa Fe High School          Valle Vista Elementary School
Aveda Institute                Free Stylin Hawks 4-H          Macy’s                          Sears                         Vista Montano Apartments
B&H Wholesale                  Freemonts Fine Foods           Manzano Mesa Elementary         ShipRite                      Washington Middle School
Bahai Center                   Fruit Basket                   KUCI Preschool                  Sierra Architects             Wells Fargo Bank
Bank of America Call Center    GE - ELFUNS                    Marron & Associates             Sky Chefs                     Western Paper
Bethel 4 Job’s Daughters       Gem State Distributing         Menaul School                   Southern Pueblo Branch of     Westside Community Center
Birthright of Rio Rancho       General Technologies           Metropolitan College            Forestry                      Whole Foods
Bound to Be Read               Girl Scout Troop 1083          Modrall Sperling Law Firm       Southwest Airlines            Wilson Family Care
Brujos Rugby Club              Gold’s Gym                     Mountain View West              Southwest Cash & Carry Food   Wiper Supply
Boy Scouts of America          Governor Bent Elementary       Elementary                      & Janitorial                  Women’s Discussion Group
Bullseye Brokers               School                         Nanas Italian Restaurant        Southwest Ice Cream &Candy    ORC
Caravan Club Ballut Abyad      Grabel Movers                  Napoli Coffee                   Co.                           Xzibit Youth Foundation
Shrine                         Grace Enterprises              National Atomic Museum          Springstone School            Zuni Intermediate School
CCA/Torrance County            Graham Central Station         National/Alamo Car Rental       St Vincent DePaul Society
Detention                      Great Harvest Bread Company    New Life Presbyterian Church    Summersweet Landscape
CDM, Inc.                      Health for Humanity Building   New Mexico WCA                  Sunny’s Hallmark
Chamiza Elementary School      Bridges                        Newman Center                   Sunset Mesa Brownie Troops
Chaparral Council              Heller Distribution Company    NM Broadcasters Assoc           221 & 301
Chaparral Materials            Hoffmantown Church             NM Department of Labor          Swift Transportation
Church of Body Modifications   Honeywell                      NM Touring Society              Tamaya Resort Hyatt Regency
Cibola High School             Hoover Middle School           NSBE Math & Science             Temple Baptist Academy                                        15
                                                 ROADRUNNER           FOOD       BANK

                                                                         Roadrunner Food Bank appreciates its thousands of
                                                                      generous financial donors who contributed a record amount
                          ONEY DONORS ... 2005                          of money to support the food bank's hunger relief work
                                                                                           throughout 2005:
     * Denotes Full Plate Society    Mary & John Anuskewicz          Karin R. Golden                    Sandra L. Nunn
                                     Donna & Danny Aragon            Ramon M. Gonzales                  Diane Harrison Ogawa*
     Member                          Jackie Arellano                 Regina Guest-Rupert*               Virginia Otoski
                                     Lydia Ashanin & Bob Powers*     David and Kathleen Haaland         Bevin Owens*
     $10,000+                        Bank of Albuquerque             Deborah C. Hall                    Pampered Chef
                                     Belen Consumer Finance          Elaine Handy*                      Mike Peters & Suzanne Walters
     Altria Corporation              Beverly & Perry Bendicksen*     Diane Harrison Ogawa*              Herbert and Rita Pitts
                                     Lucinda & Robert Berglund       Glenda & H.R. Harrison             Vincent Pizzonia
     Anonymous                       Best Buy Regent Drugs           James Haworth*                     Mary & Robert Plane
     Combined Federal                Jessie D. Black                 William E. Hershey & Sally         Suzanne H. Poole
     Campaign                        Elizabeth & Walter Blood        Schwartz*                          REDW
     The Daniels Fund                Clifford W. Boggs               High Country Land & Cattle LLC     Allene & Alexander Raeburn
     General Mills Foundation        Ellen & Daniel Boling           Michele & Barry Hochstadt          Adriennne & Ron Rivera
                                     Boston’s Pizza                  Linda Holland                      Jana J. Rivers
     Gary D. Goodman                 Julia B. Bowdich*               Holy Cross Lutheran Church         John Robbins
     International Food Service      Allan Boyar                     Home Builders Association          Mary E. Roberts
     Executives Association          Andrea & Samuel Brandt*         Honeywell Engines                  Nancy Anderson Roberts
     Kraft Foods                     Robert L. Brooks                Cheryl Feller Hughes               Angela & Nestor Romero
     MAZON: A Jewish Response        Richard G. Brown                Kristi & Stanley Humphries         Sandia Mountain Lions Club
                                     Randell Brownfield*             Pamela S. Hyde & M.E. Konzen       Joseph Santangelo*
     to Hunger                       Connie & Ted Bryant             Richard Jacobs                     Jo & Daniel Sawyers
     New Mexico Association of       Bueno Foods*                    Lucinda Jesse                      Joanne & Scott Schiabor
     Food Banks                      Mary Burns & Stephen Burstein   Wayne Jones*                       Yvonne & Ray Schreck
     Raley’s Supermarkets            Bel Campbell                    Julia A. Keating & David B.        Schwab Fund for Charitable
     The Red Rock Foundation         Polly C. Canive                 Ehrhart                            Giving
                                     Linda Carroll                   Elisabeth & Robert Keen            Christopher Schwartz
     Sandia Foundation               Evelyn Carter*                  Jan & William Keleher              Gail Scully and James Liebmann
     Sandia/Lockheed Martin          Jeff Carver*                    William Keleher & Nora Kelly*      Debbie & David Seely*
     Smith’s Food & Drug             Ann & Tom Caudell*              Cynthia Kemper                     Mary Sexton
     The Stocker Foundation          Don Chalmers*                   Charles W. Kenney DDS              Share Our Strength
     Tiffany Homes*                  Jacki & Ken Charney*            Nancy & Robert Key*                Edward Shepherd
                                     Tom F. Chavez                   Peggy S. King                      Dan & Kelly Camlin Shingler*
     United Way of Central New       Marian & Stephen J. Ciepiela*   Ellen & Jim King                   Kathryn & Daniel Shively
     Mexico                          Jeff Corlett                    Elizabeth Ann & L. William Kirby   Dolores Silva
     Wells Fargo Bank                Corrales Bosque Gallery         Nancy & Jim Klein*                 Dianne Smith Parker
                                     Evelyn S. Crawford              Carol & Kurk Klossner              Florence & Robert J. Stamm
     $5,000-9,999                    Creamland Dairies*              Kathy Komoll*                      Tiffany & Bill Stanage*
                                     Kathleen & Luis Cuadros         Lis Konnecke                       Marsha Robinson Starr
                                     Cummins Rocky Mountain LLC      Virginia Lane                      Gail Starr & Mario Prechtel
     Albuquerque Community           Peter J. Cuneo                  Diane & David Lee                  State Contractors
     Foundation                      DPI Southwest                   Carolyn Levy                       Maggie & Eric Stebbins*
     Anonymous                       Theresa Daviet                  Sandy & Lee Liggett*               Janet & Jeff Sterba*
     Bank of Albuquerque             Hubert O. Davis, Jr.            Kathy Longinaker & Nikki Hooser    Sunstar Capital Inc.
     Ellen Bayard & Jim O’Neill      James Davis                     F.M. Lonz                          Mary Ann Sweeney & Edward
     Connie P. & Donald H. Blanton   Luci Dawson                     Los Altos Christian Church         Rico
     Blue Cross Blue Shield          Debbie & John deGraauw*         Karen Marcotte                     Dixie & Arthur Swenka
     Charter Bank                    Diane D. Denish                 Maureen & Stephen Martinick        Garrett Thornburg
     Wyman Edwards                   Desert Drywall                  Dawn & Charles Matson              Janice & David Thornburg
     Faith Lutheran Church           Edward J. Dobbs                 Linda J. McGuffee                  Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
     Hasbro Children’s Foundation    Eileen & Rodney Douglass        James A. McHollan & Mary K.        Tradestar Construction Services
                                     Doris & Larry Ellis             Schweickert                        Inc.
     Jeanne M. Jensen
                                     Jeanne & Tom Elmhorst           Mary & Jerry McKoskey              Gloria & George Treadwell*
     Shelly & Steve Marmaduke
                                     Donna & Ray Esquibel            Roberta Merchant                   Rith & John Tribou*
     NM Grocers Association*         Donna & Alvin Farmer            Carole & Gary Millhollon*          John Trotter*
     Lindalee & Norman Maisel*       Nancy & Richard Feldbush        Roberta & James Mitchell           Sherri & Edward Tull
     PNM                             Frank Fine & Leslee Richards*   Molina Healthcare                  Karen & James Twohig*
     Samcon General Contractor       First Community Bank*           Madonna Monterubio                 Alice Tyrol-Elliott
     State Employees Charity         First United Methodist Church   Morgan Law Office                  Mary & Robert Tyson
     Campaign                        Cheryl & William Foote          Margaret K Morris                  US NM Federal Credit Union
                                     Mona Ford*                      Ann Morrison & David Roth          Barbara & Victor Valdez
     $1,000-4,999                    Patricia French                 Deborah & Esteban Muldavin         Ed A. Vaillancourt
                                     Kathleen Gallagher              NM Conference United Methodist     Joseph G. Vandenheuvel
                                     Joel P. Garner                  Church                             Vandyke Software Inc.
                                     Karin Garratt                   NM Professional Fire Fighters      Wal-Mart Distribution Center
     American Contract Bridge
                                     GE Good Neighbors Fund          Assn                               Wal-Mart #1397
     League Unit No. 374
                                     Kelly A. Genova                 NM Touring Society                 Elizabeth Wallbro
     JoAnn Albrecht
                                     Gifts of Hope                   New Mexico Mutual                  Jeff Watson*
     Albuquerque Board of Realtors
                                     Martha Givens                   Celeste Noble                      Melody & Steve Wattenbarger*
     Anesthesia Associates of NM
                                     Maripat Glover                  Vicki Nowark & Peter Coha          Mary & Douglas Weaver*
                                                    ROADRUNNER              FOOD        BANK

Wanda & Dale Weaver*                  Dubuque                             Dorothy & Elton Nelson
Linda Wedeen*                         Duke City Civitan                   Barbara Newman                     $100-499
                                      Susan & James Durst                 Anne Nokes                         ARCA
Joe Werntz*                                                                                                  Clark and Vicki Aamodt
                                      Cindy & Randy Edwards*              Michelle Nolde
Bianca & John Wertheim                Paula & Bruce Edwards               Northside Civitan
                                                                                                             Abacus Technology
                                                                                                             Michael Abernathy and Carolyn Galceran
Janet & Chuck Williams                Linda & Richard Eitzen              Lisa & David Onischuk              Lugarda Abeyta
Dr. & Ms. Lawrence Wilson*            Patricia Fairchild                  Margaretha & Albert Owens          Mary Rose Abousleman
Marie A. Wolf                         Esther & Emmet Fallon               Michael Padilla                    Steve J. Abraham
                                      Barbara & Martin Feldzon            Sallie Palmer                      John A. Abrams
L. Thomas Womack*                                                                                            Academy Mortgage Services, Inc.
Woman’s Club of Albuquerque           First Congregational U.C.C.         Paradise Hills UMC
                                                                                                             Joseph Adam
                                      First Unitarian Church              Doris Parnell                      J. Keith & Becky Adams
Elizabeth & Teddy Wood
                                      Anne A. Fitzpatrick                 Joann & Robert Pierson             Rita M. Adkins
Kay & Phillip Young                   Gloria & Roger Flynn                Mary Lou Pitcher                   Linda Agler
Scott Grady                           Foreign Aide, Inc.                  Virginia & Jerry Pitts             Denise Aguilar
                                      Kristin & Tom Fox                   Mark Platzbecker                   Sharon A. Ahern
                                                                                                             Randy L. Akers
                                      Gamma Phi Beta                      G. Phil Poirier
$500-999                              Paul Gammill                        Nina Poppelsdorf
                                                                                                             Alamo Rent A Car
                                                                                                             Albuquerque Accident & Injury Center
ASRT                                  Karen Gasparich                     Louise & B.D. Prowell              Joe Alcorn & Syvia Wittels
Albuquerque Lodge No 461 of BPO       Reese Gateley CPA                   Talya Raveed                       Charlotte C. Alderete
Elks                                  Susan and Timothy Geores            Renal Medicine Associates Ltd.     Ken & Dawn Alexander
Scott Alexander                       Spencer Gerwin                      Joan & Porfirio Rios               Jon and Anne T. Alexander
William Allen and Melissa Hill                                                                               Gerald P. Alldredge
                                      Michelle Giger                      Jo-Marie & Maurice Rose            John A. Allen Jr.
Dorothy & Leland Allen                Janice L. Glover & David Gallant    Eileen P. Ross                     Fred T. Allen
Barbara & Rex Allender                James Goff                          Donald L. Ruch                     Joan Allen
Gidget & Marvin Anaya                 Jania & Howard Gogel                P. Elena Sanchez                   T. Hardy & Tami Allen
Willard E. Anderson                   Maria & Robert Goldstein            Melissa & Lance Sanchez            Richard L. and Sandra J. Allen
Applied Technology Associates                                                                                Clyde and Peggy Alley
                                      Pam Gordon                          Sassy Lassies Bowling League       Mary E. Alonzo
Aqua Tech Services                    Ann & Paul Greenfield               Robin Schold                       Melvin and Hilaria Alper
Clare E. Arth                         James D. Gunn                       Mary M. Shanklin                   Altrusa International Albuq
Axis of Justice Foundation            Charlotte & Al Halber               Daniel C. Shaw                     Priscilla Altsisi
Laurel & Jack Babcock                 Kevin D. Hammar                     Leora & Malcolm Siegel             Raul Alvarez & Margaret Jaeger
Gwyn & Robert Bailey                  Nancy Harrington                    Michael Sievert and Michele        Virginia Ambrose
Tex Mozelle Bailey                                                                                           American Polysteel LLC
                                      Harrison Contracting                Vandenheuvel                       American Sewing Guild
Jim Barnett                           Angela & Robert Hawthorne           Keith Sitton                       James and Gail Anastasio
Kevin Barton                          Donna & Stanley Haynes              Susan and R Thomas Slates          Theresa Anaya
Stephen & Laura Hueter Bass           Loeky Heaton                        Patricia B. Sloan                  Rudolfo & Patricia Anaya
Joan & ChristianBauer                 Tori & Evan Hobbs                   Nancy O. Smith                     Daniel & Lisa Andazola
Lisa R. Bealhen                                                                                              Anderson Schools of Management
                                      Sandra & James Hoge*                Mark Smith                         Michael and Patricia Anderson
Margaret & HughBell                   Nancy Holiday                       Susan & Peter Soliz                Susan Nelson Anderson
Angela Bennett                        Gerard Holmes                       Southwest Safety Services Inc.     Lucille E. Anderson
Jolene & SteveBenoit                  Kay Holswade                        Carol & Jim Stanley                Joanne Anderson
Janet Benson                          Honeywell Defense & Space           Star Paving                        James & Michele Anderson
Carol & Loren Berge                   Systems                             Margot J. Steadman
                                                                                                             Elizabeth A. Anderson
Berger Briggs                                                                                                Valaria D. Anderson
                                      Taylor Horst                        Paula & Harvey Steinberg           Robert & Kathleen Andrews
Deane & Irving Berlin                 Billie & Lawrence Johnson           Sueshila Stubbe                    Mary Anderman Anella
Greta J. Berry                        JoAnna & Kent Jones                 Christine & Robert Stull           Paul and Mary Lee Anthony
Jerry Black                           John Keck                           Sun Healthcare                     Dale and Nancy Antilla
Ross Blankinship & Anne Irete         Lois Kuhn Keck                      Linda Svrcek                       David Antreasian
Denise & David Bleakly                                                                                       Marvin and Georgia Appel
                                      Eric R. Keiter                      Teresa & William Sype              Applied Mechanical
O. Blekicki                           Doris & Dwain Kindelberger          Val Talento                        Applied Research Associates
Gary Bommelaere                       Mike Kittredge                      Haruko Tanzawa                     Maria Aragon
Yvonne & Robert Bovinette             Sara Beth or Emily Meira Koplik     Harold E. Teigen                   Baron Aragon
Samuel C. Bradshaw                    Loretta A. Krumback                 The Vineyard 55+ Community         Archuleta Enterprises, Inc.
Suzanne M. Braun                      Dale A. Kucerak                     Mr. & Mrs. Stephen W. Thompson
                                                                                                             Robert J. Arellanes
Valerie Brooks                                                                                               Pamela Armbrecht
                                      Olena Lacy                          Jeane Ann Thornburg                Gertrude, Ronald and Evan Armstrong
David Brooks                          Jane & James Larson                 Susan Thornton                     Elise C. Arneal
Anne J. Brown                         Ann & Robert Lattimore              Kevin Tolman                       George and Tess Arnold
Mary Ann & Gary Brownell              Belinda Layher                      Bonita & Dean Tooley               Anne Arrasmith
Linda Browning                        Sharon L and David K Leach          Lawrence B. Tweedy                 Arroyo Seco Wine Company, Inc.
Brownstein Hyatt & Farber                                                                                    Sally and Howard Van Arsdale
                                      Karen Godwin                        U S District Court                 William L. Arthur
Pauline Bruskas                       Paula & Lawrence Loendorf           URS Corporation                    Robert and Patricia Ashby
Hugh M. Bryce                         Lumber Inc.                         Sally J. Van Nostrand              Michael Aster and Roberta Lurie
Lynn & Allen Buckingham               Patricia L. Luna                    Barbara & Richard Vandongen        Marcus and Theresa Atkins
Mary Ann & Daniel Bunten              Stephen C. and Dana Miller Mackie   Karen D Vermette                   Dale Atkinson
Eric Burris                           Macy’s West Inc.                    Robert Veroff & Judy Beiriger
                                                                                                             Edward and Leslie Atler
Becky & Patrick Burwinkle                                                                                    Lawrence and Kathlyn Auer
                                      Jane & Doug Manz                    Benita & Vincent Villanueva        Terry Auvenshine
David B. Butterfield                  Patricia & William Martin           Elizabeth Wahl & Raul Diaz         Eric B. Auxier
Bill Cadier                           Leslie McCament-Mann                Wal-Mart #831                      John and Carol Avery
Mary Annabel Candelaria               Carlos McClendon                    Irene Walker                       Enrique Avilla
Maria Cannizzaro*                     Daniel McCulley                     Russ Walkup                        BSA Pack 360
Dolores and Paul Chavez                                                                                      Claudia Babb
                                      Jane & Edward McCullough            Joan & Robert Wargowsky            Sara W. Babb
Cheyenne Building Contractors, Inc.   Andrew McDowell & Natalie Adolphi   Christina & Charles Warrender      Gerald V. Babigian
Clear Channel Outdoor                 Andrea & Richard McEneny            Sandra & Donald Weeke              David & Kathleen Baca
Shelley Cohen                         Richard D. McKenzie MD              Ann & Ken Wegman                   Ed Baca
Judith & Allan Collie                 McNulty Zahm LLC                    Burton Wendroff & Solvi Kjellman   Antoinette and Mario Baca
Congregation Albert                   Merck Partnership for Giving        Theresa M. Wheeler
                                                                                                             Mike & Damariss Baca
Gustavo Corazon                                                                                              Zandra Baca
                                      Debra Meyers                        Maurice Wildin                     Mary E. Bachman
Jon Cordova*                          Pamela & Don Michaelis              Charles R. Wilkinson               William Bachman and Wendy White
Anne & Stephens Crosby                Suzanne & Anthony Mistretta         Max T. Will                        Sally N. Bachofer
DML, Inc.                             Joseph F. Mnuk                      Floyd D. Wilson PC                 George & Barbara Bailey
DPC Construction Ltd. Co.             Eve Monson                          Nina J. Wing                       Mary L. Baker
DWL Architects & Planners Inc. of                                                                            Dave Baland
                                      Monte Vista Christian Church        Margaret S. Wood                   Lillian Balfour
NM                                    Frances & Allan Moorhead            Elena & Tim Woodward               Robert & Valorie Balsamo
Lee T. Davis                          Mary & Walter Murphy                Robinson Worley                    Joan M. Bamrick
Vicki & Richard Donaldson             Megan & Craig Murray                Gudrun G. Wright                   Bank of America Matching Gifts
Betty Lou Dubois                      NM Trial Lawyers Assoc Found        Elizabeth Young                    Bob and Shelby Banks
Paul E. Houston & Teresa A.           Robert Nagel
                                                                                                             Ronald and Jill Banning
                                                                         ROADRUNNER                       FOOD          BANK

                                             Claudia S. Broadwater                Ron Chapman                           Michael N. Dayton                   Susan Elliot
        Money Donors...                      V. June Broce                        A. Ricardo Chavez                     Sue Dayton                          Glenn R. Elliott
                                             Bud & Chantelle Brock                Victor and Pamela Chavez*             Vicki and Sam Dazzo                 Ernest & Sue Elliott
     Diana Barasch                           Vic D. Brockmann                     Mr. & Mrs. John Chavez                Jelle De Boer                       Henry & Florence Ellis
     Florence H. Barclay                     Janet Brody                          Mary F. Chavez & Paul G. Fyfe         Nancy & Tom DeFeo                   Sharon Ellis & Larry Theleman
     Joyce M and Edward J Barkocy            Henry and Andrea Bromberg            Tomas Chavez                          Annette M. DePauw                   Solon & Rose Ruth Ellison
     Sarah W. Barlow                         Helen Z. Bronisz                     Leopoldo Chavez                       Winnie DeVore                       Maj. Ret. Lester E. and Faye Prock
     Johnyne Barraclough                     Connie & Roy Brooks                  Nano and Anthony Chavez               Shannon M DeYoung                   Elmer
     Michael J and Jeannine M Barreras       Jennifer & Art Brooks                Lisa Chavez                           Denise Deaguero                     Kathryn D. Elsberry
     Lewis & Barbara Barsky                  Suzette Brooks                       Luis Paul Chavez                      Teddy Deakin                        Mr. and Mrs. Wolfgang Elston
     John and Norma Bartholdi                Brenda Broussard                     Greg M. and Whitney Cheshire          Gwen Dean                           James F. Emery
     Clarence J. Barwin                      Keith and Elizabeth Brower           Elizabeth & Peter Chestnut            John and Shirley Dean               Eric A. Engquist
     Samuel and Judith Bateman               Robert & Margaret Brown              Chip Simons Photography               Paul Deatherage                     Terry and Anya Enos
     Shirley & David Bates                   Glendon W. Brown                     Michelle Chirielison                  Richard & Phyllis Defoe             Eleanor M. Enriquez
     John Batty, MD & Diane Sansonetti, MD   Hamilton B. Brown                    Christ United Methodist Church        Don A. Degasperi and Margaret       David M. Ericson, Jr.
     Shirley Bauder                          Barbara Brown                        Deborah Christensen                   Atencio                             Helen Ericson
     Susan L. Baum & Robert A. Ludwig        Betty Brown Family Trust             Julie Christensen & Jerome Norris     Judith L. Delaittre                 Charles “Hap” Escue
     Paul and Melba Baum                     Beth E. Brown                        Joan E. Christy                       Glen Delaney                        Deborah Eskenazi
     Kyle & Cherrie Beasley                  Sue & Kevin Brown                    Patricia Chupak                       Robin Delgado                       Paul & Lurlyne Eskew
     Sarah J. Beaton                         Kimberley W. Brown                   Hugh & Kathleen Church                Patricia W. Delozier                Rosemarie Espat
     Richard Beaubien                        Beth Brownell                        Churchill Family Foundation           Robert and Virginia Des Jardin      Eve Espey
     Jolynne Becker                          Paul Brownlow & Barbara Shewnack     J. Carol Cicmanec                     Design Training Collaborative       Juan Espinosa
     William E. Becker                       Joan Brueckner                       Jean Civikly-Powell                   Robert & Candace Deuble             Marty and Pauline Esquivel
     Brian Beel                              George & Peggy Bryan                 Michael Claggett                      Lyndamichelle Devanti               Nick & Sharee Estes
     Vernon & Shirley Belcher                John and Gail Buchanan               Wilford and Mary Clair                Mary F. Dever                       Sally C. Estes
     Alfred and Mary Ann Beldring            Randolph C. Buck                     Vicki Clark and Steven Dawes          Mary Dewitt-Byrd                    Janice Estrada
     Francis & Nancy Bell                    Margaret Buckman                     Clark’s Pet Emporium                  Dr. Vivek Dhawan                    David and Carol Euler
     Karen Bencomo                           Buffalo Exchange                     John and Jane Clarke                  Amy J. Diaz                         Carla Evans
     Harold and Patsy J. Bennett             Pamela and Stuart Buffington         Robert and Patricia Clary             James L. Dick                       Rollin M. and Marilyn Laux Evans
     Jennifer N. Benoit                      Carletta S. Bullock                  Paul Clendenin and Patricia Perry     Dr. Robert Dickerman                Lee Anne Evers
     Jack L. and Karen Templeton Berger      John & Mary Bullock                  Clendenin                             Burr W. Dickinson                   Excel Staffing Companies
     Phyllis Bergman                         James Burke                          Edward and Barbara Cleveland          Kathryn K. Dieruf                   Kathryn R. Faguy
     Richard Bernal                          Barbara Burke                        Jack J. Clifford                      John Diggelman and Amy James        James & Linda Fahey
     David W. Bernard                        H. S. & Julie L. Burness             Christopher Cadman & Karen Cobb       Margaret Dike                       Nada Kay Fahnestock
     Jean M. Bernet                          Dale & Joy Burns                     Monica B. Murphy Coder                Randy Diner                         Sarah & Peter Falk
     Marilee Berry                           Victor D. Burnworth, Jr.             Robert & Catherine Cohen              Deborah Dingwall                    John and Hazel Fallon
     David W. Berst                          Thea Buscarello and John Myers       Teresa Cohen                          Catie S. Dixon                      William and Margaret Fanning
     Eric W Best                             Robert Busch                         Robert Colby                          Donna Jean Dixon                    Jed Fanning
     June M Best                             Clayton and Leslie Bush              Jeffrey F. and Laurie Coleman         Bill & Christin Dobbeck             Jon & Nancy Farley
     John Betterly & Nancy Cushman           Charles and Elizabeth Butler         Bruce & Patricia Coleman              Yvonne Dobbins                      Terry D. Farmer
     Myroslaw and Olga Bezpalko              John & Darby Butler                  Colket Family Foundation              Robert & Jane Dobbs                 Mark and Sydney Farrell
     Bianchi & Associates, Inc.              Robert & Jeanette Butterfield        Jo Leslie Collier                     Lawrence & Lois Dodds               Mario Fascitelli
     Tom & Beverly Bien                      David & Beverlee Butts               David & Carolyn Collis                I. Darlene Doggett                  Frank R. Fegan
     Marion Bierwirth Woolam                 Sandra K. Bybee                      Frank & Lucia Colonnese               Marie N. Dolde                      Peter and Lori Feibelman
     Nancy and Daryl Bigelow                 Steve Byrd                           Grace Colvin                          George Domenici                     Dean and Margaret Feige
     Melissa A. Binder                       Thomas Byrd & Valerie J. Rappaport   Mary L. Compton                       Sandra L. Domeny                    Stan and Rosalia Feinstein
     Leigh Bingham                           Karen Byrne                          Donya Conine                          Darryl Domonkos                     Edith Feldmann
     Shannon Bingham                         Mary C’de Baca                       Cristen Conley and Mike Anderson      Leonard and Gail Donahoo            Phil & Sylvia Felix
     Patricia Bingham                        CDM                                  Roy and Jean Conner                   Steven and Paula Donahue            Christine and Samuel Felix
     James and Cynthia Bisbee                Brenda Caddell                       Contractors Inc.                      Bill Donald                         Patricia Ferguson
     Judith & Paul Bissett                   Charles Caldwell                     Conway Electric                       Alma Jean C and Garrett F Donovan   Sylvia Ferguson
     Bonnie A. Bittman-Chaves                Joseph and Dawn Calek                Martin & Susan Conway                 Richard and Marilyn Donovan         T.W. Ferguson
     John & Joan Black                       Ralph and Ruth Calkins               Susan Conway & Robert Levy            Harold Doran                        Cheryl Ferguson and Ray Tuegel
     John W. Blackwelder                     Sue A. Callaway                      Joseph A. and Nella Sanchez Cook      Ralph Dorsey                        Wallace & Anne Ferguson
     Blaine Enterprises                      Georgean Callison-Weller             Robert Cook and Lisa Lenard           Bonita Dotter                       Harold Field & Linda Ann Smith
     L. & K Blair                            Keith and Susan Cameron              Ted and Eleanor Cooley                Stewart and Jean Doty               Leslie & Sally File
     Mary Ellen Blair                        Ann N. Campbell                      Paul and Judith Cooper                James E. Dowling                    Janis Finelli & Edward Farquhar
     Gwendolyn A. Blake                      Greg & Carol Campbell                Ruth A. Copley                        Donna L. Dowling                    John Finger
     Evelyn Blanchard                        Libba Campbell                       Ruth K. Corbett                       Roy A. and Cleta H. Downey          Rebecca Fink
     The Blanco Co.                          Clinton and Rebecca Campbell         Thomas and Carolyn Corcoran, Jr.      Dr. R. Downs                        Patrick and Elizabeth Finley
     Lee Blaugrund                           Thomas and Laura Campbell            Ruth E. Corey                         Mitchell & Angie Doyle              Howard and Phyllis Finston
     Robert Blount                           Victoria J. Campbell                 Curtis Cornelius                      Mary Ann Drake                      First Church of Christ Scientist
     Elspeth Bobbs                           Joseph Campbell & Mary Jarosz        Jack J. Cosgrove                      Dream Bowling                       Earlene Fischer
     Patsy Sue & Gilbert Randall Boeglin     Laura A. Campbell                    Margaret Folk Cote                    James and Julie Drennan             Viola Fisher
     James & Deborah Bofinger                Jacquelyn Campo                      Patricia Cox                          Andrew Drom & Barbara Larsen        Don and Virginia Fisher
     Maribeth Bohley                         Janene Canady                        Ricky W. Cox                          Harold D. Drummond                  Paul A. Fiske
     Judy Boles                              Susan Elaine Cannon                  Bob Crain                             Stewart & Veronica Duban            Paula Fitzpatrick
     Anthony P. Bolman                       Gary M. Caplan                       Henry and Suzanne Crane               Robert & Jacquelin Duff             Diane & Robert Fleming
     Shirley Bolton                          Phyllis L. Caponera                  Jean Craven                           Barbara Duke                        Krystle Flores
     William Bonds                           Cristy J. Carbon-Gaul                Jennifer Crawford                     James & Jacqueline Dukes            Juan and Rita Flores
     Carl & Connie Bonilla                   Joyce Ann Carden                     Laurence W. & Sara M. Creamer         Bob Dumas                           Mark & Karen Foehse
     Trish & Darrell Bonn                    Cardinal Health                      Ethel Creamer                         Daniel & June Dunbar                Janet C. Folsom
     John and Chaia Booker                   Michael & Nancy Carlisle             Credit Professionals International    Robert & Carole Duncan              Robert F. Fooksman
     Mary Boom                               Mark & Mary Chavez                   Dianne Cress & Jon McCorkell          Rosemary Dunivan                    Russell and Margaret Foos
     Nancy L. Boone                          Dolores Carlson                      Michael and Jennie Crews              Dana & Amy Dunlap                   Blake and Elizabeth Forbes
     Bobbi Bordeaux                          Catherine Carlton                    Pamela S. Crine                       Caren Dunne                         Marilyn M. Forbes
     Douglas and Kathy Bordlemay             Jeffrey and Kelly Carmody            Lawrence and Virginia Cruz            Joe Durham                          Gordon Forbes
     Mateo and Joy Bosquez                   Clayton Carney                       Harvey Cruz                           Jerry & Janice Dusseau              Mike and Frances Forman
     Amy & David Bostic                      Evelyn Carney                        James W. Culpepper                    Jeffrey Dye                         Robert & Susan Forrer
     James and Jeannine Bouchard             Yolanda M. and Steve C. Carney       Robin & Thomas Cummings               Andrew Eales                        David Foster
     Ann M. Bouchard                         James Carpenter                      Doris J. Cummings                     Charles & Candice Easterling        Margaret Foster
     Joan Boudreau                           Patricia & William Carpenter         John and Barbara Currier              Gerald and Karen Eastman            D. R. & E. G. Franks
     Georgianne Boudreaux                    Michael Carroll                      Ross W. Cutler                        Daniel Eastman                      Colleen Frazer
     Earl W. Bourne                          Pat E. and S.L. Carrothers           David and Lesa Cutler                 Olga Eaton                          Robert & Catherine Fraser
     Robert & Karen Bowman                   Carolyn Carson                       Charlotte L. Cutter                   Cynthia Eckroth                     Elizabeth Frederick
     J. Michael Boyd                         Shelley Carter & Paul Hartsfield     Marjorie Cypress & Philip Jameson     Elisabeth Eden                      Harrie Freedman
     Patricia E. Boyle                       Clifford and Marjorie Carter         Stephen J. & Stefani L. Czuchlewski   M.C. Edgett                         Victoria A. Freeman
     Kathleen A. Boyle                       Ruth P. Carter                       Mary C Dahlen                         Bill & Mary Helen Edmondson*        Stephen Freeman
     Alice F. Boynton                        George Carter                        Gunnar & Annelies Dahlquist           Bill Edmondson                      Barbara Fricke
     Col & Ms George Brabson                 Joyce Casey                          Bill Dailey                           Education Technologies, Inc.        Linda E. Friedman
     Sylvia Braden                           Lloyd W. Casperson                   Jack Dailey                           Jack & Virginia Edwards             Clifford Fry
     Sarah M Bradley                         Alta Cassady                         Priscilla Dakin                       Joaquin Effertz                     Patrick Fry
     Toshiko N Bradley                       Jocelyn & Jose Castillo              Bruce & Kathleen Damm                 Miriam Efroymson                    Ft. Sumner Enterprises
     Donald and Mary Bragg                   Bruce & Mary Keleher Castle          Brian & Annmarie Daniel               Stephany Eger & R. G. Tonkin        Eiichi Fukushima
     Kathleen Brandt                         E.T. & Jane Caudill                  Thomas L. Dannenberg                  Paul and Catherine Eichel           Anne and Martin Fuller
     Jack Brannock                           Joseph and Linda Cecchi              Polly R. Darling and Lawrence         Arthur Eiffert                      Jack & Helen Fuller
     Robert J. Bransford                     Central NM Brittany Club             Johnson                               Jean A. Eilek                       Robert & Pamela Fullerton
     Patrick & Natalie Brashear              James & Geraldine Cerasani           Barton Darrow                         Jane M. Einhorn                     L.E. & Virginia Fultz
     Paul Braterman                          Eric Chael and Marianne Walck        Judith Davenport                      Jane C. Eisenberger                 Furniture Concepts
     Anne F. Breisch                         Dawn Chevalier                       A. Wayne & Karen Davenport            El Buen Samaritano United           Rebecca Gabaldon
     Bright Horizons, Inc.                   Chama Valley Supermarket             Paul G. Davidson                      Methodist Church                    Estella M. Gahala
     Stephanie & Jeffrey Brinker             Abe & Mildred Chanin                 Jay G. Davis                          El Portal Employment Services       Mark and Kathy Galbreth
     Edward S. Brionez                       James and Mary Chapek                Harold & Betty Davis                  Hollis Elkins                       Thomas and Joan Gallagher
                                                             ROADRUNNER                       FOOD         BANK

Andrew and Erica Gallegos        Elizabeth C. Hadas                    Neil & Ty Hise                      Rick A. Kellogg                       Judith B. Lindeman and Robert D.
Daniel and Maya Gallegos         Charles & Louanna Haecker             Gena Hoagland                       MSIA c/o Dennis and Elaine Kelly      Lindeman
Lee Gamelsky                     William J. Haflin                     Carol Hobart                        Brian J. & Maria Kelly                Shirley D. Lindon
Maureen Gannon                   Hilda M. Haggard                      A. E. & Rosalina Hodapp, Jr.        David & Barbara Kelsey                George R. Lindsay
Stephen and Wilma Gantz          John Hahn                             Ulton and Jean Hodgin               Susan H. and Joseph V. Kemetz         Susan W. Little
John and Patricia Garberson      Franklin & Dessa Halasz               Hoech Real Estate Corp.             Mary Kemp                             Viola S. Livingston
Raul Garcia                      John and Betty Halbleib               James & Dolores Hoffman             Jill M. Kennedy                       Megan Lloyd Hill
Chris and Sandra Garcia          Karen R Halderson                     Patrick Hogan and Lynne Sebastian   James Kerr                            Lee Ann Lloyd and Nancy Baltus
Bert and Carolyn Garcia          Jan Haley                             John A. Hogg                        Kutub Khan                            Glinda Lobdell
Irene F. Garcia                  Duane H. Hall                         John and Linda Holland              Robert Khanlian                       Raymond and Anita Lockhart
Isaac and Sally Garcia           Fritz Hall                            Renee and Paul Hollis               Vanessa Kidd                          Ms. Bessie S. Loeffler
William and Aileen Garcia        Irving & Lois Hall                    Chris and Jean B. Hollowwa          Judith Kidd                           Robert B. Loftfield
Brooke M. or Jody M. Garcia      James Hall and Linn Kennedy           Paul B. Homan                       Mark Kiefer                           Richard and Kathrine Logan
Jennifer K. Garcia               Heidi L. and Kent D. Halverson        Jung Pyo & Yoshiko Ellen Hong       Patricia M. Kiker                     Maureen F. Logsdon
Kimberly E. Garcia               Jay M and Nan C Hamner                Betty M. Hoover                     Hugh & Gloria Killin                  Christopher Lohman
Tony Gardella                    Mark R Hancock                        Thomas J. and Mary Ann Campbell     Theodore and Christina Kim            Mr. & Mrs. Jerald W. Long
Laura Garihee                    Richard C. Handal                     Horan                               Timothy & Nancy Kimball               Chrissy Long
Caroline & Bernard Garrick       Stanley Handmaker                     Richard Horton & Holly Anlian       Thomas M. Kimball                     Gary Lonz
Geraldine H. Garrison            Margery Hanisee                       Mindi Horwitch                      Rene Kimball                          Marianne Lorcher
Louise Garry & John Wade         Dane and Thomasina Hannum             Helen L. Horwitz                    Michaela S. Kindley                   Lorrie’s Collectibles
Laura J. Gartling                D. Eric Hannum                        Todd B. Hotchkiss                   Donna & Clayton King                  Catherine Loughlin
Jesse and Peggy Garves           Greg and Annie Hanoumis               Penny Houghteling                   Stephen R. King & Margaret Rust       Bruce and Lesle Loughridge
Janis M. Gaston                  B. P. & R. J. Hansen                  Bernadette Houghton                 Mr. & Mrs. Bruce King                 Emily J. Lovato
Jane Gates                       William & Judith Hansen               James G. Houston                    Michael and Teresa Kirchner           Donald Lovejoy
Jerry Gaul                       Roderick A. and Lydia Griego-Hansen   Cecilia Howard                      Sharleen A. Kirkpatrick               Twila Kunde
David & Tanner Gay               Carl and Mary Ellen Hanson            William H. & Marilyn D. Howe        Kirtland Officers Spouses Club        Peggy Lowe
Herbert and Helen Gelb           David L. Hanson                       Mary Howe                           Dave and Sandy Klassen                Manuel & Suzanne Lozano
Melva Gellenthien                Susan M. Hapka                        Carolyn Hudson                      Melissa A. Klein                      Rosalie Lucero
Michelle George                  Iola Harding                          Debra Lynn Huffman                  Diane J. Klepper                      Stella J. Lucero
Mr. & Mrs. K.W. Gephart          Michael & Janet Harding               Edith and Orval Hughes              Carol Kline                           Kenneth and Louise Ludwick
Ree Gerchow                      Francis Harding & Sarah Hamilton      Gay Hull                            Linda R. Klosky                       Judith A. Ludwig-Keller
Peter and Lillian Gerity         William Michael Hare                  Robert B. Hume                      Joyce Klotz                           Nancy D Luecke
David and Linda S. Giaquinto     Patricia Ann Haring                   Susan F. Hunt                       Peter and Judy Klupar                 Beverly Lulow
Charles and Judith Gibbon        Cathy & D.L. Harman                   Pam Hurd-Knief                      Jeanne J. or Richard L. Knight        Robert E. and Maureen A. Luna
Chris Gibbons                    Ruben R. Hernandez                    Michael and Donna Hurula            Albert C. Knobloch                    Jeffrey and Peggy Lunsford
George Giddens                   Douglas & Karin Harned                W.V. Hutcherson                     Steven J. Koch                        Billie Joyce Lustgarten
Jean Giebink                     Janice Harper                         Marlene Hyde                        Nancy Koenigsberg & Daniel            Mark & Joan Lutey
Lora Gilbert                     Thelma G. Harrell                     Nancy Ibold                         Matthews                              Jasmine L and James D Lyle
David and Lynn Gill              James and Maxine Harrington           Bruno & Amy Ienni                   Sylvia Koerber                        Frank & Pamela Lynch
Judy Gillenwater                 Steve Harrington                      Mike Inglis                         Herbert & Michele Koffler             William H. Lynn
Carolina Girimonte               Joan Harris & John Aidun              Innovative Ideas                    Jasper & Ella Koontz                  Kuang Jing Ma & Chia-I Ma
Elizabeth & Joseph Glass         Kevin & Carol Harrison                Irish American Society              Raymond and Cathrine Kopka            Victoria & Gordon Macaulay
Brian and Marie Glendenning      Kathryn Harrison                      J.A. Isaksen                        Diana Koski                           W.B. & Jean Macey
Ronald J. Glenn and Anna C.      Illene M. Harrison                    H.J. and C.V. Iuzzolino             Michael & Carolyn Koury               Scott Macfarland
Sanchez-Glenn                    Judith A. Hart                        Rena Jackson                        Richard A. Krajcik                    Fran Macintyre*
Donna Glover                     Fredrick Hart                         Daniel and Cathy Jaco               Nancy J and Rudy A Krall              Charles Mack & Julie Garcia
Anne and Loyd Goatcher           John and Debra Hart                   Molly Jacques                       Elizabeth & Jim Kubie                 Chris Madigan
Sandy Gold                       Doris J and Paul H Hartenberger       Molly Jacquez                       Edith Kubie                           Vicki Wilhelm Maenchen
Norman & Shirley Gold            Jay and Ilene Hartfield               Peter & Donna James                 Holly Kuehn                           Max H. Maerki
Ann Goldenberg                   Ilene M. Hartfield                    Andrew and Elizabeth Janeczek       Twila Kunde                           Gerald Maese
Karolyn Goldenberg               Thomas & Gail Hartman                 Kathryn A. Janke                    Aaronette Kutny                       Alice Maese
William Goldrick                 TaLeah Hartman                        Gwenellen Janov                     Kenneth and Stephanie Kuzio           Paul & Denise Maestas
Suzanne Gomez                    Christian and Cheryll Hartwigsen      Peggy Jenner                        Mrs. James A. La Rue                  Louise Maffitt
Elizabeth Gonzales               Harris L. Hartz                       James Michael Jett                  Peter A La Scala                      Mike Magallon
Allen M. Gonzales                George Harutunian                     Stephen and Maureen Jett            Daria Labinsky                        Stephen B. and Linda Maggart
James and Julie Gooding          Nancy Harwood                         John Jewett                         Heidi Lachmann                        Diana Segara Mahoney
Robert & Marti Goodman           Elizabeth Hatchitt                    Craig Jensen & Heidi Jochem         Kenneth C. and Wilma G. Lachmann      Nancy Mahoney
Allen E. Goodrich                Robert and Margaret Hawk              Michael Johnsen MD                  Rick & Pam Lackey                     Serge Mailloux and Susan Krinard
A. Elizabeth Gordon              Dorothy D. Hawkins                    Darwin & Marjorie Johnson           Henry and Judith Lackner              Steven G and Kay A Maize
John and Georgia Gorsuch         Lynn & James Haynes                   Susan Strand Johnson                Matthew C. Ladd                       Maria & Ramona Malczynski
Joseph Gorvetzian                Auda K. Hays                          Yazzie Johnson and Gail Bird        John & Janice Lahr                    Louis & Joyce Maldonado
James and Mary Jane Gosz         M. B. Hays                            Lawrence Johnson & Polly Darling    Carolyn Lamb                          Robert and Catherine Malins
Kathy Gough                      Toni J. Hays                          Roxanne Johnson                     Jacquelin Lamb                        Stephanie L. Mallory
Beverly Granger                  Michael Hazen                         Joyce M. Johnson                    Linda Lamberson                       Alan and Linda Malott
Diane Grant                      William O. Heckman                    Jenna Johnson                       Gerald Landgraf                       Robert and Michele Mals
Stewart and Alice Graybill       Richard L. Heideman                   Jimmy and Sylvia Johnson            Lyle and Jaclyn Lane                  Mary Manchego
Greater Albuquerque Housing      David & Kathleen Heiler               Shirley A. Johnston                 Roger Lane                            Mr. & Mrs. Edward Manfre
Partnership                      Lissa Heineman & John Fleck           James and Norma Johnston            Michelle T. Lang                      Neil and Sandra Mann
Bruce and Carolyn Green          Kurt & Jennifer Hellermann            Dustin & Barbara Johnston           The Lange Family                      Frances Manning
Steven and Mary Anne Green       Mary C. Helton                        Val R. Jolley                       Michelle T. Lange                     Linda K. and Greg C. Mansfield
Susan Greenbaum                  Arthur and Peggy Hemmendinger         Mary L. Jones                       Robert & Patricia Langley             Nancy Marano
Nancy W. Greenberg               Mark and Linda Henderson              Alice Jones                         F.M. Michael and Barbara Langner      Kevin D. and Jane Carroll Marbach
Elizabeth Greenlee               Larry & Donna Henderson               Morris B. Jones                     Steve Larranaga                       Karen Marcotte
Mary Beth Greulich               Wallace D. Henderson                  Jalena Jones                        Larry’s Pumping Service               Temperance G. Marek
Marla Griego                     Robyn and Mary Ann Hendrixson         Carolyn Joneson                     Narion and Barbara Larsen             Frank and Barbara Mares
Manuel Griego                    Barbara Hennie                        Janet J. Jordan                     Christopher & Lawrel Larsen           Curtis, Sandra, Philip and Jacob
Jon and Patsy Griego             Bonny Billau Hennigan                 Glen L. & Elizabeth L. Jornigan     Oliver & Beverly Larson               Marez
David and Rose Grieves           Patricia A. Henning                   Michael M. Joy                      Leif and Lisa Larsson                 Joann Marksbury
Justin and Blanche Griffin       Pat and Sandra Henry                  Benny and Rosalie Juarez            Edward and Carolyn Laughlin           Walton and Ruth Marshall
Frank & Patricia Griffith        Mark Henry                            Alice and John Jurkens              Melvin and Claire Lautenschlager      Billy & Barbara Marshall
Kim A. Griffith                  Dennis Henry                          Mark & Deborah Jursich              Virginia Lawrence                     Ralph Marson & Amy Mioduszewski
Pat Rhiannon Griffith            Sybil Hensley                         Joan L. Justus                      Eugene & Joan LeBoeuf                 Laura Martin
Brian and Beatriz Gronert        Heritage Title of Valencia Co.        Peter and Joanna Kaestner           John & Priscilla Leach                Ruth Martin
Gerald and Patricia Gronert      Carla Herman & John Robertson         Sharon Kahn                         Kenneth C. and Hazel A. Tull- Leach   Richard Martin and Rekha Rao
Phyllis Gronseth                 Steven and Ronda Hermann              Carol L. Kain                       Daniel Leckman                        Wanda Martin
Rachel Gross & Terry Dumos       M. Theresa Hernandez                  Norton & Summers Kalishman          John and Judy Ledman                  Jeramy Martinez
Kelly Grounds                    Mercedes Herrera                      Julia H. Kalmus                     Ralph and Lynn Leedy                  Thomas Martinez
Robert Grubbs                    J.S. Herring                          Neil I. Kaminsky, MD                Brian and Lucia Leen                  Susan Martinez
Dale and Fae Grunseth            Mary C. Herring                       Kandu Plumbing                      Joan Lefkoff-Shaw                     Barbara A. Martinez
Nathaniel M. Grunst              Reid Hester                           Joshua and Lee Kann                 Charles & Laura Lefkofsky             Ruben and Karen Martinez
Col. & Mrs. Hart Guenther        Jonathan and Ellin Hewes              Jon and Joyce Kaplan                Deborah Lehmann                       Sammy and Jeanne Martinez
Ellen Guest                      Harriet Hewes                         Paul & Alice Kapnison               Jerome and Betty Lehnus               Karen Martinez
Dale Guillot                     Hi Lo Market                          Deborah Kapp                        Richard & Leslea Lehoucq              Betty A. Martinez and Esther Larson
Gary A. and Margaret J. Gunter   L. Dianne & Michael Hibbs             Jerome and Martha Kaufman           Bonnie Leiting                        Mary & Nick Martinez
James and Louise Gustafson       Kyle Higgins                          Linda L. Kearns                     Michael Lentz                         Robert & Vaadra Martinez
Karl and Wendy Gustafson         Betty Jean Highland                   Jack & Helen Keen                   Barbara Leonard                       Tyler Mason
Caryl Ann Gutheinz               Vernelle S.Hightower                  Donald Keenan & Trudy Bergen        Perry W. or Magda Leslie              David and Linda Mason
Navid Fatemi & Flora Gutierrez   Jessica Hill                          Orlo & Evelyn Keene                 Jean Lewis                            George D. Mata
Paul & Mary Gutierrez            Michael E. Hill                       Paul and Theresa Keener             Floyd & Evelyn Lewis                  Eric Mathes & Juanita Wolff
Margaret Gutjahr                 Marilyn L. Hill                       Samuel and Susan Keith              Claude and Nancy Lewis                Robert and Sara Mathis
Carl E. Gutman                   William & Helen Hillman               Jessica Keller                      Brian and Amy Lewis                   Stephen and Janice Matthews
Karl and Deborah Gutschera       Joan K. Himes                         Chuck and Mary Ellen Keller         Paul T. Lin                           Margaret Mavretich and Robert Walko
John and Christine Haaland       Hinkle, Hensley, Shanor & Martin      Diana Kellner                       Richard and Carolyn Lindberg          Judy K. Maxfield
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                                         Angela G. Morgan                   Dianne E. Paiko                     Robert R. Rehder                       Viola Sanchez
        Money Donors...                  Lawrence and Deborah Morrell       Karyn Palmer                        Cheryl Reid                            Manuel and Celia Sanchez
                                         James and Margaret Morris          Peter and Charlene Pankuch          Robert Reinke                          Archie J and Jacqueline Dean
                                         James B. Morris                    J.M. & Katheryn Pape                Lester and Connie Reischman            Sanchez
     Richard and Barbara May
                                         John L. Morrow                     Lucille Ann Papile                  Rebecca A. Reiss                       Ralph A. Sanchez
     Anne McBrayer
                                         Sheila Morrow and Stephen Daney    George & Katherine Pappas           Karen & Keith Reiten                   Michele Sanders
     Pamela McBride
                                         Paula Mortensen                    Mario Pardo-Friedman                Reliable Mortgage Inc.                 Gail and John Sanders
     Mary & Thomas McConnell
                                         Edward Mortimer                    Margaret Pargin                     Deanna Remenar                         Renee D. Sandoval
     Tom and Corina McCready
                                         Margaret Mortimer                  Joy L. Park                         Maurine Renville                       Isadora Sandoval
     Flint McCullough
                                         Elizabeth Morton                   Jay and Anne Parks                  Arnold Resnick                         William & Jeri-Lynn Sandusky
     Leona McDaniel
                                         Frank L. Moschiano                 Robert T. Parnell                   Paul J. Resnick                        Dorothy M. Savarese
     Charlene McDermott
                                         Ruth Moser                         Joan Parsons                        Elizabeth C. Reyes                     R.G. & Marie Scanlon
     Athena L. McDevitt
                                         Rick Mowrey                        Robert Parsons                      Susan Reyner                           William & Marilyn Schaedla
     Richard and Greta McDonald
                                         Anna Maria Moya                    Dwight L. Parsons                   Lee Reynis & David Stryker             Anne R. Schaefer
     Ingmarie McElvain
                                         R.F. Moya                          Henry & Dolores Paskiewicz          Judith Reynolds                        Patrick & Anne Scharff
     Richard McEneny Insurance
                                         Mary B. Mucci                      Mark and Cecilia Pasnewski          Rhombus PA                             Candace Schau
     Robert D and Laura J McFarland
                                         Rosemary Mudd                      Allan and Connie Pasteris           Dan and Lynn Ribble                    James and Jean Scheibner
     Jennifer & Mark McGaughey
                                         Bobby & Donna Muhn                 Alistair & Norma Paton              James & Linda Rice                     Ann L. Scheibner
     Mary R. McGee
                                         Ann M. Mullen                      Melissa Patterson                   John & Kathleen Rich                   Robert and Patricia Schenck
     Kara & Robert McGee
                                         John & Mary Mulvany                David and Jill Patterson            Carol K. Richards                      Joyce A. Schild, MD
     Paul and Barbara McGuire
                                         Virginia M. Murphy                 Myrtle P. Patterson                 Donald Richardson                      Rodney Schmell
     Elizabeth A. McGuire
                                         A.E. and Agnes Murphy              Dwight & Laurie Patterson           John B. Richardson                     H. W. and Barbara Schmitt
     David McInnis
                                         Kerrie Murphy                      Tom Payne                           Sherry Richardson                      Randal & Sherry Schmitt
     John & Carlene McIntyre
                                         Steven T. Murray                   J. Michael Pearce & Margaret Maya   Karl S. Ricker                         David and Connie Schneider
     Bruce McKinney
                                         Ramona and Thomas E Murvin         Page                                Al and Margaret Rickert                Rebecca D Schnelker
     Kathryn McKnight & Lynn Mostoller
                                         James and Arlene Musgrove          Elizabeth Pearce                    Rider Family                           Kenneth and Bonnie Schnoor
     Michael and Miranda McLaughlin
                                         Nancy Musinski                     Billie Pearl-Schuler                Rodger and Joan Riggs                  Robert and Roberta Schoenfeld
     Jill Irvin McLaughlin
                                         Ramona L. Myers                    M. S. Pearse                        Douglas and Jo Riley                   Charlotte Scholl
     Evelyn McMaster
                                         Jim Myers                          Therese L. Pena                     Marie M. Riley                         Beverly Schoonover
     Armon McPherson
                                         Dane Myers and Melinda King        Monica Pena                         Albert and Nell Ripley                 Frances L. Schreyer
     Ruth McPherson
                                         John W. Myre and Mary Othmer       Robert & Mary Penneman              Dennis Rishel                          Eric W. Schuler
     Margaret C. McReynolds
                                         NM 4 Wheelers                      Donald & Denise Penners             Deborah Lynne Risvold                  Charles Schwab & Mary Jane
     Paul and Kay McSherry
                                         James and Diane Nakos              Victor Peralta                      Mary A. Roach                          Chestnut
     Michelle Meaders
                                         Richard H. Nance                   Randall & Kimberly Perkins          Patrick & Catharine Stewart-Roache     Karen M. Schwach
     John and Lottie Meador
                                         Albert and Shanna Narath           James and Adriene Perner            Wanda Robbie                           Connie Schwalm
     Josephine Mechem
                                         Cheryl Nava                        Robert & Sara Perovich              David and Ruthie Robbins               Daniel & Elaine Schwartz
     Daniel Medrano
                                         Charles and Ruth Needham           Caryl V. Peterson                   Laura W. Robbins                       A.M. and K.A. Schwartz
     Carolann Meekins
                                         Tisa Neff                          W.C. Petrie                         Robert and Shirley Herres              Carol C. Schwarz
     Gregory & Anne Mehle
                                         Robert and Townley Neill           Donald & Robin Pfaff                Calvin A. Roberts                      Jerry Sconce
     Thomas & Noelle Mehlhorn
                                         Michael and Patricia Nelson        Cynthia Phillips & Thomas Martin    Ken and Jane Roberts                   Allan Scott
     Jack & Phoebe Meiss
                                         Spencer and Mary Beth Nelson       Jane Fay Phillips                   Dee Robertson                          Homer Scott
     Meg & John Meister
                                         Ann and James Nelson               Fred and Lois Phillips              Jane Robertson                         John W. and Barbara M. Scott
     Mary H. Melia
                                         Ronald Nelson                      Nancy I. Phillips                   Paul Robeson                           Kris and Lynda Scoumperdis
     Patrick & Jean Melloy
                                         Richard Nenoff & Deborah Ridley    Stephen and Rodene Phillips         Dean and Colette Robinette             Gen Scully
     Richard Meltzer
                                         Robert and Patsy Ann Nesbitt       Martin & Beverly Pierce             Peter and Patricia Robinson            Phillip and Barbara Seeger
     Judy & Robert Mennonna
                                         Sharon and Richard Neuman          Twila Pierson                       Carl & Karen Robson                    Ronald and Meryl Segel
     Veronica & Ronne Mercer
                                         Gregory and Judy Newgard           Mary Ellen Pino                     David and Barbara Rockwell             Pamela Seigal
     Bettiann Mercure
                                         Katherine Newlon                   Donald & Roxanne Pittard            Norman & Judith Roderick               Margaret B. Seis
     Russell and Vickie Merrill
                                         Patrick & Mary Newman              Barbara Plagge                      Larry & Alice Rodgers                  Bruce R. Seligman
     Mesa Verde Resources
                                         Barbara E. Newman                  David & Yolanda Ploor               Kathy & Dennis Rodriguez               Henrietta Sellers
     Michael and Patricia Messier
                                         Kathryn Newman                     Martin A. Plugge                    Mary Roehrig                           Judith L. Sellers
     Phillip & Diann Messuri
                                         Monika H. Newman                   Wilfred & M. Wray Plunkett          Peter Rogers                           Helen Senesac
     Sterrett & Lynette Metheny
                                         James and Karen Nicholas           Tammy C. Pluym                      Michele and Christina Rogers           Feliciano A Serna and Nina Baca-
     Sally C. & Ronald L. Meyer
                                         Aubrey and Lucy Nichols            David and Karen Poage               Lloyd & Debbie Rogers                  Serna
     Brent and Dawn Meyer
                                         G.R. & Eloise Nickerson            Henry Pocock & Martha Miller        Patricia A. Rogers                     Christine & Peter Seyl
     Stephanie Michnovicz
                                         Jeff and Jennie Nickle             Michael and Gloria Podolny          Polly Rogers                           George & Nancy Shaffer
     Kristine Middleton
                                         Steve & Debbie Niemeyer            Beverly Polyard                     Julie A. Rohr                          Shalom Enterprises
     Mike & Diane Davidson
                                         Jonathan Nimitz or Lisa Kindrick   Louise Pomes                        Carlos & Amy Romero                    Karen Shane-Jenkins
     David F. Mikolajczak
                                         William & Elvera Nobles            Jane M Poppenger                    Barbara A. Romero                      Eileen Shannon
     Mark R. Milden
                                         Agnes Noonan                       Vicki L. Porter                     Evelyn P. Romero and Jon Mustonen      Delphin & Marilyn Shannon
     Walter and Dawn Miller
                                         Bryan Norris                       Horace and Joy Poteet               Fred F. Romero                         Scot Shapiro
     William & Linda Miller
                                         David and Audrey Northrop          Charles & Michelle Potter           Monique Romero                         J.D. Sharick
     Gary & Eleanore Miller
                                         Darlene A. and Bill D. Norton      Robert Potter                       LuAnna Romero-Woodhouse                Zachery and Sharon Sharp
     Guy Miller
                                         Linda and Tom Novak                Tom Potter                          Martha E. Root                         Michael and Donna Sharp
     Linda L. Miller
                                         George and Mary Novotny            Judith A. Pound                     Jennifer & Michael Rose                Cleveland Sharp and Janice
     David Miller
                                         Eloy & Nancy Nunez                 Ann Powers                          Ed Rose                                Bandrofchak
     Curtis & Shirley Miller
                                         Lana Nunn                          Ruth Pregenzer                      Ronald Rosenau                         Barbara Sharpe
     Jim and Millie Miller
                                         John and Claiborne O’Connor        Presbyterian Women                  Helen C. Rosenthal                     Raymond W. Shaum
     Linda Miller
                                         Thomas O’Hare                      Jack Prewitt                        Barbara M. Rosnagle                    Jan & John Shaw
     Miller Stratevert P.A.
                                         Shawn & Cherie O’Keefe             Gary Priester and Mary Carter       Richard and Nancy Ross                 Lt. Col. Thomas P. Shaw and Carol
     Keith and Rae Miller
                                         Paula O’Neil                       Larry S. Nichols & Polly C. Primm   Gerald and Shirley Ross                Shaw
     Stephen Mills
                                         William T. O’Rourke                Roger Probasco                      Rachel Ann Ross                        Emil & Rose Shaw
     Mark & Renee Mimovich
                                         Frank O’Sullivan                   Jennifer D. Providente              M. Christine Rossi & Michael C. Leo    Jerome and Diana Shea
     John & Mary Mims
                                         Gertrude O’Toole                   Margaret A. Putnam                  David and Frances Rosson               Randy Sheesley
     Nadine E. Miner
                                         Scott Obenshain                    Queen of Heaven Parish              Franklin M. and Betty Kathleen Roush   Charles Shepard and Derry Moritz
     Valerie L. Miranda
                                         Doris J. Ocker                     Quell Corporation                   Flora P. Roussos                       Kristopher Shepard and Rebecca
     Frederick Mitchell
                                         Michael Odell                      Naomi Quenk                         Richard and Mary Ruddy                 Dickens
     Cheryl Mitchell
                                         Pete and Ann Oechslin              Andrea I. Quijada                   Dean Rudoy                             Les & Darlene Shephard
     James and Josephine Mitchell
                                         John and Patricia Oetzel           Marjorie Quine-Smith                Bryan L and Lisa Wood Ruggles          Frederick and Susan Sherman
     Merle Mitchell
                                         Priscilla S. Ohl                   KC Quirk                            Guadalupe V. Ruiz                      Bob and Angelina Sherrill
     Shirley A. Mitchell
                                         Duane & Frances Oja                R T Hicks Constultants Ltd.         Imogene Russell                        Steve Shinnick
     Kathleen M. Mixon
                                         Walter & Ruth Olds                 Leonard A. and Joyce M. Raab        Steven and Nancy Russell               Patricia T. Shipley
     Carol Mochel
                                         Gary & Elizabeth Olson             Janelle Raborn                      Tom & Charlene Rutherford              A. Ellen Shippy
     Susan Moczygemba-McKinsey
                                         David S. Olson                     Marilyn L Racca                     Nancy Rutland                          Susan Shires & Robert Rubin
     Carol Moldaw
                                         Gerald & Kathleen Olson            James & Kathleen Ragsdale           Elaine J. Rutten                       Dave and Laree Shirey
     Connie Monahan
                                         Peter Ormson                       Linda A. Ramirez                    Barbara Ruzinsky                       Rebecca J. Shoden
     Gilbert and Patricia Moncayo
                                         Reynaldo Ortega                    Jonathan & Chris Ramsay             Susan E. Ryan                          Sharlene Shoemaker
     Gary T. and Elaine C. Montague
                                         Augustine Ortiz                    Mary Elizabeth Randall              Norah M Ryan                           Thomas and Gail Sholtis
     Monte’s Pueblo Pipe Shop
                                         Vernon & Evelyn Osborne            Donna M and Isaac D Randall         Lois Ann Ryan                          Ron and Claudia S. Short
     Nell A. Monteith
                                         Peter & Sue-Ellen Osika            Debi Randall                        SG Western Construction, Inc.          Pam Shumard
     Jose A. Montoya
                                         Larry & Teresa Ostrem              Jessica A. Raper                    Steve Saal                             Patricia Shure
     Margie & Ronald Montoya
                                         Peter Ostwald                      Richard J. Rappuhn                  Julius & Ethel Sadilek                 Loy S. Siegenthaler
     David & Pam Montoya
                                         P.J. Developments, Inc.            Billy and Gloria Rasberry           Joe Sadowski                           Sierra Vista Civitan Club
     Mrs. Albert O. Moore
                                         PMC Solutions                      Barbara Raskob                      Sage ‘n Cactus Telecom Pioneers        John F. Sikkens
     Malcolm F. and Connnie Dusenbury
                                         George and Judith Pace             William D. Rathgeber                Sage N’ Cactus Telecom Pioneers        Narsiso and Margaret Silva
                                         Emily Pacheco                      Angela Straquadine Rave             Darlene Salazar                        Richard W. & M. Barbara Simms
     Dan Moore
                                         Leroy Pacheco                      Joy Read                            Mary E. Salazar                        Janet Simon
     Richard Moore
                                         Pacific Mutual Door & Window       Thomas and Shelly Reams             Ron and Sharon Salley                  William Singer
     Elaine Moore
                                         Frances D and Crespin M Padilla    Peggy Reed                          Louis Salm                             Michael and Janet Sjulin
     Borghild Moore
                                         Antoinette M. Padilla              Reed Enterprises                    Mary Susan & Ron Salzberg              Carol Ann & William Skees
     Michele Moore
                                         Richard & Renee Pagan              Ray A. Reeder                       Sam Hindi Ranch Co.                    Joseph and Carla Skibba
     Kenneth E. Moorhead
                                         Lois G. Page                       Agnesa Reeve                        James & Eleanor Sampson                Max and Linda Sklower
     Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Moran
                                         Susan Page and Mark Pallardy       Thomas Zane Reeves                  David & Joan Sanchez                   Rodney and Judy Slack
     Edward & Hazel Morgan
                                                                 ROADRUNNER                    FOOD           BANK
Margaret Jane Slaughter             Gail W. Taylor                      Willie & Debbie Vigil                 Phyllis S. Wilson
Michael & Cheryl Slosberg           Dale S. Taylor                      Anthony & Kristin Vigil               R. Janine Wilson
Stephen A. and Linda J. Slutz       Teamsters Local Union No 492        Jose and Esther Vigil                 Darryl and Kimberli Wilson
William & Sandra Small              Frank A. Tegard                     Leonard G. Vigil                      Jay & Christie Wiltse
Thomas Smidt III                    James & Sandra Tegnelia             Elina S. Vigil                        Christopher & Patricia Windisch

Daniel and Jean Smith               Richard & Elizabeth Telles          Arturo Villanueva                     Windsor Door Sales Inc.
Kathleen and Stephen Smith          Anthony & Patsy Tenorio             Frank and Cornelia Villareal          Edwin Michael Wing
Margaret A. Smith                   Joyce Terrasas                      Anthony and Hope Villegas             David P. Winkler
Carl and Marilyn Smith              Territorial Landscape Co.           Ernie & Jan Villescas                 Walter W. Winslow, M.D.
Craig and Kay Smith
Mary M. Smith
Charlene Smith
                                    Susan Terry
                                    The Quilters of Prince of Peace
                                    Al & Joyce Thiel
                                                                        Albert & Ruth Vincent
                                                                        John J. Vittal
                                                                        Flo Vogan
                                                                                                              Arthur and Carol Wintheiser
                                                                                                              Matthew J. Wirth
                                                                                                              Rudolph V. Wise, Jr.
David & Luween Smith
James R. Smith
Sharon Smoker
                                    Steven G. Thoma
                                    Ronald J. Thomas
                                    Carroll A. Thomas
                                                                        Paula Vogel
                                                                        Stephen J. Vogel
                                                                        Nicholas A. and Nancy S. Volpicelli
                                                                                                              Tim & Delma Wiseley
                                                                                                              M.D. and Ella Wissler
                                                                                                              Jerry With
Karen Smoot                         Jennifer & Dave Thomas              Christian Von Huene                   John and Holly Woelber
Mary Joleen Snell                   Rhonda & Bryant Thomas              Ronald Voorhees                       Kaye M. Wolfarth
Heidi Snow                          Jerome Thomas                       Carole S. Vosburgh                    Lynn Wombold
John C. and Bonnie E. Snowdon       Diane Thome                         Stephen A. and Carol A. Walcott       Amy Woolley                        Roadrunner Food
Lozen and Stephen Snyder            R.E. and R. K. Thompson             Peter & Denise Walinsky               Lori L. Workizer
Stephen E. Snyder                   William & Teresa Thompson           Stephen M. Walker                     Audrey M. Worrell                  Bank's food donors
Sodeco Modern Water Systems Inc.
Brian G. Solan
                                    Lisa E Thompson
                                    Stephanie Thompson
                                                                        Anita Jianos Walker
                                                                        Lee Ellen Walker
                                                                                                              Sharon C. Wright
                                                                                                              Patricia & John Wright
                                                                                                                                                 contributed nearly
Roger and Judith Sopher             Stephen & Wanda Thompson            James B. Walker                       Maureen G. Wright                  15,000,000 pounds
Marian F. Sotel                     Greg and Patricia Thompson          Harley E. and Mildred W. Walker       John and Denise Cabrera Wright
Southwest Re                        Elizabeth and Richard Thompson      Walter & Patricia Walkow              J Stanton and Barbara L Wyche      of food in 2005!
Patricia Spaltro                    Nellee Thompson                     Gary and Colleen Wall                 William and Nancy Wygant
Susan M. Spaven                     David and Stephanie Thompson        Laura Wall                            Gregory and Colleen Wyss
Floyd and Debra Spencer             Donald and Alice Thompson           Ronald D and Pat V Wallace            Dennis Yazzie                      Advance Marketing
Alice Splawn                        Lt. Col. Ronald E. and Mary E.      Edward and Darla Wallace              Year One Productions
Maurita Sponagle                    Thompson                            Harry & Bettie Wallingford            Kevin and Lian Yearout
Scott & Patricia Stafford           Gayle Thompson-Prinkey              Jacqueline W. Walter                  Wendy Yellen                       All Faiths Receiving Home
William and Leslie Stahelin         Irene C Thorne                      Glen A. Walters                       Moses T. and Theresa Stotz Zabec   Arizona Gleaning Project
Lisa M. Standley                    Dorthy Thornton                     Elizabeth Waltman                     Rod & Lola Zabel                   Ben E. Keith
Paul Stanford                       Debra N. Thrall & Terry S. Pierce   Timothy J. Ward                       Alfred Zachmann
State Employees Credit Union        June Tidenberg                      Esther Ward                           Anne Zaffron
                                                                                                                                                 B & H Wholesale
James and Grace Steckart            Rick Tiedman and Cindy Vigil        Sheridan Ward                         Lisa Zahren                        Bimbo Bakeries
Maurice and Agnes Steele            Alicia M. Tierney                   Charles B. Ware                       Gregory and Teresa Zanetti         Bueno Foods
Charles E. Steele                   Betty H. Toledo                     William E and Cynthia V Warren        Amanda Cisco & K. Zavadil          Cal-Maine Foods
Lynne E. Steele                     Bobby and Olga Toledo               Arlene H. Warren                      Ronald and Geneva Zawistoski
Charlie R and Alexandra M Steen     Edward and Loretta Toledo           Barbara Waserman                      Zia Chapter                        Coca-Cola Bottlers
James and Carol Steeves             Anna-Lena Toledo                    Bryant & Johnell Washburn             Donald & Harriett Zickert          Costco
Donald E. and B. Joan Stehr         Melva Mellissa Toledo               Liz A. Watrin                         M.P. & B.J. Zimprich               Creamland Dairy
Charles Stein                       Kristine Tollestrup & Floyd Frost   Rebecca Watson and Janice Fichuk      Jane T. Zingelman
Joshua Stein                        John and Lucia Tondl                Kristi Watterberg & Ronald Poland     Kenneth & Geneva Zirnheld
                                                                                                                                                 Food Bank of the Rockies
Theodore and Imogen Stein           Jennifer Toppin                     Leah Watterberg                       Bill & Linda Zwick                 Flowers Baking Company
Cynthia B. Steiner                  David F. Torrez                     Susan Wayland                         Raul de la Garza                   Farmer’s Market
Vernon J. Stephens                  Curtis D and Christina M Trafton    Darrell Weahkee                                                          Freemont Fine Foods
Barbara G. Stephenson               Rosemary Traub and Thomas O         Irene & Craig Weatherfield
Mary & Walter Stern                 Rothfeld                            Harry & Sarah Weaver
                                                                                                                                                 General Distributors Inc.
Marcia Kay Stevenson                Deborah Maestas Traynor             Danni Laurel Webb                                                        General Mills
Robert & Barbara Stewart            David and Sarah Treeson             Danette Webb                                                             Hacienda Packing
Stephen & Marilyn Stewart           Elizabeth Trego                     William & Heather Weber                                                  Harvesters Food Bank
Christine A. Stidley & Edward
                                    George and Judy Trever
                                    Lynn Trojahn
                                                                        Charmaine R and Thomas K Weber
                                                                        Robert J. Weber
                                                                                                              While every                        Heller Distributing
Joseph Stiegler                     Anne Truax and Judith Wanhala       Linda & Steve Wedeen*                 contribution to                    High Plains Food Bank
                                                                                                              Roadrunner Food
John & Kathie Stikar                Timothy Trucano                     Elliott & Sandra Wedeen                                                  ISA Brokers
Andreas Stintz                      Ray and Maureen Trujillo            Diana and John Wee
                                                                                                                                                 John Brooks Supermarkets
Anne Stirling
Chip and Martha Stites*
                                    James & Annette Trujillo
                                    Kim Trujillo Cummings
                                                                        Lou S. Weichman or Benita Grunseth
                                                                        Iris Weinstein & Steven Margulin
                                                                                                              Bank makes a                       Kelloggs Snacks
Leo W. Stockham                     Dolores Trujillo                    Stefi Weisburd                        difference in the                  La Montanita Co-Op
                                                                                                              lives of hungry
Sarah Arkell Stockman               Andrea Tuffli                       Norman F. Weiss                                                          Nabisco
Barbara Jane Stone                  Brian A. Tuffnell                   Deborah Weissman
                                                                                                              people, we regret
Elaine H. Stone                     F.L. and Nora Tuggle                Murray and Carmen Welch
                                                                                                                                                 New Mexico Association of
Alan Stopper & Janis Zloto          Teresa A. Turietta                  James and Bonnie Wells                                                   Food Banks
Carmen Storbeck                     Thad H. Turk                        Steve and Karen Wentworth             that space does                    New Mexico Coffee Company
Barbara A. Stout
Edward & Betty Strebe
                                    Jay L. Turnbow Jr.
                                    Gail Martinez
                                                                        Raymond and Cenia Wenzler
                                                                        Richard D. Werbeck                    not permit us to                   New Mexico Cold Storage
Edward & Sandra Streit              Mindy Turner                        Emily Werder                          list donations of                  US Department of Agriculture
                                                                                                                                                 Sysco Food Services of New
                                                                                                              less than $100.
Malcolm and Penelope Stringer       Christopher & Toni Turpen           Robert and Elizabeth H. Wertheim
Werner Strobel                      Rebekah Tuttle                      Jerry and Alice Wesner                                                   Mexico
Jane Stuart                         Robert Tyroler                      Christina West
Paul E. Stubbe                      The UPS Store #751                  Tracy & Larry West
                                                                                                                                                 Regional Food Bank of
Frank & Gail Stubbs                 US Bankruptcy Court                 G. Ray and Karen Westall              We wish to thank                   Oklahoma
                                                                                                              again all of the
Robert and Lois Stueber             Donald N. Uding                     Kathleen Weston                                                          OroWheat Thrift Store
Sandra Stujenske                    Lynne Uhring and Patrick OMeara     Susan S. Whalen                                                          Pepsi Cola Company
E.R. Coker Sturdivant
John J. Stutzman
                                    Wayne and Nancy Ullery
                                    Rebecca Ullrich
                                                                        Jody Wheatley
                                                                        Ronald & Carol Whiddon
                                                                                                              hundreds of                        Preferred Brokerage
Alyce B. Sugg                       Amy Unthank                         Arvin & Patricia White                donors not listed                  Prime Sales & Marketing
                                                                                                              here for                           Pueblo Fruit
Deborah Sulsky & Stephen Bespalko   Don & Marilyn Upham                 Bonnie M White
Jan Summers                         Karin Urban                         John K. White                                                            Raley’s Supermarkets
Jesse & Helen Summers
Sun Valley Systems, Inc.
                                    Mary S. Utsinger
                                    Vanessa Vaile
                                                                        Mary Linsey & Brian White
                                                                        Carolyn White
                                                                                                              their vital                        America’s Second Harvest
Sundance Mechanical & Utility       Aldo & Rosemary Vaio                Frank Cloak and Laura White           contribution to                    Seven-Up/RC Bottling
Surveys Southwest Ltd.
                                    Samantha Monique Vaisa
                                    Barbara A and Vernon V Valdez
                                                                        Daren Whitehorn
                                                                        Lynda Whitehouse                      helping us fulfill                 Company
                                                                                                              our mission.
Walter C. Sutch                     Margaret O. Valdez                  Herbert & Gwendolyn Whiting
                                                                                                                                                 Sky Chef
Cary Suter & Katherine Ganz         Juanita Valdez                      Bob & Ruby Whittington                                                   Smith’s Food & Drug Stores
Ross and Keri Sutter                Harlan Van Camp                     Eric B. Wickesberg                                                       Southwest Distributing
Gary and Carol Swearingen           Leigh Van Gilst, CPA                James and Anita Wiegmann                                                 Specialty Brands
William and Glenda Sweatt           Edward and Raymunda Van Hoven       Margy Wienbar
Muriel Sweeney                      Maleta & William Van Loan           Catherine Wierzbicki
                                                                                                                                                 Stan’s Frozen Foods
Douglas and Jane Swift
Peter Swift
Elizabeth Szalay and Kenneth
                                    Paul L. Vance & Judith Smith
                                    Susan and Andrew Vance
                                    Ray M. Vargas
                                    Vicky K. Venditto
                                                                        William Wiese MD
                                                                        Wiggins, Williams & Wiggins, P.C.
                                                                        Mary J. Wilhite
                                                                        Charles and Janet Williams
                                                                                                                      Thank                      Statewide Products Company
                                                                                                                                                 Sun Valley Fruit Company
                                                                                                                                                 Ta Lin Market

T-Mobile                            Lynda Venters                       Carol L. Williams                                                        Target Stores
Yvonne Tafoya                       Vergeer Dairy                       Marjorie Williams                                                        US Foodservice
Richard and Janet Tanner            Martha Kay Vesely                   David Williams                                                           Wal-Mart Distribution Center
Gerald and Amy Tapia                Thurman & Pauline Vicenti           James and Marilyn Williams
Herbert and Catherine Tardy         Sharon Vickrey                      Mark A. Williams
                                                                                                                                                 Windsor Foods
Douglas and Karen T Taylor          Carolynn A. Vierregger              William and Alice Willis                                                 Wonder Hostess Thrift
Tom & Jean Taylor                   Rosalie Vigil                       Richard Willis                                                           Zanios Foods
                                                  ROADRUNNER              FOOD       BANK

     Gift Card Program
     Roadrunner Food Bank has a simple and meaningful way to                             Actual cards are in full color
     remember friends and family through our gift card program.

     The Honor Gift Card celebrates special moments in someone's         The Memorial Gift Card recognizes a life well-lived. Inside the
     life – birthday, anniversary, graduation and other significant      card says "A contribution to fight hunger in New Mexico has
     events.                                                             been graciously given in memory of (NAME) by (DONOR).

     Your gift through these cards touches many lives. The monies raised by this program fight hunger in our commmunity. One out of
     every six New Mexicans has a difficult time putting food on their table. Your gift helps the most vulnerable in our community,
     children, seniors and the working poor. Every dollar donated to Roadrunner Food Bank stretches to $13 in food for those in need in
     our community. To make a gift card purchase, contact Lee Liggett at 257-2052 ext. 125 or

                                   I would like to order one          honor         memorial gift card.

         City, State, Zip code:
         Daytime phone number to call with questions:

         In honor/memory of:
         Occasion if applicable:

         Send acknowledgement to:

         Amount of donation:
         Method of payment:
                    Check               Visa             Mastercard                 American Express                      Discover

         Name on credit card:
         Card #:                                                                    Expiration date:
                        Questions? Call Lee Liggett at 505-247-2052 x 125 or Fax 505-242-6471
                      Roadrunner Food Bank 2645 Baylor Drive, SE Albuquerque, NM 87106
                           Gift Card Orders may be placed on our website at
                                             ROADRUNNER          FOOD      BANK

  Roadrunners – a new, important way to help New Mexico’s hungry
Hunger in New Mexico is a continuing daily crisis for thousands of our neighbors. That’s why we’ve created
Roadrunners, a giving club for friends who can provide the kind of ongoing support needed to cure hunger – regular,
monthly gifts that will allow us to plan ahead better, respond to emergencies faster, and help ensure that New Mexico’s
hungry can depend on Roadrunner Food Bank whenever they have a need for food.

When you join Roadrunners, you can take advantage of today’s convenient automatic transfer technology to help
ensure continuing support for the hungry. To enroll, simply complete and return this form – or call
247-2052, ext. 120 for an extra form. Thank you!

         Yes! I want to help Roadrunner Food Bank feed the hungry every single month with a gift of:

                $10      $15      $20        $25     $50   $75      $100       $____________ Other

      Name ________________________________________________________________
      Address _______________________________________________________________
      City _________________________________ State ____________ Zip ___________

      Monthly Giving Options:

                  I prefer to make automatic gifts from my checking account.
                  I prefer to make automatic gifts from my savings account.
                  I prefer to charge my monthly gift to my credit card.

      If you select a checking or savings account:

                  A check payable to Roadrunner Food Bank for my first monthly gift is enclosed OR
                  My blank voided check or preprinted deposit slip is attached.

              I authorize my bank to transfer the above amount from my checking or savings account on a monthly
              basis. I understand that a record of each donation will be included on my monthly statement.

              Signature (required): ______________________________ Date: ___________

      If you select a credit card account:

                  American Express       VISA      Mastercard    Discover

              Card Number: _______________________________ Exp. Date: __________
              Signature (required): ______________________________ Date: ___________

      I would like the deductions to occur each month on the     3rd or    18th (check only one).

     Monthly contributions can be changed or stopped at any time, with written notice to Roadrunner Food Bank,
      2645 Baylor SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106. Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.
                                                                                                           U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                          Albuquerque, NM
                                                                                                          Permit No. 1629
2645 Baylor SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106
(505) 247-2052 • FAX (505) 242-6471

                                  MARK YOUR CALENDARS
                                                                             Upcoming Events:
                                                                  Saturday    STAMP OUT HUNGER
                                  Food Bank                       May 13      FOOD DRIVE
                                   TOURS                          2006        (See page 3 for details.)
               Roadrunner Food Bank continues to host
regularly scheduled one-hour Food for Thought Tours to
acquaint members of the community with our work to end
hunger in New Mexico. Tours are held each third Thursday
of the month at 8am.

We also offer special group tours tailored to your schedule and
needs. Please contact Jasmin at 247-2052, ext. 129 for
information about special group tours, or to RSVP for one of
our regular tours.

                UPCOMING TOURS:

                         May 18                                   Tuesday     HUNGER AWARENESS DAY
                         June 15                                  June 6      Food Boxing Olympics
                         July 20                                  2006        (See page 7 for details.)
                        August 17
                      September 21

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