; Wedding Favor Selection Process
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Wedding Favor Selection Process


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									                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                                Wedding Favor Selection Process
                                                          By George Meszaros

    Wedding favors can be completely unique gifts you give to your wedding guests. It is the bride's
responsibility but the grooms can help, to choose the perfect wedding favor toward a wedding. The
wedding favor should be something that represents you, your colors, your theme, or your general

There are so many unique wedding favors you can buy today that you should research wedding favors
online. The reason you should search online is because you will find a much wider selection of favors
on the Internet than you would find in a small gift shop. Even if a small gift shop will have a few cute
little favors it is unlikely that they will have 50 or a 100 wedding favors for you to buy. Many brides will
end up buying personalized wedding favors. The reason personalized wedding favors are so popular
today is because they enable you to print your name your wedding date and a special message for
your guests.

Although personalized wedding favors are popular, personalized edible wedding favors are even more
popular. The most popular edible wedding favor is chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate so it is not
surprising that when it comes to edible wedding favors most people select chocolate. And it is milk
chocolate among all chocolates that is the most popular of all. Chocolates are personalized through the
wrapper. On the wrapper the names of the bride and groom and their wedding date is printed. On
some of the most sophisticated websites you will find many elegant background designs for your
personalized chocolates wedding favors.

Buying your wedding favors is easy. There are more and more bridal and wedding accessories stores
offer wedding favors. Best of all you can always go online and shop online. The biggest advantage of
shopping online is of course price. Brick and mortar stores would not be able to compete based on
price with online wedding favor companies. When you go online make sure the company actually
stocks wedding favors. Some online wedding favor companies only have pictures of products, but they
do not actually carry the products you want to buy. Because they don't actually care the products you
want to buy your order may be delayed. So make sure that you check with the company before you
make a purchase.

Author: George Meszaros with http://www.sweet-reflections.com

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                            Your Wedding Favor: A Basic Guide
                                                               By TM Lung

You may be now busy planning for your wedding. You may also find it difficult to make your decision
on the choice of wedding favor. In fact, purchasing from a party favor shop is not your only option. You
may also consider creating the wedding favor yourself. No matter you are going to purchase it or to
create it yourself, you will have numerous options. You should try your best to search the most perfect
wedding favor.

 When you are doing your research on the web, you will get tons of options for your wedding favor. You
can just perform a simple search in Yahoo! or Google and you will know there is virtually unlimited
number of options for you. As a result, you should have a basic idea on what you want to get otherwise
you will be just losing in the sea of the options. There are some couples who would like to choose a
wedding favor such that it can reflect their personalities. On the other hand, there are also couples who
want to make the decision in a way that it matches their wedding theme. You will certainly find that it is
less difficult for you to make the choice if you really know what kind of messages you want to say to
your guests.

 It is very common for couples to choose candles as the wedding favor. Of course you may think that it
is too conventional and you may really want to go for this option. However, you can always make it less
conventional, one of the ways is to make the package of the candle really special. To this end some
couples will consider putting their photos on the package of the candle favor. This will certainly make
the wedding favor unique because it is your photo!

 However, the idea of putting your photo onto the package is not without problem. Do you think you
would like to keep the photos of the others? In most cases you will not want to do so right? This is also
true for your guests. They may not really want to keep your photos. In this case you may not go for the
option of putting your photo on the wedding favor or the package of it. In this case you may consider
creating a logo or a monogram for you wedding and apply it to your wedding favor. You can print the
logo or monogram on the package of the wedding favor.

 Food is also a good choice for your wedding favor. Things which are edible are always a good choice.
As a result, you may purchase some chocolates and cookies as your wedding favor. There are
different shapes and designs for you to choose from when you are selecting the chocolates or cookies.

 Searching for your wedding favor should be full of fun. At the end of the day it is a part of your
wedding planning and you should enjoy the process. You should try to make your decision based on
both your preference and budget!

TM Lung is a wedding invitation designer. His works can be found from http://www.983wedding.com.
He runs a blog http://www.weddingabc.net on weddings and you can find some other wedding tips
from http://www.imarry.org

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                                          Presented by Daniel Toriola

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