Planning Your Wedding Budget in a Wise Way

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                                                             Wedding Budget
                                                        By George Meszaros

    Your budget will have an effect on practically everything in your wedding. Everything from the
number of people you can invite, the location of your reception, the food that is served is going to be
influenced by your budget. Don’t think of your budget as a bad thing. Look at it objectively not

A budget doesn’t just happen. You have to plan it carefully. Without a carefully planned budget, your
journey to plan the perfect wedding could quickly turn into a nightmare. Whether you are planning a
wedding hosted in your backyard or a formal event with 500 guests, you are going to have to deal with
a budget.

You should start with an amount that you or your parents can afford. If it is $15,000, but you want a
wedding that will cost at least $30,000 you have a lot of work ahead of you. You may not have enough
to for everything that you can imagine, but you may have enough for the essentials.

Don’t start shopping before you have your budget. You should, however, do your homework. Research
how much everything costs as you work on your budget. Your budget should include items that you
must purchase or pay for and items that may be substituted without expense. If you may be able to
have a friend video your wedding, it may be a great way to cut costs. If you have to have your
reception at a reception hall, you know from the beginning that it is an expense that cannot be

You have to know what are the must haves in your wedding and how much you are willing to pay for it.
Don’t meet with a reception venue manager or a caterer before your budget is set. It is not wise to try
to come up with your budget as you go.

The most important concept for you to keep in mind that you will find everything that you need for
almost any budget. It may require a lot of work, but if you are willing to do the research you can make it

Author: George Meszaros with

Wedding Planning Secrets
How To Have Your Fairytale Wedding On A Shoestring Budget.
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                                     Planning Your Wedding Budget in a Wise Way
                                                              By TM Lung

The first issue you need to consider when you are planning for your wedding is your budget. Without a
budget it will not be possible for you to make decisions. As a matter of fact, you will need to think about
this issue as soon as you have decided to get married. You will need to spend quite some time in order
to this once-in-a-life event perfect.

You will have to make sure that your budget is a realistic one. You will need to know how much you
will need to spend. This is even more important for couples who would like to go for a wedding loan.
You will need to know the total amount you need in order to apply for the loan.

 You may wonder how you can plan for your budget. In this article, I will show you that it is not difficult
to plan for the wedding budget. Below are some tips and tricks for you to plan for your budget.

 First of all, you can think about your reception. Most couples will allocate 50% of their budget to the
reception. Another 10% will be allocated to the wedding dress. This cost of wedding decoration will be
more or less the same as the dress. Now you will have 30% left. You will be using this 30% for your
wedding invitation, flowers, DJs and so on.

 In fact, you will need to create a check list in order to plan for the budget of your wedding. You will
need to know all the items to be involved so that you will know how much you are going to spend on
each item. Some of the issues you will need to consider are the catering services, decorations,
wedding invitations and gown.

 When the wedding venue is concerned. You will need to think about the size of your wedding. As a
matter of fact, the size of your event will affect the cost of most items on your big day. If you are going
to host a small event, it is certainly you will need to spend less money.

 As a result, you will need to cut down the number of guests if you have a tight budget. Of course you
may find it difficult to do so. However, this is the best way for you to cut down the cost. You will
certainly want to go for a small wedding if the cost of it is your main concern.

 One last thing you need to know is that it is a must for you to discuss with your spouse before making
any decision. This is very important when you are considering the size of your event. You will need to
know how many guests your spouse would like to invite. You may also need to know how many guests
your parents want to invite.

 As the end of the day it is not difficult for you to set your budget. There are also a lot of wedding
budget calculators on the web. You may use one of such calculators and you will find that it is very
easy for you to set the budget.

TM Lung is a wedding invitation designer. His works can be found from
and he runs a blog on weddings. You can find some other wedding tips

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