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									  Have you designed your website? That means
 you are ready to launch your website. Have you
 selected the web hosting company whose server
you are going to use to launch your website? Yes,
         the company has been chosen.

Virtual Server Hosting
Did you thoroughly verify about all the facilities that the company is
going to provide in the package and what are the services for which
you have to pay extra charges? Yes, then now you can go ahead
and launch your website Wait! Now what is the problem? It is Virtual
Server Hosting not a problem but it is the most crucial decision that
you have to take Surprised? Yeah, all the important matters have
been sorted out then what else remains to be considered? Here is
the catch; this is the main moment where you have to decide about
the type of web hosting that you are going to choose Type of web
hosting, what does that mean? It is true you are confused as most of
the companies offer UNIX or LINUX hosting system but there is one
more web hosting platform and that is windows web hosting
What is the difference between UNIX and windows web hosting and
which one is better? Difference between UNIX and Windows Web
Hosting Do you know what windows mean? Yes, it is the operating
system which is fitted in your personal computer so you are very
familiar with it and to operate it you do not need any special
knowledge It can be operated with the click of the mouse button and
all the sites can be accessed with the help of the mouse UNIX is a
open source which means that the operating system does not
include any charges It has the capacity to incorporate all types of
documentation and is easy to distribute as it is free
 So you see most of the hosting companies charge extra money for
windows hosting and UNIX is free So in that case UNIX is a better
option UNIX is better as it has more stability and does not require
frequent rebooting like windows so there is lesser chance of a crash
in UNIX system Due to this stability it is able to bear the burden of
servers that have high loads
  So UNIX is able to provide more uptime than windows and is more
reliable than windows hosting The Compatibility factor is greater in
UNIX than in the windows What is the compatibility factor? It means
that a program designed on the windows can easily run on UNIX but
the windows may not be able to run all the programs designed by
 For the small scale web designing which is done offline the windows
hosting is better as you will not need any change in your present
system That is you can work on the operating system that is already
there on your computer But if you are opening a business website
then you have to think about the future as your business will expand
and then windows will not be able to bear the high load
 Another draw back with windows is that its license has to be
renewed frequently so it becomes a costly affair in the long run
whereas UNIX is free so the web hosting company offers discount to
the customers which makes it cheaper On the whole we can say
that UNIX hosting is a better option than windows hosting
Virtual Server Hosting

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