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Good Honeymoon Travel Destinations


									                                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                          Honeymoon Travel Destinations You Will Love
                                                                   By Low Jeremy

    There are places suitable for vacation. There are places suitable for rest. There are places suitable
for leisure. There are places suitable for luxury. There are places suitable for romance. And there are
places suitable for everything that is mentioned. These are the places where you can set your
honeymoon travel. Here are some of the honeymoon travel destinations where you can get a relaxing
vacation, well-deserved rest, leisure, luxury, and romance.

Caribbean. Located between North and South America, the Caribbean is the most sought place when
it comes to relaxation, exquisite dining, luxury hotels, and of course world-class beaches and diving
spots. The Caribbean is composed of several small countries including Bahamas, Dominican Republic,
Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, and Aruba that showcase only the best place for honeymoon. Newlyweds can
enjoy water sports and other water activities, pampering services, great accommodation, and great
foods and colorful people.

Hawaii. Another famous honeymoon travel destination is the islands of Hawaii. The isolated American
State has 132 islands but tourists are restricted to just 6 islands. A total of 7 islands are inhabited. They
are: O'ahu (The Gathering Place), Moloka'i (The Friendly Isle), Hawaii (The Big Island), Kaua'i (The
Garden Isle), Maui (The Valley Isle),and Ni'ihau (The Distant Isle), Lana'i (The Secluded Island). For
tourists and honeymooners, Hawaii islands offer world-class hotels, and beaches, exquisite foods, and
a close to paradise experience.

Europe. Traveling to Europe for a honeymoon would present you with lots of things to do and lots of
places to visit. Italy for one has several ancient and cities with great historic sites, architecture and arts.
France has great tasting foods and sites. The United Kingdom also has lots in store.

Las Vegas. The gambling capital of the world is also one of the best local places to set your
honeymoon. There are world-class hotels and resorts that offer honeymoon package whether you want
to set your wedding at Las Vegas or simply would life to spend some romantic time there. Lots of
entertainments await every honeymooner in Las Vegas including food, lights and sound attractions,
nightlife, and more.

Africa. Getting the feel of nature and seeing the wild at large is at its best in Africa. There are countries
like Tanzania that offer a unique feel of nature and a vibrant touch of luxury in one. Exotic hotels are
available in Africa for honeymoon that is something unique and wild.

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                                                   Planning The Perfect Honeymoon
                                                                 By Chris Morton

 After all the hubbub surrounding the planning of your wedding, you want to be able to enjoy that
relaxing and fun "couple time" on your honeymoon. Yet all that relaxation and fun doesn't come
without good planning. You can actually start planning your honeymoon while you plan your wedding
so that you get the best honeymoon experience. Here are some things you want to consider when
planning your honeymoon:

Your Budget

How much can you really afford to put toward your honeymoon? Many people forget to budget for a
honeymoon, often scrambling to make travel plans in a hurry. Instead sit down and decide how much
you have to spend. Also, check into your credit cards to see if you have earned any travel miles. This
will help you narrow down some vacation destinations that you can afford or help you determine how
much money you have to save to go on your dream honeymoon.

Know When to Go

Not every couple leaves on their honeymoon the day after their wedding. Some couples wait to accrue
more vacation days, and others opt to go during a special time of the year. Some couples don't even
take a honeymoon until their first anniversary. When you go on your honeymoon can have an impact
on what you pay for the vacation, so you can actually save money by delaying your travel plans.

Know Where to Go

Sit down as a couple and decide where you want to go on your honeymoon. Try not to leave the
destination choice to only one of you, because you want it to be a great trip for both of you. If you both
have very different tastes in travel destinations, try to find a compromise that makes you both happy.

When to See a Pro

If you are not travel savvy it may be in your best interest to meet with a travel agent. A travel agent can
be especially helpful if you need someone to help you find a compromise between the two of you or if
you want to go on a honeymoon to a very exotic destination. They may be able to make good
recommendations on destinations or can give you helpful preparation advice.

Plan Ahead

If you are planning to take your honeymoon trip out of the country you will need to make sure you have
all the proper paperwork for easy travel. Licenses and passports need to be up to date. Check with the
country of destination to be sure you have everything you need well before you are supposed to be

Chris Morton ran hotels and restaurants for 10 years, organising many successful weddings in the
process. His wife Sue is a wedding coordinator who has help many nervous brides and their families.
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