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                                               Finding The Right Bridesmaid Dresses
                                                                  By Rachel Lynn

    Who else other then the bride’s best friends would wear some of the things that are called
bridesmaid dresses. These things can be absolutely horrendous creations that are composed of any
number of bad patterns, bad colors, and bad shapes. In some cases the bridesmaid dresses may just
comically out of date, the bridesmaids look like they belong in a 1970's disco but it isn't a theme

Bridesmaid dresses are often just made in a strange pattern. The fabric of choice for the bridesmaid
dresses may seem almost bizarre. Here is a great wedding related site
The common garish floral pattern is a infamous material for bridesmaid dresses. It isn't always so
almost normal however, when compared to some of the choices available. For custom made
bridesmaid dresses people use any fabric from purple velvet to denim.

The bride also subjects her best friends to poor shape in the bridesmaid dresses. The over all design
of the bridesmaid dresses can just be unflattering on absolutely everyone. They may have anything
from over sized shoulder pads to random ballooning in odd places like the arms, or neck.

It also happens that often the bridesmaid dresses just seem to be from a different era. Perhaps the
bride just has some kind of twisted sense of humor, taking joy from seeing her friends in some kind of
retro throw back costume. If the groomsmen have been forced into matching costumes it's probably
the theme of the wedding. If it is just the bridesmaids looking embarrassed in their fifties style frilly
bridesmaid dresses it's funny.

As with many things now it is possible to save some money on bridesmaid dresses by purchasing them
on the Internet. Retailers that are selling the dresses over the world wide web may offer lower prices
because they do not have the same overhead costs as a brick and mortar store. If you go this route
you will need to pay special attention to the fit and size of the dresses.

Make sure that you receive the bridesmaid dresses early enough so that you can have them modified if
need be. It is also important to take steps to protect your identity and credit card information as with an
on line transaction. Only deal with sites and vendors with good reputations, be sure to check around for
complaints about rip offs.

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Even with the wonders of technology most people will still prefer to get their bridesmaid dresses the
traditional way. They will gather up their entire party and go to be fitted together. A local shop will be
selected to buy the dresses from, and they will usually fit the dresses properly. The wedding party can
make a day of it and catch up before the big day. As well as getting a little warning of just what their
friend is asking them to do.

Rachel Lynn enjoys visiting the following web portals:
Brides post their used wedding dresses for sale.
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                                   How To Choose Bridesmaid Dresses
                                          By Michelle Lindsey

 The entire wedding process is made up of decisions and all of them seem so monumental that it is no
wonder brides get stressed out! One decision that is very important is the color and style of
bridesmaid's dresses. Brides often think finding their own dress is a challenge but when it comes to
finding one dress to fit varying sizes of women, the task can become very difficult. Choosing
bridesmaid jewelry is not as difficult because jewelry usually designed as one size fits all. Of course,
this is not the case with dresses. Your bridesmaids will likely be a mixture of sizes from tall to short and
skinny to plus size. As a result you are placed in the position of finding a dress that will make them all
look good. Is this an easy task? Certainly not! Will all of your bridesmaids be happy? Probably not!
However, there is one way you can choose bridesmaids dresses that will make everyone happy.

One alternative is to choose a color for your bridesmaids' dresses, whether it is pink, blue, red, green,
or any other color, and then let your bridesmaids choose the style that best fits them. There are many
bridesmaid dresses that come in many different styles or in separates to allow women to pick and
choose what looks best on them. You may want to refrain from buying bridesmaid jewelry until after
your bridesmaids have chosen their dresses. The style of jewelry that you selected will be influenced
by the style of dresses that are chosen. As you begin shopping for dresses, you'll notice that one
bridesmaid may look great in strapless and another will prefer a halter style. Many brides have chosen
this route, albeit not traditional, and bridesmaids are happy, which makes the bride happy. Do not
forget that bridesmaids will be paying for their dresses, which are not cheap, so they should wear
something that flatters their body shape.

If you are worried over the bridesmaids dresses and your bridesmaids are becoming restless then
consider the suggestion afore mentioned. It is a great way to make everyone happy! Once you make
this decision, finding the bridesmaid jewelry you want will not be difficult at all. Some great places to
find bridesmaid jewelry include bridal boutiques and the Internet. If you are still worried about your
bridesmaid dresses run this idea by the girls and see what great responses you receive!

Michelle writes about fashion,weddings and jewelry for
Finding Affluent Clients Online.
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