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									  Bowflex power rod units are made for strength and
resistance training Power rods offer a combined weight of two
hundred and ten pounds of pressure, which is spread out over ten
different rods The Bowflex Xtreme, Xtreme 2 and the Sport all
feature five rods on each side The Bowflex Ultimate and Ultimate 2
have six power rod units for each side of the fitness equipment with
a combined weight of three hundred and ten pounds of pressure for
more advanced workouts
  All Bowflex fitness machines and gym equipment can be upgraded
to have a combined total of four
hundred and ten pounds of resistance spread over fourteen power
rod units, with seven on each side of the home gym system You
attach one or more of the power rod units that come with your
Bowflex to the cable pulley system for a customized, efficient
resistance training work out Bowflex are used to strengthen
muscles by applying resistance to the work out This is not to be
confused with a stair stepper, rower machine or any other types of
aerobic machines or fitness trainers that also offer a form of
resistance for a work out
 When you walk on a stair stepper, the steps have resistance to
provide a more effective cardiovascular work out The skier
machine, rider machine and other fitness trainers use resistance just
 like the Bowflex power rod units, but the resistance is used to make
a work out more intense and not used to strength train and build
muscles as it is with the Bowflex The Bowflex machines use the
power rod units to build muscle and claim that it is better and more
effective than aerobic exercises and other fitness trainers The
increase in muscle mass increase the metabolism rate as well
 More calories are burned during a resistance-based workout Have
you ever been in the middle of a work out and discovered you were
just too tired to complete your routine? Muscle helps shape a body
and it gives you the strength and energy you need to complete an
effective work out Bowflex resistance training enhances this muscle
 Bowflex claims their power rod units can be flexed repeatedly
Even if you use your Bowflex every day, year after year and the
power rods should not break or lose their resistance ability in any
way The rod units come with a No-Time-Limit Warranty and offer
you free replacements provided that it is still owned by the original
purchaser and has not been misused, mistreated or abused in any
  The Bowflex power rod units are manufactured under quality
control measures using the best and most flexible materials The
units are covered with a plastic coating that is extremely flexible and
tested in different conditions found in a home workout setting The
Bowflex power rod units are not the complete workout
 For the power rod units to provide you with a good work out, you'll
need to work out several times a week for at least 30 minutes and
eat a healthy diet You'll also need aerobic exercise in order to
complete your work out routine

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