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									Cougar News

Job Title: Lighting Person                           Production Set Team
                                                     Lighting, Sound, and Camera

Job Description: Lighting persons are responsible for the movement and set up of various pieces of lighting
equipment for newscast production. Lighting also lays extension cables, install color effects, focus the lights,
and assist in creating effects for studio or on location set. Lighting works with camera and sound person as a
rotational hardware production team. (Each production day)

Duties and Responsibilities:
         Live Production Side
    Is the News Cast’s Production Safety Officer. Responsible for ensuring a safe production
        environment? Reports all violations of safety to the Executive directors. May stop production
        If there are active violations.
    Does pre and post production checks of all lighting hardware and cables, ensuring that they are
        accounted for and are in good working conditions.
    Runs extension power cables and power packs to outlets. Connects lighting fixture power cords to
        appropriate power source in a safe manner while maintaining a safe walking path for those on set.
    Sets up lighting and positions lighting in studio as well as on location in a timely manner/Takes
        down and packs up lighting and related equipment when going on other set locations
    Ensures that light bulbs are in lighting fixtures and are in working condition. Replaces lighting bulbs
        as needed. (This includes keeping track of lighting bulbs inventory)
    Ensures that the light boxes are constructed and attached to lighting fixture properly
    Works with the Camera Operator to check for appropriate white balance and exposure of the camera
        before shoots
    Responsible for the overall lighting condition of the studio or location (Soft, Even, Balanced)
    Ensures that the Green Screen is set up and is evenly lit
    Request from the Director and Camera Operator a green screen test capture
    Makes adjustments to the intensity and position of the lights, as needed for anchors and talent
    Works with the director to give make-up, shine wipes, or appearance direction to anchors or talents
    Works with the production team on ensuring that the studio and location set is appropriate
        ( Making sure the set or location looks good)
        Trains others on proper operations of lighting duties/responsibly and safety procedure
    Responsible for pre/post-production care of lighting equipment; ensuring it’s proper care and
    Responsible for keeping track of lighting sign out/in sheet; ensuring that it is returned in a timely
        manner. If not, turned in timely manner, the lighting person will attempt to retrieve it.
    Performs a bi-weekly equipment inventory of the lighting equipment; ensuring that the equipment is
        accounted for and is in good working condition (Monday and Friday)
    Will work with the production team to scout and secure possible on location sets
    With the help of the other production set team members, the lighting person will ensure that the
        studio and off location set are cleaned or restored to its original condition.

Cougar News

      Pre-Production Side and When Not Doing Production Job
     Produce and edit all Special/Features to be aired on subsequent live production days (If green screen
      is needed, the production team will wait until live production is completed)
     Work with production team on team TV skit or parody project
     Work with production team on developing feature, special or animation stories
     Work on special feature from the production idea choice list
     Helps to write and edit scripts and narrations for upcoming productions.
     Helps to sketch out or draw story boards for production idea or animations.
     May perform voiceovers for animations or commercials
     Practices on skits before going live in production
     Practice presentation skills on how to report a special/feature story
     Work with media team members on their presentation skills, giving constructive feedback as
     Helps with research and development of special and features.
     Cross training in another media job areas, while taking notes.
     Helps with brainstorming and planning on production ideas and stories.
     Cross training in another media job areas, while taking notes.


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