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					                         NSTA FIELD TRIP SETUP SHEET
Field trip Title:      Up Close & Personal with Ocean Critters: Cabrillo Marine Aquarium
                       and Marine Mammal & Bird Rescue Centers

                                  FACILITY INFORMATION

Name of Facility                 Cabrillo Marine Aquarium
Contact Person at Facility Linda Chilton
Address of Facility              3720 Stephen White Drive, San Pedro, CA 90731
Telephone # of facility          310-548-7562
FAX # of facility                310-548-2649
EMAIL of contact:      
Name & telephone # of backup contact person: Steve Vogel (310) 548-7562 x 232
Field trip guide at the facility?                   Yes
Name & telephone # of facility field trip guide:   Linda Chilton (310) 548-7563

                             NSTA FIELD TRIP DESCRIPTION
Dive into marine science with an excursion to two of Southern California’s finest marine
education facilities! Located just steps from the ocean, Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, part of
the City of Los Angeles Recreation and Parks Department, is celebrating its 70 th
anniversary of marine science education. Visitors will explore the brand new Exploration
Center, a hands-on learning lab where visitors use microscopes, travel through a worm's
eye view of the mud, make watershed decisions, examine sand and water dynamics,
zonation, and breakwater life and explore the resources of the new Virginia Reid Moore
Marine Research Library. Participants will also have an opportunity investigate the new
Aquatic Nursery. We'll take advantage of the low tide and visit the Point Fermin State
Marine Life Refuge tidepools adjacent to the aquarium. Educator activities and resources
will be provided as part of the trip. Participating educators will not only get hands-on
experiences but also learn about student environmental stewardship through
partnerships with the aquarium.

We will then travel to the nearby Center for Marine Studies for tours of the Marine
Mammal Care Center at Fort MacArthur and the Oiled Bird Rescue and Education Center.
These centers are a collaboration between LAUSD, community, state and federal
agencies responsible for overseeing the heath of animals along the California coastline.
They provide a unique interface not only for learning by students, but also for community
involvement in environmental activism. Participants will view at close range husbandry
activities necessary for providing state-of-the-art health care to wild animal populations.
Our tour will occur during the spring stranding season: we are likely to see California sea
lions, northern elephant seals, and harbor seals during this time period. At the Oiled
Bird Center, participants will also view a seabird treatment demonstration with stranded
seabird species and a tour of one of the country’s largest oiled wildlife treatment
facilities. Teachers will receive an educational packet and CD with numerous lessons
relating to marine animal husbandry and overall health of the marine ecosystem. Wear
comfortable walking shoes and be prepared for sun! Lunch and snack provided. Please
advise in advance of special needs for the disabled or hearing impaired.
                          Return this form, fully completed,
                                  to the NSTA Staff
                                   by AUGUST 15
                                  (before the convention)

                                     FOR NSTA USE:

   Admission:        $________/person
   Transportation:   $________/person
   Meal(s):          $________/person
   Other fees:       $________/person
                      $ ________/person

                                      TICKET COST: $__________/PERSON

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