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									Explore World’s Most Deserving Holidaying Spot Goa

                                             With turquoise blue water, exotic
                                             beach resorts, exciting night life,
                                             and several colourful celebrations,
                                             Goa welcomes its tourists from
                                             across the world, all the year
                                             round. Popularly called ‘Queen of
                                             Beaches’, Goa is undoubtedly one
                                             of the most sought after tourist
                                             destination located at southern part
                                             of Indian Peninsula. An ideal place
                                             to the beach lovers, holiday
seekers, or honeymooners, it is the place like no other destination in the world.
Every year from across the world people visit this state in a great number to
celebrate their vacations.

It is one such state where there is no shortage of attractions and enjoyment as it
rings with colourful parties and carnivals all the year all the year round. Be here
and explore innumerable stunning beaches fringed with coconut and palm trees
as beaches here are the major attractions in Goa categorized into two major
regions that is beaches in north or beaches in south. Both regions have their
own appeal and worth to explore in at least once in a lifetime span.

Apart from there are many other things that brings this place into limelight and
enhance the popularity of tourism in Goa such as its several colourful festivals,
mouth-watering cuisine, hospitable people and lush five star hotels renders
almost every facility to the visitors and give them a remarkable holidaying

                                                       If is there any thing that
                                                       draws the attention of many
                                                       then its unique culture and
                                                       fun-loving people, as Goan
                                                       people are not restricted with
                                                       any specific tradition and
                                                       religion but they only believe
                                                       to be happy and to make
                                                       other      people       happy.
                                                       Festivals of Goa are a way
                                                       of life and celebrated all the
                                                       year round. People from
different religions lives in this state but instead believing in any specific religion
they celebrates all the religions equally. The year in this state is always filled
with colourful festivals that make their atmosphere lively and feisty. Feast of
Three kings,       Diwali, Christmas, Food and Cultural Festival of Goa are the
few prominent festivals in the beach city Goa.

A trip to this state would not be completed unless you do not taste cuisine of
Goa, considered finest in the world. Sea food, coconut milk, rice and local spices
are main ingredients of Goa cuisine. Due to its proximity to the Arabian Sea and
tropical climate conditions, one can find there different intense spices. Its cuisine
has significant influence of Portuguese, Hindu and Muslim. In the present era
Goa cuisine is considered to be very spicy and flavoursome.

One can find there vast variation in Goa weather as it is highly influenced by
the surrounding Arabian Sea. However one can visit this state at any time of the
year but September to march is the perfect place to visit this place.

Due to several beaches and moderate climatic conditions, it is considered an
ideal place for several beach activities like surfing, swimming, sun-bathing,
angling, fishing, diving and many more. Some of the best attractions that can be
explored during visiting Goa are Anjuna, Panaji, Calangute, Dona Paula and
many more.

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