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					            The Future of Home Phone Services

The telephone is one of the most vital inventions in the field of communication. It is
because of this invention that everyone is able to talk to his or her friends and family
with no regard to distance. Telephones have gained an important place in everyone’s life
and it has really become hard to imagine life without this convenient device. If you are
working away from your home and your kids stay alone at home, it’s not necessarily a
good idea to give them a cell phone until they reach a certain age. In that case, the
home phone service is the best way to provide the extra security and comfort afforded
by the ability to make contact with others in case of emergency.

If you live in Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Nevada, Rhode
Island, Washington, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Texas, or West Virginia, Arkansas, Illinois,
and you are currently receiving some form of government assistance like Food Stamps or
Medicaid, or your household income is at or below 135% of the Federal poverty level, you
are eligible to receive FREE cell phone service and can get a free mobile phone as well.
This is a great option for those who see a landline phone as nothing but an extra monthly
bill. The government’s Lifeline program which provides a discount on telephone service
reduces or even eliminates the costs of prepaid phone service.

There are various cheap phone services, home telephone services, who offer the best
services in different states. The main thing that you have to search for is a provider for
your state that offers the most service for the price. Next, you have to go through the
terms and conditions that they impose. You need to be sure you meet the eligibility
requirements of the program before applying for lifeline phone service. The services,
rates and qualifications can vary slightly among the states. Some service providers ask
for a deposit, contract, or proof of identity whereas some service providers do not require
any of that. Many service providers offer promotions like free activation, free month
of service, and free long distance calls, 911 calling, voicemail or more. You have
to check with the service provider for these promotions before you apply for the service.

Many service providers include additional services like unlimited long distance plans,
internet service, lifeline government assistance and free government cell phone service
etc. You have to check with the service provider for these before you apply for the
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