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					1.“Just Another Love Saga”      Release Date: May 2004
Director/Writer/Editor – Brian Chasey
Cinematographer – Laef Anderson

The first short film from independent filmmaker Brian Chasey gives us a vision into the
troubles individuals have with having to accept themselves for whom they are. Part
comedy and part satire, “Just Another Love Saga” stars Vitaly Kobys as Remy, a Russian
immigrant who has his heart set on dating his close friend Mary. When Mary is hesitant
to Remy’s proposal at first, Remy quickly concludes that it is only because of who he is.
Remy ultimately wishes to be someone else whom he believes has better chances of
winning over the love of Mary, but it sets off a chain reaction that alters the lives of both
Mary and himself. The film sends the message that you need to accept yourself for who
you are before having to win over the acceptance of other people.

2. “Addict”    Release Date: October 2004

Director/Writer/Cinematographer – Brian Chasey

“Addict” is the second short film from independent filmmaker Brian Chasey that consists
exclusively of all in camera edits and no external edits. Addict takes an in depth look into
the psychology of addiction and the hold that it takes on an individuals life. Though it is
not labeled an experimental film, it does have a David Lynch feel to it. One thing is for
sure, “Addict” does leave an everlasting impression on the viewer by the films end.

3. “The Deliveryman”      Release Date: October 2004

Director/Cinematographer/Producer/Editor – Brian Chasey

“The Deliveryman” was Brian Chasey’s first experience with shooting 16mm Black and
White reversal film and tells the story of how easy it is for a simple to plan to go wrong.
With major influences from Quentin Tarantino and Tony Scott, “The Deliveryman” will
always be one of Brian Chasey’s treasured short films.

4. “The Bill O’ Smiley Show”      Release Date: November 2004
Director/Writer/Producer/Editor – Brian Chasey
Cinematographer – Ruben Bien Aime

The year was 2004 and one of the biggest newscast reporters at the time was Bill O’
Riley and not only because of all the controversies that surrounded him at that period (his
big sexual harassment case had just come up in the media). Bill O’ Riley was also known
as one of the biggest hypocrites reporting news and that is how “The Bill O’ Smiley
Show” came to fruitation. An entertaining spoof into the hypocrisies of one of the leading
national news reporters, “The Bill O’ Smiley Show” manages to be as funny as it is ironic
and is a must see short film for everyone who believes the media is more focused on its
own agenda as opposed to just reporting the news.

5. “Mens Wearhouse”      Release Date: December 2004

Cinematographer/Editor – Brian Chasey

A short film dedicated strictly to one of the best and most influential jobs ever held by
independent filmmaker Brian Chasey. The “Mens Wearhouse” video was shot as more of
a memoir piece for Brian Chasey as a way to always remember the great people he had
once work with in a great environment that he still misses to this very day.

6. “1st Annual Walish Gooshe Fashion Show”       Release Date: November 2006

Cinematographer/Editor/Music Composer – Brian Chasey

After taking some time off to relocate from New Jersey, Brian Chasey quickly took on a
project to help an up and coming fashion designer in Philadelphia get noticed so he
created an original video piece focused solely on that fashion designer. Filmed at Walish
Gooshe’s first ever fashion show event in Philadelphia, this short video is a must see for

7. “Beat Street”   Release Date: June 2007

Director/Cinematographer – Brian Chasey

The premise behind this short film is simple: A 3-minute long take with absolutely no
edits. From that came “Beat Street”, a vision into the old saying that nothing good every
happens after dark. Heavily influenced by the works from John Singleton, “Beat Street”
immediately grabs your attention until the final moment and is a must see for all.
8. “Trailer for The Midtown Boyz”       Release Date: July 2007

Edited By Brian Chasey

After hours of the learning all about the art of making a film trailer, Brain Chasey took to
the editing room to see if he had what it takes to make his first trailer. The result is the
first ever trailer for the exciting film “Midtown Boyz”.

9. “Midtown Boyz”      Release Date: July 2007

Director/Writer/Producer/Cinematographer/Editor – Brian Chasey

Who do you trust? Considered to be one of Brian Chasey’s most compelling works,
“Midtown Boyz” takes us on a journey of trust, betrayal, and highlights the importance of
having confidence in oneself. “Midtown Boyz” is a story that revolves around four
associates, a briefcase full of cash, and a plot on the verge of taking effect leading up to a
twist that will shock all. Heavingly influenced by the works of Jean Luc Godard and
dedicated as a tribute to the Soprano series, “Midtown Boyz” is a must see for all.

10. “The Midtown Boyz” Extras & Outtakes         Release Date: August 2007

Edited By: Brian Chasey

Brian Chasey takes his turn to dish out some insults and jokes and all who took part in
filming “The Midtown Boyz” with this hilarious rendition of behind the scene looks at
everyone in action.

11. “Jealousy”    Release Date: August 2007

Director/Writer/Producer/Editor - Brian Chasey

The first experimental work from filmmaker Brian Chasey has the all the workings of a
David Lynch film. Created as a way of paying homage to David Lynch, “Jealousy” takes
us into a dark and desolate world where something bad has taken place and the truth
behind what has happened is slowly beginning to surface. “Jealousy” hinges on the fringe
of paranoia and jealousy, but be sure to watch closely because you might miss something.

12.“West Philly Blues”    Release Date: October 2007

Director/Cinematographer/Editor – Brian Chasey
Assistant Cameraman – Brian Hanigan

“West Philly Blues” is the first Documentary from filmmaker Brian Chasey that takes us
back to a period in time when vinyl records was the music source everyone used. The
film features an interview with Sal Shively, one of the few vinyl record dealers left and
who also a collection of over one million records. He gives his insight into the sudden
shift from vinyl to CD and whether or not it’s a positive or negative shift. “West Philly
Blues” is a must see for all vinyl record lovers and for anyone who wants some great
insight into the history of music.

13. “The Mock Experience” Trailer     Release Date: December 2007

Edited By: Brian Chasey

A sneak peak into the first Mockumentary from Brian Chasey.

14. “The Mock Experience”      Release Date: January 2008

Producer/Director/Writer/Editor – Brian Chasey

Welcome to the world of competition and heart. Brian Chasey takes his chance in the
Mockumentary genre, but manages to get plenty of laughs from everyone. The film
centers around Corky Rose, and ex-beercapp champion that has lost all his money on
gambling and booze and who also had lost his beercapp championship to Bo Jordan. Bo
Jordan is the current beercapp champ with a big ego and not much anything else. What
happens when we bring together two of the world’s best beercapp players for one last
shot at glory? You could only imagine so take a chance and watch “The Mock
Experience” to see what everyone has been laughing about.

15. 1st Trailer for “The Kennel”   Release Date: July 2008
Edited By: Brian Chasey

Teaser trailer for the highly anticipated film from Brian Chasey, “The Kennel”.

16. 2nd Trailer for “The Kennel”   Release Date: September 2008

Edited By: Brian Chasey

A sneak peak into the highly anticipated film from Brian Chasey, “The Kennel”.

17. “The Kennel”     Release Date: December 2008

Director/Editor/Music Composer – Brian Chasey
Producer – Parin Udani
Cinematographer – Adrian Sierkowski

Inspired by the play “Waiting for Godot”, “The Kennel” shares the story of four
individuals that are brought together through a mandatory seminar being held by their
employer. Their frustrations soon begin to mount when after arriving they learn that the
person in charge of running the seminar is late, but should be there shortly. With nothing
better to do, the characters soon begin to make small talk that eventually escalates into
awkward personal confrontations. However, the reasons behind the seminar still remain
unclear, or at least it seems that way. Shot on Super 16mm with a budget of $5000.00,
“The Kennel” is a must see for all.

18. 2nd Annual Walish Gooshe Fashion Show        Release Date: March 2009

Cinematographer/Editor – Brian Chasey

Check out this wonderful piece created by Brian Chasey covering the 2nd Annual Walish
Gooshe fashion show in Philadelphia for up and coming fashion designer Greg Taylor.

19. DJ Vitalik Promotion Video     Release Date: June 2009

Cinematographer/Editor – Brian Chasey
A very trendy and entertaining promotional video created for one of Atlantic City’s
hottest DJ’s, Vitaly Kobys. Filmed at Deja Vue in Atlantic City, New Jersey, this video
has already been seen by over 200,000 viewers.

20. 1st Reel From Brian Chasey

Edited By: Brian Chasey

21. 2nd Reel From Brian Chasey

Edited By: Brian Chasey

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