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                         PERFECT DAY
                              YOUR GUIDE TO
                          WEDDINGS AND WEDDING
                           VENUES IN LANCASHIRE

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                                            Religious marriages
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                                 The A-Z of planning your perfect day
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                                 An example of the wedding ceremony
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              of                        Ask your ceremonies officer
        75% s
O mver pliment
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all coceived b e
    re cashir
      Lan tration r                               News
      Regi e are fo s.
      Servic ng than
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      we ddi
                                      Lancashire – A county in bloom
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                                        Flower power in Lancashire
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                                          Symbols and meanings
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                                      Approved premises in Lancashire
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                                      Ceremony rooms in Lancashire
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                                             Family welcoming
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                                             Renewal of vows
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                         Lancashire's approved premises for marriages – Central
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                          Lancashire's approved premises for marriages – East
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                         Lancashire's approved premises for marriages – North
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your                        JOURNEY BEGINS...
                            Welcome to Lancashire’s ‘Your Perfect Day’ brochure and
                            congratulations on your forthcoming marriage. I hope this
                            brochure will provide you with all the information you need
                            over the next few months.

 Whether or not you live in Lancashire getting             Whatever your arrangements, whatever your
 married is a very special occasion and choosing           choice, we will do our very best to ensure that
 your venue is very important. From historic               your day is everything you dream of. If you need
 buildings, stone-built villages, coastal contrasts,       any further advice please do not hesitate to contact
 rural retreats to beautiful scenery and riverside         any of our ceremonies officers.
 settings, Lancashire has everything to create the
 perfect setting for your wedding.                         With all my good wishes for ‘Your Perfect Day’.

 In Lancashire we have more than one                                                                                 wor n
                                                                                                                The d chose with
                                                                                                                    a        d
 hundred premier venues that have been                                                                         we h elivere which
                                                                                                                 re d cerity, mony
                                                                                                              we l sin
 approved for ceremonies. We also have                     Steve Lloyd                                                       re
                                                                                                               rea e our ceecial.
 eight registration ceremony rooms spread                  Head of Registration and                               ad ally sp
                                                                                                               m re                y
                                                                                                                          &    And
 across the county.                                        Coroners Support Services                                Amy

religious                                            MARRIAGES...

 Church of England or                                         Other
 Church in Wales                                              Denominations

 If you wish to be married in the Church of England           If you wish to be married in a church or religious
 or Church in Wales you should first speak to the             building of any other religious denomination
 Vicar of the church in which you wish to marry.              please speak to the person responsible for
                                                              marriage at that building. Normally, you or your
 You can usually qualify to marry in a Church                 partner must live within their district although
 of England church if you can show that one of                some exceptions may apply. The person
 the persons intending to marry:                              responsible will not be able to arrange the
 • was baptised or prepared for confirmation in               legalities for you and therefore you will need to
     that parish                                              arrange to give notice of marriage in the
 • had his or her usual place of residence in that            registration district in which you live.
     parish for a period of not less than six months
 • regularly attended public worship in that parish           Some religious buildings and churches require
     for a period of not less than six months                 the attendance of a registrar at the wedding
 • a parent during the lifetime of the person                 ceremony, please ask the person responsible.
     wishing to marry has had his or her usual place
     of residence in that parish for a period of not          If this is the case, please contact our ceremonies
     less than six months.                                    officers on 0845 053 0021 or 01772 221621
 • a parent or grandparent has been married in                as soon as possible, but no sooner than
     that parish                                              12 months before the day of your ceremony.
                                                                                                                              ted nk
                                                                                                                     Just a big thang
                                                                                                                        y        ki
 The vicar will arrange for the banns to be called                                                                 to sau for mading
                                                                                                                       o wed ial!
                                                                                                                     y r
 and the common licence to be issued, unless the                                                                        ou o spec ia
 vicar specifically ask you to contact the registration                                                                 day
                                                                                                                            ge &  Victor
 service we would not expect to be involved in                                                                        Geor
 these wedding arrangements.

  The                                  to

                         of planning your perfect day
                                                                                               Ceremonies Officers
A           Approved Premises
Lancashire hosts a wide choice of
                                                                                     C         Tel: 0845 053 0021
                                                                                               or 01772 221621

venues for every wedding style,                                                      Ask for the ceremonies officer who
there are stately homes and a wide                                                   covers the area in which you wish
choice of hotels to suit all tastes and                                              to marry or email them direct.
budgets. A full list of approved
premises is included in the brochure                                                 Central Ceremonies Officer deals
and on our website:                                                                  with ceremonies in Preston, South                                                   Ribble, Chorley, Lytham St. Annes
                                                                                     and West Lancashire. Email:

                                             B        Booking
                                             The Lancashire Registration Service
                                             operates a provisional booking
                                                                                     East Ceremonies Officer deals with
                                                                                     ceremonies in Accrington, Ribble
                                                                                     Valley, Hyndburn, Rossendale,
                                                                                     Burnley and Pendle. Email:
                                             service allowing you to book  
                                             your wedding up to 12 months in
                                             advance. You will need to contact the   North Ceremonies Officer deals with
                                             ceremonies officer for the area where   ceremonies in Lancaster, Lune Valley
                                             you wish to marry to book the day       and Wyre. Email:
                                             of your choice.

D           Documents
Once you have provisionally booked
                                                                                     E          Enhancements
                                                                                     Here in Lancashire we pride
your wedding you will be advised                                                     ourselves in making sure each and
to contact your nearest registration                                                 every wedding is unique and offer a
office to give a formal notice of your                                               choice of enhancements to your
intention to marry. You will need to                                                 wedding vows and ceremony.
produce certain documents, your local                                                The only restriction is that there must
registration office will be able to advise                                           not be anything religious included in
you about what you have to produce.                                                  your ceremony.

F            Fees*
            There will be a non refundable administration fee payable at the
time you provisionally book your ceremony. A fee is payable when you give
your legal notice and the ceremony fee, including a copy of your marriage
certificate is payable two months before the date of your wedding. A list of
our current fees is available on our
*Fees increase on 1st April each year. To avoid the increase you may pay the old fee before 1st April.

G             Guests
            The numbers of guests
                                                                                                         H           Harmony
                                                                                                         To ensure harmony on your wedding
                                                                                                         day think carefully about your seating
allowed in individual ceremony rooms
is determined at the time the venue                                                                      plan, inform your guests/ushers of your
is approved. Our ceremonies officers                                                                     preferred arrangements. Think about
will be happy to advise you on the                                                                       who you would like to sit on the front
maximum number of guests permitted.                                                                      rows and remember that it is
The minimum number of guests you                                                                         important that your witnesses are close
must bring with you is two.                                                                              enough to fully hear the ceremony.

                                                      I       Invitations
                                                     Invite your guests to arrive no later
                                                                                                         J         Just Married
                                                                                                         Remember that there are certain
                                                     than fifteen minutes before your                    organisations that you may need to
                                                     ceremony is due to take place.                      notify once you are married whether
                                                     This will ensure that they are all in               or not you are changing your name.
                                                     the ceremony room before the                        An example would be a company
                                                     bride makes her entrance.                           pension scheme.

K             Kisses
The celebrant will usually ask the
groom to 'kiss his bride' at the
moment they become husband
and wife. If you do not want this
traditional kiss please inform your
ceremonies officer.

                                                     L               Legal Words
                                                     There are certain words you must say within your ceremony by law. These
                                                     are known as the ‘contracting’ and ‘declaratory’ statements and appear in the
                                                     'Your marriage ceremony in Lancashire' booklet. A copy will be sent to
                                                     you once you have given your legal notice of marriage.

M            Music
You can have music of your choice
                                         O         Options
                                         'Your marriage ceremony in
played on CD or by ‘live’ musicians      Lancashire' provides you with a
as long as the music or songs are        wide choice of options to help you
not religious.                           plan your special day. All options, vows/
                                         music/own vows must be agreed in
                                         advance with your ceremonies officer
                                         to avoid disappointment.

                                         P         Passport
                                         Changes to your passport – you can
                                         change your passport details at
                                         anytime up to three months before
                                         the wedding, although you will not be
                                         able to use your passport until the

N          Notice of Marriage
Once you have provisionally booked
                                         actual day of your wedding.
                                         To change your passport you will
                                         need to provide the person
                                                                                     Q         Questions & Queries

                                                                                     Any of our registration team will be
                                         conducting your ceremony with a             happy to answer any questions or
your ceremony the ceremonies             PD2 form to complete.                       queries regarding your wedding
officer will provide you with a date     The PD2 form is available at any post       ceremony. You can contact them on:
by which you must both give your         office. For information contact:
legal notice of marriage at your local
                                                                                     0845 053 0021 or
registration office.                                                                 01772 221621

                                                                                     R           Readings
                                                                                     If you wish, you can have someone
                                                                                     recite a reading or poem at your
                                                                                     ceremony. A booklet of suggested
                                                                                     readings/poems is available to
                                                                                     purchase from your ceremonies
                                                                                     officer on request.

                                         S          Spring / Summer
                                         The majority of marriages tend to be
                                         in spring and summer and popular
                                         dates are booked up quickly. If you
                                         are arranging your wedding less than
                                         twelve months in advance our
                                         ceremonies officers will be happy to
                                         discuss availability.

                                                                                   T          Tradition
                                                                                   The bride may wish to make a
                                                                                   traditional entrance on the arm of
                                                                                   the person she chooses to 'give her
                                                                                   away'. You may prefer to make an
                                                                                   entrance together along with your
                                                                                   guests or after the guests have taken
                                                                                   their seats. The choice is entirely

U         Unusual Venues
A number of our approved premises
                                          V       Video & Photography
                                          During the ceremony it is quite
                                          acceptable to have a video recording
have unusual venues and can offer
garden structures and gazebos which       and/or photographs. The registrar will
can be used during the months of          be happy to discuss with you how this
May to September providing the            can be done in order to achieve the
weather is suitable. It is not possible   best possible results.
to be married in any moveable
structure such as a boat or hot
air balloon.

W             Witnesses
You must provide two witnesses
                                                                                   X           Xtras
                                                                                   You can purchase extras from your
to sign the register. Witnesses can be                                             ceremonies officer on request to make
anyone you like and can be related to                                              your wedding day special. We can
you, all we ask is that they understand                                            provide personalised commemorative
the ceremony and their role as a                                                   certificates, organza bags of rose petals,
witness. In certain circumstances you                                              envelopes of bio degradable confetti,
may have more than two witnesses.                                                  a book featuring a collection of verse,
You should discuss this with your                                                  readings and music suitable for your
ceremonies officer before the date of                                              ceremony, along with an elegant
your wedding.                                                                      certificate box in which to store your
                                                                                   marriage certificate.

Y       Your Perfect Day
'Your Perfect Day' is our aim in
                                          Z         Zzzz!
                                          We do not want you to lose any
Lancashire and we are happy to            sleep over the booking and arranging
give advice and assist you in any         of your ceremony in Lancashire.
way possible. Please contact us on:       Rest assured that we will endeavour
0845 053 0021 or                          to ensure your wedding ceremony
                                          runs perfectly and is delivered to the
01772 221621
or visit our website:                     highest of standards.

THE CEREMONY                                                      AN EXAMPLE OF THE
Saying ‘I do’ in front of friends and                             WEDDING CEREMONY
family can be a nerve-racking event but
                                                                                  Pre-arrival Music
our registrars will be on hand to help
                                                                                    Guests Assemble
you every step of the way. They will
guide you through everything you need                                                      "
to do or say, so there is no need to                                               Entrance Music
worry about forgetting your lines or                                          Entrance of Bride & Attendants
doing things in the wrong order!
The registrar will see both partners privately to check           Welcome and Introduction by Celebrant
that the details to be entered into the marriage register                First Reading Option
are correct.
This is also an opportunity for you to ask any last minute             Declaratory & Contracting Vows*
questions. Once these checks have been made we can                 (to be selected from options in our ceremony booklet)
proceed with the wedding ceremony.                                * these words must be included in your ceremony by law

The bride and groom will be asked in turn to repeat
a number of vows and promises you will have chosen                               Optional Promises
in advance from our ceremony booklet. The Celebrant                (to be selected from options in our ceremony booklet
will speak quite slowly and reassure you both throughout                        or your own vows submitted)
the ceremony. After you have made your marriage vows
you and your witnesses will sign the marriage register.
The registrar will then arrange for you to have
                                                                             Second Reading Option
photographs with the register, before presenting you with                                  "
your marriage certificate.
                                                                          Optional Exchange of Rings
                                                                       (to be selected from options in our ceremony
                                                                                booklet or your own words)

                                                                              Third Reading Option
                                                                              Signing of the Register
                                                                                   Signing Music
                                                                   Presentation of the Marriage Certificate
                                                                               and Conclusion
                                                                              Exit of Bride & Groom
                                                                                      Exit Music


  Planning Ahead for 'Your Perfect Day'
                12 TO 18 MONTHS BEFORE...
Contact the approved premises or church to provisionally book your ceremony

If you have chosen to be married in one of our registration offices you can only
         provisionally book up to one year to the exact day of your wedding

         It is advisable to consider taking out wedding insurance cover

          12 MONTHS TO THE DAY BEFORE...
    Contact the appropriate ceremonies officer to book the time and date
    of your choice (if this day falls on a weekend or bank holiday you should
        call the next working day) calls will not be taken before 9.00am

          You will need to pay an administration fee to provisionally
                            book your ceremony

                     10 MONTHS BEFORE...
           Ensure you have both given a formal notice of marriage
                       to your local registration office

   Choose your ceremony vows, promises, readings and music from your
            ceremony booklet supplied by your ceremonies officer

                      2 MONTHS BEFORE...
       By this time, full payment of all fees and your ceremony checklist
 should be returned to your ceremonies officer, check out our current fees on
                our website

  Complete your PD2 form (if applicable) and return to the passport office to
            allow plenty of time for your new passport to be issued

                            ON THE DAY...
    There is nothing more you need to do with regard to your ceremony,
   no further documents need to be produced. Relax and enjoy your day,
   our fully experienced staff will ensure your ceremony runs smoothly and
                    according to your checklist instructions

ask your               CEREMONIES
                                                                   Dear Ceremonies Officer
                                                                   When can I purchase extra marriage certificates plus a
                       OFFICER                                     commemorative certificate?
                                                                                                       CLAIRE, FLEETWOOD

                                                                   Dear Claire
                                                                   You can indicate your request for any extra certificates or
 Lancashire Ceremonies Officers are                                commemorative certificates in the checklist. You must
 dedicated to provide a unique service                             however remember to send the extra fee at the time of
 for your individual needs. They are                               paying for your ceremony.
 available to answer your queries and                                                        CEREMONIES OFFICER – NORTH
 questions from your original booking
 up to the day of your ceremony.                                   Dear Ceremonies Officer
                                                                   I am being married at the Gibbon Bridge Hotel is there
 Dear Ceremonies Officer                                           an opportunity for me and the groom to have a
 I am hoping to marry abroad can you give me some                  rehearsal before our wedding?
 advice on how I go about this?                                                                          SUSAN, CLITHEROE
                                         LINDA, PRESTON
                                                                   Dear Susan
 Dear Linda                                                        In Lancashire we do not offer a rehearsal we do
 Tying the knot abroad is becoming an increasingly                 however issue all couples with a marriage checklist 'Your
 popular option. If you are thinking of doing this please          marriage ceremony in Lancashire'. By submitting the
 contact the appropriate country's embassy in England for          checklist back to your ceremonies officer she will be able
 advice on the formalities and documentation required.             to check your ceremony and discuss before the day any
                            CEREMONIES OFFICER – CENTRAL           unique arrangements you have requested. Our highly
                                                                   experienced celebrants will guide you step by step
                                                                   through your day. The hotel co-ordinator will be able to
 Dear Ceremonies Officer                                           help with room arrangements
 I am being married at Georgian House, my groom is                                               CEREMONIES OFFICER – EAST
 Italian. He cannot speak English, he understands a little,
 would it be possible for me to interpret the ceremony
 to him in Italian?
                                           JANE, LANCASTER

 Dear Jane
 Unfortunately you would not be able to act as an
 interpreter for the groom. You must provide an
 independent interpreter who could be a family member
 or friend. The groom will need to repeat the words in
 English as well as in Italian.
                                CEREMONIES OFFICER - NORTH

         The registrars were marvellous,
        professional, friendly and good fun
    which really made our wedding ceremony
        special. Thank you so very much.

SERVICE                                                      News
                                                                         Above Lancashire's award winning ceremonies
 LANCASHIRE REGISTRATION                                                            team accepting both the area and
 & CEREMONIES TEAM                                                            corporate awards from Councillor Albert
                                                                            Atkinson and Phil Halsall Chief Executive;

 Congratulations                                                                 for their dedication to our customers.

 Due to the dedication and selfless commitment they showed towards
 their customers during this winter's extreme weather. Staff put their               Thank you for making our
 personal lives on hold to work together to ensure the citizens of                wedding day a very happy and
 Lancashire's ceremonies were delivered without any disruption.                   relaxed occasion. The way you
 "There are many examples of commitment, dedication and                         conducted our service was fantastic.
 professionalism where staff have encountered, venues that have been                        John & Anita
 flooded, brides stuck on motorways, but nothing stops the team from
 ensuring that Lancashire couples have their perfect day."

 New            FOR 2012
 These elegant certificate boxes come in a durable
 white finish with two magnetic closes and silver printing
 on the top of the boxes. The ideal storage box for
 your marriage certificate, or the perfect presentation
 box for a commemorative certificate. For prices and
 to order contact your local ceremonies officer.

 “When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread
 with one, and a flower with the other. The bread will give you life, and
 the flower, a reason for living” Chinese Proverb

 This is probably a philosophy many florists share, so who better to ask to help bring together a look for your perfect day.

 As with all aspects of organising a wedding there are so many options; styles, colours, varieties and sometimes it can feel
 rather mind blowing, especially if you don’t know your peonies from your petunias. A skilled wedding florist will guide
 you through your choices to make sure you get the very best effect within your budget.


"Flowers have always played a huge part in my
life, from picking the stems from the garden on
the farm where I was brought up, to now designing
floral arrangements for some of the most prestigious events
and venues here in the North West.”
Being surrounded by family and friends who have            years our business has grown immensely,
always been interested in floral art and horticulture,     however we have maintained the same value
provided me with a wealth of knowledge and                 of quality and style. Here in Clitheroe, we
                                                                                                                       love’s tr s are
support which gave me a kick start for my career.
My first class in floral art was at the age of sixteen,
                                                           have a wonderful team of floral designers
                                                           who are always on hand to advise, in the                   languaguest
when I was studying for my City and Guilds, I was          many aspects of floral design that we have to             Park
lucky enough to study with Margaret Whittaker,             offer. We use our expertise to provide our                          in
whose talent and vision is legendary in the field of       customers with unique, bespoke designs, whilst
floral art. I then undertook my demonstrating              embracing new industry trends and ideas along the
exams, which would enable me to speak at flower            way. We stock a vast range of fresh flowers, plants
clubs across the ocean, but it was in 1995 when            and gifts, so there is always something new and
my career began, where my partner and myself               exciting to look at. We offer a very professional
decided to rent a very small shop in Clitheroe,            service and it is most definitely service with a smile.
called ‘The Flower Shop’. Over the past sixteen

Lancashire’s fabulous florists can certainly help you create the perfect day
to remember. So, who do you need to consider when it comes to your
wedding flowers….
The Bride                                                         Buttonholes for the Groom, Best Man,
A stunning bouquet to compliment her dress, from traditional      Fathers and Ushers
to contemporary, compact and petite, large and flowing, glitz     Often these buttonholes are made using the same flowers
and chic, soft and subtle... the options are endless and          from the bride's bouquet
something perfect for every bride.
                                                                  Ceremony Venue
The Bridesmaids                                                   It can be very helpful to choose a florist who knows the venue
A bouquet to complement the bride's flowers, a wrist corsage      well, as they will know what will work and can put your style
or even flowers to place in the hair.                             and stamp on the design.

Corsages for the Mothers                                          Reception Venue
Maybe one for the outfit, the wrist, or even to attach onto       The reception flowers can really enhance the space, turning a
their handbag. We can add wiring detail to compliment the         blank canvas into something beautiful and full of life.
outfit or some pearls or diamantes to give it that extra bit of
sparkle on their son and daughters special day.                   Of all of the comments we receive
                                                                  back about weddings, my favourite
                                                                  is ‘The Flowers Made It’.

                                                                                                       you tarkhand
                                                                                               “Whernin you at it,
                                                                                                   w          k
                                                                                             a flod really loorld for
                                                                                               an s your wo ent”
                                                                                                  it’ the mom       eefe

Flower Power
 'From a simple posy to an exotic designer trend Lancashire
                                                                                                                             t e
                                                                                                                      is aa tphetal
                                                                                                                   “it of
 is the perfect place to showcase your choice of flowers'                                                          edge ove waits”
 Next to your reception flowers are the most expensive item in your budget. Many brides have no                    thatWillliamllCaamrlsos
 idea what flowers they have to choose from and what flowers grow local to Lancashire. Knowing                                 Wi

 what flowers are in season at the time of your wedding can drastically reduce the overall cost.

 What Kind Of Flowers Are Found In Lancashire?
 Lancashire in the heart of Northwest England hosts a wide variety of flowers like roses, lilies, tulips, daisies, forget me
 nots, pansies and hare bell. Lancashire's spring weather is suitable for these flowers to grow in abundance.

Seasonal Flower Chart                    Flower                   Spring          Summer           Autumn          Winter
Before you make your final               Aster                       6               6                6
decision on your floral
                                         Anemone                     6
arrangements and bouquets try
to seek ways to combine beauty           Calla Lily                  6               6                6               6
and budget-consciousness. It is          Carnation                   6               6                6               6
easier and usually less expensive
                                         Cherry Blossom              6
to buy flowers, plants and
flowering shrubs when they are           Chrysanthemum               6               6                6               6
in season. Opposite is a small           Daisy                       6               6                6               6
sample of seasonal decor that
                                         Freesia                     6               6                6               6
may serve as a guide.
                                         Gardenia                                    6
                                         Heather                     6               6
                                         Hydrangea                   6               6                6
                                         Iris                        6               6                6               6
                                         Lily of the Valley          6               6
                                         Orchid                      6               6                6               6
                                         Rose                        6               6                6               6
                                         Sweet Pea                   6               6
                                         Tulip                       6

             What does your
Freesia      bridal bouquet signify?
             Did you know flowers have meanings associated with them?
             Flowers form an important part of that special occasion in our
             lives. Everyone knows that a red rose stands for romantic love;
             however meanings are associated not only with roses but also
             with other flowers.
Roses        Many people assign their own personal meanings – a flower or colour that might remind them of a
             special event or moment in their lives. Did you know that each of the 17 different flower designs on
             William & Kate's official Royal Wedding cake had its own individual meaning?

             Read on to know more about flower meanings and see if we have included your favourite flower:

             Aster symbolises patience. It is also indicative of        Heather Lavender symbolises admiration,
             a love of variety. It also symbolises elegance             solitude and beauty while white heather symbolises
             and daintiness.                                            protection and indicates that wishes will come true.

             Calla Lily symbolises magnificence and beauty.             Hydrangea symbolises heartfelt emotions. It can
Peony        White Calla lilies combine these two attributes with
             purity and innocence associated with the colour
                                                                        be used to express gratitude for being understood.

             white to make it the perfect choice of flower in a         Iris symbolises eloquence. Purple iris is symbolic of
             wedding bouquet.                                           wisdom and compliments. Blue iris symbolises faith
                                                                        and hope. Yellow iris symbolises passion while
             Carnation symbolises pride and beauty.                     white iris symbolises purity.
             A red carnation symbolises love, pride and
             admiration; a white carnation symbolises innocence         Orchids a symbol of the exotic beauty.
             and pure love.                                             It symbolises refinement, thoughtfulness and
                                                                        mature charm. It also symbolises proud and
Calla Lily   Chrysanthemum symbolises fidelity,
             optimism, joy and long life. A red chrysanthemum
                                                                        glorious femininity.

             conveys love; a white chrysanthemum symbolises             Peony symbolises a happy life happy marriage,
             truth and loyal love.                                      good health and prosperity.

             Daisy symbolises innocence and purity. It conveys          Rose symbolises love. It signifies love in its
             loyal love and “I will never tell”. Gerbera Daisy          various forms. Its symbolism varies based on
             specifically conveys cheerfulness.                         colour, variety and number.

             Freesia symbolises innocence and                           Stock symbolises lasting beauty and happy life.
Sweet Pea    thoughtfulness.                                            It is indicative of bonds of affection and is symbolic
                                                                        of promptness.
             Gardenia symbolises purity and sweetness.
             They indicate secret love. They convey joy.                Sweet Pea indicates delicate pleasure and bliss.
             They tell the receiver you are lovely.                     It is a flower symbolic of departure after having
                                                                        had a good time.
             Gerbera belongs to the daisy family and therefore
             assumes the symbolism associated with the daisy            Tulip signifies a declaration of love. It also
             flower. Gerbera specifically conveys cheerfulness.         symbolises fame and perfect love.

symbols                                 AND MEANINGS
Weddings are occasions full of tradition and symbolism, but do you know
where some of the popular traditions actually come from?

Something old, something new,
something borrowed, something blue
and a silver sixpence in her shoe.
Something Old: This represents the link with the
bride's family and the past – a common solution is
for a bride to wear a piece of family jewellery or
the garter of a married woman in the family.

Something New: Represents good fortune and
success in the bride's new life. This is usually the
wedding dress.

Something Borrowed: To remind the bride that
friends and family will be there for her when help is
needed. This might be something like a lace
handkerchief or an item of jewellery.

Something Blue: Symbolises faithfulness and loyalty
and is thought to date back to biblical times when
blue represented purity. Frequently the bride has a
blue garter or a small blue ribbon sewn into the
inside of her dress.

A silver sixpence in her shoe:
This is to wish the bride both financial wealth
and happiness.

               Thank you so much for the
          wonderful ceremony, the words were
           lovely – not a dry eye in the house,
                we had a wonderful day.
                 Richard & Wendy

In ancient times, engagement rings served as a
partial payment for the right to court a bride.
The significance of the third finger of the left
hand stems from the ancient Egyptian belief
that the ring finger follows the 'vena amoris',
the vein that leads directly to the heart.
If the ring is dropped at the ceremony this is
believed to shake out the evil spirits.

Where to stand
The bride stands on the left of the groom during the marriage ceremony to
allow his sword arm to be free ready to fight off any other man who may want
her for his bride. It is believed the father walks in with the bride on his right arm
as nothing should stand between true love.

The tradition of wearing a white wedding dress gained popularity in the
Victorian Age when Queen Victoria wore a beautiful white dress
to marry Albert, which started a world wide trend.
In some countries it is considered lucky if a bride
finds a spider in her wedding dress!

Wedding veil
The veil is worn in order to ward off evil spirits.

The time to get married
The couple should exchange vows as the minute hand of the clock is
upwards and 'ascending towards heaven'.

Seeing the bride
It is considered good luck for the groom not to see the dress before
the day, and luckier still if he does not glance at the dress as the bride
walks down the aisle.

Rose petals or paper have replaced rice or grain in modern times,
the rice was thrown to encourage fertility.

Carrying the bride over the threshold
This protects her from any evil spirits that may be lurking in
the new home. It is also believed to bring good fortune
and stops the bride from stepping into the
new home left foot first which is considered
to be unlucky.

Throwing the bouquet
The bride should throw her bouquet over
her shoulder into a crowd of all unmarried
ladies. Whoever catches it is said to be the
next one to be married. Similarly the groom
should remove the bride's garter and do the
same for the single men!

    approved           PREMISES IN LANCASHIRE

         The following section showcases a selection of
         Lancashire Approved Premises for Your Perfect Day.
         Lancashire County Council have approved these
         premises and awarded them with a formal approval to
         conduct a civil ceremony, however do not promote,
         guarantee or are liable for any of their services.

                                         Beeston Manor
                                         One of Lancashire’s newest venues for
                                         ceremonies set in 140 acres at Hoghton
                                         near Preston.
                                         A Grade II listed sandstone barn, painstakingly
                                         converted by the Bickerstaffe family who have a
                                         passion for restoration and attention to detail.
                                         The unique venue boasts warmth, charm and character,
                                         utilising wood and stone from surrounding land.
                                         With14 en-suite bedrooms, oozing with outstanding
                                         features, stone walls, exposed oak beams, open fires
                                         and tasteful decor with attention to quality.

                                         Visitors are met with a warm cosy home-from-home
Beeston Manor, Quaker Brook Lane,        feel. Function rooms enjoy a backdrop of breathtaking
Hoghton, Preston,                        panoramic woodland scenery and rolling fields.
Lancashire PR5 0RA                       Located within easy reach of motorway networks,
Telephone: 01254 851996                  with ample car parking and a heli-pad. Visit and
Email:        experience a venue to remember.

                                                                                              Courtesy of www.lanc

Astley Hall
Astley Hall is a Grade I listed Elizabethan
historic house set within acres of parkland;
a spectacular location for weddings and
civil partnerships.
The Hall is blessed with a diverse range of impressive
rooms including the majestic Great Hall with its ornate
1660’s plaster ceilings, the Dining Room with French
windows overlooking the lake and the Drawing Room
complete with antique tapestries.

Our rooms are licensed for up to seventy guests
and we can accommodate many more for a
reception afterwards either within the Grade II listed
Coach House or the Victorian Walled Garden,                    Astley Hall, Astley Park, Southport Road,
which is a picturesque marquee setting.                        Chorley, Lancashire PR7 1NP
                                                               Telephone: 01257 515928
The full interior and external grounds are provided as         Email:
settings for your wedding photographs on the day.              Website:

                                                               Hall Hotel
                                                               Holland Hall Hotel boasts a new 21st century style
                                                               that combines the best of both worlds with
                                                               buttermilk decor and new colonial style facade.

                                                               The original Grade II listed building dates back to
                                                               the 17th century, and you enter the public areas of
                                                               the hotel to find open fireplaces, low slung beams
                                                               and arched doorways.

                                                               Enter your Feature Room, Suite or Classic Room
                                                               and you will find all the comforts of modern
                                                               boutique styling and facilities.
Holland Hall Hotel, Lafford Lane,
Upholland, Lancashire WN8 0QZ                                  A relaxing countryside setting, the attention of a
Telephone: 01695 624426/07584 315771                           young and enthusiastic management team, fine food
Email:                             and a location that is perfectly placed for Wigan,
Website:                            Lancashire and the North West; Holland Hall Hotel
                                                               embraces a multitude of benefits with a unique
                                                               charm that permeates throughout.

Alston Hall
We hope our beautiful Victorian building with
stunning views over the Ribble Valley will be the
ideal place for your special day.
Our four acres including a walled garden, woodland
walk and croquet lawn give great photo opportunities
and an ideal area for outdoor drinks receptions.
Two of our beautiful rooms are licensed for civil
ceremonies and partnerships and you can choose from
using Alston Hall for your ceremony and photographs to
taking exclusive use. This would mean this amazing
location is open for you and your party only, including its'
30 bedrooms. We can accommodate up to 50 people
for your ceremony and wedding breakfast and up to
                                                                    Alston Hall, Alston Lane, Longridge,
100 for your evening reception.
                                                                    Lancashire PR3 3BP
We look forward to welcoming you.                                   Telephone: 01772 784661

                                                                    Crofters Hotel
                                                                    The Crofters is one of Lancashire's largest
                                                                    wedding venues with capacity for 20-270 and
                                                                    licensed for civil ceremonies.
                                                                    A beautiful ballroom with an attached enclosed patio
                                                                    area and an additional designer function room ensure
                                                                    that we can meet your needs. Hotels do the best
                                                                    weddings, having the space and know how to ensure
                                                                    the smooth running of your day. Twenty five newly
                                                                    refurbished bedrooms take care of your guests needs
                                                                    and we even throw in the all important bridal suite.
                                                                    With packages from £2995 onwards, we have the
                                                                    experience to turn your special day into the event of the
                                                                    season. Ask about our winter wedding rates too.
Crofters Hotel, A6 Garstang, Preston,
Lancashire PR3 1PH
Telephone: 01995 604128

Ashton Hall -
Lancaster Golf Club
Ashton Hall, with its impressive refined decor
and beautiful landscaped grounds, courtyards
and golf course, is fully deserving of its
reputation for being the perfect venue for
that very special day.
With meticulous attention to detail, and the finest
cuisine proudly created by our award winning culinary
team, plus a selection of the finest international wines,
we ensure that from your initial enquiry to the wedding
day reception you will be relaxed and have fond
memories to cherish in the years ahead.
                                                                 Ashton Hall, Lancaster Golf Club,
Ashton Hall can host wedding celebrations for the                Ashton-with-Stodday, Lancaster,
small and intimate, to receptions catering for up to             Lancashire LA2 0AJ
140 guests.                                                      Telephone: 01524 751247 (Option 3)

                                                                 The Preston
                                                                 Marriott Hotel
                                                                 The Preston Marriott is a distinctive old
                                                                 Manor House with a stunning drive and
                                                                 striking entrance, perfect for a grand arrival.
                                                                 Our beautiful grounds offer a great setting for
                                                                 photographs and drinks receptions. Inside is a
                                                                 story of modern elegance able to cater for any
                                                                 size of wedding. We can offer an intimate and
                                                                 romantic setting in our delightful Garden Room
                                                                 or high ceilings and grandeur in our
                                                                 Broughton Suite for a larger celebration.
The Preston Marriott Hotel, Garstang,                            The best weddings are distinctive, unique
Broughton, Preston, Lancashire PR3 5JB                           and personal so we charge a simple per guest
Telephone: 01772 866503                                          rate that includes everything you need from
Email:                      arrival drinks and chair covers to the DJ and a
Website:                               complimentary bridal suite with the flexibility
                                                                 to make the day perfect for you.

Clifton Arms Hotel
At the Clifton Arms Hotel we pride ourselves
on the quality of our friendly, efficient service
which provides a truly enjoyable experience.
From the special welcome on arrival, to the pop of
the champagne cork – your every detail is tailored to
make your perfect day.

You can relax in the knowledge that our dedicated
and experienced team will provide help and advice
throughout every stage of planning your wedding.

We will only be too pleased to show you the
facilities that the Clifton Arms Hotel has to offer in
order to make your wedding day everything you                                           Clifton Arms Hotel, West Beach, Lytham,
could wish for.                                                                         Lancashire FY8 5QJ
                                                                                        Telephone: 01253 739898

                                                            richard photography@
                                        Courtesy of anthony

                                                                                        If you’re looking for a wedding with a difference –
                                                                                        KoKo’s is the perfect place to celebrate your
                                                                                        special day. There are six different levels offering
                                                                                        something for everyone, from an intimate to a
                                                                                        large celebration, including a large Rooftop
                                                                                        Terrace for all your memorable photographs.
                                                                                        Our highly trained Wedding Team carefully plan and
                                                                                        co-ordinate everything and ensure that no special
                                                                                        requests or ideas are neglected. Individually tailored,
                                                                                        every wedding is unique, with all extras including
                                                                                        photographs, videos, cars, flowers, decorations and
                                                                                        entertainment arranged if required.
KoKo’s, Elizabeth House, 3/5 Elizabeth Street,                                          KoKo’s is ideally situated in a central location, with
Burnley, Lancashire BB11 2BQ                                                            adjacent car parks, smoking balconies and full disabled
Telephone: 01282 434997                                                                 access. So why not call us now and see how little your
Email:                                                   big day could cost you!

Thurnham Hall
Thurnham Hall, with its impressive refined decor
and beautiful landscaped grounds and courtyards,
is fully deserving of its reputation for being the
perfect venue for that very special day.
With meticulous attention to detail, and the finest cuisine
proudly created by our award winning culinary team,
plus a selection of the finest international wines,
we ensure that from your initial enquiry to the wedding
day reception you will be relaxed and have fond
memories to cherish in the years ahead.

The hall can host intimate wedding celebrations for
up to 60 guests, while the grounds can hold a marquee
for up to 200 guests.                                              Thurnham Hall, Thurnham, Lancaster,
                                                                   Lancashire LA2 0DT
                                                                   Telephone: 01524 753012

                                                                   Weddings in
                                                                   Historic Lancaster has some splendid
                                                                   Edwardian buildings – the Town Hall and the
                                                                   Ashton Memorial, both built by the industrialist
                                                                   Lord Ashton, are delightful venues for your
                                                                   ceremony and reception.
                                                                   With a selection of richly decorated and ornate rooms,
                                                                   the Town Hall can cater for small intimate ceremonies
   Neil Redfern Pho
                   tography                                        with 30 guests, to much bigger events of up to 600
                                                                   people. All rooms are reached by a magnificent marble
                                                                   staircase – great for photographs and grand entrances.
                                                                   Our fully equipped kitchens are also available to hire for
Lancaster City Council, Dalton Square,
                                                                   your reception.
Lancaster, Lancashire LA1 1PJ
Telephone: 01524 582000                                            The iconic Ashton Memorial in Lancaster’s beautiful
Email:                                   Williamson Park is quite simply the most stunning
Website:                                      backdrop you can find for your special day, with its
                                                                   beautiful architecture and breathtaking views.

Ribby Hall
A licensed venue for civil ceremonies
offering you a choice of suites whether you
are planning an intimate reception or a
large celebration.
Our beautiful suites and landscaped grounds
provide the perfect setting for your own special
day and our luxury accommodation is the icing
on the cake!

Our experienced Wedding Planner will help
you every step of the way and would love
the opportunity to show you around our                  Ribby Hall Village, Ribby Road, Wrea Green,
superb facilities.                                      Near Blackpool, Lancashire PR4 2PR
                                                        Telephone: 01772 685858

                                                        Lancaster House
                                                        Lancaster House, with its impressive refined
                                                        decor and beautiful landscaped grounds and
                                                        courtyards, is fully deserving of its 4 Star rating
                                                        and its reputation for being the perfect venue for
                                                        that very special day.
                                                        With meticulous attention to detail, and the finest cuisine
                                                        proudly created by our award winning chefs, plus a
                                                        selection of the finest international wines, we ensure that
                                                        from your initial enquiry to the wedding day reception
                                                        you will be relaxed and have fond memories to cherish
                                                        in the years ahead.

                                                        The hotel also boasts an extensive leisure complex
Lancaster House, Green Lane, Ellel,                     where you and your guests can take advantage of the
Lancaster, Lancashire LA1 4GJ                           feature pool, spa, steam room, sauna, solarium,
Telephone: 01524 844822                                 gymnasium, fitness studios and hair and beauty salons.

The Riverside
Whitworth is a beautiful linear village nestling
within the foothills of the Pennines at the
southerly end of the Rossendale Valley.
Surrounded by rugged and natural landscape,
The Riverside is a fantastic facility offering everything
you need to make your celebration extra special.

The Mayoral Chamber will accommodate up to
100 guests for the civil ceremony, and the main hall
encompassing a full stage will seat up to 200 for a
dinner and 250 guests for an evening function.
The Broadley Room, this retreat will ensure that there is
somewhere to freshen up, take a break and offer a little
sanctuary during the day.                                        The Riverside, Whitworth Civic Hall,
                                                                 Market Street, Whitworth,
To receive a brochure or for more information please             Lancashire OL12 8DP
contact Lisa or Aimee on 01706 854130.                           Telephone: 01706 854130

                                                                 BEST WESTERN
                                                                 Higher Trapp Hotel
                                                                 The Higher Trapp Country House Hotel is set
                                                                 in 36 acres of magnificent gardens which
                                                                 enjoy panoramic views overlooking the
                                                                 Lancashire countryside, giving you wonderful
                                                                 photo opportunities.
                                                                 On arrival you will be greeted by one of our wedding
                                                                 managers and their team who will be devoted to you
                                                                 throughout your day. Both our suites are available for
                                                                 wedding ceremonies and receptions. The Pendle suite
                                                                 holds up to 100 guests for your wedding breakfast and
                                                                 overlooks the hotel's majestic gardens. The Hambledon
BEST WESTERN Higher Trapp Hotel,                                 suite is all about elegance and holds upto 70 wedding
Trapp Lane, Simonstone, Near Burnley,                            breakfast guests.
Lancashire BB12 7QW
Telephone: 01282 772 781                                         The hotel boasts 30 well appointed bedrooms all
Email:                          furnished to a high standard and has the locally
Website:                                renowned Fitzy's Bar where you can have a snack
                                                                 or a full a la carte meal.

The Midland
Getting married at The Midland is like
a modern day fairytale come true.
Your guests will be wowed by the magical seaside
views. Just imagine saying your vows overlooking
Morecambe Bay to the Lake District, and then
greeting your friends and loved ones with a
champagne reception in our Sun Terrace.

This lovingly restored building has a contemporary
edge on furnishings and décor, beautiful entrance
hall, sweeping staircase, stunning suites and
44 bedrooms for you and your guests.

A truly perfect setting for your nuptials and the         The Midland, Marine Road West,
ultimate backdrop for your photos.                        Morecambe, Lancashire LA4 4BU
                                                          Telephone: 01524 428371

                                                          BEST WESTERN
                                                          Manor Hotel
                                                          The Best Western Lancashire Manor Hotel is fully
                                                          licensed to carry out civil ceremonies and has
                                                          banqueting facilities second to none, our Great
                                                          Hall has been described as ‘the most beautiful
                                                          wedding venue in Lancashire’ from its stone walls
                                                          and exposed beamwork, through to its thousands
                                                          of pounds worth of crystal lighting and impressive
                                                          balcony, a most memorable of venues.
                                                          Our smaller, stylish Lathom Suite also features a
BEST WESTERN Lancashire Manor Hotel,
                                                          traditional stone wall, but with a modern twist in its
Prescott Road, Pimbo, Near Wigan,
                                                          décor, enabling this suite to be divided for the more
Lancashire WN8 9QD
                                                          intimate event.
Telephone: 01695 567260
Email:                     50 refurbished bedrooms including four delightful suites,
Website:                     stunning restaurant and bar areas, and a picture perfect
                                                          garden make the Best Western Lancashire Manor Hotel
                                                          ideal for your very special celebration.

Oaks Hotel &
Leisure Club
Set in beautiful grounds, Oaks Hotel has everything
you’ll need for your special day.
As one of the region’s top wedding venues, we are renowned
for providing the finest quality food, service and facilities.

We understand that organising your wedding is one of the most
important and exciting things you will ever do, that’s why our
dedicated team of wedding planners will be on hand to assist
and guide you through every stage of arranging your special day.

Both our magnificent function suites are available for wedding
                                                                        BEST WESTERN Oaks Hotel & Leisure Club,
ceremonies and receptions.
                                                                        Colne Road, Reedley, Burnley,
                                                                        Lancashire BB12 7QW
With original stunning ornate ceilings, floor to ceiling windows        Telephone: 01282 414141
and the lounge/reception area dominated by a 25ft high stained          Email:
glass window, the hotel helps to create instant theatre.                Website:

                                                                        Ferrari's Country
                                                                        House Hotel
                                                                        Set in 4.5 acres of mature walled gardens, within
                                                                        the tranquillity of the beautiful Ribble Valley,
                                                                        Ferrari’s is an enchanting wedding venue.
                                                                        We believe every couple has a different vision of their
                                                                        perfect wedding and that working together is the key
                                                                        to success.

                                                                        The Dove Cote situated within our beautiful gardens,
                                                                        with stunning views of the surrounding fells makes the
                                                                        perfect back drop for your wedding. Licensed from April
                                                                        to September, for civil partnerships and weddings.
Ferrari's Country House Hotel,                                          (weather permitting)
Chipping Lane, Thornley, Longridge,
Lancashire PR3 2TB                                                      To receive a brochure or for more information please
Telephone: 01772 783148                                                 contact us on 01772 783148.

Shaw Hill Hotel,
Golf and
Country Club
Shaw Hill Hotel, Golf and Country Club
provides the ideal surroundings to host your
perfect wedding day.
Sat overlooking our championship golf course,
the idyllic Georgian mansion, with its original features
and chandeliers provides the ambience of a bygone era.
With vast experience and expertise, you can be assured
of service and quality second to none. We are licensed
for civil ceremonies and can cater for up to 250 guests          Shaw Hill Hotel, Golf and Country Club,
with a variety of food and beverage options, all tailored        Preston Road, Whittle-le-Woods,
to your requirements.                                            Near Chorley, Lancashire PR6 7PP
Please telephone or e-mail us to book a viewing of               Telephone: 01257 269221
our venue on 01257 269221 or                                     Email:
email:                                  Website:

                                                                 BEST WESTERN
                                                                 Glendower Hotel
                                                                 We know that you want your wedding day to be
                                                                 perfect which is why with our attention to detail,
                                                                 quality of service and fine food and wines we are
                                                                 confident that the Best Western Glendower
                                                                 Hotel is the perfect venue for your special day
                                                                 We are fully licensed to hold civil weddings/partnerships
                                                                 in our Lowther Room for a maximum of 40 guests and
                                                                 also the Georgian suite for up to 150, we cater to every
                                                                 whim with an assortment of packages to suit the most
                                                                 discerning of guests.
BEST WESTERN Glendower Hotel,                                    We highly recommend a personal appointment so that
32-38 North Promenade, St Annes-on-Sea,                          one of our dedicated wedding coordinators may guide
Lancashire FY8 2NQ                                               you through our venue and the fantastic facilities we
Telephone: 01253 723241                                          have available to make your day one to remember for
Email:                                 all the right reasons!

Park Hall Hotel
& Leisure Club
Set in 100 acres of beautiful countryside, Park Hall
Hotel has everything you’ll need for your special day.
Your wedding is one of the most important and
exciting things you will ever do, that’s why our
dedicated team will be on hand to assist and guide
you through your special day.
Choose from our four magnificent function suites, from the
elegant and modern Park Suite to the authentic Medieval
Banquet Hall dating back to 966AD and complete with
stonewalls and oak beamed ceiling.                                  BEST WESTERN Park Hall Hotel &
                                                                    Leisure Club, Charnock Richard, Chorley,
Available for wedding ceremonies and receptions the hotel
                                                                    Lancashire PR7 5LP
offers something to suit every bride and bridegroom’s needs.
                                                                    Telephone: 01257 455000
Or for something different, try our unique Medieval Wedding,        Email:
complete with five course feast, court jesters, minstrels,          Website:
knights on horseback and King Arthur.

                                                                    Hall Barn
                                                                    We are a family run business with over
                                                                    50 years experience. Our aim is to make your
                                                                    wedding day as relaxed and as personal as
                                                                    possible and the best day of your life.
                                                                    All civil ceremonies and wedding receptions are
                                                                    organised to your individual requirements, and no
                                                                    other weddings or events will be taking place at the
                                                                    same time as yours.

                                                                    Rivington Hall Barn is a beautiful and unique building
                                                                    dating back to the 12th century. The interior is
Rivington Hall Barn, Rivington,                                     unusually grand with huge Saxon beams.
Bolton, Lancashire BL6 7SB
Telephone: 01204 697738                                             The Barn and its surroundings, set in the middle of
Email:                                 Rivington Country Park, offer character and charm
Website:                                that is hard to find.

Bridge Hotel
This beautiful, privately owned hotel set amidst
Lancashire’s finest countryside can be exclusively
yours for the most special day of your life.
During the summer the fairytale bandstand, situated in the
award winning gardens, with its spectacular hanging
baskets, voiles and red carpet is every bride’s dream.
In the winter, or just in case it rains, there is the light and
airy Orangery with its Victorian cast iron pillars and
contemporary black and white theme. For the smaller
more intimate wedding there is either the Cavalier Room
with its Gothic open fire or the Staple Oak Suite.
                                                                       The Gibbon Bridge Hotel,
We combine many years experience with quality                          Forest of Bowland, Near Chipping,
surroundings; 23 acres of award winning gardens,                       Preston, Lancashire PR3 2TQ
elegant private rooms, the finest food and friendly                    Telephone: 01995 61456
personal service, a truly stunning setting for your                    Email:
ceremony and/or reception.                                             Website:

                                                                       The Fisherman's
                                                                       New wedding venues don't come along every day,
                                                                       so it's great news that the beautifully located
                                                                       Fisherman's Retreat in Ramsbottom is now fully
                                                                       licensed for weddings up to 150 guests and are
                                                                       able to accommodate the ceremony, reception
                                                                       and evening party.
                                                                       With a stunning new extension, complete with a feature
                                                                       wall of glass overlooking Holcombe Hill, plus a brand
                                                                       new purpose-built function room complete with a
                                                                       terrace and balcony, it's the ideal choice for the bride
                                                                       and groom's big day.
The Fisherman's Retreat, Riding Head Lane,
Shuttleworth, Lancashire BL0 0HH                                       Wedding ceremonies can be held either in the spacious
Telephone: 01706 825314                                                Valley Suite, or in the more intimate Nuttall Room.
Website:                                     Contact for
                                                                       more information

The Villa
The perfect venue. Formerly a 19th century
gentleman’s residence, set in beautiful parkland
in the picturesque village of Wrea Green.
Licensed for 250 guests in The Pavilion, we do our
utmost to provide a tailor made service with bespoke
wedding menu and pre-wedding BBQ. 31 spacious
en-suite rooms including luxurious bridal suite and state
rooms with four poster bed and roll top bath.

                                                                 The Villa, Wrea Green, Preston,
                                                                 Lancashire PR4 2PE
                                                                 Telephone: 01772 80 40 40

                                                                 Leighton Hall
                                                                 With imposing towers, fairytale turrets, 80 acres
                                                                 of stunning grounds and nestling in a bowl of
                                                                 parkland within the spectacular setting of the
                                                                 Lakeland Fells, Leighton Hall is just the romantic
                                                                 location any bride dreams of.
                                                                 You will be guaranteed an individual, intimate and
                                                                 unhurried celebration as the house and gardens are
                                                                 yours exclusively for the day.

                                                                 Your wedding day is the most important day of your life
                                                                 and owner Suzie Gillow Reynolds has been an
                                                                 enthusiastic, experienced and welcome support for
                                                                 brides and their families at Leighton Hall for more than
Leighton Hall, Carnforth, Lancashire LA5 9ST                     20 years. As well as ensuring the reception runs
Telephone: 01524 734474                                          smoothly, Suzie can also help brides-to-be and their
Email:                                   families with menus, flowers, transport, photographs
Website:                                  and even seating arrangements. Call to arrange a                      viewing of Leighton Hall and discuss your perfect day.

Bartle Hall Hotel
A charming and elegant period mansion dating
from the 15th century, Bartle Hall Hotel is
enchanting both inside and out.
Our Windsor Suite and Garden Room offer an ideal
setting for an indoor or outdoor civil ceremony.
The private garden and graceful pagoda provide an
ideal backdrop for your photographs.

Alternatively imagine an intimate candle lit ceremony
under mellow timber beams in our Balmoral Suite with
a private garden lit by lanterns and twinkling fairy lights.

With over 20 years of experience you and your guests
will be impressed by the care and attention provided by             Bartle Hall Hotel, Lea Lane, Bartle,
every member of staff.                                              Near Preston, Lancashire PR4 0HA
                                                                    Telephone: 01772 690506

                                                                    Holiday Inn
                                                                    Situated on the banks of the River Lune, the
                                                                    Holiday Inn Lancaster provides the most perfect
                                                                    setting for your wedding day.
                                                                    We specialise in fully inclusive wedding packages
                                                                    and tailor making the event for the bride and groom.
                                                                    With riverside grounds that are perfect for photographs,
                                                                    function suite with private bar and civil license for
                                                                    private ceremonies, we can guarantee that everybody
                                                                    will be happy.

                                                                    Your dedicated wedding co-ordinator is on hand to
Holiday Inn Lancaster,                                              offer advice on all aspects involved with the planning
Waterside Park, Caton Road,                                         of your wedding making sure that your day is individual
Lancaster LA1 3RA                                                   and unique from start to finish.
Telephone: 01524 84 00 66
Email:                                   To request a brochure or arrange a viewing of our
Website:                                 facilities, please contact the hotel directly.

Towneley Hall
Towneley Hall was the home of the Towneley
Family from the 14th century until 1902.
Now owned and managed by Burnley Borough
Council, the Hall and grounds can be booked for civil
wedding and partnership ceremonies, afternoon
receptions and marquee events.

The Hall is set in over 24 acres of parkland and formal
gardens, complete with ornamental pond and fountain
creating a wonderful back drop for photographs. Period
rooms set with fine furniture and original art work make
this venue ideal for your special day.

For full details please ring 01282 477130.                      Towneley Hall, Towneley Holmes Road,
                                                                Burnley, Lancashire
                                                                BB11 3RQ
                                                                Telephone: 01282 477130

                                                                House Hotel
                                                                Rosehill House Hotel is a licensed venue for civil
                                                                marriages. We are able to use Dugdales or our
                                                                Victorian conservatory for your occasion.
                                                                Dugdales with its original hand painted gold leaf ceiling,
                                                                ornate panelling and Italian marble fireplace. Alternatively,
                                                                choose our Victorian conservatory with a contrasting
                                                                feel, sophisticated and modern with contemporary
                                                                furnishings and hand painted wall feature, this room
                                                                makes a statement for that all important day.

                                                                This stunning family owned hotel remains small
Rosehill House Hotel                                            enough to care yet large enough to deliver on all
Rosehill Avenue, Burnley, Lancashire                            your expectations. Offering exclusive use of the hotel,
BB11 2PW                                                        with a variety of food and beverage options, all tailored
Telephone: 01282 453931                                         to your requirements.
Website:                           Why not arrange to come and see us to discuss your
                                                                ideas and plans for you special day?

Garstang Country
Hotel & Golf Centre
Located by the River Wyre we have one of
Lancashire’s leading licensed wedding venues
located in Garstang, in the beautiful heart
of Lancashire.
From the sweeping drive and covered entrance to the
stunning views and multi award winning gardens.
This beautiful family owned country hotel remains small
enough to care yet large enough to deliver on your
expectations offering exclusivity to every bride and groom
                                                                  BEST WESTERN Garstang Country Hotel
no matter how intimate or grand your day, ensuring you
                                                                  & Golf Centre, Bowgreave Drive,
receive personal attention from our staff.
                                                                  Garstang, Lancashire PR3 1YE
Our hotel has easy access and ample parking for your              Telephone: 01995 600100
guests and a reputation in consistently delivering high           Email:
quality wedding days.                                             Website:

                                                                  Norman Jepson
                                                                  At the Norman Jepson you will find friendly
                                                                  attentive staff to cater to your every need on
                                                                  your special day.
                                                                  The Norman Jepson is ideally located next to the
                                                                  65 bedroom Preston East Premier Inn with a large car
                                                                  park and easy access to the motorway.

                                                                  Our newly refurbished Bluebell Suite seats 80 guests for
                                                                  your Wedding Breakfast and 150 guests for your evening
                                                                  reception. The adjoining private function suite is ideal for
                                                                  civil ceremonies with a license for 80 guests.

                                                                  Our wedding brochure includes a wide range of
Norman Jepson Beefeater, Bluebell Way,                            Wedding Breakfast menus, Evening Reception menus,
Fulwood, Lancashire PR2 5PZ                                       drinks packages, your own personalised wedding plan
Telephone: 01772 651580                                           and all-inclusive packages starting from £2500.
Email:                         Please contact us to arrange an appointment with our
Website:                                 wedding co-ordinators.

Samlesbury Hall
As you drive through the mature woodlands,
you will gasp as you draw up to the beautiful
and remarkably well preserved medieval home
that has been one of Lancashire's finest family
homes, and now is the county's most
prestigious wedding venues.
Exclusively yours, Samlesbury Hall offers the finest
from the minute you are married to the minute you
stroll to our luxurious lodge for the night. Choose
from one of our packages or enjoy the team helping
you to make up your own bespoke day, whichever it
is, the decision will be the right one.

Contact Angela at the Hall and see just what dreams         Samlesbury Hall, Preston New Road,
are made of.                                                Samlesbury, Preston, Lancashire PR5 0UP
                                                            Three minutes from J31 M6
                                                            Telephone: 01254 812010

                                                            The Whoop Hall
                                                            The Whoop Hall is a unique and delightful
                                                            wedding venue licensed for civil marriages.
                                                            In a stunning location with beautiful gardens and
                                                            terrace, the backdrop of the Lune Valley with the
                                                            Lake District and Yorkshire Dales beyond, it provides
                                                            the perfect setting for marking that special day and
                                                            creating beautiful photographs. Late availability offers
                                                            - why wait? Special rates on Winter Weddings and
                                                            Weekday Weddings.

                                                            Our very own wedding co-ordinator will help you
                                                            plan the day of your dreams. Visit our website for
                                                            further details. Unique and delightful... where
The Whoop Hall, Burrow with Burrow,                         memories are made.
Kirkby Lonsdale, Lancashire LA6 2GY
Telephone: 015242 71284

Farington Lodge
A superb Grade II listed Georgian house set in
three acres of mature landscaped gardens with
27 luxurious bedrooms, including a four poster
Bridal Suite.
Our function suites are licensed to hold civil ceremonies
from 12 to 150 guests and can host up to 150 guests
for a day reception and 250 evening reception guests.
With only one wedding on any one day we guarantee
a very high standard of service, care and attention on
your special day.

Located close to the M6, M61 and M65, yet sitting
in a quiet rural spot with rolling Lancashire
countryside beyond.                                                Farington Lodge, Stanifield Lane, Farington,
                                                                   Preston, Lancashire PR25 4QR
For further information or to view the hotel and facilities        Telephone: 01772 421321
please contact our Wedding Coordinator.                            Email:

                                                                   Masonic Hall
                                                                   Behind this, frankly, unimpressive exterior is
                                                                   “Accrington’s best kept secret”.
                                                                   Situated in the centre of Accrington, it’s where
                                                                   dreams are turned into reality. Intimate civil
                                                                   ceremonies can be held in the impressive Masonic
                                                                   rooms with its wonderful oak panelling and antique
                                                                   furniture which is licensed to hold up to 60 guests.

                                                                   The tastefully decorated Adelaide Suite is ideal for
                                                                   the larger civil ceremonies and is also the perfect
                                                                   venue for your wedding reception, which is
The Adelaide Suite, Accrington Masonic Hall,                       exclusively yours for that very special day.
Adelaide Street, Accrington,
Lancashire BB5 2BE                                                 Our catering is of the finest quality. Whether it be a
Telephone: 01254 231588/01282 433279                               mouth-watering five course meal with superb waitress
Email:                                  service or a simple finger buffet, you will not be
Website:                                   disappointed. All our food is prepared on the premises
                                                                   using only the finest locally sourced ingredients.
                                                                   For further information ring 01254 230085.

Westleigh, a beautiful 19th century mansion
house originally built in 1864, sensitively restored
to a very high standard in 2010 retaining 99% of
all its original features.
Set in six acres of stunning grounds Westleigh has a
stunning outdoor feature terrace, enabling guests to enjoy
the extensive grounds whatever the weather. From the
terrace there is a beautiful view over the grounds, which is
ideal for a relaxing drinks reception to welcome your
guests. Our wonderful rural location and beautiful grounds
are an ideal setting for some eye-catching photography to
capture & record the memories of your very special day.

At Westleigh we offer a fantastic service from when you                   Westleigh, Lea Road, Lea, Preston,
start to plan your special day to all the little detail on the day        Lancashire PR4 0RB
itself. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and                 Telephone: 01772 894500
friendly, individual service to each couples requirements.                Email:
We understand that each wedding is unique.                                Website:
Westleigh has a choice of two rooms that are licensed for
civil ceremonies. The Leigh Suite, the larger of two rooms
and the Hollins Room which is ideal for the couple that
would prefer a smaller wedding.

    Just a little hello to thank you
 and the rest of the gang for making
our wedding day so great. It was all so
  very nice and we felt very special.

ceremony rooms                                                          IN LANCASHIRE

  Preston                                                      Accrington
  The Lancashire Rose Suite is situated in Bow                 The ceremony room is in Mechanics Institute
  Lane, Preston. The tastefully decorated                      on Willow Street. The room in this
  ceremony room accommodates seventy guests                    impressive Victorian building has been
  with disabled access. A designated parking space             beautifully refurbished and has retained many
  is provided for a wedding car. There is a small              original features. The ceremony room
  car park with spaces for 14.                                 accommodates fifty guests and there is
                                                               disabled access. Limited street parking is
  Ormskirk                                                     available and there are car parks close by.

  Charter House is located in the historic West                Burnley
  Lancashire market town of Ormskirk, it is a
  recently refurbished venue accommodating up                  Lyndhurst House is situated on
  to 50 guests. The period building on Derby                   Todmorden Road, Burnley. This building
  Street is the original home of West Lancashire               includes a large well decorated ceremony
  Borough Council and the ceremony room has a                  room catering for up to seventy people. It is
  lovely period feel, with high ceilings, ceiling roses        fully accessible to meet the needs of disabled
  and cornicing. Charter House has an attractive               people and those with mobility problems.
  canopied entrance with sandstone steps which                 The building boasts a garden area for
  provides an excellent area for photographs                   photographs and a car park.
  before and after your ceremony.

  It has full disabled access, disabled parking and a
  public car park is available next to the building.

Clitheroe                                              Chorley
The Clitheroe ceremony room is in                      Devonshire House is situated on
Ribble House off Pimlico Road.                         Devonshire Road, Chorley. This building
The tastefully decorated ceremony room                 offers couples the intimate atmosphere of a
accommodates forty guests with disabled                well decorated ceremony room which can
access. Ample free parking is available.               seat up to sixty-five guests. The building is
                                                       fully accessible to meet the needs of
Lancaster                                              disabled people and those with mobility
                                                       problems. The building boasts a garden area
The Lancaster ceremony room is in                      for photographs and is located close to a
Georgian House on Queen Street.                        large public car park.
This Georgian listed building has a traditional
ceremony room that accommodates forty                  Fleetwood
guests. There is disabled access to the
premises and courtyard at the rear of the              The ceremony room at Fleetwood is in
building. With original pillars and steps it           Fleetwood House above the registration
provides an excellent backdrop for                     office and library on North Albert Street.
photographs. Limited street parking is                 The tastefully decorated ceremony room
available and there are car parks close by.            can accommodate fifty guests. Disabled
                                                       access is available by lift in the library.
                                                       Limited street parking is available.

A special way of celebrating the arrival
of your baby or welcoming children
into your family.

A ‘family welcoming’ ceremony is not just for
new babies. Children of any age, adopted and
step-children can have a ceremony to be welcomed into
your family. This is a unique occasion for all your family
and friends to offer their love and support for your
child’s future development.

Lancashire’s unique ‘family welcoming’ ceremony is
designed to meet the individual needs of your family
providing personal ceremony choices unique to you.
                                                                  LANCASHIRE –
                                                                  THE IDEAL SETTING
                                                                  FOR YOU

                                                                  of vows                  CEREMONY
                                                                  A special way of celebrating your
                                                                  commitment, love and dedication to
                                                                  each other.

                                                                  A ‘renewal of vows’ ceremony is an opportunity for any
                                                                  married couple to renew their vows in a unique and
                                                                  personal ceremony. Although many vow renewals will take
                                                                  place at milestone anniversaries the ceremony is
                                                                  appropriate at any stage for couples who wish to celebrate
                                                                  with family and friends their commitment to each other.

                                                                  Lancashire’s unique ‘renewal of vows’ ceremony is
                                                                  designed to meet the individual needs of each couple
                                                                  providing personal ceremony choices unique to you.


central lancashire area                            CONTACT CENTRAL CEREMONIES OFFICER
                                                                TELEPHONE 0845 053 0021
Alston Hall                                    Holland Hall Hotel                           Rufford Old Hall
Alston Lane, Longridge, Preston PR3 3BP        Lafford Lane, Upholland WN8 0QZ              200 Liverpool Road, Rufford,
Tel: 01772 784661                              Tel: 01695 624426                            Nr Ormskirk L40 1SG
                                                                                            Tel: 01704 821254
Astley Hall                                    Hurlston Hall Golf Club
Astley Park, Chorley PR7 1NP                   Hurlston Lane, Scarisbrick L40 8HB           Samlesbury Hall
Tel: 01257 515555                              Tel: 01704 840400                            Preston New Road, Samlesbury,
Bartle Hall Hotel                              Inn on the Prom                              Preston PR5 0UP
Lea Lane, Bartle, Preston PR4 0HA              11-17 South Promenade,                       Tel: 01254 812010
Tel: 01772 690506                              St Annes-on-Sea FY8 1LU
                                               Tel: 01253 726726                            Scarisbrick Hall
Barton Grange Hotel                                                                         Southport Road, Ormskirk L40 9RQ
Garstang Road, Barton, Preston PR3 5AA         Lancashire Manor Hotel                       Tel: 01704 880200
Tel: 01772 862551                              Prescott Road, Pimbo,
                                               Nr Wigan WN8 9QD                             Shaw Hill Hotel Golf
Bedford Hotel                                  Tel: 01695 567260                            & Country Club
307-313 Clifton Drive,                                                                      Preston Road, Whittle-le-Woods,
Lytham St Annes FY8 1HN                        Lancashire Rose Suite                        Chorley PR6 7PP
Tel: 01253 724636                              Bow Lane, Preston PR1 8SE                    Tel: 01257 269221
                                               Tel: 0845 053 0021
Beeston Manor                                                                               South Ribble Banqueting Suite
Quaker Brook Lane, Hoghton,                    Leyland Hotel                                Civic Centre, West Paddock,
Preston PR5 0RA                                Leyland Way, Leyland PR25 4JX
                                                                                            Leyland PR25 1DH
Tel: 01254 851996                              Tel: 01772 422922                            Tel: 01772 625505/625538
Best Western Glendower Hotel                   Lytham Hall
32-38 North Promenade, St Annes FY8 2NQ        Ballam Road, Lytham FY8 4LE                  Stanley House
Tel: 01253 723241                              Tel: 01253 736652                            Mellor BB2 7NP
                                                                                            Tel: 01254 769200
Briars Hall Hotel                              The Mill Hotel
Briars Lane, Lathom, Ormskirk L40 5TH          Moor Road, Croston, Chorley PR26 9HP         Swallow Hotel
Tel: 01704 892368                              Tel: 01772 600110                            Preston New Road, Samlesbury,
                                                                                            Preston PR5 0UL
Charnock Richard Golf &                        Millstone Hotel                              Tel: 01772 877351
Country Club                                   Church Lane, Mellor BB2 7JR
Preston Road, Charnock Richard PR7 5LE         Tel: 01254 813333                            Tickled Trout Hotel
Tel: 01257 795040                                                                           Preston New Road, Samlesbury,
                                               Norman Jepson Beefeater
Charter House                                  Bluebell Way, Fulwood, Preston PR2 5PZ       Preston PR5 0UJ
52A Derby Street, Ormskirk L39 2BS             Tel: 01772 651580                            Tel: 01772 877671
Tel: 0845 053 0021
                                               Park Hall Hotel                              The Villa
Clifton Arms Hotel                             Park Hall Road, Charnock Richard,            Wrea Green, Preston PR4 2PE
West Beach, Lytham FY8 5QJ                     Chorley PR7 5LP                              Tel: 01772 80 40 40
Tel: 01253 739898                              Tel: 01257 455000
                                                                                            Wellington Park
Devonshire House                               The Pines Hotel                              Church Road, Leyland PR25 3AB
Devonshire Road, Chorley PR7 2BY               Preston Road, Clayton-le-Woods,              Tel: 01772 432881
Tel: 0845 053 0021                             Chorley PR6 7ED
                                               Tel: 01772 338551                            West Tower Country
Farington Lodge Hotel                                                                       House Hotel
Stanifield Lane, Farington, Preston PR25 4QR   Preston Marriott Hotel                       Mill Lane, Aughton, Ormskirk L39 7HJ
Tel: 01772 421321                              418 Garstang Road, Broughton,
                                               Preston PR3 5JB                              Tel: 01695 423328
The Grand Hotel                                Tel: 01772 866503
South Promenade, Lytham St Annes FY8 1NB                                                    Westleigh
Tel: 01253 721288                              Preston Masonic Hall                         Lea Road, Preston PR4 0RB
                                               Ashlar House, Saul Street, Preston PR1 2QU   Tel: 01772 894500
Haighton Manor                                 Tel: 01772 252170
Haighton Green Lane, Haighton,                                                              Worden Arts Centre
Preston PR2 5SQ                                Ribby Hall Village                           Worden Park, Leyland PR25 1DJ
Tel: 01772 663170                              Ribby Road, Wrea Green PR4 2PR               Tel: 01772 455908
                                               Tel: 01772 685858
Heskin Hall                                                                                 Wrightington Hotel
Wood Lane, Heskin, Chorley PR7 5PA             Rivington Hall Barn                          & Country Club
Tel: 01257 452044                              Rivington, Bolton BL6 7SB                    Moss Lane, Wrightington WN6 9PB
                                               Tel: 01204 697738                            Tel: 01257 425803
Hoghton Tower
Hoghton, Preston PR5 0SH
Tel: 01254 852986


east lancashire area                               CONTACT EAST CEREMONIES OFFICER
                                                             TELEPHONE 0845 053 0021
Accrington Masonic Hall               Haworth Art Gallery                      Padiham Town Hall
Adelaide Street, Accrington BB5 2BE   Haworth Park, Manchester Road,           Burnley Road, Padiham BB12 8BS
Tel: 01254 231588 or 01282 433279     Accrington BB5 2JS                       Tel: 01282 682705
                                      Tel: 01254 233782
The Alma Inn                                                                   Ribble House
Emmott Lane, Laneshawbridge,          Higher Trapp                             Off Pimlico Road, Clitheroe BB7 2BW
Colne BB8 7EG                         Country House Hotel                      Tel: 0845 053 0021
Tel: 01282 863447                     Trapp Lane, Simonstone,
                                      Nr Burnley BB12 7QW                      The Riverside
                                      Tel: 01282 772781                        Whitworth Civic Hall, Market Street,
Browsholme Hall
                                                                               Whitworth OL12 8BT
Clitheroe BB7 3DE
Tel: 01254 827166
                                      The Inn at Whitewell                     Tel: 01706 854130
                                      Forest of Bowland,
                                      Nr Clitheroe BB7 3AT                     Rolls-Royce Leisure
Burnley Football Club                                                          Skipton Road, Barnoldswick BB18 6HR
Turf Moor, Harry Potts Way,           Tel: 01200 448222
                                                                               Tel: 01282 818826
Burnley BB10 4BX                      KoKo's
Tel: 01282 700008                     Elizabeth House, 3/5 Elizabeth Street,   Rosehill House Hotel
                                      Burnley BB11 2BQ                         Rosehill Avenue, Burnley BB11 2PW
Calf's Head                           Tel: 01282 721416                        Tel: 01282 453931
Worston, Clitheroe BB7 9WB
Tel: 01200 441218                     Lyndhurst House                          Shireburn Arms Hotel
                                      30 Todmorden Road, Burnley BB10 4AB      Whalley Road, Hurst Green,
Clitheroe Castle Museum               Tel: 0845 053 0021                       Clitheroe BB7 9QJ
Castle Hill, Clitheroe BB7 1BA                                                 Tel: 01254 826518
Tel: 01200 442630 or 0845 837 3826    Mechanics Institute
                                      Willow Street, Accrington BB5 1LP        Slaidburn Village Hall
The Eagle at Barrow                   Tel: 0845 053 0021                       The Green, Slaidburn BB7 3ES
Clitheroe Road, Barrow,                                                        Tel: 01200 446555
Clitheroe BB7 9AQ                     Mercure Dunkenhalgh Hotel
Tel: 01254 825285                     Blackburn Road, Clayton-le-Moors,        Sparth House Hotel
                                      Accrington BB5 5JP                       Whalley Road, Clayton-le-Moors,
Eaves Hall Country Hotel              Tel: 01254 398021                        Accrington BB5 5RP
Eaves Hall Lane, West Bradford,                                                Tel: 01254 872263
Clitheroe BB7 3JG                     Mercure Foxfields
                                      Country Hotel & Suites                   Sparth Manor
Tel: 01200 425271                                                              65 Sparth Road, Clayton-le-Moors BB5 5QA
                                      Whalley Road, Billington,
                                      Clitheroe BB6 9HY                        Tel: 01254 232955
Fence Gate Inn &
Banqueting Centre                     Tel: 01254 822556
                                                                               The Spread Eagle
Wheatley Lane Road, Fence BB12 9EE    Mitton Hall                              Sawley, Nr Clitheroe BB7 4NH
Tel: 01282 618101                     Country House Hotel                      Tel: 01200 441202
                                      Mitton Road, Mitton, Whalley BB7 9PQ
Ferrari's Country House Hotel         Tel: 01254 826544
                                                                               Stirk House Hotel
Chipping Lane, Thornley,                                                       Gisburn, Nr Clitheroe BB7 4LJ
Longridge PR3 2TB                     Mytton Fold Hotel                        Tel: 01200 445581
Tel: 01772 783148                     & Golf Complex
                                      Langho, Blackburn BB6 8AB                St Mary's Chambers
Fisherman's Retreat                                                            Haslingden Road, Rawtenstall,
                                      Tel: 01254 240662
Riding Head Lane                                                               Rossendale BB4 6QX
Shuttleworth, Ramsbottom BL0 0HH      Northcote                                Tel: 01706 223222
Tel: 01706 825314                     Northcote Road, Langho BB6 8BE
                                      Tel: 01254 240555
                                                                               Towneley Hall
                                                                               Towneley Holmes Road, Burnley BB11 3RQ
Gibbon Bridge Hotel
                                      The Oaks Hotel                           Tel: 01282 424213
Chipping, Forest of Bowland PR3 2TQ
Tel: 01995 61456                      Colne Road, Reedley,
                                      Burnley BB10 2LF                         Wolfen Mill
                                      Tel: 01282 414141                        Chipping, Forest of Bowland PR3 2GR
                                                                               Tel: 01995 61574


                                        north lancashire area
                                               CONTACT NORTH CEREMONIES OFFICER
                                                           TELEPHONE 0845 053 0021
Ashton Memorial                         Highbury Stadium                       Marine Hall
Williamson Park, Lancaster LA1 1UX      Fleetwood Town Football Club, Park     The Esplanade, Fleetwood FY7 6HF
Tel: 01524 33318                        Avenue, Fleetwood FY7 6TX              Tel: 01253 771141
                                        Tel: 01253 770702
Best Western                                                                   The Midland Hotel
Royal King's Arms Hotel                 Hipping Hall                           Marine Road West,
Market Street, Lancaster LA1 1HP        Cowan Bridge,                          Morecambe LA4 4BU
Tel: 01524 32451                        Kirkby Lonsdale LA6 2JJ                Tel: 01524 424000
                                        Tel: 015242 71187
Civic Centre                                                                   The North Euston Hotel
Breck Road, Poulton-le-Fylde FY6 7PU    Holiday Inn                            The Esplanade,
Tel: 01253 891000                       Waterside Park, Caton Road,            Fleetwood FY7 6BN
                                        Lancaster LA1 3RA                      Tel: 01253 876525
Clarendon Hotel                         Tel: 01524 84 00 66
Marine Road West,                                                              Pickerings Country
Morecambe LA4 4EP                       Hornby Village Institute               House Hotel
Tel: 01524 410180                       20 Main Street, Hornby,                Garstang Road, Catterall,
                                        Lancaster LA2 8JR                      Garstang PR3 0HD
Crofters Hotel                          Tel: 015242 22227                      Tel: 01995 600999
A6 Road, Cabus, Garstang PR3 1PH
Tel: 01995 604128                       Lancaster Golf Club                    Singleton Lodge
                                        Ashton Hall, Ashton-with-Stodday,      Lodge Lane, Singleton,
Fleetwood House                         Lancaster LA2 0AJ                      Poulton-le-Fylde FY6 8LT
Central Library, North Albert Street,   Tel: 01524 751247                      Tel: 01253 883854
Fleetwood FY7 6AJ
Tel: 0845 053 0021                      Lancaster House Hotel                  Springfield House Hotel
                                        Green Lane, Ellel, Lancaster LA1 4GJ   Wheel Lane, Pilling PR3 6HL
Garstang Country Hotel                  Tel: 01524 844822                      Tel: 01253 790301
& Golf Club
Bowgreave, Garstang PR3 1YE             Lancaster Town Hall                    Strathmore Hotel
Tel: 01995 600100                       Dalton Square, Lancaster LA1 1PJ       East Promenade,
                                        Tel: 01524 582000                      Morecambe LA4 5AP
Georgian House                                                                 Tel: 01524 421234
4 Queen Street, Lancaster LA1 1RS       Leighton Moss
Tel: 0845 053 0021                      Nature Reserve                         Thurnham Hall
                                        Myers Farm, Storrs Lane, Silverdale,   Thurnham, Lancaster LA2 0DT
The Great Hall at Mains                 Carnforth LA5 0SW                      Tel: 01524 753012
Mains Lane, Little Singleton,           Tel: 01524 701601
Poulton-le-Fylde FY6 7LE                                                       The Whoop Hall
Tel: 01253 885130                       Leighton Hall                          Burrow with Burrow,
                                        Carnforth LA5 9ST                      Kirkby Lonsdale LA6 2GY
Headway Hotel                           Tel: 01524 734474                      Tel: 015242 71284
Marine Road East,
Morecambe LA4 5AW                       Longlands Inn & Restaurant             Wyrebank
Tel: 01524 412525                       Tewitfield, Carnforth LA6 1JH          The Moorings, Garstang PR3 1PG
                                        Tel: 01524 781256                      Tel: 01995 605455

                                                                                               Happy Ever After...
                                                                              We hope that our commitment and dedication to providing
                                                                             good service has met your expectations. Our aim is to assist in
                                                                              making decisions for 'your perfect day' easier and enjoyable
                                                                                      resulting in a memorable day for you both.
                                                                                 As a service we take all compliments, comments and
                                                                               complaints seriously, and welcome all feedback in order to
                                                                                                improve continuously.
                                                                               If you would like to give feedback on the service you received
                                                                              from the Lancashire Registration Service please complete our
                                                                             compliments, comments and complaints feedback form on our
                                                                                  Alternatively, you can send your comments by e­mail to
                                                                    or contact our Customer Access
                                                                                        Centre on 0845 053 0021 or 01772 221621.

                                                                                                Finishing Touches
                                                                              We are happy to help with any special requirements you may
                                                                             require; this brochure is available in other languages and braille
                                                                             on request. If your require Minicom please dial 01772 537019 or
                                                                                             0771 799 4167 for text messaging.

                                       Photographs reproduced in this brochure are by kind permission of:
    Frank Clarke, Vision Photography, The Studio, 159 Brooke Street, Chorley, Lancashire PR6 ONG Telephone 01254 832040 / 07989 449180
Whilst extreme care has been taken in compiling this publication, Lancashire County Council cannot accept any responsibility for any inaccuracies.

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