How you can protect your unique and valuable invention by design patents by patentsearch


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									How you can protect your unique and valuable invention by design patents


Design Patents can be a valuable tool for certain types of inventions. If how your invention looks
is what is unique about it and makes it valuable (and not necessarily how it works), then a
Design Patent may be the best way to go. Once filed, you will be able to mark your invention as
“Patent Pending.”

So a Design Patent is able to protect the unique look of your product even if that is the only thing
“new” about it. But it is important to keep in mind that a Design Patent only protects the way
your invention looks. You should understand that because of this, the protection is limited when
compared to a Utility Patent as a Design Patent will not necessarily protect how your invention
works or is made. And because Design Patents protect only the appearance of an article of
manufacture, it is possible that minimal differences between similar designs can render each
patentable. Therefore, even though you may ultimately receive a Design Patent for your product,
the protection afforded by such a patent may be somewhat limited.

Price Range for Complete Preparation and Filing: $750 – $1500. This price includes the
government filing fee and the required drawings.

Patent Search
The place to start with any type of patent application endeavor is a Patent Search.
A Patent Search is important for at least two reasons:

   1. A Patent Search results in a stronger patent. A search allows the practitioner to gain
      the information required to draft the application according to the Patent Drafting
      Strategy we utilize to ensure the broadest protection possible for your invention.

   2. A Patent Search will save you time and money.This is important because before you
      spend any money toward the application process, you should determine if protection is in
      fact available. Plus, it allows us to draft an application that we believe is allowable in
      light of the search results, which cuts down on the time and money required to prosecute
      your application toward a patent.

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