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                Waiting Rooms Provide Perfect Forum for Storytelling.
                Mercy Cedar Rapids tapping into patient interests to educate, inform, entertain

                10.08.2009 – Think wait time has to be wasted time? Think again.
                                                                                                         Twitter Pitc
                It's not uncommon to find televisions in physician, dentist, or urgent clinic waiting    Survey Says!
                                                                                                         opportunity to
                rooms. They're a nice alternative to the inevitably dog-eared, outdated, and off-topic
                                                                                                         meaningful inf
                periodicals placed on the tables. Taking that concept a step further, consider this
                refreshing change: an office visit where you learned something new and helpful           News Facts
                while easily passing the time before your appointment.                                     80% Indicat
                                                                                                           helpful way
                Sound too good to be true? It doesn't have to be. Well-planned, attractively executed     to be seen b
                content airing on digital displays can educate, inform, and entertain patients,            79% Indicat

                fostering a better health care experience.                                                 new by wat
                                                                                                           70% Indicat
                                                                                                          that they thi
                Help introduce a new physician with a friendly biography segment. A story about
                                                                                                           or family.
                hospital volunteers could encourage enrollment and ease trepidation about
                requesting help. Special programs or events can be filmed and edited to bring the        Resource Li
                participants stories to life for viewers.
                                                                                                         Digital signa
                Given the opportunity, patients in waiting rooms spoke up about the topic areas
                                                                                                         content mar
                they'd like to have the digital content cover.
                                                                                                         Ovation, Ova

                Mercy Cedar Rapids is Ovation Interactive's second health care client this year to
                execute a survey with a goal of gaining insight into patient sentiment about these
                content programs. In August, Mercy began evaluating a signage solution in three of
                their Cedar Rapids-area clinics (two urgent care and one family practice. Early
                reports are favorable.

                Of Survey Respondents:
                80% Indicated digital signage was a helpful way to pass time while waiting to be
                seen by the physician.
                79% Indicated they learned something new by watching.
                70% Indicated they learned information that they think they'll share with friends or

                Patients can help shape the content they'll experience at these Mercy locations.
                When asked what other health-related topics they'd like to see, Diet/Exercise, Heart
                Health, Diabetes, Cancer, and Seasonal Health received the most votes.

                Wait time is the perfect time to connect with patients predisposed to considering
                your health care brand. Make theirs a richer, more valuable experience by delivering
                content that informs their decision-making and soothes their wait.
                Data drawn from 220 surveys executed in three clinics over a two-week period
                during September 2009. Two versions of the survey were distributed among


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