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Steve has been working in South African schools, colleges and companies for over 17 years, and more
recently in countries such as Namibia, Botswana and Swaziland fighting a steadily growing drug pandemic.
During the course of his work he has received numerous awards from various service organizations, one of
which was an ‘International citizen of the year’ award by Lions International. He is also regularly asked to
appear on radio, television and media publications for his views on the topics of Drug, Alcohol abuse and
AIDS. He has published a book “I want my life back” in its 6th print run in SA, and was published in the USA
in all 52 states in March 2004. He has lectured psychiatrist, psychologists and other medical
professionals, and has assisted many companies, in dealing with the abovementioned topics

It became Steve’s personal crusade to help people fight the war against addiction. Steve portrays his life
story on stage in the form of a psychodrama for schools and gives corporate presentations too. He re-
enacts the tragedy of his own addiction, lasting some 20 years, making him accessible and “real” to his
audience. The International Association of Lions Clubs gave Steve the Melvin Jones Fellowship award in
1997 for having devoted his life to the full-time fight against substance and sexual abuse in South Africa.

The Association wishes to recognise that STEVE HAMILTON is rendering distinguished and humanitarian
service in fulfilment of the Associations aims, having devoted his life to the full-time fight against substance
and sexual abuse amongst the youth of South Africa.

Having been a multiple drug addict and alcoholic for twenty years and rehabilitating since 1986, his
knowledge and experience is unequalled in this field. His play takes the glamour out of experimentation
with drugs, and gives his audiences the knowledge they need to say “no”, thereby saving many from a fate
similar to his own. He has worked tirelessly, and at great risk to his personal safety. He is a most worthy
recipient of a Melvin Jones Fellowship, which is the highest distinction that can be awarded by Lions
International and is thus recognised with the accolade of CITIZEN OF THE YEAR.

‘I WANT MY LIFE BACK’ (By Steve Hamilton – back cover)
At the age of 15 I already had a criminal record, busted by the drug squad for possession of an illegal
substance. You’d think I’d have learnt a lesson, wouldn’t you, but I’m still learning, even though I’m clean of
street drugs now – well, just for today – and have a lot of clean time behind me. The hardest lesson of all
for an addict is that the nightmare is never over and the powerful seduction of just one more high never
ever goes away. The story in these pages is not a comfortable one. It doesn’t have an ending and I’m not
even sure if it has a true beginning. Some of the time it may read like a bad dream.

It isn’t.

It’s my life you’re holding in your hands.

Don’t let it be yours.
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                                        A letter from Steve


“No amount of theorizing can ever accurately describe that feeling when you realize the finality of
dreadful news. You have to have been there yourself”.

My ‘career’ of drug and alcohol abuse started with my first cigarette at the age of 7. This soon
escalated to a life driven by my addiction to legal and illegal drugs. Over the next few years my life
spiraled downwards to the darkest corners of evil imaginable to the human mind.

After leaving the last rehabilitation centre it took an enormous effort to stay clean. With the grace of
Higher Intervention and the support of my family and a few new friends (the old ones are all dead), I
have been clean and sober for many years – but only one day at a time.

Today, as for the past 23 years I dedicate my life to informing head masters, teachers and children at
schools, and corporate CEO’s and their employees what could happen should they make the wrong
choice pertaining to substance usage.

My program, ONE SECOND, also highlights that life is a precious gift, good and wonderful if you take
positive decisions and turn your back on the lure of negative choices and influences. I make people
believe that being born is a miracle. I make people believe, that they have the power to get up in the
morning, to successfully embark on a career, that their dreams can come true. People follow their
dreams and walk on the moon, win gold at the Olympics, have health and wealth, if they are brave
enough to make sustainable and correct choices.

Drug abuse is real and is killing young people, professional people, people with dreams. It is not about
getting high on dope and having a few recreational laughing fits anymore. It has become a matter of
life and death. Being dead alive is the worst death imaginable. I know.

Many people, even some in the most successful corporate companies, survive on so-called “stress
medication” – headache tablets, slimming tablets, overeating, a bottle of wine or whisky at night.
And, sadly, Companies (and schools and households and churches) are left to pick up the pieces of
the “stress relieving activity” of the previous evening or weekend. A lack of concentration,
Tel +27 +21 783 0566                                                               P.O. Box 48321
Email:                                                           7976

irritability, moodiness, depression – these are the biggest and most active (and acceptable) thieves
of productivity during working hours. Think about it for just one second.

I ask that you consider investing in the most valuable resources any company could possibly have, the
human resource, by hosting my program ONE SECOND.

Give your employees, families, community the opportunity to be confronted with the facts and
devastation of giving in to bad choices. Some people might not even realize that their habits are
causing havoc at work and has a negative influence on the company’s performance, but also on the
national economy on a larger scale.

The duration of my programme is 1 ½ to 2 hours and is conducted in English. I could also spend some
time with the HR Department afterwards if required, at no additional cost. I am not proud to say this,
but I am fully qualified to pass on many life skills I have learnt along the way.

There are two ways in which any organization irrespective of its size or nature of business can help me
educating this young nation - (a) Life Skills for Employees and/or (b) sponsoring a programme in a
school(s) in any community.

Let’s save lives! It takes one second to make a choice for life or death.

God Bless & May Your Wildest Dreams Come True!


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