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                                     Landscape lawn

VIVATURF is one of china's premier suppliers of synthetic surfacing. Clean up is very
easy on synthetic turf. If your pet soils on the grass just pick up the solids and let the urine
simply flow through the infill and down the base rock. The blades will not absorb any urine
nor will the urine stain the blades.

We do recommend when having pets on your artificial lawns to hose down your lawn at
least once a week to prevent any odor. If odor persists you can effectively use Turf Renu
to eliminate it.

Our products have been tested and proven safe for children of all ages to enjoy. With a
built in fall zone and weather resistant guarantee, our lawns are used by private daycare's,
elementary and high schools, and residential yards.

Landscape lawn pitch is a total system made up of different components. All these
components have a specific function and together create the play characteristics of the
artificial turf.

Artificial turf saves space. You need fewer fields because you no longer have to take
account of recovery time for the grass, or the condition of the pitch as a result of poor
weather conditions

What cannot be seen, but which is equally important, is the sub-base of the artificial
grass pitch. This comprises water permeable material that together with a drainage
system ensures that no puddles collect on the pitch. A mixture of lava and/or rubber of
approximately 10 cm depth is applied over the foundation.

The main difference between artificial turf and natural turf is that artificial turf can be used
much more intensively. A natural pitch can be used a maximum of 300, on average 250,
hours a year whereas an artificial grass pitch can be played on 7 days a week.

Synthetic turf requires less maintenance and the maintenance costs are also lower. This
means the artificial turf is an extremely good investment in the long term.

In terms of play, you can rely on artificial turf feeling very similar to natural turf. The
artificial turf is developed in such a way that it replicates very closely the characteristics of
a perfect natural turf.

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