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									We would like to introduce Angela
Robinson. She is a student at EduMed and is ready to do her clinical externship. She is
very skilled and has been trained in all clinical functions of a Phlebotomist. Angela has a
4.0 grade point average and never misses classes.

We feel Angela is an exceptional Phlebotomist and will be a great asset to a Laboratory
or Medical Office. She has performed many venipunctures by vacutainer, syringe, and
butterfly. She has also performed many dermal sticks successfully. She has practiced
collecting capillary hematology specimens with ease and clot free. Angela has also
mastered slide making and bleeding times.

We highly recommend Angela and feel she will do outstanding in any office.

Sandra Overton, MT, MBA
EduMed Partners, LLC

907 Rivergate Parkway, Suite A7                                              615-528-5444
Goodlettsville, TN 37072
Name: Angela Robinson


To obtain a position in which my abilities will provide excellent customer
service and provide exceptional phlebotomy service to my customers. To
demonstrate my knowledge and skills secure a position with a company that
affords me the opportunity for advancement and to increase my skill sets.

Twenty years of healthcare experience, which includes patient care in long
term care facilities, hospice and private homes. Experience dealing with a
broad range of medical conditions ranging from pediatrics to geriatric. I
have a strong patient rapport with an excellent ability to relate to patient and
families. I am hardworking, energetic, punctual and reliable.

EduMed          4/25/2012 – 8/8/2012
Phlebotomy Technician, to set for NHA National Certification

Pendleton, OR       1993 – 2006         CMA
                    2006 – 2001         Nurse Tech

6/2012 CPR American Heart Assoc.
5/2012 Bloodborne Pathogen/OSHA

Additional Training:

907 Rivergate Parkway, Suite A7                                     615-528-5444
Goodlettsville, TN 37072
    HIPAA
    EMR

   Sumner Medical Group                         40 Hours Externship
   Children’s Intensive In Home Services        2006 – 2011
        o Private care nurse
        o Nurse Tech
   Senior and Disabled Services                 2001 – 2011
        o In Home Nurse
        o Salem, Oregon
   Good Samaritan Nursing Facility              1993 – 2000
        o CMA/RCM
        o Hermiston, Oregon

    Venipuncture
        o Vacutainer, Syringe, Butterfly
        o Infant/Adult/Elderly
        o Order of Draw
        o Hemostasis
        o Bleeding Time
        o Smear Making
    Centrifuge
    Preanalytical Error Causes
    Blood Types and Transfusion Complications
    Waived testing- UA, strep, HCG
    Urine Collections
    NonBlood Collections
    Physical Assessments
    Catheter Insertion
    Vital signs/Blood Glucose
    Nasal/Oral
907 Rivergate Parkway, Suite A7                                615-528-5444
Goodlettsville, TN 37072
      Range of Motion
      Tracheotomy Change/Care
      Gastronomy (g-tube/NG Tube) feeding via pump
      Input & Output
      Documentation/Medical Records/MARS
      Dispensing Meds/Treatments
      Wound Care/Dressings
      Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s)
      O2 sats/titration
      Patient transfer/transport
      Pt/RT/and Injections

Office Skills:
      Operates PC
      Data Entry
      EMR
      Fax, scanner,copier,digital camera

907 Rivergate Parkway, Suite A7                       615-528-5444
Goodlettsville, TN 37072

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