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Angela Merkel - PowerPoint


									Angela Merkel:Germany’s
      Next Leader

   By: Lauren Copes & Brehona
                    Early background
              Angela Merkel was born as Angela Dorothea Kasner in Hamburg,
    Germany, on July 17, 1954. She was the daughter of Horst Kasner, a
    Lutheran pastor and his wife, Herlind, a teacher of English and Latin. Her
    mother is a member of the social Democratic Party of Germany. Her
    grandparents ,on her mother’s side, lived in Elbing in East Prussia. She
    has a younger brother, Marcus, and a younger sister, Irene. Merkel’s father
    studied Theology in Heidelberg and in Hamburg. In 1954 her father
    received a pastor ship at the church in Quitzow, which was in the Socialist
    German Democratic Republic. The family moved to Templin where Merkel
    grew up in the countryside, 50 miles North of Berlin. Her family was able to
    travel freely from East to West Germany during her childhood. She went to
    school at the University of Leipzing, where she studied physics from 1973
    to 1978. While she was a student there, she participated in the
    reconstruction of the ruin of the Moritz Bastei, a project only for students
    who wanted to create their own privet club for those who wanted to
   What makes her a leader?
Angela Merkel is the perfect example of a leader. She
went to 2 different colleges full time to make sure she
understood politics and learned how to speak Russian
fluently. She earned a statewide prize for her proficiency.
After she earned her doctorate for her thesis on quantum
chemistry, she worked as a researcher. Angela Merkel is
currently the Chancellor of Germany. She is the first
female to attain the position. Angela also the youngest
person to be German chancellor since the World War II.
She has been in this position since she was elected in
April of 2000. She was latter named ‘Most Powerful
Woman of the world
                 What do we think?

         Although Angela Merkel is a woman, she has accomplished many
things as a politician. Angela Merkel is someone who set goals for herself and
she always makes sure she achieves them. She has held the spot as Chancellor
since the year 2000. Angela Merkel is a role model for many girls. She never
gives up on her dreams and she always moves forward, never back. Therefore
Angela Merkel is a woman who always did positive things, despite all those
people who doubted her.
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