Sony Ps3: Is It An Excellent Gaming Console Or Not?

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					  The Pros And Cons Of
 The Sony PlayStation 3

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The   PlayStation 3 also called PS3 is the latest gaming console produced by Sony Computer

Entertainment as part of the PlayStation series. It is part of the seventh generation of video game consoles

alongside Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Nintendo’s Wii. It was released last 2006 and has since become

extremely popular among gamers.

                                                 The PlayStation 3 is very powerful entertainment

                                                 machine. It is not just a video game console, it could also

                                                 handle high definition movies and digital TV, store

                                                 photos as well as music, and even make it possible for

                                                 their users to go online. The PS3 is a powerful system

                                                 because it uses a CPU that is made up of one 3.2 GHz

                                                 Power Processing Element or PPE and eight Synergistic

                                                 Processing Elements or SPEs. Due to its multiple core

                                                 structure, the system can delegate each core to a certain

                                                 task. This allows efficient multitasking capacity, and

                                                 better gaming experience. It also includes a dedicated

                                                 graphics processing unit which can yield resolutions up to

                                                 1080p HD.

Unlike other video game consoles, the PS3 can handle Blu-ray discs, and is probably one reason why

many people seem to have a preference for this type of console. Adding to the appeal of the PS3 are the

platform exclusive games such as Gran Turismo and Final Fantasy. In addition, the PlayStation

community is provided with an excellent amount of third party support, this means, you can come across

more games and add-ons for the PS3 than the other gaming systems.

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You must know though that the PS3 is not perfect. One factor which discourages other people from

buying a PS3 is the cost - the least expensive model will cost you $249 in most retail outlets. When it was

first launched, it was also the biggest among the three video game consoles from the 7th generation. Sony

has introduced a PS3 slim to take care of this issue though, but that also meant giving up some features,

most notably, the capability to run third party OS.

                                                      The much talked about PS3 Yellow Light of Death

                                                      is also another reason why people are wary about

                                                      buying this device. Fundamentally what happens is

                                                      that some of those who own the original PS3

                                                      experience a fault indicator - a yellow flashing

                                                      light, which crops up due to a non-specific

                                                      hardware    failure   that   makes    the   machine

                                                      unplayable. The PS3 YLOD is not as evident in the

                                                      newer models though, and many of those who own

                                                      the older models have found a way to resolve the

                                                      problem by bringing their units to Sony Service

                                                      centers. Some PS3 owners, particularly those

                                                      whose machines are no longer under warranty,

                                                      even did the repair themselves successfully.

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Description: The PlayStation 3 is the latest video game console created by Sony Computer Entertainment as part of the PlayStation series. It is one of the seventh generation of video game consoles together with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Nintendo’s Wii.