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									           PTI INFORMANT                                                                              FAL 2007

                                                                   Steve retired from Champaign in 2002 and began
                    In Memoriam
                                                               working full time at PTI in 2004 when he was able to
           Steve Douglas                                       devote all his work time to improving a program that
                                                               was already nationally recognized as solid and
                       1952-2007                               innovative. Steve was passionate about PTI’s firearms
                                                               and tactical programs. He knew that by providing
                                                               recruit and veteran officers sound, tactically based
                               Law enforcement in
                                                               training PTI was giving them a solid basis from which
                             Illinois and the students
                                                               they could operate with the best chance of remaining
                             and staff of the Police
                                                               safe and going home each day to their loved ones.
                             Training Institute lost a
                                                                   Steve’s biggest impact at PTI was with those recruit
                             dear friend, mentor and
                                                               officers who struggled.        The physical aspects of
                             colleague. On June 29,
                                                               manipulating a pistol are just a small portion of law
                             2007, we learned of the
                                                               enforcement gun handling. Steve knew that he also had
                             death of Steve Douglas
                                                               to get into a student’s head. He had to help the student
                             at his home. Steve’s
                                                               understand that the proper mindset was more important
death was unexpected and left his family, friends,
                                                               than the physical process of controlling one’s trigger
colleagues and the many police officers whose lives
                                                               finger. While Steve often displayed a gruff exterior
he touched grieving for the loss of a good man.
                                                               working with groups of students and impressing upon
    Steve had worked with recruit officers at PTI for
                                                               them the necessity of safe practices, he also had the
over twenty years. He was instrumental in keeping
                                                               softer side seen by many of his “remedial” students.
the firearms training program progressive after
                                                                   Those students knew, without any question, that
assuming the reins of the program from John
                                                               Steve Douglas was in their corner. He was going to
Bowman and Tom Kilhoffer. Steve was never
                                                               dedicate his time and his many talents to helping recruit
satisfied with maintaining the status quo, but he was
                                                               officers succeed. Steve’s insight and coaching skills
never one to advocate change for the sake of change.
                                                               were instrumental in getting students past the mental and
As a dedicated life-long learner, Steve was always
                                                               physical roadblocks they were experiencing on the
seeking better ways to convey the skills necessary for
                                                               range. Many recruit officers owe their successful
his students to become better marksmen and more
                                                               completion of their firearms training and their careers to
importantly good tacticians. His programs and
                                                               Steve’s patience and perseverance.
techniques were always thoroughly researched and
                                                                   Steve’s memory lives strong in the program to which
street tested.
                                                               he dedicated so much of his time and talents. Thoughts
    Steve did much of that testing himself. He spent
                                                               of Steve are reflected in daily conversations among his
25 years working the streets with the Champaign
                                                               friends and colleagues. Steve’s wife Kathleen is held in
Police Department. He worked as a patrol officer,
                                                               the thoughts and prayers of Steve’s many friends and co-
SWAT team member and as a sergeant in Patrol.
                                                               workers. We are all better people for having known
Steve never had a desire for an assignment in
                                                               him. Those of us in the law enforcement profession are
investigations. The action was on the street and that
                                                               better trainers and police officers for having worked and
was where Steve preferred to be. The streets were
                                                               trained beside him.
Steve’s laboratory. He developed a highly tuned
                                                                             ~Mike Metzler, Police Training Specialist ♦
tactical mind. Steve saw everything in terms of
“corners”; subtleties in lighting and shadows to be
exploited to the advantage of the officer; tactical
approaches and suspect management. His fellow
officers and the students he mentored as a part-time
instructor at PTI were the beneficiaries of that tactical

                                                                                               1 • PTInformant Fall 2007
                                                            November and planning a host of 80-hour Transition
                                                            courses for later this year and in 2008.
              Director’s Column                                  PTI currently holds eight (8) BLE classes a year
        Coralyn Beem, Interim Director                      and we are “booked” now through our April 2008
                                                            class with a wait list for every class. I know as a
    Well, it hardly seems possible that summer has          retired Chief that our best laid plans in hiring is
again come and gone and we are preparing for yet            dependent on the work and approval of others in our
another winter. And as the year moves on, PTI takes         governmental units. And that sometimes, we don’t
the opportunity to review what has passed and what          have a name to put in a position until the week before
is to come. The great thing about training is that          the class starts. However, it is important that we
every six weeks or so another class of recruit officers     report the class roster to the training board in a timely
come along and that reminds us that what we as              basis and be able to effectively plan our logistical
trainers do is to provide a recruit officer with a strong   needs in the area of housing, meals, and classroom
and stable base to begin their law enforcement career.      schedules. Not to mention those agencies on the wait
    Like every agency, PTI has seen some changes            list who might be able to use a “to-be-named-later”
over the summer….                                           slot.
    Tom Dempsey resigned as Director and I have                  So, we have had to move up our “drop dead” date
been appointed Interim Director by the university.          to the Monday prior to the start of the class. This is
For me, it has been a challenging and exciting time.        the last day to provide names for your reserved BLE
The opportunity to guide this great institution is an       spaces. If we don’t have a copy of the completed
honor and a privilege. I am a PTI grad (80-203) and         Form E by that Monday, we will make a call to your
had basically returned “home” as a trainer and now as       agency to double-check on the space and then, if you
the Interim Director. However, even more exciting           don’t have that name, we have to cancel your slot and
than this is the announcement that Krystal                  call someone on the wait list that has an officer ready
Fitzpatrick, current Chief of the University of Illinois    to go. I know that you understand that we give an
Police Department will become our Director effective        agency up to the last minute to fill a training space
November 16th, 2007. Kris is also a graduate of PTI,        and I know that you understand we need some time
knowledgeable in training, and a well-respected law         to prepare for the class’s arrival. We appreciate your
enforcement executive. You’ll hear more about               cooperation.
“Director” Fitzpatrick in our next issue.                         While we work on developing a new website
    PTI also experienced sadness this summer at the         (hopefully debuting in the Spring of 2008), we
unexpected passing of Steve Douglas. Mike Metzler,          continue to update our existing website with new
friend and colleague, has a great article in this edition   information and course dates as they become
about Steve and his dedication to PTI and to our            available. You’ll also find an up-to-date list of our
firearms program. Those of us who knew Steve will           scheduled classes within this newsletter.
always remember his great sense of humor and his                  As always, we are here to serve the needs of our
willingness to go over and above for his recruit            agencies. If you have an issue, concern, comment,
officers. Steve is missed everyday.                         suggestion, or just want to visit us – please let us
    While we have been adjusting to the recent              know. Regardless of changes in personnel, the
changes, our Basic Law Enforcement and Basic                mission of PTI remains the same – to return to the
Corrections Officer courses are continuing as               agency the best trained basic law enforcement or
projected – along with our specialized courses. PTI         corrections officer possible – and we will continue to
is working with the Illinois Law Enforcement                work towards that goal.
Training and Standards Board on incorporating new
laws and training standards into our BLE and BCO
curriculum. Instructional areas such as “Autism and
the Developmental Disabled” and “Electro Muscular               Future Basic Law Enforcement
Disruption Technology” (EMDT) are just two of the                     Graduation Dates
areas we are looking to implement into training.
    Our specialized classes are going strong. We just                 BLE 2439 – December 6, 2007
finished an Effective Supervision for Correctional                    BLE 2440 – January 10, 2008
Managers course and are offering the Effective                         BLE 2463 – March 27, 2008
Supervision for Law Enforcement course in                               BLE 2464 – May 8, 2008
December of 2007. We are finishing up the annual
                                                                  Holiday Inn Hotel and Conference Center
Basic Arson Investigator course in Kankakee in
                                                                            1001 Killarney Street
                                                                                                 2 • PTInformant Fall 2007
                   Urbana, Illinois                              officers will have to either complete the week
                                                                 long end-user course or have completed PTI as
                                                                 a recruit within the previous 2 years. The
  Control & Arrest Tactics Update                                certification will last for 2 years and
Mike Schlosser, Police Training Specialist                       recertification will require the officer to come
      As many of you know, the Control and Arrest                to the PTI campus for 2 days and assist during
Tactics program has gone through many changes in                 a BLE recruit class.
recent years. One of the changes involves the “high
risk arrest” procedures. There has been much                             Upcoming Courses
discussion about this procedure, including some
confusion about what exactly is being taught at the       Basic Law Enforcement              Jan 7 - Mar 27, 2008
Institute. We have recently reviewed this procedure                                          Feb 18 - May 8, 2008
at our Field Training Officers session, and our                                            Mar 31 – June 19, 2008
                                                                                           May 12 – July 31, 2008
Advisory Board Meeting. The other two primary                                             June 23 – Sept 11, 2008
areas of change include our takedown and ground                                              Aug 4 – Oct 23, 2008
fighting curriculum. The high risk arrest, takedowns,                                       Sept 15 – Dec 4, 2008
and ground fighting tactics can be viewed on our new                                        Oct 27 – Jan 15, 2009
Control Tactics DVD. All three of these areas are
crucial for the safety of law enforcement officers.       Basic Correctional Officer
Please feel free to contact our academy if you have          DuPage County                   Oct 15 - Nov 16, 2007
                                                             Sangamon County                   Jan 7 - Feb 8, 2008
questions or concerns. The DVD is available in our
                                                             DuPage County                  Feb 11 – Mar 14, 2008
Cop Shop for $25.00 each. We are very proud of this          Sangamon County                Mar 24 – Apr 25, 2008
work and believe it will be a valuable training aid to       Peoria County                  Apr 21 – May 23, 2008
our recruits, end-users, and other law enforcement           DuPage County                   June 2 – July 3, 2008
      We are currently in the process of making           80-hour Law Enforcement Transition
changes in the control tactics program for the Basic                                       Oct 29 – Nov 9, 2007
Correctional Officer Academy. It will contain many                                           Dec 10 – 21, 2007
of the tactics taught to Basic Law Enforcement            Control Tactics                           Mar 3 – 7, 2008
Officers, but will have additional tactics specific to
corrections. We hope to have the changes completed        Control Tactics Instructor              May 26 – 30, 2008
soon. Once these changes are in place, we will be         Control Tactics Instructor Recertification
creating a similar Control Tactics DVD for                                                        Mar 10 – 11, 2007
correctional officers and trainers.                                                                Apr 21 – 22, 2007
      Another recent change in the control tactics
                                                          Effective Supervision for Corrections                TBA
program at PTI involves the certification of control
tactics instructors. To simplify our program we have      Effective Supervision for Law Enforcement
done away with the “Master” Control Tactics                                                      Dec 3 – 7, 2007
Instructor Certification.      There was very little
difference between the Control Tactics Instructor and     Patrol Rifle Instructor                   Oct 22-26, 2007
the Master Control Tactics Instructor. The tactics        Police Firearms Instructor               Jan 7 – 11, 2008
were the same and requirements similar. As of                                                     May 12 – 16, 2008
January 1, 2008, these will be the courses offered by
PTI for control tactics: Control Tactics Course (end-     Police Strategy and Tactics             Feb 18 – 22, 2008
user) and Control Tactics Instructor Course                                                        June 23-27, 2008
(instructor certification). Each course will require a
nominal fee of $50.00 per student. Our new                Police Tactical Firearms             Oct 29-Nov 2, 2007
guidelines are as follows:                                                                    Mar 31 – Apr 4, 2008
       Control Tactics Course – This is a week long
       class for the end-user to learn control tactics    Master Firearms Instructor Apprenticeship
                                                                                              Oct 15-Oct 19, 2007
       that will benefit them on the job.                                                       Nov 26 -30, 2007
       Control Tactics Instructor Course – This                                                  Feb 4 – 8, 2008
       week long course will prepare officers to teach                                           Mar 17-21, 2008
       the Police Training Institute’s control tactics.                                     Apr 28 – May 2, 2008
                                                                                               June 9 – 13, 2008
       As a prerequisite to instructor certification,
                                                                                                   3 • PTInformant Fall 2007
                                                                                                             June 6, 2008
Master Firearms Instructor Recertification    Feb 1, 2008      To register call (217) 333-6522 • toll free (866) 808-9140
                                             Mar 14, 2008
                                             Apr 25, 2008
           Law Enforcement Driving                                classroom instruction and scenarios are conducted; the
        Ken Zimny, Police Training Specialist                     Tactical Training Center, where recruits learn firearms
      Beginning in the spring of 2005, the Police                 skills; and Willard Training Center, where Control
Training Institute (PTI) introduced a Law Enforcement             Tactics, Vehicle Stops, and Patrol Operations are taught.
Driving course for recruits. All recruits receive four            Call Melissa at 217-333-0083 to schedule. ♦
hours of classroom lecture and eight hours of instruction
behind the wheel. To accomplish the “behind-the-                         7th Annual Steve Douglas Memorial
wheel” portion of the course, PTI purchased ten used                             Combat Challenge
police cars to use in both our Law Enforcement Driving                  The 7th Annual PTI Combat Challenge was held at
and also for our reality-based scenario training. PTI             the Police Training Institute’s Tactical Training Center
currently has seven Crown Victorias and three Impalas.            on September 22, 2007. This year’s Challenge was
      The course is split into two parts, the morning             dedicated to the memory of our friend and colleague,
session and the afternoon session. During the morning             Steve Douglas, who died unexpectedly on June 29 th.
session, recruits start out at slow speed building skills         Steve’s wife, Kathleen, was on hand to celebrate Steve’s
and practicing the “9 and 3” hand positioning. The                life with his many friends from around the state.
recruits negotiate the following courses; the lane change,              Forty-eight participants arrived on a beautiful
the alley dock, the serpentine, and the turn about. Since         September morning to work their way through six
most minor police related accidents occur when backing,           challenging courses of fire. The ranges consisted of The
both the alley dock and turn about gives recruits                 Gauntlet, Mow ‘Em Down, Lean and Mean, Double
experience backing through the prescribed course. The             Trouble, Scatter Gun Run and the Modified Dozier.
serpentine and lane change gives recruits the opportunity               After the initial run through the ranges and
to make sudden maneuvers while going forward.                     hundreds of re-shoot rounds, a clear over-all winner
      The afternoon session starts with a timed event.            emerged. Posting the best time on each of the ranges
Each recruit gets one run through a three obstacle course         except Double Trouble, Aaron Thomas of the Moultrie
for time. The course is three of the four exercises from          County Sheriff’s Office came out on top. John Krupa, of
the morning session. The tree obstacles are the                   the Chicago Police Department, a multi-year, past
serpentine, the lane change, and the alley dock. The              champion bested Thomas on Double Trouble by .06
course is then broken down and set up with two different          seconds.
obstacles, the left/right evasive, and the threshold                    The awards ceremony was held at the Soma
braking. The left/right evasive gives recruits experience         UltraLounge in downtown Champaign. PTI Alumni
making higher speed maneuvers and the threshold                   Association President Doug Haig acted as the Master of
braking teaches recruits about the braking (or lack of            Ceremonies. Awards were presented to 1st through 3rd
braking) capabilities of police cars.                             place winners of the individual ranges in three classes.
      In addition to the full-time training specialists, the      John Krupa ceremoniously passed the torch by
part-time instructors have taught this same class for             presenting Aaron Thomas with the Top Shooter award.
more than a decade to local police officers through the                 Photos of the Challenge and all the scores have
local MTU. The Law Enforcement driving course has                 been posted on PTI’s website.
been well received by recruits and agencies alike. The
driving block of instruction is not a requirement of the
State Training Board curriculum, and it is not an EVOC
course. It is not a Board certified course. It is designed
to give recruits a basic understanding of police car
limitations. If anyone is interested in observing this
training you are welcome to join us in Rantoul at the
former Chanute Air Force base. Check with Melissa
Zindars for upcoming dates and times.                                                                                              Formatted: Font: 11 pt, Font color: Black

                        Tour PTI
    PTI always welcomes department representatives
who would like to tour our facilities and observe our
training. PTI has three facilities: the Administrative
Center at 1004 S. Fourth Street, where most of the
                                                                                                       4 • PTInformant Fall 2007
              Alumni Membership                              these identification procedures properly, we need the
     If you would like to join the Police Training           photos or individuals to be of similar characteristics and
Institute’s Alumni Association or renew your                 we need at least six photos/individuals, but not more
membership, download a membership form under the             than eight photos/individuals. Also, presentation of the
                                                             photos or individuals must be done with one witness at a
Alumni tab at the PTI website
                                                             time and there must be no contact among witnesses
Membership dues: $10 per year; lifetime membership:
                                                             during this process.        The person conducting the
$100. Call Melissa Banks at 217-244-8087 for more
                                                             procedure must not lead the witness nor suggest that a
information. ♦                                               particular individual is the suspect. Recruits also learn
                                                             there are two types of in-house/in-person line-ups: the
            Eyewitness Evidence
      Kelly Griffith, Police Training Specialist
     There has been a lot of discussion and opinions         simultaneous line-ups and the sequential, double blind
about how best to conduct proper identification              line-ups.
procedures in criminal cases. Conducting identification            Law enforcement officers must also take into
procedures in criminal cases is critical because many        account the limiting factors of identification procedures.
times the case rests entirely upon that eyewitness           Even when an officer conducts an identification
identification. An identification procedure initially done   procedure properly, many factors can affect a person’s
improperly can result in not only that identification        ability to give an accurate account of what happened or
being excluded from the criminal trial, but can also         to be able to identify a perpetrator. Human memory, the
result in exclusion of the in-court identification by the    length of observation, physical conditions, and stress are
witness at the trial.                                        just a few of the factors that can affect one’s ability to
      We teach the basics of the three types of              give an accurate account of the crime they witnessed or
identification procedures (show-ups, photo line-ups, and     to be able identify a perpetrator. ♦
the in-house/in-person line-up) based upon not only the
State curriculum as outlined by the Illinois Law
Enforcement Training and Standards Board, but also
based on well-established law. Here are some highlights
                                                                  Pre-Power Testing for BLE
that the basic law enforcement recruits are taught with
                                                               PTI encourages agencies to pre-power test recruits
regard to proper identification procedures.
                                                              before they arrive for Basic Law Enforcement classes.
      Show-ups are conducted when a person suspected                    To assist with this, PTI will conduct
of a recently committed crime has been temporarily                       pre-tests on the following dates:
detained. Courts have said on a number of occasions                                December 11
that show-ups are inherently suggestible and allow                                   January 22
show-ups because this procedure can quickly exonerate                                 March 4
an innocent person. Since courts say that show-ups are                                 April 15
inherently suggestible, law enforcement must take steps                                May 27
to make sure the show-up is not more suggestible than
necessary. As a general rule, courts prefer that a suspect
not be placed in handcuffs, placed in a squad car, nor
surrounded by many officers. Word choice when
                                                                           Call Chaley Hamilton at
speaking to the victim/witness is also important because
we do not want to taint the show-up by being too                  866-808-9140 to register your recruit officers.
suggestive in the words used when asking a person to
view the suspect. It is best to have the victim/witness
look in the general area and to indicate if they see
anyone familiar to him/her. This can prevent the defense
from arguing the police officer pointed out the suspect to
the victim/witness.
      When a suspect is not located within a short period
of time after the crime was committed, a victim/witness
would need to view a photo line-up. If the suspect is in
custody, an in-house/in-person line-up must be
conducted. Both of these procedures are governed by              Paperwork for Incoming Classes
Illinois law (see 725 ILCS 5/107A). To conduct each of
                                                                                             5 • PTInformant Fall 2007
The Training Board has asked academies to submit final         manner. Note: Medical forms cannot be signed by an
rosters to them earlier than previously submitted. Due to      RN or LPN. They must be signed by an MD, DO,
Training Board needs and the final preparations we need        Physician Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner.
to conduct for an incoming class, we ask agencies to
submit paperwork no later than the Monday before a
class begins or risk losing their reserved space(s) for that
class. If you have spaces reserved that you know you
will not use, we ask that you cancel them in a timely
                        University of Illinois                                                     NON-PROFIT
                      Police Training Institute                                                    U.S. Postage
                       1004 S. Fourth Street                                                          PAID
                     Champaign, IL 61801-6104                                                      Champaign, IL
                                                                                                    Permit #75
                 Web Address:

       Contact Information

       Mail:        1004 S. Fourth Street
                    Champaign, IL 61820
       Fax:         217-333-7800
       Phone:       For general information:
                    For registration in PTI courses:
                    866-808-9140 (Toll Free)                                               6 • PTInformant Fall 2007

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