AR_Appointment_codes by cuiliqing


									               The Wesleyan Church                                              Category of Appointment
       Categories of Ministerial Appointment                           (Second two letters of appointment code.)
                                                                                   Other Categories:
The categories listed in the following tables               District Superintendent                               (DS)
correspond to the letters used for Appointment in           Full-time Assist. District Superintendent             (DA)
the Wesleyan Church.                                        Full-time Other District Ministry                     (MD)
                                                            Affiliate District Superintendent                     (FS)
                                                            Associate General Evangelist                          (AL)
                                                            General Evangelist                                    (GE)
                                                            Reserve General Evangelist                            (RE)
                 Level of Ministerial Service               Administrator, General Church                         (AD)
          (First two letters of appointment code.)          Employed by World HQ or subsidiary corp.              (IS)
Ordained Minister:                                   (OM)   Educator in TWC Educational Institution               (ED)
Commissioned Minister:                               (CM)   Missionary in TWC (ordained) & intern                 (IM)
Licensed Minister:                                   (LM)   Missionary in TWC (commissioned or licensed)          (MI)
Ministerial Student:                                 (MS)   Interchurch Service                                   (IC)
Lay Minister:                                        (LA)   Special Service                                       (SS)
                                                            Chaplain                                              (CH)
                                                            Other Service (commissioned or licensed)              (OS)
              Category of Appointment                       Itinerate Bible Teacher                               (IT)
       (Second two letters of appointment code.)            Withdrawn from TWC (including deceased)               (WD)
              Pastoral & Local Service:                     Ordained minister on educational leave                (EL)
Pastor                                               (PA)   Ordained minister on reserve                          (RS)
Co-Pastor                                            (CO)   Retired minister                                      (RT)
Associate Pastor                                     (AP)   Minister without appointment                          (WA)
Assistant Pastor                                     (A1)   Minister process of denom. trans. not appointed to    (PT)
Youth Pastor                                         (YP)   local church.
Minister of Music                                    (MS)   Short term missionary                                 (SH)
Minister of Visitation                               (VI)   Ministerial Student, not appointed to local church    (ST)
Minister of Administration                           (MA)        Affiliate Church & Special Workers/Lay Categories:
Minister of Christian Education                      (CE)   Wesleyan Pastor                                       (AW)
Minister of Pastoral Care                            (PC)   Wesleyan Assistant Pastor                             (F1)
Minister of Evangelism                               (EV)   Non-Wesleyan Pastor                                   (AF)
Supply Pastor (Wesleyan)                             (SP)   Non-Wesleyan Assistant Pastor                         (AA)
Supply Pastor (Non-Wesleyan)                         (S1)   Lay Short-term Missionary                             (LS)
Supply Pastor (Lay)                                  (LP)   Commissioned Lay Missionary                           (LM)
Supply Pastor on loan from other district            (PL)   Lay Evangelist                                        (LE)
Supply Pastor process of denom. trans.               (SD)   Youth Director                                        (YD)
Assist Supply Pastor process of denom. trans.        (SA)   Director of Music                                     (DM)
Pastor applied for District transfer                 (TA)   Song Evangelist                                       (SE)
Pastor pending completion of District transfer       (TP)   Children’s Worker                                     (CW)
Ministerial Student supply pastor                    (PS)   Spouse in Ministry                                    (SM)
Ministerial Student assistant supply pastor          (AS)   Director of Christian Education                       (DC)
                                                            Chalk Artist                                          (CK)
                                                            Social Worker                                         (SO)
                                                            Special Workers (other)                               (SW)

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