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                                                      USC Title 18 Outline
      Primary Reference       Unique ID                     BEA LRP Description
18USC                     USC18_OL-1      USC Title 18 Crimes and Criminal Procedure
18USC                     USC18_OL-2      January 2011
18USC,PtI                 USC18_OL-4      PART I - CRIMES
18USC,PtI,Ch1             USC18_OL-5      CHAPTER 1 - GENERAL PROVISIONS
18USC,PtI,Ch1,Sec1        USC18_OL-6      Sec. 1. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch1,Sec2        USC18_OL-7      Sec. 2. Principals
18USC,PtI,Ch1,Sec3        USC18_OL-8      Sec. 3. Accessory after the fact
18USC,PtI,Ch1,Sec4        USC18_OL-9      Sec. 4. Misprision of felony
18USC,PtI,Ch1,Sec5        USC18_OL-10     Sec. 5. United States defined
18USC,PtI,Ch1,Sec6        USC18_OL-11     Sec. 6. Department and agency defined
18USC,PtI,Ch1,Sec7        USC18_OL-12     Sec. 7. Special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the
                                          United States defined
18USC,PtI,Ch1,Sec8        USC18_OL-13     Sec. 8. Obligation or other security of the United States
18USC,PtI,Ch1,Sec9        USC18_OL-14     Sec. 9. Vessel of the United States defined
18USC,PtI,Ch1,Sec10       USC18_OL-15     Sec. 10. Interstate commerce and foreign commerce
18USC,PtI,Ch1,Sec11       USC18_OL-16     Sec. 11. Foreign government defined
18USC,PtI,Ch1,Sec12       USC18_OL-17     Sec. 12. United States Postal Service defined
18USC,PtI,Ch1,Sec13       USC18_OL-18     Sec. 13. Laws of States adopted for areas within
                                          Federal jurisdiction
18USC,PtI,Ch1,Sec14       USC18_OL-19     Sec. 14. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch1,Sec15       USC18_OL-20     Sec. 15. Obligation or other security of foreign
                                          government defined
18USC,PtI,Ch1,Sec16       USC18_OL-21     Sec. 16. Crime of violence defined
18USC,PtI,Ch1,Sec17       USC18_OL-22     Sec. 17. Insanity defense
18USC,PtI,Ch1,Sec18       USC18_OL-23     Sec. 18. Organization defined
18USC,PtI,Ch1,Sec19       USC18_OL-24     Sec. 19. Petty offense defined
18USC,PtI,Ch1,Sec20       USC18_OL-25     Sec. 20. Financial institution defined
18USC,PtI,Ch1,Sec21       USC18_OL-26     Sec. 21. Stolen or counterfeit nature of property for
                                          certain crimes defined
18USC,PtI,Ch1,Sec23       USC18_OL-27     Sec. 23. Court of the United States defined
18USC,PtI,Ch1,Sec24       USC18_OL-28     Sec. 24. Definitions relating to Federal health care
18USC,PtI,Ch1,Sec25       USC18_OL-29     Sec. 25. Use of minors in crimes of violence
                                                USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch1,Sec26   USC18_OL-30   Sec. 26. Definition of seaport
18USC,PtI,Ch1,Sec27   USC18_OL-31   Sec. 27. Mortgage lending business defined
18USC,PtI,Ch2,Sec31   USC18_OL-33   Sec. 31. Definitions
18USC,PtI,Ch2,Sec32   USC18_OL-34   Sec. 32. Destruction of aircraft or aircraft facilities
18USC,PtI,Ch2,Sec33   USC18_OL-35   Sec. 33. Destruction of motor vehicles or motor vehicle
18USC,PtI,Ch2,Sec34   USC18_OL-36   Sec. 34. Penalty when death results
18USC,PtI,Ch2,Sec35   USC18_OL-37   Sec. 35. Imparting or conveying false information
18USC,PtI,Ch2,Sec36   USC18_OL-38   Sec. 36. Drive-by shooting
18USC,PtI,Ch2,Sec37   USC18_OL-39   Sec. 37. Violence at international airports
18USC,PtI,Ch2,Sec38   USC18_OL-40   Sec. 38. Fraud involving aircraft or space vehicle parts
                                    in interstate or foreign commerce
18USC,PtI,Ch2,Sec39   USC18_OL-41   Sec. 39. Traffic signal preemption transmitters
18USC,PtI,Ch2,Sec40   USC18_OL-42   Sec. 40. Commercial motor vehicles required to stop
                                    for inspections

18USC,PtI,Ch3,Sec41   USC18_OL-44   Sec. 41. Hunting, fishing, trapping; disturbance or injury
                                    on wildlife refuges
18USC,PtI,Ch3,Sec42   USC18_OL-45   Sec. 42. Importation or shipment of injurious mammals,
                                    birds, fish (including mollusks and crustacea),
                                    amphibia, and reptiles; permits, specimens for
                                    museums; regulations
18USC,PtI,Ch3,Sec43   USC18_OL-46   Sec. 43. Force, violence, and threats involving animal
18USC,PtI,Ch3,Sec44   USC18_OL-47   Sec. 44. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch3,Sec45   USC18_OL-48   Sec. 45. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch3,Sec46   USC18_OL-49   Sec. 46. Transportation of water hyacinths
18USC,PtI,Ch3,Sec47   USC18_OL-50   Sec. 47. Use of aircraft or motor vehicles to hunt certain
                                    wild horses or burros; pollution of watering holes

18USC,PtI,Ch3,Sec48   USC18_OL-51   Sec. 48. Animal crush videos
18USC,PtI,Ch3,Sec49   USC18_OL-52   Sec. 49. Enforcement of animal fighting prohibitions
18USC,PtI,Ch5         USC18_OL-53   CHAPTER 5 - ARSON
                                                 USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch5,Sec81    USC18_OL-54   Sec. 81. Arson within special maritime and territorial
18USC,PtI,Ch7          USC18_OL-55   CHAPTER 7 - ASSAULT
18USC,PtI,Ch7,Sec111   USC18_OL-56   Sec. 111. Assaulting, resisting, or impeding certain
                                     officers or employees
18USC,PtI,Ch7,Sec112   USC18_OL-57   Sec. 112. Protection of foreign officials, official guests,
                                     and internationally protected persons
18USC,PtI,Ch7,Sec113   USC18_OL-58   Sec. 113. Assaults within maritime and territorial
18USC,PtI,Ch7,Sec114   USC18_OL-59   Sec. 114. Maiming within maritime and territorial
18USC,PtI,Ch7,Sec115   USC18_OL-60   Sec. 115. Influencing, impeding, or retaliating against a
                                     Federal official by threatening or injuring a family
18USC,PtI,Ch7,Sec116   USC18_OL-61   Sec. 116. Female genital mutilation
18USC,PtI,Ch7,Sec117   USC18_OL-62   Sec. 117. Domestic assault by an habitual offender
18USC,PtI,Ch7,Sec118   USC18_OL-63   Sec. 118. Interference with certain protective functions

18USC,PtI,Ch7,Sec119   USC18_OL-64   Sec. 119. Protection of individuals performing certain
                                     official duties
18USC,PtI,Ch9          USC18_OL-65   CHAPTER 9 - BANKRUPTCY
18USC,PtI,Ch9,Sec151   USC18_OL-66   Sec. 151. Definition
18USC,PtI,Ch9,Sec152   USC18_OL-67   Sec. 152. Concealment of assets; false oaths and
                                     claims; bribery
18USC,PtI,Ch9,Sec153   USC18_OL-68   Sec. 153. Embezzlement against estate
18USC,PtI,Ch9,Sec154   USC18_OL-69   Sec. 154. Adverse interest and conduct of officers
18USC,PtI,Ch9,Sec155   USC18_OL-70   Sec. 155. Fee agreements in cases under title 11 and
18USC,PtI,Ch9,Sec156   USC18_OL-71   Sec. 156. Knowing disregard of bankruptcy law or rule

18USC,PtI,Ch9,Sec157   USC18_OL-72   Sec. 157. Bankruptcy fraud
18USC,PtI,Ch9,Sec158   USC18_OL-73   Sec. 158. Designation of United States attorneys and
                                     agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to
                                     address abusive reaffirmations of debt and materially
                                     fraudulent statements in bankruptcy schedules
                                                   USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch10           USC18_OL-74   CHAPTER 10 - BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS
18USC,PtI,Ch10,Sec175    USC18_OL-75   Sec. 175. Prohibitions with respect to biological
18USC,PtI,Ch10,Sec175a   USC18_OL-76   Sec. 175a. Requests for military assistance to enforce
                                       prohibition in certain emergencies
18USC,PtI,Ch10,Sec175b   USC18_OL-77   Sec. 175b. Possession by restricted persons
18USC,PtI,Ch10,Sec175c   USC18_OL-78   Sec. 175c. Variola virus
18USC,PtI,Ch10,Sec176    USC18_OL-79   Sec. 176. Seizure, forfeiture, and destruction
18USC,PtI,Ch10,Sec177    USC18_OL-80   Sec. 177. Injunctions
18USC,PtI,Ch10,Sec178    USC18_OL-81   Sec. 178. Definitions
                                       OF INTEREST
18USC,PtI,Ch11,Sec201    USC18_OL-83   Sec. 201. Bribery of public officials and witnesses
18USC,PtI,Ch11,Sec202    USC18_OL-84   Sec. 202. Definitions
18USC,PtI,Ch11,Sec203    USC18_OL-85   Sec. 203. Compensation to Members of Congress,
                                       officers, and others in matters affecting the Government

18USC,PtI,Ch11,Sec204    USC18_OL-86   Sec. 204. Practice in United States Court of Federal
                                       Claims or the United States Court of Appeals for the
                                       Federal Circuit by Members of Congress
18USC,PtI,Ch11,Sec205    USC18_OL-87   Sec. 205. Activities of officers and employees in claims
                                       against and other matters affecting the Government

18USC,PtI,Ch11,Sec206    USC18_OL-88   Sec. 206. Exemption of retired officers of the uniformed
18USC,PtI,Ch11,Sec207    USC18_OL-89   Sec. 207. Restrictions on former officers, employees,
                                       and elected officials of the executive and legislative
18USC,PtI,Ch11,Sec208    USC18_OL-90   Sec. 208. Acts affecting a personal financial interest
18USC,PtI,Ch11,Sec209    USC18_OL-91   Sec. 209. Salary of Government officials and
                                       employees payable only by United States
18USC,PtI,Ch11,Sec210    USC18_OL-92   Sec. 210. Offer to procure appointive public office
18USC,PtI,Ch11,Sec211    USC18_OL-93   Sec. 211. Acceptance or solicitation to obtain
                                       appointive public office
18USC,PtI,Ch11,Sec212    USC18_OL-94   Sec. 212. Offer of loan or gratuity to financial institution
                                                     USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch11,Sec213     USC18_OL-95    Sec. 213. Acceptance of loan or gratuity by financial
                                         institution examiner
18USC,PtI,Ch11,Sec214     USC18_OL-96    Sec. 214. Offer for procurement of Federal Reserve
                                         bank loan and discount of commercial paper
18USC,PtI,Ch11,Sec215     USC18_OL-97    Sec. 215. Receipt of commissions or gifts for procuring
18USC,PtI,Ch11,Sec216     USC18_OL-98    Sec. 216. Penalties and injunctions
18USC,PtI,Ch11,Sec217     USC18_OL-99    Sec. 217. Acceptance of consideration for adjustment
                                         of farm indebtedness
18USC,PtI,Ch11,Sec218     USC18_OL-100   Sec. 218. Voiding transactions in violation of chapter;
                                         recovery by the United States
18USC,PtI,Ch11,Sec219     USC18_OL-101   Sec. 219. Officers and employees acting as agents of
                                         foreign principals
18USC,PtI,Ch11,Sec220     USC18_OL-102   [Secs. 220 to 222. Renumbered Secs. 215 to 217]
18USC,PtI,Ch11,Sec223     USC18_OL-103   Sec. 223. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch11,Sec224     USC18_OL-104   Sec. 224. Bribery in sporting contests
18USC,PtI,Ch11,Sec225     USC18_OL-105   Sec. 225. Continuing financial crimes enterprise
18USC,PtI,Ch11,Sec226     USC18_OL-106   Sec. 226. Bribery affecting port security
18USC,PtI,Ch11,Sec227     USC18_OL-107   Sec. 227. Wrongfully influencing a private entity's
                                         employment decisions by a Member of Congress
18USC,PtI,Ch11A           USC18_OL-108   CHAPTER 11A - CHILD SUPPORT
18USC,PtI,Ch11A,Sec228    USC18_OL-109   Sec. 228. Failure to pay legal child support obligations

18USC,PtI,Ch11B           USC18_OL-110   CHAPTER 11B - CHEMICAL WEAPONS
18USC,PtI,Ch11B,Sec229    USC18_OL-111   Sec. 229. Prohibited activities
18USC,PtI,Ch11B,Sec229A   USC18_OL-112   Sec. 229A. Penalties
18USC,PtI,Ch11B,Sec229B   USC18_OL-113   Sec. 229B. Criminal forfeitures; destruction of weapons

18USC,PtI,Ch11B,Sec229C   USC18_OL-114   Sec. 229C. Individual self-defense devices
18USC,PtI,Ch11B,Sec229D   USC18_OL-115   Sec. 229D. Injunctions
18USC,PtI,Ch11B,Sec229E   USC18_OL-116   Sec. 229E. Requests for military assistance to enforce
                                         prohibition in certain emergencies
18USC,PtI,Ch11B,Sec229F   USC18_OL-117   Sec. 229F. Definitions
18USC,PtI,Ch12            USC18_OL-118   CHAPTER 12 - CIVIL DISORDERS
18USC,PtI,Ch12,Sec231     USC18_OL-119   Sec. 231. Civil disorders
18USC,PtI,Ch12,Sec232     USC18_OL-120   Sec. 232. Definitions
                                                   USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch12,Sec233   USC18_OL-121   Sec. 233. Preemption
18USC,PtI,Ch13          USC18_OL-122   CHAPTER 13 - CIVIL RIGHTS
18USC,PtI,Ch13,Sec241   USC18_OL-123   Sec. 241. Conspiracy against rights
18USC,PtI,Ch13,Sec242   USC18_OL-124   Sec. 242. Deprivation of rights under color of law
18USC,PtI,Ch13,Sec243   USC18_OL-125   Sec. 243. Exclusion of jurors on account of race or color

18USC,PtI,Ch13,Sec244   USC18_OL-126   Sec. 244. Discrimination against person wearing
                                       uniform of armed forces
18USC,PtI,Ch13,Sec245   USC18_OL-127   Sec. 245. Federally protected activities
18USC,PtI,Ch13,Sec246   USC18_OL-128   Sec. 246. Deprivation of relief benefits
18USC,PtI,Ch13,Sec247   USC18_OL-129   Sec. 247. Damage to religious property; obstruction of
                                       persons in the free exercise of religious beliefs
18USC,PtI,Ch13,Sec248   USC18_OL-130   Sec. 248. Freedom of access to clinic entrances
18USC,PtI,Ch13,Sec249   USC18_OL-131   Sec. 249. Hate crime acts
18USC,PtI,Ch15          USC18_OL-132   CHAPTER 15 - CLAIMS AND SERVICES IN
                                       MATTERS AFFECTING GOVERNMENT
18USC,PtI,Ch15,Sec281   USC18_OL-133   Sec. 281. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch15,Sec282   USC18_OL-134   Sec. 282. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch15,Sec283   USC18_OL-135   Sec. 283. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch15,Sec284   USC18_OL-136   Sec. 284. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch15,Sec285   USC18_OL-137   Sec. 285. Taking or using papers relating to claims
18USC,PtI,Ch15,Sec286   USC18_OL-138   Sec. 286. Conspiracy to defraud the Government with
                                       respect to claims
18USC,PtI,Ch15,Sec287   USC18_OL-139   Sec. 287. False, fictitious or fraudulent claims
18USC,PtI,Ch15,Sec288   USC18_OL-140   Sec. 288. False claims for postal losses
18USC,PtI,Ch15,Sec289   USC18_OL-141   Sec. 289. False claims for pensions
18USC,PtI,Ch15,Sec290   USC18_OL-142   Sec. 290. Discharge papers withheld by claim agent
18USC,PtI,Ch15,Sec291   USC18_OL-143   Sec. 291. Purchase of claims for fees by court officials

18USC,PtI,Ch15,Sec292   USC18_OL-144   Sec. 292. Solicitation of employment and receipt of
                                       unapproved fees concerning Federal employees'
18USC,PtI,Ch15,Sec293   USC18_OL-145   Sec. 293. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch17          USC18_OL-146   CHAPTER 17 - COINS AND CURRENCY
18USC,PtI,Ch17,Sec331   USC18_OL-147   Sec. 331. Mutilation, diminution, and falsification of
                                                    USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch17,Sec332    USC18_OL-148   Sec. 332. Debasement of coins; alteration of official
                                        scales, or embezzlement of metals
18USC,PtI,Ch17,Sec333    USC18_OL-149   Sec. 333. Mutilation of national bank obligations
18USC,PtI,Ch17,Sec334    USC18_OL-150   Sec. 334. Issuance of Federal Reserve or national bank
18USC,PtI,Ch17,Sec335    USC18_OL-151   Sec. 335. Circulation of obligations of expired
18USC,PtI,Ch17,Sec336    USC18_OL-152   Sec. 336. Issuance of circulating obligations of less
                                        than $1
18USC,PtI,Ch17,Sec337    USC18_OL-153   Sec. 337. Coins as security for loans
                                        UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL OR DRUGS

18USC,PtI,Ch17A,Sec341   USC18_OL-155   Sec. 341. Definitions
18USC,PtI,Ch17A,Sec342   USC18_OL-156   Sec. 342. Operation of a common carrier under the
                                        influence of alcohol or drugs
18USC,PtI,Ch17A,Sec343   USC18_OL-157   Sec. 343. Presumptions
                                        SUPREME COURT ASSASSINATION, KIDNAPPING,
                                        AND ASSAULT
18USC,PtI,Ch18,Sec351    USC18_OL-159   Sec. 351. Congressional, Cabinet, and Supreme Court
                                        assassination, kidnapping, and assault; penalties

18USC,PtI,Ch19           USC18_OL-160   CHAPTER 19 - CONSPIRACY
18USC,PtI,Ch19,Sec371    USC18_OL-161   Sec. 371. Conspiracy to commit offense or to defraud
                                        United States
18USC,PtI,Ch19,Sec372    USC18_OL-162   Sec. 372. Conspiracy to impede or injure officer
18USC,PtI,Ch19,Sec373    USC18_OL-163   Sec. 373. Solicitation to commit a crime of violence
18USC,PtI,Ch21           USC18_OL-164   CHAPTER 21 - CONTEMPTS
18USC,PtI,Ch21,Sec401    USC18_OL-165   Sec. 401. Power of court
18USC,PtI,Ch21,Sec402    USC18_OL-166   Sec. 402. Contempts constituting crimes
18USC,PtI,Ch21,Sec403    USC18_OL-167   Sec. 403. Protection of the privacy of child victims and
                                        child witnesses
18USC,PtI,Ch23           USC18_OL-168   CHAPTER 23 - CONTRACTS
18USC,PtI,Ch23,Sec431    USC18_OL-169   Sec. 431. Contracts by Member of Congress
                                                    USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch23,Sec432    USC18_OL-170   Sec. 432. Officer or employee contracting with Member
                                        of Congress
18USC,PtI,Ch23,Sec433    USC18_OL-171   Sec. 433. Exemptions with respect to certain contracts

18USC,PtI,Ch23,Sec434    USC18_OL-172   Sec. 434. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch23,Sec435    USC18_OL-173   Sec. 435. Contracts in excess of specific appropriation

18USC,PtI,Ch23,Sec436    USC18_OL-174   Sec. 436. Convict labor contracts
18USC,PtI,Ch23,Sec437    USC18_OL-175   Sec. 437. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch23,Sec438    USC18_OL-176   Secs. 438, 439. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch23,Sec440    USC18_OL-177   Sec. 440. Mail contracts
18USC,PtI,Ch23,Sec441    USC18_OL-178   Sec. 441. Postal supply contracts
18USC,PtI,Ch23,Sec442    USC18_OL-179   Sec. 442. Printing contracts
18USC,PtI,Ch23,Sec443    USC18_OL-180   Sec. 443. War contracts
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec470    USC18_OL-182   Sec. 470. Counterfeit acts committed outside the
                                        United States
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec471    USC18_OL-183   Sec. 471. Obligations or securities of United States
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec472    USC18_OL-184   Sec. 472. Uttering counterfeit obligations or securities

18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec473    USC18_OL-185   Sec. 473. Dealing in counterfeit obligations or securities

18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec474    USC18_OL-186   Sec. 474. Plates, stones, or analog, digital, or electronic
                                        images for counterfeiting obligations or securities

18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec474A   USC18_OL-187   Sec. 474A. Deterrents to counterfeiting of obligations
                                        and securities
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec475    USC18_OL-188   Sec. 475. Imitating obligations or securities;
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec476    USC18_OL-189   Sec. 476. Taking impressions of tools used for
                                        obligations or securities
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec477    USC18_OL-190   Sec. 477. Possessing or selling impressions of tools
                                        used for obligations or securities
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec478    USC18_OL-191   Sec. 478. Foreign obligations or securities
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec479    USC18_OL-192   Sec. 479. Uttering counterfeit foreign obligations or
                                                   USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec480   USC18_OL-193   Sec. 480. Possessing counterfeit foreign obligations or
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec481   USC18_OL-194   Sec. 481. Plates, stones, or analog, digital, or electronic
                                       images for counterfeiting foreign obligations or
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec482   USC18_OL-195   Sec. 482. Foreign bank notes
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec483   USC18_OL-196   Sec. 483. Uttering counterfeit foreign bank notes
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec484   USC18_OL-197   Sec. 484. Connecting parts of different notes
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec485   USC18_OL-198   Sec. 485. Coins or bars
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec486   USC18_OL-199   Sec. 486. Uttering coins of gold, silver or other metal
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec487   USC18_OL-200   Sec. 487. Making or possessing counterfeit dies for
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec488   USC18_OL-201   Sec. 488. Making or possessing counterfeit dies for
                                       foreign coins
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec489   USC18_OL-202   Sec. 489. Making or possessing likeness of coins
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec490   USC18_OL-203   Sec. 490. Minor coins
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec491   USC18_OL-204   Sec. 491. Tokens or paper used as money
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec492   USC18_OL-205   Sec. 492. Forfeiture of counterfeit paraphernalia
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec493   USC18_OL-206   Sec. 493. Bonds and obligations of certain lending
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec494   USC18_OL-207   Sec. 494. Contractors' bonds, bids, and public records

18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec495   USC18_OL-208   Sec. 495. Contracts, deeds, and powers of attorney
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec496   USC18_OL-209   Sec. 496. Customs matters
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec497   USC18_OL-210   Sec. 497. Letters patent
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec498   USC18_OL-211   Sec. 498. Military or naval discharge certificates
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec499   USC18_OL-212   Sec. 499. Military, naval, or official passes
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec500   USC18_OL-213   Sec. 500. Money orders
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec501   USC18_OL-214   Sec. 501. Postage stamps, postage meter stamps, and
                                       postal cards
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec502   USC18_OL-215   Sec. 502. Postage and revenue stamps of foreign
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec503   USC18_OL-216   Sec. 503. Postmarking stamps
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec504   USC18_OL-217   Sec. 504. Printing and filming of United States and
                                       foreign obligations and securities
                                                    USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec505    USC18_OL-218   Sec. 505. Seals of courts; signatures of judges or court
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec506    USC18_OL-219   Sec. 506. Seals of departments or agencies
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec507    USC18_OL-220   Sec. 507. Ship's papers
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec508    USC18_OL-221   Sec. 508. Transportation requests of Government
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec509    USC18_OL-222   Sec. 509. Possessing and making plates or stones for
                                        Government transportation requests
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec510    USC18_OL-223   Sec. 510. Forging endorsements on Treasury checks
                                        or bonds or securities of the United States
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec511    USC18_OL-224   Sec. 511. Altering or removing motor vehicle
                                        identification numbers
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec511A   USC18_OL-225   Sec. 511A. Unauthorized application of theft prevention
                                        decal or device
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec512    USC18_OL-226   Sec. 512. Forfeiture of certain motor vehicles and
                                        motor vehicle parts
18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec513    USC18_OL-227   Sec. 513. Securities of the States and private entities

18USC,PtI,Ch25,Sec514    USC18_OL-228   Sec. 514. Fictitious obligations
18USC,PtI,Ch26           USC18_OL-229   CHAPTER 26 - CRIMINAL STREET GANGS
18USC,PtI,Ch26,Sec521    USC18_OL-230   Sec. 521. Criminal street gangs
18USC,PtI,Ch27           USC18_OL-231   CHAPTER 27 - CUSTOMS
18USC,PtI,Ch27,Sec541    USC18_OL-232   Sec. 541. Entry of goods falsely classified
18USC,PtI,Ch27,Sec542    USC18_OL-233   Sec. 542. Entry of goods by means of false statements

18USC,PtI,Ch27,Sec543    USC18_OL-234   Sec. 543. Entry of goods for less than legal duty
18USC,PtI,Ch27,Sec544    USC18_OL-235   Sec. 544. Relanding of goods
18USC,PtI,Ch27,Sec545    USC18_OL-236   Sec. 545. Smuggling goods into the United States
18USC,PtI,Ch27,Sec546    USC18_OL-237   Sec. 546. Smuggling goods into foreign countries
18USC,PtI,Ch27,Sec547    USC18_OL-238   Sec. 547. Depositing goods in buildings on boundaries

18USC,PtI,Ch27,Sec548    USC18_OL-239   Sec. 548. Removing or repacking goods in warehouses

18USC,PtI,Ch27,Sec549    USC18_OL-240   Sec. 549. Removing goods from customs custody;
                                        breaking seals
18USC,PtI,Ch27,Sec550    USC18_OL-241   Sec. 550. False claim for refund of duties
                                                   USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch27,Sec551   USC18_OL-242   Sec. 551. Concealing or destroying invoices or other
18USC,PtI,Ch27,Sec552   USC18_OL-243   Sec. 552. Officers aiding importation of obscene or
                                       treasonous books and articles
18USC,PtI,Ch27,Sec553   USC18_OL-244   Sec. 553. Importation or exportation of stolen motor
                                       vehicles, off- highway mobile equipment, vessels, or
18USC,PtI,Ch27,Sec554   USC18_OL-245   Sec. 554. Smuggling goods from the United States
18USC,PtI,Ch27,Sec555   USC18_OL-246   Sec. 555. Border tunnels and passages
18USC,PtI,Ch29,Sec591   USC18_OL-248   Sec. 591. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch29,Sec592   USC18_OL-249   Sec. 592. Troops at polls
18USC,PtI,Ch29,Sec593   USC18_OL-250   Sec. 593. Interference by armed forces
18USC,PtI,Ch29,Sec594   USC18_OL-251   Sec. 594. Intimidation of voters
18USC,PtI,Ch29,Sec595   USC18_OL-252   Sec. 595. Interference by administrative employees of
                                       Federal, State, or Territorial Governments
18USC,PtI,Ch29,Sec596   USC18_OL-253   Sec. 596. Polling armed forces
18USC,PtI,Ch29,Sec597   USC18_OL-254   Sec. 597. Expenditures to influence voting
18USC,PtI,Ch29,Sec598   USC18_OL-255   Sec. 598. Coercion by means of relief appropriations
18USC,PtI,Ch29,Sec599   USC18_OL-256   Sec. 599. Promise of appointment by candidate
18USC,PtI,Ch29,Sec600   USC18_OL-257   Sec. 600. Promise of employment or other benefit for
                                       political activity
18USC,PtI,Ch29,Sec601   USC18_OL-258   Sec. 601. Deprivation of employment or other benefit
                                       for political contribution
18USC,PtI,Ch29,Sec602   USC18_OL-259   Sec. 602. Solicitation of political contributions
18USC,PtI,Ch29,Sec603   USC18_OL-260   Sec. 603. Making political contributions
18USC,PtI,Ch29,Sec604   USC18_OL-261   Sec. 604. Solicitation from persons on relief
18USC,PtI,Ch29,Sec605   USC18_OL-262   Sec. 605. Disclosure of names of persons on relief
18USC,PtI,Ch29,Sec606   USC18_OL-263   Sec. 606. Intimidation to secure political contributions

18USC,PtI,Ch29,Sec607   USC18_OL-264   Sec. 607. Place of solicitation
18USC,PtI,Ch29,Sec608   USC18_OL-265   Sec. 608. Absent uniformed services voters and
                                       overseas voters
18USC,PtI,Ch29,Sec609   USC18_OL-266   Sec. 609. Use of military authority to influence vote of
                                       member of Armed Forces
                                                  USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch29,Sec610   USC18_OL-267   Sec. 610. Coercion of political activity
18USC,PtI,Ch29,Sec611   USC18_OL-268   Sec. 611. Voting by aliens
18USC,PtI,Ch29,Sec612   USC18_OL-269   Secs. 612 to 617. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch31,Sec641   USC18_OL-271   Sec. 641. Public money, property or records
18USC,PtI,Ch31,Sec642   USC18_OL-272   Sec. 642. Tools and materials for counterfeiting
18USC,PtI,Ch31,Sec643   USC18_OL-273   Sec. 643. Accounting generally for public money
18USC,PtI,Ch31,Sec644   USC18_OL-274   Sec. 644. Banker receiving unauthorized deposit of
                                       public money
18USC,PtI,Ch31,Sec645   USC18_OL-275   Sec. 645. Court officers generally
18USC,PtI,Ch31,Sec646   USC18_OL-276   Sec. 646. Court officers depositing registry moneys
18USC,PtI,Ch31,Sec647   USC18_OL-277   Sec. 647. Receiving loan from court officer
18USC,PtI,Ch31,Sec648   USC18_OL-278   Sec. 648. Custodians, generally, misusing public funds

18USC,PtI,Ch31,Sec649   USC18_OL-279   Sec. 649. Custodians failing to deposit moneys;
                                       persons affected
18USC,PtI,Ch31,Sec650   USC18_OL-280   Sec. 650. Depositaries failing to safeguard deposits
18USC,PtI,Ch31,Sec651   USC18_OL-281   Sec. 651. Disbursing officer falsely certifying full
18USC,PtI,Ch31,Sec652   USC18_OL-282   Sec. 652. Disbursing officer paying lesser in lieu of
                                       lawful amount
18USC,PtI,Ch31,Sec653   USC18_OL-283   Sec. 653. Disbursing officer misusing public funds
18USC,PtI,Ch31,Sec654   USC18_OL-284   Sec. 654. Officer or employee of United States
                                       converting property of another
18USC,PtI,Ch31,Sec655   USC18_OL-285   Sec. 655. Theft by bank examiner
18USC,PtI,Ch31,Sec656   USC18_OL-286   Sec. 656. Theft, embezzlement, or misapplication by
                                       bank officer or employee
18USC,PtI,Ch31,Sec657   USC18_OL-287   Sec. 657. Lending, credit and insurance institutions
18USC,PtI,Ch31,Sec658   USC18_OL-288   Sec. 658. Property mortgaged or pledged to farm credit
18USC,PtI,Ch31,Sec659   USC18_OL-289   Sec. 659. Interstate or foreign shipments by carrier;
                                       State prosecutions
18USC,PtI,Ch31,Sec660   USC18_OL-290   Sec. 660. Carrier's funds derived from commerce;
                                       State prosecutions
                                                   USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch31,Sec661    USC18_OL-291   Sec. 661. Within special maritime and territorial
18USC,PtI,Ch31,Sec662    USC18_OL-292   Sec. 662. Receiving stolen property within special
                                        maritime and territorial jurisdiction
18USC,PtI,Ch31,Sec663    USC18_OL-293   Sec. 663. Solicitation or use of gifts
18USC,PtI,Ch31,Sec664    USC18_OL-294   Sec. 664. Theft or embezzlement from employee
                                        benefit plan
18USC,PtI,Ch31,Sec665    USC18_OL-295   Sec. 665. Theft or embezzlement from employment
                                        and training funds; improper inducement; obstruction of
18USC,PtI,Ch31,Sec666    USC18_OL-296   Sec. 666. Theft or bribery concerning programs
                                        receiving Federal funds
18USC,PtI,Ch31,Sec667    USC18_OL-297   Sec. 667. Theft of livestock
18USC,PtI,Ch31,Sec668    USC18_OL-298   Sec. 668. Theft of major artwork
18USC,PtI,Ch31,Sec669    USC18_OL-299   Sec. 669. Theft or embezzlement in connection with
                                        health care
18USC,PtI,Ch33,Sec700    USC18_OL-301   Sec. 700. Desecration of the flag of the United States;
18USC,PtI,Ch33,Sec701    USC18_OL-302   Sec. 701. Official badges, identification cards, other
18USC,PtI,Ch33,Sec702    USC18_OL-303   Sec. 702. Uniform of armed forces and Public Health
18USC,PtI,Ch33,Sec703    USC18_OL-304   Sec. 703. Uniform of friendly nation
18USC,PtI,Ch33,Sec704    USC18_OL-305   Sec. 704. Military medals or decorations
18USC,PtI,Ch33,Sec705    USC18_OL-306   Sec. 705. Badge or medal of veterans' organizations
18USC,PtI,Ch33,Sec706    USC18_OL-307   Sec. 706. Red Cross
18USC,PtI,Ch33,Sec706a   USC18_OL-308   Sec. 706a. Geneva distinctive emblems
18USC,PtI,Ch33,Sec707    USC18_OL-309   Sec. 707. 4-H club emblem fraudulently used
18USC,PtI,Ch33,Sec708    USC18_OL-310   Sec. 708. Swiss Confederation coat of arms
18USC,PtI,Ch33,Sec709    USC18_OL-311   Sec. 709. False advertising or misuse of names to
                                        indicate Federal agency
18USC,PtI,Ch33,Sec710    USC18_OL-312   Sec. 710. Cremation urns for military use
18USC,PtI,Ch33,Sec711    USC18_OL-313   Sec. 711. "Smokey Bear" character or name
18USC,PtI,Ch33,Sec711a   USC18_OL-314   Sec. 711a. "Woodsy Owl" character, name, or slogan
                                                    USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch33,Sec712    USC18_OL-315   Sec. 712. Misuse of names, words, emblems, or
18USC,PtI,Ch33,Sec713    USC18_OL-316   Sec. 713. Use of likenesses of the great seal of the
                                        United States, the seals of the President and Vice
                                        President, the seal of the United States Senate, the
                                        seal of the United States House of Representatives,
                                        and the seal of the United States Congress
18USC,PtI,Ch33,Sec714    USC18_OL-317   Sec. 714. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch33,Sec715    USC18_OL-318   Sec. 715. "The Golden Eagle Insignia"
18USC,PtI,Ch33,Sec716    USC18_OL-319   Sec. 716. Public employee insignia and uniform
18USC,PtI,Ch35           USC18_OL-320   CHAPTER 35 - ESCAPE AND RESCUE
18USC,PtI,Ch35,Sec751    USC18_OL-321   Sec. 751. Prisoners in custody of institution or officer

18USC,PtI,Ch35,Sec752    USC18_OL-322   Sec. 752. Instigating or assisting escape
18USC,PtI,Ch35,Sec753    USC18_OL-323   Sec. 753. Rescue to prevent execution
18USC,PtI,Ch35,Sec754    USC18_OL-324   Sec. 754. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch35,Sec755    USC18_OL-325   Sec. 755. Officer permitting escape
18USC,PtI,Ch35,Sec756    USC18_OL-326   Sec. 756. Internee of belligerent nation
18USC,PtI,Ch35,Sec757    USC18_OL-327   Sec. 757. Prisoners of war or enemy aliens
18USC,PtI,Ch35,Sec758    USC18_OL-328   Sec. 758. High speed flight from immigration checkpoint

18USC,PtI,Ch37,Sec791    USC18_OL-330   Sec. 791. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch37,Sec792    USC18_OL-331   Sec. 792. Harboring or concealing persons
18USC,PtI,Ch37,Sec793    USC18_OL-332   Sec. 793. Gathering, transmitting or losing defense
18USC,PtI,Ch37,Sec794    USC18_OL-333   Sec. 794. Gathering or delivering defense information
                                        to aid foreign government
18USC,PtI,Ch37,Sec795    USC18_OL-334   Sec. 795. Photographing and sketching defense
18USC,PtI,Ch37,Sec796    USC18_OL-335   Sec. 796. Use of aircraft for photographing defense
18USC,PtI,Ch37,Sec797    USC18_OL-336   Sec. 797. Publication and sale of photographs of
                                        defense installations
18USC,PtI,Ch37,Sec798    USC18_OL-337   Sec. 798. Disclosure of classified information
18USC,PtI,Ch37,Sec798A   USC18_OL-338   Sec. 798A. Temporary extension of section 794
                                                  USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch37,Sec799   USC18_OL-339   Sec. 799. Violation of regulations of National
                                       Aeronautics and Space Administration
18USC,PtI,Ch39          USC18_OL-340   CHAPTER 39 - EXPLOSIVES AND OTHER
                                       DANGEROUS ARTICLES
18USC,PtI,Ch39,Sec831   USC18_OL-341   Sec. 831. Prohibited transactions involving nuclear
18USC,PtI,Ch39,Sec832   USC18_OL-342   Sec. 832. Participation in nuclear and weapons of mass
                                       destruction threats to the United States
18USC,PtI,Ch39,Sec833   USC18_OL-343   Secs. 833 to 835. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch39,Sec836   USC18_OL-344   Sec. 836. Transportation of fireworks into State
                                       prohibiting sale or use
18USC,PtI,Ch39,Sec837   USC18_OL-345   Sec. 837. Repealed.
                                       DISTRIBUTION AND STORAGE OF EXPLOSIVE
18USC,PtI,Ch40,Sec841   USC18_OL-347   Sec. 841. Definitions
18USC,PtI,Ch40,Sec842   USC18_OL-348   Sec. 842. Unlawful acts
18USC,PtI,Ch40,Sec843   USC18_OL-349   Sec. 843. Licenses and user permits
18USC,PtI,Ch40,Sec844   USC18_OL-350   Sec. 844. Penalties
18USC,PtI,Ch40,Sec845   USC18_OL-351   Sec. 845. Exceptions; relief from disabilities
18USC,PtI,Ch40,Sec846   USC18_OL-352   Sec. 846. Additional powers of the Attorney General
18USC,PtI,Ch40,Sec847   USC18_OL-353   Sec. 847. Rules and regulations
18USC,PtI,Ch40,Sec848   USC18_OL-354   Sec. 848. Effect on State law
18USC,PtI,Ch41,Sec871   USC18_OL-356   Sec. 871. Threats against President and successors to
                                       the Presidency
18USC,PtI,Ch41,Sec872   USC18_OL-357   Sec. 872. Extortion by officers or employees of the
                                       United States
18USC,PtI,Ch41,Sec873   USC18_OL-358   Sec. 873. Blackmail
18USC,PtI,Ch41,Sec874   USC18_OL-359   Sec. 874. Kickbacks from public works employees
18USC,PtI,Ch41,Sec875   USC18_OL-360   Sec. 875. Interstate communications
18USC,PtI,Ch41,Sec876   USC18_OL-361   Sec. 876. Mailing threatening communications
18USC,PtI,Ch41,Sec877   USC18_OL-362   Sec. 877. Mailing threatening communications from
                                       foreign country
                                                    USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch41,Sec878    USC18_OL-363   Sec. 878. Threats and extortion against foreign officials,
                                        official guests, or internationally protected persons

18USC,PtI,Ch41,Sec879    USC18_OL-364   Sec. 879. Threats against former Presidents and
                                        certain other persons
18USC,PtI,Ch41,Sec880    USC18_OL-365   Sec. 880. Receiving the proceeds of extortion
18USC,PtI,Ch42           USC18_OL-366   CHAPTER 42 - EXTORTIONATE CREDIT
18USC,PtI,Ch42,Sec891    USC18_OL-367   Sec. 891. Definitions and rules of construction
18USC,PtI,Ch42,Sec892    USC18_OL-368   Sec. 892. Making extortionate extensions of credit
18USC,PtI,Ch42,Sec893    USC18_OL-369   Sec. 893. Financing extortionate extensions of credit
18USC,PtI,Ch42,Sec894    USC18_OL-370   Sec. 894. Collection of extensions of credit by
                                        extortionate means
18USC,PtI,Ch42,Sec895    USC18_OL-371   Sec. 895. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch42,Sec896    USC18_OL-372   Sec. 896. Effect on State laws
18USC,PtI,Ch43           USC18_OL-373   CHAPTER 43 - FALSE PERSONATION
18USC,PtI,Ch43,Sec911    USC18_OL-374   Sec. 911. Citizen of the United States
18USC,PtI,Ch43,Sec912    USC18_OL-375   Sec. 912. Officer or employee of the United States
18USC,PtI,Ch43,Sec913    USC18_OL-376   Sec. 913. Impersonator making arrest or search
18USC,PtI,Ch43,Sec914    USC18_OL-377   Sec. 914. Creditors of the United States
18USC,PtI,Ch43,Sec915    USC18_OL-378   Sec. 915. Foreign diplomats, consuls or officers
18USC,PtI,Ch43,Sec916    USC18_OL-379   Sec. 916. 4-H Club members or agents
18USC,PtI,Ch43,Sec917    USC18_OL-380   Sec. 917. Red Cross members or agents
18USC,PtI,Ch44           USC18_OL-381   CHAPTER 44 - FIREARMS
18USC,PtI,Ch44,Sec921    USC18_OL-382   Sec. 921. Definitions
18USC,PtI,Ch44,Sec922    USC18_OL-383   Sec. 922. Unlawful acts
18USC,PtI,Ch44,Sec923    USC18_OL-384   Sec. 923. Licensing
18USC,PtI,Ch44,Sec924    USC18_OL-385   Sec. 924. Penalties
18USC,PtI,Ch44,Sec925    USC18_OL-386   Sec. 925. Exceptions: Relief from disabilities
18USC,PtI,Ch44,Sec925A   USC18_OL-387   Sec. 925A. Remedy for erroneous denial of firearm
18USC,PtI,Ch44,Sec926    USC18_OL-388   Sec. 926. Rules and regulations
18USC,PtI,Ch44,Sec926A   USC18_OL-389   Sec. 926A. Interstate transportation of firearms
18USC,PtI,Ch44,Sec926B   USC18_OL-390   Sec. 926B. Carrying of concealed firearms by qualified
                                        law enforcement officers
18USC,PtI,Ch44,Sec926C   USC18_OL-391   Sec. 926C. Carrying of concealed firearms by qualified
                                        retired law enforcement officers
                                                   USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch44,Sec927   USC18_OL-392   Sec. 927. Effect on State law
18USC,PtI,Ch44,Sec928   USC18_OL-393   Sec. 928. Separability
18USC,PtI,Ch44,Sec929   USC18_OL-394   Sec. 929. Use of restricted ammunition
18USC,PtI,Ch44,Sec930   USC18_OL-395   Sec. 930. Possession of firearms and dangerous
                                       weapons in Federal facilities
18USC,PtI,Ch44,Sec931   USC18_OL-396   Sec. 931. Prohibition on purchase, ownership, or
                                       possession of body armor by violent felons
18USC,PtI,Ch45          USC18_OL-397   CHAPTER 45 - FOREIGN RELATIONS
18USC,PtI,Ch45,Sec951   USC18_OL-398   Sec. 951. Agents of foreign governments
18USC,PtI,Ch45,Sec952   USC18_OL-399   Sec. 952. Diplomatic codes and correspondence
18USC,PtI,Ch45,Sec953   USC18_OL-400   Sec. 953. Private correspondence with foreign
18USC,PtI,Ch45,Sec954   USC18_OL-401   Sec. 954. False statements influencing foreign
18USC,PtI,Ch45,Sec955   USC18_OL-402   Sec. 955. Financial transactions with foreign
18USC,PtI,Ch45,Sec956   USC18_OL-403   Sec. 956. Conspiracy to kill, kidnap, maim, or injure
                                       persons or damage property in a foreign country
18USC,PtI,Ch45,Sec957   USC18_OL-404   Sec. 957. Possession of property in aid of foreign
18USC,PtI,Ch45,Sec958   USC18_OL-405   Sec. 958. Commission to serve against friendly nation

18USC,PtI,Ch45,Sec959   USC18_OL-406   Sec. 959. Enlistment in foreign service
18USC,PtI,Ch45,Sec960   USC18_OL-407   Sec. 960. Expedition against friendly nation
18USC,PtI,Ch45,Sec961   USC18_OL-408   Sec. 961. Strengthening armed vessel of foreign nation

18USC,PtI,Ch45,Sec962   USC18_OL-409   Sec. 962. Arming vessel against friendly nation
18USC,PtI,Ch45,Sec963   USC18_OL-410   Sec. 963. Detention of armed vessel
18USC,PtI,Ch45,Sec964   USC18_OL-411   Sec. 964. Delivering armed vessel to belligerent nation

18USC,PtI,Ch45,Sec965   USC18_OL-412   Sec. 965. Verified statements as prerequisite to
                                       vessel's departure
18USC,PtI,Ch45,Sec966   USC18_OL-413   Sec. 966. Departure of vessel forbidden for false
18USC,PtI,Ch45,Sec967   USC18_OL-414   Sec. 967. Departure of vessel forbidden in aid of
                                                    USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch45,Sec968    USC18_OL-415   Sec. 968. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch45,Sec969    USC18_OL-416   Sec. 969. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch45,Sec970    USC18_OL-417   Sec. 970. Protection of property occupied by foreign
18USC,PtI,Ch46           USC18_OL-418   CHAPTER 46 - FORFEITURE
18USC,PtI,Ch46,Sec981    USC18_OL-419   Sec. 981. Civil forfeiture
18USC,PtI,Ch46,Sec982    USC18_OL-420   Sec. 982. Criminal forfeiture
18USC,PtI,Ch46,Sec983    USC18_OL-421   Sec. 983. General rules for civil forfeiture proceedings

18USC,PtI,Ch46,Sec984    USC18_OL-422   Sec. 984. Civil forfeiture of fungible property
18USC,PtI,Ch46,Sec985    USC18_OL-423   Sec. 985. Civil forfeiture of real property
18USC,PtI,Ch46,Sec986    USC18_OL-424   Sec. 986. Subpoenas for bank records
18USC,PtI,Ch46,Sec987    USC18_OL-425   Sec. 987. Anti-terrorist forfeiture protection
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1001   USC18_OL-427   Sec. 1001. Statements or entries generally
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1002   USC18_OL-428   Sec. 1002. Possession of false papers to defraud
                                        United States
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1003   USC18_OL-429   Sec. 1003. Demands against the United States
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1004   USC18_OL-430   Sec. 1004. Certification of checks
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1005   USC18_OL-431   Sec. 1005. Bank entries, reports and transactions
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1006   USC18_OL-432   Sec. 1006. Federal credit institution entries, reports and
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1007   USC18_OL-433   Sec. 1007. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1008   USC18_OL-434   Secs. 1008, 1009. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1010   USC18_OL-435   Sec. 1010. Department of Housing and Urban
                                        Development and Federal Housing Administration
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1011   USC18_OL-436   Sec. 1011. Federal land bank mortgage transactions
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1012   USC18_OL-437   Sec. 1012. Department of Housing and Urban
                                        Development transactions
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1013   USC18_OL-438   Sec. 1013. Farm loan bonds and credit bank debentures

18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1014   USC18_OL-439   Sec. 1014. Loan and credit applications generally;
                                        renewals and discounts; crop insurance
                                                     USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1015    USC18_OL-440   Sec. 1015. Naturalization, citizenship or alien registry

18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1016    USC18_OL-441   Sec. 1016. Acknowledgment of appearance or oath
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1017    USC18_OL-442   Sec. 1017. Government seals wrongfully used and
                                         instruments wrongfully sealed
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1018    USC18_OL-443   Sec. 1018. Official certificates or writings
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1019    USC18_OL-444   Sec. 1019. Certificates by consular officers
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1020    USC18_OL-445   Sec. 1020. Highway projects
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1021    USC18_OL-446   Sec. 1021. Title records
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1022    USC18_OL-447   Sec. 1022. Delivery of certificate, voucher, receipt for
                                         military or naval property
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1023    USC18_OL-448   Sec. 1023. Insufficient delivery of money or property for
                                         military or naval service
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1024    USC18_OL-449   Sec. 1024. Purchase or receipt of military, naval, or
                                         veteran's facilities property
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1025    USC18_OL-450   Sec. 1025. False pretenses on high seas and other
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1026    USC18_OL-451   Sec. 1026. Compromise, adjustment, or cancellation of
                                         farm indebtedness
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1027    USC18_OL-452   Sec. 1027. False statements and concealment of facts
                                         in relation to documents required by the Employee
                                         Retirement Income Security Act of 1974
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1028    USC18_OL-453   Sec. 1028. Fraud and related activity in connection with
                                         identification documents, authentication features, and
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1028A   USC18_OL-454   Sec. 1028A. Aggravated identity theft
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1029    USC18_OL-455   Sec. 1029. Fraud and related activity in connection with
                                         access devices
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1030    USC18_OL-456   Sec. 1030. Fraud and related activity in connection with
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1031    USC18_OL-457   Sec. 1031. Major fraud against the United States
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1032    USC18_OL-458   Sec. 1032. Concealment of assets from conservator,
                                         receiver, or liquidating agent
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1033    USC18_OL-459   Sec. 1033. Crimes by or affecting persons engaged in
                                         the business of insurance whose activities affect
                                         interstate commerce
                                                     USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1034    USC18_OL-460   Sec. 1034. Civil penalties and injunctions for violations
                                         of section 1033
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1035    USC18_OL-461   Sec. 1035. False statements relating to health care
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1036    USC18_OL-462   Sec. 1036. Entry by false pretenses to any real
                                         property, vessel, or aircraft of the United States or
                                         secure area of any airport or seaport
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1037    USC18_OL-463   Sec. 1037. Fraud and related activity in connection with
                                         electronic mail
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1038    USC18_OL-464   Sec. 1038. False information and hoaxes
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1039    USC18_OL-465   Sec. 1039. Fraud and related activity in connection with
                                         obtaining confidential phone records information of a
                                         covered entity
18USC,PtI,Ch47,Sec1040    USC18_OL-466   Sec. 1040. Fraud in connection with major disaster or
                                         emergency benefits
18USC,PtI,Ch49            USC18_OL-467   CHAPTER 49 - FUGITIVES FROM JUSTICE
18USC,PtI,Ch49,Sec1071    USC18_OL-468   Sec. 1071. Concealing person from arrest
18USC,PtI,Ch49,Sec1072    USC18_OL-469   Sec. 1072. Concealing escaped prisoner
18USC,PtI,Ch49,Sec1073    USC18_OL-470   Sec. 1073. Flight to avoid prosecution or giving
18USC,PtI,Ch49,Sec1074    USC18_OL-471   Sec. 1074. Flight to avoid prosecution for damaging or
                                         destroying any building or other real or personal
18USC,PtI,Ch50            USC18_OL-472   CHAPTER 50 - GAMBLING
18USC,PtI,Ch50,Sec1081    USC18_OL-473   Sec. 1081. Definitions
18USC,PtI,Ch50,Sec1082    USC18_OL-474   Sec. 1082. Gambling ships
18USC,PtI,Ch50,Sec1083    USC18_OL-475   Sec. 1083. Transportation between shore and ship;
18USC,PtI,Ch50,Sec1084    USC18_OL-476   Sec. 1084. Transmission of wagering information;
18USC,PtI,Ch50A           USC18_OL-477   CHAPTER 50A - GENOCIDE
18USC,PtI,Ch50A,Sec1091   USC18_OL-478   Sec. 1091. Genocide
18USC,PtI,Ch50A,Sec1092   USC18_OL-479   Sec. 1092. Exclusive remedies
18USC,PtI,Ch50A,Sec1093   USC18_OL-480   Sec. 1093. Definitions
18USC,PtI,Ch51            USC18_OL-481   CHAPTER 51 - HOMICIDE
18USC,PtI,Ch51,Sec1111    USC18_OL-482   Sec. 1111. Murder
                                                    USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch51,Sec1112   USC18_OL-483   Sec. 1112. Manslaughter
18USC,PtI,Ch51,Sec1113   USC18_OL-484   Sec. 1113. Attempt to commit murder or manslaughter

18USC,PtI,Ch51,Sec1114   USC18_OL-485   Sec. 1114. Protection of officers and employees of the
                                        United States
18USC,PtI,Ch51,Sec1115   USC18_OL-486   Sec. 1115. Misconduct or neglect of ship officers
18USC,PtI,Ch51,Sec1116   USC18_OL-487   Sec. 1116. Murder or manslaughter of foreign officials,
                                        official guests, or internationally protected persons

18USC,PtI,Ch51,Sec1117   USC18_OL-488   Sec. 1117. Conspiracy to murder
18USC,PtI,Ch51,Sec1118   USC18_OL-489   Sec. 1118. Murder by a Federal prisoner
18USC,PtI,Ch51,Sec1119   USC18_OL-490   Sec. 1119. Foreign murder of United States nationals

18USC,PtI,Ch51,Sec1120   USC18_OL-491   Sec. 1120. Murder by escaped prisoners
18USC,PtI,Ch51,Sec1121   USC18_OL-492   Sec. 1121. Killing persons aiding Federal investigations
                                        or State correctional officers
18USC,PtI,Ch51,Sec1122   USC18_OL-493   Sec. 1122. Protection against the human
                                        immunodeficiency virus
18USC,PtI,Ch53           USC18_OL-494   CHAPTER 53 - INDIANS
18USC,PtI,Ch53,Sec1151   USC18_OL-495   Sec. 1151. Indian country defined
18USC,PtI,Ch53,Sec1152   USC18_OL-496   Sec. 1152. Laws governing
18USC,PtI,Ch53,Sec1153   USC18_OL-497   Sec. 1153. Offenses committed within Indian country
18USC,PtI,Ch53,Sec1154   USC18_OL-498   Sec. 1154. Intoxicants dispensed in Indian country
18USC,PtI,Ch53,Sec1155   USC18_OL-499   Sec. 1155. Intoxicants dispensed on school site
18USC,PtI,Ch53,Sec1156   USC18_OL-500   Sec. 1156. Intoxicants possessed unlawfully
18USC,PtI,Ch53,Sec1157   USC18_OL-501   Sec. 1157. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch53,Sec1158   USC18_OL-502   Sec. 1158. Counterfeiting Indian Arts and Crafts Board
                                        trade mark
18USC,PtI,Ch53,Sec1159   USC18_OL-503   Sec. 1159. Misrepresentation of Indian produced goods
                                        and products
18USC,PtI,Ch53,Sec1160   USC18_OL-504   Sec. 1160. Property damaged in committing offense
18USC,PtI,Ch53,Sec1161   USC18_OL-505   Sec. 1161. Application of Indian liquor laws
18USC,PtI,Ch53,Sec1162   USC18_OL-506   Sec. 1162. State jurisdiction over offenses committed
                                        by or against Indians in the Indian country
                                                    USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch53,Sec1163   USC18_OL-507   Sec. 1163. Embezzlement and theft from Indian tribal
18USC,PtI,Ch53,Sec1164   USC18_OL-508   Sec. 1164. Destroying boundary and warning signs
18USC,PtI,Ch53,Sec1165   USC18_OL-509   Sec. 1165. Hunting, trapping, or fishing on Indian land

18USC,PtI,Ch53,Sec1166   USC18_OL-510   Sec. 1166. Gambling in Indian country
18USC,PtI,Ch53,Sec1167   USC18_OL-511   Sec. 1167. Theft from gaming establishments on Indian
18USC,PtI,Ch53,Sec1168   USC18_OL-512   Sec. 1168. Theft by officers or employees of gaming
                                        establishments on Indian lands
18USC,PtI,Ch53,Sec1169   USC18_OL-513   Sec. 1169. Reporting of child abuse
18USC,PtI,Ch53,Sec1170   USC18_OL-514   Sec. 1170. Illegal trafficking in Native American human
                                        remains and cultural items
18USC,PtI,Ch55           USC18_OL-515   CHAPTER 55 - KIDNAPPING
18USC,PtI,Ch55,Sec1201   USC18_OL-516   Sec. 1201. Kidnapping
18USC,PtI,Ch55,Sec1202   USC18_OL-517   Sec. 1202. Ransom money
18USC,PtI,Ch55,Sec1203   USC18_OL-518   Sec. 1203. Hostage taking
18USC,PtI,Ch55,Sec1204   USC18_OL-519   Sec. 1204. International parental kidnapping
18USC,PtI,Ch57           USC18_OL-520   CHAPTER 57 - LABOR
18USC,PtI,Ch57,Sec1231   USC18_OL-521   Sec. 1231. Transportation of strikebreakers
18USC,PtI,Ch57,Sec1232   USC18_OL-522   Sec. 1232. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch59           USC18_OL-523   CHAPTER 59 - LIQUOR TRAFFIC
18USC,PtI,Ch59,Sec1261   USC18_OL-524   Sec. 1261. Enforcement, regulations, and scope
18USC,PtI,Ch59,Sec1262   USC18_OL-525   Sec. 1262. Transportation into State prohibiting sale
18USC,PtI,Ch59,Sec1263   USC18_OL-526   Sec. 1263. Marks and labels on packages
18USC,PtI,Ch59,Sec1264   USC18_OL-527   Sec. 1264. Delivery to consignee
18USC,PtI,Ch59,Sec1265   USC18_OL-528   Sec. 1265. C.O.D. shipments prohibited
18USC,PtI,Ch61           USC18_OL-529   CHAPTER 61 - LOTTERIES
18USC,PtI,Ch61,Sec1301   USC18_OL-530   Sec. 1301. Importing or transporting lottery tickets
18USC,PtI,Ch61,Sec1302   USC18_OL-531   Sec. 1302. Mailing lottery tickets or related matter
18USC,PtI,Ch61,Sec1303   USC18_OL-532   Sec. 1303. Postmaster or employee as lottery agent
18USC,PtI,Ch61,Sec1304   USC18_OL-533   Sec. 1304. Broadcasting lottery information
18USC,PtI,Ch61,Sec1305   USC18_OL-534   Sec. 1305. Fishing contests
18USC,PtI,Ch61,Sec1306   USC18_OL-535   Sec. 1306. Participation by financial institutions
                                                    USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch61,Sec1307   USC18_OL-536   Sec. 1307. Exceptions relating to certain
                                        advertisements and other information and to State-
                                        conducted lotteries
18USC,PtI,Ch63,Sec1341   USC18_OL-538   Sec. 1341. Frauds and swindles
18USC,PtI,Ch63,Sec1342   USC18_OL-539   Sec. 1342. Fictitious name or address
18USC,PtI,Ch63,Sec1343   USC18_OL-540   Sec. 1343. Fraud by wire, radio, or television
18USC,PtI,Ch63,Sec1344   USC18_OL-541   Sec. 1344. Bank fraud
18USC,PtI,Ch63,Sec1345   USC18_OL-542   Sec. 1345. Injunctions against fraud
18USC,PtI,Ch63,Sec1346   USC18_OL-543   Sec. 1346. Definition of "scheme or artifice to defraud"

18USC,PtI,Ch63,Sec1347   USC18_OL-544   Sec. 1347. Health care fraud
18USC,PtI,Ch63,Sec1348   USC18_OL-545   Sec. 1348. Securities and commodities fraud
18USC,PtI,Ch63,Sec1349   USC18_OL-546   Sec. 1349. Attempt and conspiracy
18USC,PtI,Ch63,Sec1350   USC18_OL-547   Sec. 1350. Failure of corporate officers to certify
                                        financial reports
18USC,PtI,Ch63,Sec1351   USC18_OL-548   Sec. 1351. Fraud in foreign labor contracting
18USC,PtI,Ch65           USC18_OL-549   CHAPTER 65 - MALICIOUS MISCHIEF
18USC,PtI,Ch65,Sec1361   USC18_OL-550   Sec. 1361. Government property or contracts
18USC,PtI,Ch65,Sec1362   USC18_OL-551   Sec. 1362. Communication lines, stations or systems

18USC,PtI,Ch65,Sec1363   USC18_OL-552   Sec. 1363. Buildings or property within special maritime
                                        and territorial jurisdiction
18USC,PtI,Ch65,Sec1364   USC18_OL-553   Sec. 1364. Interference with foreign commerce by
18USC,PtI,Ch65,Sec1365   USC18_OL-554   Sec. 1365. Tampering with consumer products
18USC,PtI,Ch65,Sec1366   USC18_OL-555   Sec. 1366. Destruction of an energy facility
18USC,PtI,Ch65,Sec1367   USC18_OL-556   Sec. 1367. Interference with the operation of a satellite

18USC,PtI,Ch65,Sec1368   USC18_OL-557   Sec. 1368. Harming animals used in law enforcement

18USC,PtI,Ch65,Sec1369   USC18_OL-558   Sec. 1369. Destruction of veterans' memorials
18USC,PtI,Ch67           USC18_OL-559   CHAPTER 67 - MILITARY AND NAVY
18USC,PtI,Ch67,Sec1381   USC18_OL-560   Sec. 1381. Enticing desertion and harboring deserters
                                                    USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch67,Sec1382   USC18_OL-561   Sec. 1382. Entering military, naval, or Coast Guard
18USC,PtI,Ch67,Sec1383   USC18_OL-562   Sec. 1383. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch67,Sec1384   USC18_OL-563   Sec. 1384. Prostitution near military and naval
18USC,PtI,Ch67,Sec1385   USC18_OL-564   Sec. 1385. Use of Army and Air Force as posse
18USC,PtI,Ch67,Sec1386   USC18_OL-565   Sec. 1386. Keys and keyways used in security
                                        applications by the Department of Defense
18USC,PtI,Ch67,Sec1387   USC18_OL-566   Sec. 1387. Demonstrations at cemeteries under the
                                        control of the National Cemetery Administration and at
                                        Arlington National Cemetery
18USC,PtI,Ch67,Sec1388   USC18_OL-567   Sec. 1388. Prohibition on disruptions of funerals of
                                        members or former members of the Armed Forces
18USC,PtI,Ch67,Sec1389   USC18_OL-568   Sec. 1389. Prohibition on attacks on United States
                                        servicemen on account of service
18USC,PtI,Ch68           USC18_OL-569   [CHAPTER 68 - REPEALED]
18USC,PtI,Ch68,Sec1401   USC18_OL-570   Secs. 1401 to 1407. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch69,Sec1421   USC18_OL-572   Sec. 1421. Accounts of court officers
18USC,PtI,Ch69,Sec1422   USC18_OL-573   Sec. 1422. Fees in naturalization proceedings
18USC,PtI,Ch69,Sec1423   USC18_OL-574   Sec. 1423. Misuse of evidence of citizenship or
18USC,PtI,Ch69,Sec1424   USC18_OL-575   Sec. 1424. Personation or misuse of papers in
                                        naturalization proceedings
18USC,PtI,Ch69,Sec1425   USC18_OL-576   Sec. 1425. Procurement of citizenship or naturalization
18USC,PtI,Ch69,Sec1426   USC18_OL-577   Sec. 1426. Reproduction of naturalization or citizenship
18USC,PtI,Ch69,Sec1427   USC18_OL-578   Sec. 1427. Sale of naturalization or citizenship papers

18USC,PtI,Ch69,Sec1428   USC18_OL-579   Sec. 1428. Surrender of canceled naturalization
18USC,PtI,Ch69,Sec1429   USC18_OL-580   Sec. 1429. Penalties for neglect or refusal to answer
18USC,PtI,Ch71           USC18_OL-581   CHAPTER 71 - OBSCENITY
                                                     USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch71,Sec1460    USC18_OL-582   Sec. 1460. Possession with intent to sell, and sale, of
                                         obscene matter on Federal property
18USC,PtI,Ch71,Sec1461    USC18_OL-583   Sec. 1461. Mailing obscene or crime-inciting matter
18USC,PtI,Ch71,Sec1462    USC18_OL-584   Sec. 1462. Importation or transportation of obscene
18USC,PtI,Ch71,Sec1463    USC18_OL-585   Sec. 1463. Mailing indecent matter on wrappers or
18USC,PtI,Ch71,Sec1464    USC18_OL-586   Sec. 1464. Broadcasting obscene language
18USC,PtI,Ch71,Sec1465    USC18_OL-587   Sec. 1465. Production and transportation of obscene
                                         matters for sale or distribution
18USC,PtI,Ch71,Sec1466    USC18_OL-588   Sec. 1466. Engaging in the business of selling or
                                         transferring obscene matter
18USC,PtI,Ch71,Sec1466A   USC18_OL-589   Sec. 1466A. Obscene visual representations of the
                                         sexual abuse of children
18USC,PtI,Ch71,Sec1467    USC18_OL-590   Sec. 1467. Criminal forfeiture
18USC,PtI,Ch71,Sec1468    USC18_OL-591   Sec. 1468. Distributing obscene material by cable or
                                         subscription television
18USC,PtI,Ch71,Sec1469    USC18_OL-592   Sec. 1469. Presumptions
18USC,PtI,Ch71,Sec1470    USC18_OL-593   Sec. 1470. Transfer of obscene material to minors
18USC,PtI,Ch73            USC18_OL-594   CHAPTER 73 - OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE
18USC,PtI,Ch73,Sec1501    USC18_OL-595   Sec. 1501. Assault on process server
18USC,PtI,Ch73,Sec1502    USC18_OL-596   Sec. 1502. Resistance to extradition agent
18USC,PtI,Ch73,Sec1503    USC18_OL-597   Sec. 1503. Influencing or injuring officer or juror
18USC,PtI,Ch73,Sec1504    USC18_OL-598   Sec. 1504. Influencing juror by writing
18USC,PtI,Ch73,Sec1505    USC18_OL-599   Sec. 1505. Obstruction of proceedings before
                                         departments, agencies, and committees
18USC,PtI,Ch73,Sec1506    USC18_OL-600   Sec. 1506. Theft or alteration of record or process;
                                         false bail
18USC,PtI,Ch73,Sec1507    USC18_OL-601   Sec. 1507. Picketing or parading
18USC,PtI,Ch73,Sec1508    USC18_OL-602   Sec. 1508. Recording, listening to, or observing
                                         proceedings of grand or petit juries while deliberating or
18USC,PtI,Ch73,Sec1509    USC18_OL-603   Sec. 1509. Obstruction of court orders
18USC,PtI,Ch73,Sec1510    USC18_OL-604   Sec. 1510. Obstruction of criminal investigations
                                                     USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch73,Sec1511    USC18_OL-605   Sec. 1511. Obstruction of State or local law
18USC,PtI,Ch73,Sec1512    USC18_OL-606   Sec. 1512. Tampering with a witness, victim, or an
18USC,PtI,Ch73,Sec1513    USC18_OL-607   Sec. 1513. Retaliating against a witness, victim, or an
18USC,PtI,Ch73,Sec1514    USC18_OL-608   Sec. 1514. Civil action to restrain harassment of a
                                         victim or witness
18USC,PtI,Ch73,Sec1514A   USC18_OL-609   Sec. 1514A. Civil action to protect against retaliation in
                                         fraud cases
18USC,PtI,Ch73,Sec1515    USC18_OL-610   Sec. 1515. Definitions for certain provisions; general
18USC,PtI,Ch73,Sec1516    USC18_OL-611   Sec. 1516. Obstruction of Federal audit
18USC,PtI,Ch73,Sec1517    USC18_OL-612   Sec. 1517. Obstructing examination of financial
18USC,PtI,Ch73,Sec1518    USC18_OL-613   Sec. 1518. Obstruction of criminal investigations of
                                         health care offenses
18USC,PtI,Ch73,Sec1519    USC18_OL-614   Sec. 1519. Destruction, alteration, or falsification of
                                         records in Federal investigations and bankruptcy
18USC,PtI,Ch73,Sec1520    USC18_OL-615   Sec. 1520. Destruction of corporate audit records
18USC,PtI,Ch73,Sec1521    USC18_OL-616   Sec. 1521. Retaliating against a Federal judge or
                                         Federal law enforcement officer by false claim or
                                         slander of title
18USC,PtI,Ch74,Sec1531    USC18_OL-618   Sec. 1531. Partial-birth abortions prohibited
18USC,PtI,Ch75            USC18_OL-619   CHAPTER 75 - PASSPORTS AND VISAS
18USC,PtI,Ch75,Sec1541    USC18_OL-620   Sec. 1541. Issuance without authority
18USC,PtI,Ch75,Sec1542    USC18_OL-621   Sec. 1542. False statement in application and use of
18USC,PtI,Ch75,Sec1543    USC18_OL-622   Sec. 1543. Forgery or false use of passport
18USC,PtI,Ch75,Sec1544    USC18_OL-623   Sec. 1544. Misuse of passport
18USC,PtI,Ch75,Sec1545    USC18_OL-624   Sec. 1545. Safe conduct violation
18USC,PtI,Ch75,Sec1546    USC18_OL-625   Sec. 1546. Fraud and misuse of visas, permits, and
                                         other documents
18USC,PtI,Ch75,Sec1547    USC18_OL-626   Sec. 1547. Alternative imprisonment maximum for
                                         certain offenses
                                                     USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch77            USC18_OL-627   CHAPTER 77 - PEONAGE, SLAVERY, AND
                                         TRAFFICKING IN PERSONS
18USC,PtI,Ch77,Sec1581    USC18_OL-628   Sec. 1581. Peonage; obstructing enforcement
18USC,PtI,Ch77,Sec1582    USC18_OL-629   Sec. 1582. Vessels for slave trade
18USC,PtI,Ch77,Sec1583    USC18_OL-630   Sec. 1583. Enticement into slavery
18USC,PtI,Ch77,Sec1584    USC18_OL-631   Sec. 1584. Sale into involuntary servitude
18USC,PtI,Ch77,Sec1585    USC18_OL-632   Sec. 1585. Seizure, detention, transportation or sale of
18USC,PtI,Ch77,Sec1586    USC18_OL-633   Sec. 1586. Service on vessels in slave trade
18USC,PtI,Ch77,Sec1587    USC18_OL-634   Sec. 1587. Possession of slaves aboard vessel
18USC,PtI,Ch77,Sec1588    USC18_OL-635   Sec. 1588. Transportation of slaves from United States

18USC,PtI,Ch77,Sec1589    USC18_OL-636   Sec. 1589. Forced labor
18USC,PtI,Ch77,Sec1590    USC18_OL-637   Sec. 1590. Trafficking with respect to peonage, slavery,
                                         involuntary servitude, or forced labor
18USC,PtI,Ch77,Sec1591    USC18_OL-638   Sec. 1591. Sex trafficking of children or by force, fraud,
                                         or coercion
18USC,PtI,Ch77,Sec1592    USC18_OL-639   Sec. 1592. Unlawful conduct with respect to documents
                                         in furtherance of trafficking, peonage, slavery,
                                         involuntary servitude, or forced labor
18USC,PtI,Ch77,Sec1593    USC18_OL-640   Sec. 1593. Mandatory restitution
18USC,PtI,Ch77,Sec1593A   USC18_OL-641   Sec. 1593A. Benefitting financially from peonage,
                                         slavery, and trafficking in persons
18USC,PtI,Ch77,Sec1594    USC18_OL-642   Sec. 1594. General provisions
18USC,PtI,Ch77,Sec1595    USC18_OL-643   Sec. 1595. Civil remedy
18USC,PtI,Ch77,Sec1596    USC18_OL-644   Sec. 1596. Additional jurisdiction in certain trafficking
18USC,PtI,Ch79            USC18_OL-645   CHAPTER 79 - PERJURY
18USC,PtI,Ch79,Sec1621    USC18_OL-646   Sec. 1621. Perjury generally
18USC,PtI,Ch79,Sec1622    USC18_OL-647   Sec. 1622. Subornation of perjury
18USC,PtI,Ch79,Sec1623    USC18_OL-648   Sec. 1623. False declarations before grand jury or court

18USC,PtI,Ch81,Sec1651    USC18_OL-650   Sec. 1651. Piracy under law of nations
18USC,PtI,Ch81,Sec1652    USC18_OL-651   Sec. 1652. Citizens as pirates
18USC,PtI,Ch81,Sec1653    USC18_OL-652   Sec. 1653. Aliens as pirates
                                                   USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch81,Sec1654   USC18_OL-653   Sec. 1654. Arming or serving on privateers
18USC,PtI,Ch81,Sec1655   USC18_OL-654   Sec. 1655. Assault on commander as piracy
18USC,PtI,Ch81,Sec1656   USC18_OL-655   Sec. 1656. Conversion or surrender of vessel
18USC,PtI,Ch81,Sec1657   USC18_OL-656   Sec. 1657. Corruption of seamen and confederating
                                        with pirates
18USC,PtI,Ch81,Sec1658   USC18_OL-657   Sec. 1658. Plunder of distressed vessel
18USC,PtI,Ch81,Sec1659   USC18_OL-658   Sec. 1659. Attack to plunder vessel
18USC,PtI,Ch81,Sec1660   USC18_OL-659   Sec. 1660. Receipt of pirate property
18USC,PtI,Ch81,Sec1661   USC18_OL-660   Sec. 1661. Robbery ashore
18USC,PtI,Ch83           USC18_OL-661   CHAPTER 83 - POSTAL SERVICE
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1691   USC18_OL-662   Sec. 1691. Laws governing postal savings
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1692   USC18_OL-663   Sec. 1692. Foreign mail as United States mail
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1693   USC18_OL-664   Sec. 1693. Carriage of mail generally
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1694   USC18_OL-665   Sec. 1694. Carriage of matter out of mail over post
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1695   USC18_OL-666   Sec. 1695. Carriage of matter out of mail on vessels
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1696   USC18_OL-667   Sec. 1696. Private express for letters and packets
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1697   USC18_OL-668   Sec. 1697. Transportation of persons acting as private
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1698   USC18_OL-669   Sec. 1698. Prompt delivery of mail from vessel
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1699   USC18_OL-670   Sec. 1699. Certification of delivery from vessel
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1700   USC18_OL-671   Sec. 1700. Desertion of mails
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1701   USC18_OL-672   Sec. 1701. Obstruction of mails generally
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1702   USC18_OL-673   Sec. 1702. Obstruction of correspondence
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1703   USC18_OL-674   Sec. 1703. Delay or destruction of mail or newspapers

18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1704   USC18_OL-675   Sec. 1704. Keys or locks stolen or reproduced
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1705   USC18_OL-676   Sec. 1705. Destruction of letter boxes or mail
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1706   USC18_OL-677   Sec. 1706. Injury to mail bags
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1707   USC18_OL-678   Sec. 1707. Theft of property used by Postal Service
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1708   USC18_OL-679   Sec. 1708. Theft or receipt of stolen mail matter
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1709   USC18_OL-680   Sec. 1709. Theft of mail matter by officer or employee

18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1710   USC18_OL-681   Sec. 1710. Theft of newspapers
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1711   USC18_OL-682   Sec. 1711. Misappropriation of postal funds
                                                       USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1712    USC18_OL-683    Sec. 1712. Falsification of postal returns to increase
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1713    USC18_OL-684    Sec. 1713. Issuance of money orders without payment

18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1714    USC18_OL-685    Sec. 1714. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1715    USC18_OL-686    Sec. 1715. Firearms as nonmailable; regulations
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1716    USC18_OL-687    Sec. 1716. Injurious articles as nonmailable
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1716A   USC18_OL-688    Sec. 1716A. Nonmailable locksmithing devices and
                                          motor vehicle master keys
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1716B   USC18_OL-689    Sec. 1716B. Nonmailable plants
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1716C   USC18_OL-690    Sec. 1716C. Forged agricultural certifications
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1716D   USC18_OL-691    Sec. 1716D. Nonmailable injurious animals, plant
                                          pests, plants, and illegally taken fish, wildlife, and plants

18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1716E   USC18_OL-1506   Sec. 1716E. Tobacco products as nonmailable
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1717    USC18_OL-692    Sec. 1717. Letters and writings as nonmailable
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1718    USC18_OL-693    Sec. 1718. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1719    USC18_OL-694    Sec. 1719. Franking privilege
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1720    USC18_OL-695    Sec. 1720. Canceled stamps and envelopes
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1721    USC18_OL-696    Sec. 1721. Sale or pledge of stamps
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1722    USC18_OL-697    Sec. 1722. False evidence to secure second-class rate

18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1723    USC18_OL-698    Sec. 1723. Avoidance of postage by using lower class
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1724    USC18_OL-699    Sec. 1724. Postage on mail delivered by foreign vessels

18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1725    USC18_OL-700    Sec. 1725. Postage unpaid on deposited mail matter
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1726    USC18_OL-701    Sec. 1726. Postage collected unlawfully
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1727    USC18_OL-702    Sec. 1727. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1728    USC18_OL-703    Sec. 1728. Weight of mail increased fraudulently
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1729    USC18_OL-704    Sec. 1729. Post office conducted without authority
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1730    USC18_OL-705    Sec. 1730. Uniforms of carriers
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1731    USC18_OL-706    Sec. 1731. Vehicles falsely labeled as carriers
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1732    USC18_OL-707    Sec. 1732. Approval of bond or sureties by postmaster
                                                    USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1733   USC18_OL-708   Sec. 1733. Mailing periodical publications without
                                        prepayment of postage
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1734   USC18_OL-709   Sec. 1734. Editorials and other matter as
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1735   USC18_OL-710   Sec. 1735. Sexually oriented advertisements
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1736   USC18_OL-711   Sec. 1736. Restrictive use of information
18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1737   USC18_OL-712   Sec. 1737. Manufacturer of sexually related mail matter

18USC,PtI,Ch83,Sec1738   USC18_OL-713   Sec. 1738. Repealed.
                                        STAFF ASSASSINATION, KIDNAPPING, AND
18USC,PtI,Ch84,Sec1751   USC18_OL-715   Sec. 1751. Presidential and Presidential staff
                                        assassination, kidnapping, and assault; penalties
18USC,PtI,Ch84,Sec1752   USC18_OL-716   Sec. 1752. Restricted building or grounds
18USC,PtI,Ch85           USC18_OL-717   CHAPTER 85 - PRISON-MADE GOODS
18USC,PtI,Ch85,Sec1761   USC18_OL-718   Sec. 1761. Transportation or importation
18USC,PtI,Ch85,Sec1762   USC18_OL-719   Sec. 1762. Marking packages
18USC,PtI,Ch87           USC18_OL-720   CHAPTER 87 - PRISONS
18USC,PtI,Ch87,Sec1791   USC18_OL-721   Sec. 1791. Providing or possessing contraband in prison

18USC,PtI,Ch87,Sec1792   USC18_OL-722   Sec. 1792. Mutiny and riot prohibited
18USC,PtI,Ch87,Sec1793   USC18_OL-723   Sec. 1793. Trespass on Bureau of Prisons reservations
                                        and land
18USC,PtI,Ch88           USC18_OL-724   CHAPTER 88 - PRIVACY
18USC,PtI,Ch88,Sec1801   USC18_OL-725   Sec. 1801. Video voyeurism

18USC,PtI,Ch89,Sec1821   USC18_OL-727   Sec. 1821. Transportation of dentures

18USC,PtI,Ch90,Sec1831   USC18_OL-729   Sec. 1831. Economic espionage
18USC,PtI,Ch90,Sec1832   USC18_OL-730   Sec. 1832. Theft of trade secrets
18USC,PtI,Ch90,Sec1833   USC18_OL-731   Sec. 1833. Exceptions to prohibitions
18USC,PtI,Ch90,Sec1834   USC18_OL-732   Sec. 1834. Criminal forfeiture
18USC,PtI,Ch90,Sec1835   USC18_OL-733   Sec. 1835. Orders to preserve confidentiality
                                                     USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch90,Sec1836    USC18_OL-734   Sec. 1836. Civil proceedings to enjoin violations
18USC,PtI,Ch90,Sec1837    USC18_OL-735   Sec. 1837. Applicability to conduct outside the United
18USC,PtI,Ch90,Sec1838    USC18_OL-736   Sec. 1838. Construction with other laws
18USC,PtI,Ch90,Sec1839    USC18_OL-737   Sec. 1839. Definitions
18USC,PtI,Ch90A,Sec1841   USC18_OL-739   Sec. 1841. Protection of unborn children
18USC,PtI,Ch91            USC18_OL-740   CHAPTER 91 - PUBLIC LANDS
18USC,PtI,Ch91,Sec1851    USC18_OL-741   Sec. 1851. Coal depredations
18USC,PtI,Ch91,Sec1852    USC18_OL-742   Sec. 1852. Timber removed or transported
18USC,PtI,Ch91,Sec1853    USC18_OL-743   Sec. 1853. Trees cut or injured
18USC,PtI,Ch91,Sec1854    USC18_OL-744   Sec. 1854. Trees boxed for pitch or turpentine
18USC,PtI,Ch91,Sec1855    USC18_OL-745   Sec. 1855. Timber set afire
18USC,PtI,Ch91,Sec1856    USC18_OL-746   Sec. 1856. Fires left unattended and unextinguished
18USC,PtI,Ch91,Sec1857    USC18_OL-747   Sec. 1857. Fences destroyed; livestock entering
18USC,PtI,Ch91,Sec1858    USC18_OL-748   Sec. 1858. Survey marks destroyed or removed
18USC,PtI,Ch91,Sec1859    USC18_OL-749   Sec. 1859. Surveys interrupted
18USC,PtI,Ch91,Sec1860    USC18_OL-750   Sec. 1860. Bids at land sales
18USC,PtI,Ch91,Sec1861    USC18_OL-751   Sec. 1861. Deception of prospective purchasers
18USC,PtI,Ch91,Sec1862    USC18_OL-752   Sec. 1862. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch91,Sec1863    USC18_OL-753   Sec. 1863. Trespass on national forest lands
18USC,PtI,Ch91,Sec1864    USC18_OL-754   Sec. 1864. Hazardous or injurious devices on Federal

18USC,PtI,Ch93,Sec1901    USC18_OL-756   Sec. 1901. Collecting or disbursing officer trading in
                                         public property
18USC,PtI,Ch93,Sec1902    USC18_OL-757   Sec. 1902. Disclosure of crop information and
                                         speculation thereon
18USC,PtI,Ch93,Sec1903    USC18_OL-758   Sec. 1903. Speculation in stocks or commodities
                                         affecting crop insurance
18USC,PtI,Ch93,Sec1904    USC18_OL-759   Sec. 1904. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch93,Sec1905    USC18_OL-760   Sec. 1905. Disclosure of confidential information
                                                    USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch93,Sec1906   USC18_OL-761   Sec. 1906. Disclosure of information from a bank
                                        examination report
18USC,PtI,Ch93,Sec1907   USC18_OL-762   Sec. 1907. Disclosure of information by farm credit
18USC,PtI,Ch93,Sec1908   USC18_OL-763   Sec. 1908. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch93,Sec1909   USC18_OL-764   Sec. 1909. Examiner performing other services
18USC,PtI,Ch93,Sec1910   USC18_OL-765   Sec. 1910. Nepotism in appointment of receiver or
18USC,PtI,Ch93,Sec1911   USC18_OL-766   Sec. 1911. Receiver mismanaging property
18USC,PtI,Ch93,Sec1912   USC18_OL-767   Sec. 1912. Unauthorized fees for inspection of vessels

18USC,PtI,Ch93,Sec1913   USC18_OL-768   Sec. 1913. Lobbying with appropriated moneys
18USC,PtI,Ch93,Sec1914   USC18_OL-769   Sec. 1914. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch93,Sec1915   USC18_OL-770   Sec. 1915. Compromise of customs liabilities
18USC,PtI,Ch93,Sec1916   USC18_OL-771   Sec. 1916. Unauthorized employment and disposition
                                        of lapsed appropriations
18USC,PtI,Ch93,Sec1917   USC18_OL-772   Sec. 1917. Interference with civil service examinations

18USC,PtI,Ch93,Sec1918   USC18_OL-773   Sec. 1918. Disloyalty and asserting the right to strike
                                        against the Government
18USC,PtI,Ch93,Sec1919   USC18_OL-774   Sec. 1919. False statement to obtain unemployment
                                        compensation for Federal service
18USC,PtI,Ch93,Sec1920   USC18_OL-775   Sec. 1920. False statement or fraud to obtain Federal
                                        employees' compensation
18USC,PtI,Ch93,Sec1921   USC18_OL-776   Sec. 1921. Receiving Federal employees'
                                        compensation after marriage
18USC,PtI,Ch93,Sec1922   USC18_OL-777   Sec. 1922. False or withheld report concerning Federal
                                        employees' compensation
18USC,PtI,Ch93,Sec1923   USC18_OL-778   Sec. 1923. Fraudulent receipt of payments of missing
18USC,PtI,Ch93,Sec1924   USC18_OL-779   Sec. 1924. Unauthorized removal and retention of
                                        classified documents or material
18USC,PtI,Ch95           USC18_OL-780   CHAPTER 95 - RACKETEERING
18USC,PtI,Ch95,Sec1951   USC18_OL-781   Sec. 1951. Interference with commerce by threats or
                                                     USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch95,Sec1952    USC18_OL-782   Sec. 1952. Interstate and foreign travel or
                                         transportation in aid of racketeering enterprises
18USC,PtI,Ch95,Sec1952A   USC18_OL-783   [Sec. 1952A. Renumbered Sec. 1958]
18USC,PtI,Ch95,Sec1952B   USC18_OL-784   [Sec. 1952B. Renumbered Sec. 1959]
18USC,PtI,Ch95,Sec1953    USC18_OL-785   Sec. 1953. Interstate transportation of wagering
18USC,PtI,Ch95,Sec1954    USC18_OL-786   Sec. 1954. Offer, acceptance, or solicitation to
                                         influence operations of employee benefit plan
18USC,PtI,Ch95,Sec1955    USC18_OL-787   Sec. 1955. Prohibition of illegal gambling businesses
18USC,PtI,Ch95,Sec1956    USC18_OL-788   Sec. 1956. Laundering of monetary instruments
18USC,PtI,Ch95,Sec1957    USC18_OL-789   Sec. 1957. Engaging in monetary transactions in
                                         property derived from specified unlawful activity
18USC,PtI,Ch95,Sec1958    USC18_OL-790   Sec. 1958. Use of interstate commerce facilities in the
                                         commission of murder-for-hire
18USC,PtI,Ch95,Sec1959    USC18_OL-791   Sec. 1959. Violent crimes in aid of racketeering activity

18USC,PtI,Ch95,Sec1960    USC18_OL-792   Sec. 1960. Prohibition of unlicensed money transmitting
                                         CORRUPT ORGANIZATIONS
18USC,PtI,Ch96,Sec1961    USC18_OL-794   Sec. 1961. Definitions
18USC,PtI,Ch96,Sec1962    USC18_OL-795   Sec. 1962. Prohibited activities
18USC,PtI,Ch96,Sec1963    USC18_OL-796   Sec. 1963. Criminal penalties
18USC,PtI,Ch96,Sec1964    USC18_OL-797   Sec. 1964. Civil remedies
18USC,PtI,Ch96,Sec1965    USC18_OL-798   Sec. 1965. Venue and process
18USC,PtI,Ch96,Sec1966    USC18_OL-799   Sec. 1966. Expedition of actions
18USC,PtI,Ch96,Sec1967    USC18_OL-800   Sec. 1967. Evidence
18USC,PtI,Ch96,Sec1968    USC18_OL-801   Sec. 1968. Civil investigative demand
                                         TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS ON LAND, ON
                                         WATER, OR THROUGH THE AIR
18USC,PtI,Ch97,Sec1991    USC18_OL-803   Sec. 1991. Entering train to commit crime
18USC,PtI,Ch97,Sec1992    USC18_OL-804   Sec. 1992. Terrorist attacks and other violence against
                                         railroad carriers and against mass transportation
                                         systems on land, on water, or through the air
                                                     USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch97,Sec1993    USC18_OL-805   Sec. 1993. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch99            USC18_OL-806   [CHAPTER 99 - REPEALED]
18USC,PtI,Ch99,Sec2031    USC18_OL-807   Secs. 2031, 2032. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch101           USC18_OL-808   CHAPTER 101 - RECORDS AND REPORTS
18USC,PtI,Ch101,Sec2071   USC18_OL-809   Sec. 2071. Concealment, removal, or mutilation
18USC,PtI,Ch101,Sec2072   USC18_OL-810   Sec. 2072. False crop reports
18USC,PtI,Ch101,Sec2073   USC18_OL-811   Sec. 2073. False entries and reports of moneys or
18USC,PtI,Ch101,Sec2074   USC18_OL-812   Sec. 2074. False weather reports
18USC,PtI,Ch101,Sec2075   USC18_OL-813   Sec. 2075. Officer failing to make returns or reports
18USC,PtI,Ch101,Sec2076   USC18_OL-814   Sec. 2076. Clerk of United States District Court
18USC,PtI,Ch102           USC18_OL-815   CHAPTER 102 - RIOTS
18USC,PtI,Ch102,Sec2101   USC18_OL-816   Sec. 2101. Riots
18USC,PtI,Ch102,Sec2102   USC18_OL-817   Sec. 2102. Definitions
18USC,PtI,Ch103           USC18_OL-818   CHAPTER 103 - ROBBERY AND BURGLARY
18USC,PtI,Ch103,Sec2111   USC18_OL-819   Sec. 2111. Special maritime and territorial jurisdiction

18USC,PtI,Ch103,Sec2112   USC18_OL-820   Sec. 2112. Personal property of United States
18USC,PtI,Ch103,Sec2113   USC18_OL-821   Sec. 2113. Bank robbery and incidental crimes
18USC,PtI,Ch103,Sec2114   USC18_OL-822   Sec. 2114. Mail, money, or other property of United
18USC,PtI,Ch103,Sec2115   USC18_OL-823   Sec. 2115. Post office
18USC,PtI,Ch103,Sec2116   USC18_OL-824   Sec. 2116. Railway or steamboat post office
18USC,PtI,Ch103,Sec2117   USC18_OL-825   Sec. 2117. Breaking or entering carrier facilities
18USC,PtI,Ch103,Sec2118   USC18_OL-826   Sec. 2118. Robberies and burglaries involving
                                         controlled substances
18USC,PtI,Ch103,Sec2119   USC18_OL-827   Sec. 2119. Motor vehicles
18USC,PtI,Ch105           USC18_OL-828   CHAPTER 105 - SABOTAGE
18USC,PtI,Ch105,Sec2151   USC18_OL-829   Sec. 2151. Definitions
18USC,PtI,Ch105,Sec2152   USC18_OL-830   Sec. 2152. Fortifications, harbor defenses, or defensive
                                         sea areas
18USC,PtI,Ch105,Sec2153   USC18_OL-831   Sec. 2153. Destruction of war material, war premises,
                                         or war utilities
18USC,PtI,Ch105,Sec2154   USC18_OL-832   Sec. 2154. Production of defective war material, war
                                         premises, or war utilities
                                                      USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch105,Sec2155    USC18_OL-833   Sec. 2155. Destruction of national-defense materials,
                                          national- defense premises, or national-defense utilities

18USC,PtI,Ch105,Sec2156    USC18_OL-834   Sec. 2156. Production of defective national-defense
                                          material, national-defense premises, or national-
                                          defense utilities
18USC,PtI,Ch105,Sec2157    USC18_OL-835   Sec. 2157. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch107            USC18_OL-836   CHAPTER 107 - SEAMEN AND STOWAWAYS
18USC,PtI,Ch107,Sec2191    USC18_OL-837   Sec. 2191. Cruelty to seamen
18USC,PtI,Ch107,Sec2192    USC18_OL-838   Sec. 2192. Incitation of seamen to revolt or mutiny
18USC,PtI,Ch107,Sec2193    USC18_OL-839   Sec. 2193. Revolt or mutiny of seamen
18USC,PtI,Ch107,Sec2194    USC18_OL-840   Sec. 2194. Shanghaiing sailors
18USC,PtI,Ch107,Sec2195    USC18_OL-841   Sec. 2195. Abandonment of sailors
18USC,PtI,Ch107,Sec2196    USC18_OL-842   Sec. 2196. Drunkenness or neglect of duty by seamen

18USC,PtI,Ch107,Sec2197    USC18_OL-843   Sec. 2197. Misuse of Federal certificate, license or
18USC,PtI,Ch107,Sec2198    USC18_OL-844   Sec. 2198. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch107,Sec2199    USC18_OL-845   Sec. 2199. Stowaways on vessels or aircraft
18USC,PtI,Ch109            USC18_OL-846   CHAPTER 109 - SEARCHES AND SEIZURES
18USC,PtI,Ch109,Sec2231    USC18_OL-847   Sec. 2231. Assault or resistance
18USC,PtI,Ch109,Sec2232    USC18_OL-848   Sec. 2232. Destruction or removal of property to
                                          prevent seizure
18USC,PtI,Ch109,Sec2233    USC18_OL-849   Sec. 2233. Rescue of seized property
18USC,PtI,Ch109,Sec2234    USC18_OL-850   Sec. 2234. Authority exceeded in executing warrant
18USC,PtI,Ch109,Sec2235    USC18_OL-851   Sec. 2235. Search warrant procured maliciously
18USC,PtI,Ch109,Sec2236    USC18_OL-852   Sec. 2236. Searches without warrant
18USC,PtI,Ch109,Sec2237    USC18_OL-853   Sec. 2237. Criminal sanctions for failure to heave to,
                                          obstruction of boarding, or providing false information
18USC,PtI,Ch109A           USC18_OL-854   CHAPTER 109A - SEXUAL ABUSE
18USC,PtI,Ch109A,Sec2241   USC18_OL-855   Sec. 2241. Aggravated sexual abuse
18USC,PtI,Ch109A,Sec2242   USC18_OL-856   Sec. 2242. Sexual abuse
18USC,PtI,Ch109A,Sec2243   USC18_OL-857   Sec. 2243. Sexual abuse of a minor or ward
18USC,PtI,Ch109A,Sec2244   USC18_OL-858   Sec. 2244. Abusive sexual contact
18USC,PtI,Ch109A,Sec2245   USC18_OL-859   Sec. 2245. Offenses resulting in death
18USC,PtI,Ch109A,Sec2246   USC18_OL-860   Sec. 2246. Definitions for chapter
                                                      USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch109A,Sec2247   USC18_OL-861   Sec. 2247. Repeat offenders
18USC,PtI,Ch109A,Sec2248   USC18_OL-862   Sec. 2248. Mandatory restitution
18USC,PtI,Ch109B           USC18_OL-863   CHAPTER 109B - SEX OFFENDER AND CRIMES
                                          AGAINST CHILDREN REGISTRY
18USC,PtI,Ch109B,Sec2250   USC18_OL-864   Sec. 2250. Failure to register
18USC,PtI,Ch110            USC18_OL-865   CHAPTER 110 - SEXUAL EXPLOITATION AND
                                          OTHER ABUSE OF CHILDREN
18USC,PtI,Ch110,Sec2251    USC18_OL-866   Sec. 2251. Sexual exploitation of children
18USC,PtI,Ch110,Sec2251A   USC18_OL-867   Sec. 2251A. Selling or buying of children
18USC,PtI,Ch110,Sec2252    USC18_OL-868   Sec. 2252. Certain activities relating to material
                                          involving the sexual exploitation of minors
18USC,PtI,Ch110,Sec2252A   USC18_OL-869   Sec. 2252A. Certain activities relating to material
                                          constituting or containing child pornography
18USC,PtI,Ch110,Sec2252B   USC18_OL-870   Sec. 2252B. Misleading domain names on the Internet

18USC,PtI,Ch110,Sec2252C   USC18_OL-871   Sec. 2252C. Misleading words or digital images on the
18USC,PtI,Ch110,Sec2253    USC18_OL-872   Sec. 2253. Criminal forfeiture
18USC,PtI,Ch110,Sec2254    USC18_OL-873   Sec. 2254. Civil forfeiture
18USC,PtI,Ch110,Sec2255    USC18_OL-874   Sec. 2255. Civil remedy for personal injuries
18USC,PtI,Ch110,Sec2256    USC18_OL-875   Sec. 2256. Definitions for chapter
18USC,PtI,Ch110,Sec2257    USC18_OL-876   Sec. 2257. Record keeping requirements
18USC,PtI,Ch110,Sec2257A   USC18_OL-877   Sec. 2257A. Record keeping requirements for
                                          simulated sexual conduct
18USC,PtI,Ch110,Sec2258    USC18_OL-878   Sec. 2258. Failure to report child abuse
18USC,PtI,Ch110,Sec2258A   USC18_OL-879   Sec. 2258A. Reporting requirements of electronic
                                          communication service providers and remote
                                          computing service providers
18USC,PtI,Ch110,Sec2258B   USC18_OL-880   Sec. 2258B. Limited liability for electronic
                                          communication service providers, remote computing
                                          service providers, or domain name registrar
18USC,PtI,Ch110,Sec2258C   USC18_OL-881   Sec. 2258C. Use to combat child pornography of
                                          technical elements relating to images reported to the
18USC,PtI,Ch110,Sec2258D   USC18_OL-882   Sec. 2258D. Limited liability for the National Center for
                                          Missing and Exploited Children
                                                       USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch110,Sec2258E    USC18_OL-883   Sec. 2258E. Definitions
18USC,PtI,Ch110,Sec2259     USC18_OL-884   Sec. 2259. Mandatory restitution
18USC,PtI,Ch110,Sec2260     USC18_OL-885   Sec. 2260. Production of sexually explicit depictions of
                                           a minor for importation into the United States

18USC,PtI,Ch110,Sec2260A    USC18_OL-886   Sec. 2260A. Penalties for registered sex offenders
18USC,PtI,Ch110A            USC18_OL-887   CHAPTER 110A - DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND
18USC,PtI,Ch110A,Sec2261    USC18_OL-888   Sec. 2261. Interstate domestic violence
18USC,PtI,Ch110A,Sec2261A   USC18_OL-889   Sec. 2261A. Stalking
18USC,PtI,Ch110A,Sec2262    USC18_OL-890   Sec. 2262. Interstate violation of protection order
18USC,PtI,Ch110A,Sec2263    USC18_OL-891   Sec. 2263. Pretrial release of defendant
18USC,PtI,Ch110A,Sec2264    USC18_OL-892   Sec. 2264. Restitution
18USC,PtI,Ch110A,Sec2265    USC18_OL-893   Sec. 2265. Full faith and credit given to protection
18USC,PtI,Ch110A,Sec2265A   USC18_OL-894   Sec. 2265A. Repeat offenders
18USC,PtI,Ch110A,Sec2266    USC18_OL-895   Sec. 2266. Definitions
18USC,PtI,Ch111             USC18_OL-896   CHAPTER 111 - SHIPPING
18USC,PtI,Ch111,Sec2271     USC18_OL-897   Sec. 2271. Conspiracy to destroy vessels
18USC,PtI,Ch111,Sec2272     USC18_OL-898   Sec. 2272. Destruction of vessel by owner
18USC,PtI,Ch111,Sec2273     USC18_OL-899   Sec. 2273. Destruction of vessel by nonowner
18USC,PtI,Ch111,Sec2274     USC18_OL-900   Sec. 2274. Destruction or misuse of vessel by person in
18USC,PtI,Ch111,Sec2275     USC18_OL-901   Sec. 2275. Firing or tampering with vessels
18USC,PtI,Ch111,Sec2276     USC18_OL-902   Sec. 2276. Breaking and entering vessel
18USC,PtI,Ch111,Sec2277     USC18_OL-903   Sec. 2277. Explosives or dangerous weapons aboard
18USC,PtI,Ch111,Sec2278     USC18_OL-904   Sec. 2278. Explosives on vessels carrying steerage
18USC,PtI,Ch111,Sec2279     USC18_OL-905   Sec. 2279. Boarding vessels before arrival
18USC,PtI,Ch111,Sec2280     USC18_OL-906   Sec. 2280. Violence against maritime navigation
18USC,PtI,Ch111,Sec2281     USC18_OL-907   Sec. 2281. Violence against maritime fixed platforms
18USC,PtI,Ch111,Sec2282A    USC18_OL-908   Sec. 2282A. Devices or dangerous substances in
                                           waters of the United States likely to destroy or damage
                                           ships or to interfere with maritime commerce
                                                       USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch111,Sec2282B   USC18_OL-909   Sec. 2282B. Violence against aids to maritime
18USC,PtI,Ch111,Sec2283    USC18_OL-910   Sec. 2283. Transportation of explosive, biological,
                                          chemical, or radioactive or nuclear materials
18USC,PtI,Ch111,Sec2284    USC18_OL-911   Sec. 2284. Transportation of terrorists
18USC,PtI,Ch111,Sec2285    USC18_OL-912   Sec. 2285. Operation of submersible vessel or semi-
                                          submersible vessel without nationality
18USC,PtI,Ch111A           USC18_OL-913   CHAPTER 111A - DESTRUCTION OF, OR
                                          INTERFERENCE WITH, VESSELS OR MARITIME
18USC,PtI,Ch111A,Sec2290   USC18_OL-914   Sec. 2290. Jurisdiction and scope
18USC,PtI,Ch111A,Sec2291   USC18_OL-915   Sec. 2291. Destruction of vessel or maritime facility
18USC,PtI,Ch111A,Sec2292   USC18_OL-916   Sec. 2292. Imparting or conveying false information
18USC,PtI,Ch111A,Sec2293   USC18_OL-917   Sec. 2293. Bar to prosecution
18USC,PtI,Ch113            USC18_OL-918   CHAPTER 113 - STOLEN PROPERTY
18USC,PtI,Ch113,Sec2311    USC18_OL-919   Sec. 2311. Definitions
18USC,PtI,Ch113,Sec2312    USC18_OL-920   Sec. 2312. Transportation of stolen vehicles
18USC,PtI,Ch113,Sec2313    USC18_OL-921   Sec. 2313. Sale or receipt of stolen vehicles
18USC,PtI,Ch113,Sec2314    USC18_OL-922   Sec. 2314. Transportation of stolen goods, securities,
                                          moneys, fraudulent State tax stamps, or articles used in
18USC,PtI,Ch113,Sec2315    USC18_OL-923   Sec. 2315. Sale or receipt of stolen goods, securities,
                                          moneys, or fraudulent State tax stamps
18USC,PtI,Ch113,Sec2316    USC18_OL-924   Sec. 2316. Transportation of livestock
18USC,PtI,Ch113,Sec2317    USC18_OL-925   Sec. 2317. Sale or receipt of livestock
18USC,PtI,Ch113,Sec2318    USC18_OL-926   Sec. 2318. Trafficking in counterfeit labels, illicit labels,
                                          or counterfeit documentation or packaging
18USC,PtI,Ch113,Sec2319    USC18_OL-927   Sec. 2319. Criminal infringement of a copyright
18USC,PtI,Ch113,Sec2319A   USC18_OL-928   Sec. 2319A. Unauthorized fixation of and trafficking in
                                          sound recordings and music videos of live musical
18USC,PtI,Ch113,Sec2319B   USC18_OL-929   Sec. 2319B. Unauthorized recording of Motion pictures
                                          in a Motion picture exhibition facility
18USC,PtI,Ch113,Sec2320    USC18_OL-930   Sec. 2320. Trafficking in counterfeit goods or services
                                                      USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch113,Sec2321     USC18_OL-931   Sec. 2321. Trafficking in certain motor vehicles or
                                           motor vehicle parts
18USC,PtI,Ch113,Sec2322     USC18_OL-932   Sec. 2322. Chop shops
18USC,PtI,Ch113,Sec2323     USC18_OL-933   Sec. 2323. Forfeiture, destruction, and restitution
18USC,PtI,Ch113A            USC18_OL-934   CHAPTER 113A - TELEMARKETING FRAUD
18USC,PtI,Ch113A,Sec2325    USC18_OL-935   Sec. 2325. Definition
18USC,PtI,Ch113A,Sec2326    USC18_OL-936   Sec. 2326. Enhanced penalties
18USC,PtI,Ch113A,Sec2327    USC18_OL-937   Sec. 2327. Mandatory restitution
18USC,PtI,Ch113B            USC18_OL-938   CHAPTER 113B - TERRORISM
18USC,PtI,Ch113B,Sec2331    USC18_OL-939   Sec. 2331. Definitions
18USC,PtI,Ch113B,Sec2332    USC18_OL-940   Sec. 2332. Criminal penalties
18USC,PtI,Ch113B,Sec2332a   USC18_OL-941   Sec. 2332a. Use of weapons of mass destruction
18USC,PtI,Ch113B,Sec2332b   USC18_OL-942   Sec. 2332b. Acts of terrorism transcending national
18USC,PtI,Ch113B,Sec2332c   USC18_OL-943   Sec. 2332c. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch113B,Sec2332d   USC18_OL-944   Sec. 2332d. Financial transactions
18USC,PtI,Ch113B,Sec2332e   USC18_OL-945   Sec. 2332e. Requests for military assistance to enforce
                                           prohibition in certain emergencies
18USC,PtI,Ch113B,Sec2332f   USC18_OL-946   Sec. 2332f. Bombings of places of public use,
                                           government facilities, public transportation systems and
                                           infrastructure facilities
18USC,PtI,Ch113B,Sec2332g   USC18_OL-947   Sec. 2332g. Missile systems designed to destroy aircraft

18USC,PtI,Ch113B,Sec2332h   USC18_OL-948   Sec. 2332h. Radiological dispersal devices
18USC,PtI,Ch113B,Sec2333    USC18_OL-949   Sec. 2333. Civil remedies
18USC,PtI,Ch113B,Sec2334    USC18_OL-950   Sec. 2334. Jurisdiction and venue
18USC,PtI,Ch113B,Sec2335    USC18_OL-951   Sec. 2335. Limitation of actions
18USC,PtI,Ch113B,Sec2336    USC18_OL-952   Sec. 2336. Other limitations
18USC,PtI,Ch113B,Sec2337    USC18_OL-953   Sec. 2337. Suits against Government officials
18USC,PtI,Ch113B,Sec2338    USC18_OL-954   Sec. 2338. Exclusive Federal jurisdiction
18USC,PtI,Ch113B,Sec2339    USC18_OL-955   Sec. 2339. Harboring or concealing terrorists
18USC,PtI,Ch113B,Sec2339A   USC18_OL-956   Sec. 2339A. Providing material support to terrorists
18USC,PtI,Ch113B,Sec2339B   USC18_OL-957   Sec. 2339B. Providing material support or resources to
                                           designated foreign terrorist organizations
18USC,PtI,Ch113B,Sec2339C   USC18_OL-958   Sec. 2339C. Prohibitions against the financing of
                                                       USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch113B,Sec2339D   USC18_OL-959   Sec. 2339D. Receiving military-type training from a
                                           foreign terrorist organization
18USC,PtI,Ch113C            USC18_OL-960   CHAPTER 113C - TORTURE
18USC,PtI,Ch113C,Sec2340    USC18_OL-961   Sec. 2340. Definitions
18USC,PtI,Ch113C,Sec2340A   USC18_OL-962   Sec. 2340A. Torture
18USC,PtI,Ch113C,Sec2340B   USC18_OL-963   Sec. 2340B. Exclusive remedies
18USC,PtI,Ch114             USC18_OL-964   CHAPTER 114 - TRAFFICKING IN CONTRABAND
                                           CIGARETTES AND SMOKELESS TOBACCO
18USC,PtI,Ch114,Sec2341     USC18_OL-965   Sec. 2341. Definitions
18USC,PtI,Ch114,Sec2342     USC18_OL-966   Sec. 2342. Unlawful acts
18USC,PtI,Ch114,Sec2343     USC18_OL-967   Sec. 2343. Recordkeeping, reporting, and inspection
18USC,PtI,Ch114,Sec2344     USC18_OL-968   Sec. 2344. Penalties
18USC,PtI,Ch114,Sec2345     USC18_OL-969   Sec. 2345. Effect on State and local law
18USC,PtI,Ch114,Sec2346     USC18_OL-970   Sec. 2346. Enforcement and regulations
18USC,PtI,Ch115             USC18_OL-971   CHAPTER 115 - TREASON, SEDITION, AND
                                           SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES
18USC,PtI,Ch115,Sec2381     USC18_OL-972   Sec. 2381. Treason
18USC,PtI,Ch115,Sec2382     USC18_OL-973   Sec. 2382. Misprision of treason
18USC,PtI,Ch115,Sec2383     USC18_OL-974   Sec. 2383. Rebellion or insurrection
18USC,PtI,Ch115,Sec2384     USC18_OL-975   Sec. 2384. Seditious conspiracy
18USC,PtI,Ch115,Sec2385     USC18_OL-976   Sec. 2385. Advocating overthrow of Government
18USC,PtI,Ch115,Sec2386     USC18_OL-977   Sec. 2386. Registration of certain organizations
18USC,PtI,Ch115,Sec2387     USC18_OL-978   Sec. 2387. Activities affecting armed forces generally

18USC,PtI,Ch115,Sec2388     USC18_OL-979   Sec. 2388. Activities affecting armed forces during war

18USC,PtI,Ch115,Sec2389     USC18_OL-980   Sec. 2389. Recruiting for service against United States

18USC,PtI,Ch115,Sec2390     USC18_OL-981   Sec. 2390. Enlistment to serve against United States

18USC,PtI,Ch115,Sec2391     USC18_OL-982   Sec. 2391. Repealed.
                                           SEXUAL ACTIVITY AND RELATED CRIMES
18USC,PtI,Ch117,Sec2421     USC18_OL-984   Sec. 2421. Transportation generally
18USC,PtI,Ch117,Sec2422     USC18_OL-985   Sec. 2422. Coercion and enticement
18USC,PtI,Ch117,Sec2423     USC18_OL-986   Sec. 2423. Transportation of minors
                                                      USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch117,Sec2424   USC18_OL-987    Sec. 2424. Filing factual statement about alien individual

18USC,PtI,Ch117,Sec2425   USC18_OL-988    Sec. 2425. Use of interstate facilities to transmit
                                          information about a minor
18USC,PtI,Ch117,Sec2426   USC18_OL-989    Sec. 2426. Repeat offenders
18USC,PtI,Ch117,Sec2427   USC18_OL-990    Sec. 2427. Inclusion of offenses relating to child
                                          pornography in definition of sexual activity for which any
                                          person can be charged with a criminal offense
18USC,PtI,Ch117,Sec2428   USC18_OL-991    Sec. 2428. Forfeitures
18USC,PtI,Ch118           USC18_OL-992    CHAPTER 118 - WAR CRIMES
18USC,PtI,Ch118,Sec2441   USC18_OL-993    Sec. 2441. War crimes
18USC,PtI,Ch118,Sec2442   USC18_OL-994    Sec. 2442. Recruitment or use of child soldiers
18USC,PtI,Ch119           USC18_OL-995    CHAPTER 119 - WIRE AND ELECTRONIC
                                          COMMUNICATIONS INTERCEPTION AND
                                          INTERCEPTION OF ORAL COMMUNICATIONS
18USC,PtI,Ch119,Sec2510   USC18_OL-996    Sec. 2510. Definitions
18USC,PtI,Ch119,Sec2511   USC18_OL-997    Sec. 2511. Interception and disclosure of wire, oral, or
                                          electronic communications prohibited
18USC,PtI,Ch119,Sec2512   USC18_OL-998    Sec. 2512. Manufacture, distribution, possession, and
                                          advertising of wire, oral, or electronic communication
                                          intercepting devices prohibited
18USC,PtI,Ch119,Sec2513   USC18_OL-999    Sec. 2513. Confiscation of wire, oral, or electronic
                                          communication intercepting devices
18USC,PtI,Ch119,Sec2514   USC18_OL-1000   Sec. 2514. Repealed.
18USC,PtI,Ch119,Sec2515   USC18_OL-1001   Sec. 2515. Prohibition of use as evidence of intercepted
                                          wire or oral communications
18USC,PtI,Ch119,Sec2516   USC18_OL-1002   Sec. 2516. Authorization for interception of wire, oral, or
                                          electronic communications
18USC,PtI,Ch119,Sec2517   USC18_OL-1003   Sec. 2517. Authorization for disclosure and use of
                                          intercepted wire, oral, or electronic communications
18USC,PtI,Ch119,Sec2518   USC18_OL-1004   Sec. 2518. Procedure for interception of wire, oral, or
                                          electronic communications
18USC,PtI,Ch119,Sec2519   USC18_OL-1005   Sec. 2519. Reports concerning intercepted wire, oral, or
                                          electronic communications
18USC,PtI,Ch119,Sec2520   USC18_OL-1006   Sec. 2520. Recovery of civil damages authorized
18USC,PtI,Ch119,Sec2521   USC18_OL-1007   Sec. 2521. Injunction against illegal interception
                                                     USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtI,Ch119,Sec2522   USC18_OL-1008   Sec. 2522. Enforcement of the Communications
                                          Assistance for Law Enforcement Act
18USC,PtI,Ch121           USC18_OL-1009   CHAPTER 121 - STORED WIRE AND ELECTRONIC
                                          COMMUNICATIONS AND TRANSACTIONAL
                                          RECORDS ACCESS
18USC,PtI,Ch121,Sec2701   USC18_OL-1010   Sec. 2701. Unlawful access to stored communications

18USC,PtI,Ch121,Sec2702   USC18_OL-1011   Sec. 2702. Voluntary disclosure of customer
                                          communications or records
18USC,PtI,Ch121,Sec2703   USC18_OL-1012   Sec. 2703. Required disclosure of customer
                                          communications or records
18USC,PtI,Ch121,Sec2704   USC18_OL-1013   Sec. 2704. Backup preservation
18USC,PtI,Ch121,Sec2705   USC18_OL-1014   Sec. 2705. Delayed notice
18USC,PtI,Ch121,Sec2706   USC18_OL-1015   Sec. 2706. Cost reimbursement
18USC,PtI,Ch121,Sec2707   USC18_OL-1016   Sec. 2707. Civil action
18USC,PtI,Ch121,Sec2708   USC18_OL-1017   Sec. 2708. Exclusivity of remedies
18USC,PtI,Ch121,Sec2709   USC18_OL-1018   Sec. 2709. Counterintelligence access to telephone toll
                                          and transactional records
18USC,PtI,Ch121,Sec2710   USC18_OL-1019   Sec. 2710. Wrongful disclosure of video tape rental or
                                          sale records
18USC,PtI,Ch121,Sec2711   USC18_OL-1020   Sec. 2711. Definitions for chapter
18USC,PtI,Ch121,Sec2712   USC18_OL-1021   Sec. 2712. Civil actions against the United States
18USC,PtI,Ch123           USC18_OL-1022   CHAPTER 123 - PROHIBITION ON RELEASE AND
                                          USE OF CERTAIN PERSONAL INFORMATION FROM
                                          STATE MOTOR VEHICLE RECORDS
18USC,PtI,Ch123,Sec2721   USC18_OL-1023   Sec. 2721. Prohibition on release and use of certain
                                          personal information from State motor vehicle records

18USC,PtI,Ch123,Sec2722   USC18_OL-1024   Sec. 2722. Additional unlawful acts
18USC,PtI,Ch123,Sec2723   USC18_OL-1025   Sec. 2723. Penalties
18USC,PtI,Ch123,Sec2724   USC18_OL-1026   Sec. 2724. Civil action
18USC,PtI,Ch123,Sec2725   USC18_OL-1027   Sec. 2725. Definitions
18USC,PtII                USC18_OL-1028   PART II - CRIMINAL PROCEDURE
18USC,PtII,Ch201          USC18_OL-1029   CHAPTER 201 - GENERAL PROVISIONS
                                                       USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtII,Ch201,Sec3001    USC18_OL-1030   Sec. 3001. Procedure governed by rules; scope,
                                            purpose and effect; definition of terms; local rules;
                                            forms - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch201,Sec3002    USC18_OL-1031   Sec. 3002. Courts always open - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch201,Sec3003    USC18_OL-1032   Sec. 3003. Calendars - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch201,Sec3004    USC18_OL-1033   Sec. 3004. Decorum in court room - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch201,Sec3005    USC18_OL-1034   Sec. 3005. Counsel and witnesses in capital cases
18USC,PtII,Ch201,Sec3006    USC18_OL-1035   Sec. 3006. Assignment of counsel - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch201,Sec3006A   USC18_OL-1036   Sec. 3006A. Adequate representation of defendants
18USC,PtII,Ch201,Sec3007    USC18_OL-1037   Sec. 3007. Motions - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch201,Sec3008    USC18_OL-1038   Sec. 3008. Service and filing of papers - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch201,Sec3009    USC18_OL-1039   Sec. 3009. Records - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch201,Sec3010    USC18_OL-1040   Sec. 3010. Exceptions unnecessary - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch201,Sec3011    USC18_OL-1041   Sec. 3011. Computation of time - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch201,Sec3012    USC18_OL-1042   Sec. 3012. Repealed.
18USC,PtII,Ch201,Sec3013    USC18_OL-1043   Sec. 3013. Special assessment on convicted persons

18USC,PtII,Ch203            USC18_OL-1044   CHAPTER 203 - ARREST AND COMMITMENT
18USC,PtII,Ch203,Sec3041    USC18_OL-1045   Sec. 3041. Power of courts and magistrates
18USC,PtII,Ch203,Sec3042    USC18_OL-1046   Sec. 3042. Extraterritorial jurisdiction
18USC,PtII,Ch203,Sec3043    USC18_OL-1047   Sec. 3043. Repealed.
18USC,PtII,Ch203,Sec3044    USC18_OL-1048   Sec. 3044. Complaint - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch203,Sec3045    USC18_OL-1049   Sec. 3045. Internal revenue violations
18USC,PtII,Ch203,Sec3046    USC18_OL-1050   Sec. 3046. Warrant or summons - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch203,Sec3047    USC18_OL-1051   Sec. 3047. Multiple warrants unnecessary
18USC,PtII,Ch203,Sec3048    USC18_OL-1052   Sec. 3048. Commitment to another district; removal -
18USC,PtII,Ch203,Sec3049    USC18_OL-1053   Sec. 3049. Warrant for removal
18USC,PtII,Ch203,Sec3050    USC18_OL-1054   Sec. 3050. Bureau of Prisons employees' powers
18USC,PtII,Ch203,Sec3051    USC18_OL-1055   Sec. 3051. Powers of Special Agents of Bureau of
                                            Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives
18USC,PtII,Ch203,Sec3052    USC18_OL-1056   Sec. 3052. Powers of Federal Bureau of Investigation
18USC,PtII,Ch203,Sec3053    USC18_OL-1057   Sec. 3053. Powers of marshals and deputies
18USC,PtII,Ch203,Sec3054    USC18_OL-1058   Sec. 3054. Repealed.
18USC,PtII,Ch203,Sec3055    USC18_OL-1059   Sec. 3055. Officers' powers to suppress Indian liquor
                                                       USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtII,Ch203,Sec3056    USC18_OL-1060   Sec. 3056. Powers, authorities, and duties of United
                                            States Secret Service
18USC,PtII,Ch203,Sec3056A   USC18_OL-1061   Sec. 3056A. Powers, authorities, and duties of United
                                            States Secret Service Uniformed Division
18USC,PtII,Ch203,Sec3057    USC18_OL-1062   Sec. 3057. Bankruptcy investigations
18USC,PtII,Ch203,Sec3058    USC18_OL-1063   Sec. 3058. Interned belligerent nationals
18USC,PtII,Ch203,Sec3059    USC18_OL-1064   Secs. 3059 to 3059B. Repealed.
18USC,PtII,Ch203,Sec3060    USC18_OL-1065   Sec. 3060. Preliminary examination
18USC,PtII,Ch203,Sec3061    USC18_OL-1066   Sec. 3061. Investigative powers of Postal Service
18USC,PtII,Ch203,Sec3062    USC18_OL-1067   Sec. 3062. General arrest authority for violation of
                                            release conditions
18USC,PtII,Ch203,Sec3063    USC18_OL-1068   Sec. 3063. Powers of Environmental Protection Agency

18USC,PtII,Ch203,Sec3064    USC18_OL-1069   Sec. 3064. Powers of Federal Motor Carrier Safety
18USC,PtII,Ch204            USC18_OL-1070   CHAPTER 204 - REWARDS FOR INFORMATION
                                            CONCERNING TERRORIST ACTS AND ESPIONAGE

18USC,PtII,Ch204,Sec3071    USC18_OL-1071   Sec. 3071. Information for which rewards authorized
18USC,PtII,Ch204,Sec3072    USC18_OL-1072   Sec. 3072. Determination of entitlement; maximum
                                            amount; Presidential approval; conclusiveness
18USC,PtII,Ch204,Sec3073    USC18_OL-1073   Sec. 3073. Protection of identity
18USC,PtII,Ch204,Sec3074    USC18_OL-1074   Sec. 3074. Exception of governmental officials
18USC,PtII,Ch204,Sec3075    USC18_OL-1075   Sec. 3075. Repealed.
18USC,PtII,Ch204,Sec3076    USC18_OL-1076   Sec. 3076. Eligibility for witness security program
18USC,PtII,Ch204,Sec3077    USC18_OL-1077   Sec. 3077. Definitions
18USC,PtII,Ch205            USC18_OL-1078   CHAPTER 205 - SEARCHES AND SEIZURES
18USC,PtII,Ch205,Sec3101    USC18_OL-1079   Sec. 3101. Effect of rules of court - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch205,Sec3102    USC18_OL-1080   Sec. 3102. Authority to issue search warrant - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch205,Sec3103    USC18_OL-1081   Sec. 3103. Grounds for issuing search warrant - (Rule)

18USC,PtII,Ch205,Sec3103a   USC18_OL-1082   Sec. 3103a. Additional grounds for issuing warrant
18USC,PtII,Ch205,Sec3104    USC18_OL-1083   Sec. 3104. Issuance of search warrant; contents -
                                                       USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtII,Ch205,Sec3105   USC18_OL-1084   Sec. 3105. Persons authorized to serve search warrant

18USC,PtII,Ch205,Sec3106   USC18_OL-1085   Sec. 3106. Officer authorized to serve search warrant -
18USC,PtII,Ch205,Sec3107   USC18_OL-1086   Sec. 3107. Service of warrants and seizures by Federal
                                           Bureau of Investigation
18USC,PtII,Ch205,Sec3108   USC18_OL-1087   Sec. 3108. Execution, service, and return - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch205,Sec3109   USC18_OL-1088   Sec. 3109. Breaking doors or windows for entry or exit

18USC,PtII,Ch205,Sec3110   USC18_OL-1089   Sec. 3110. Property defined - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch205,Sec3111   USC18_OL-1090   Sec. 3111. Property seizable on search warrant - (Rule)

18USC,PtII,Ch205,Sec3112   USC18_OL-1091   Sec. 3112. Repealed.
18USC,PtII,Ch205,Sec3113   USC18_OL-1092   Sec. 3113. Liquor violations in Indian country
18USC,PtII,Ch205,Sec3114   USC18_OL-1093   Sec. 3114. Return of seized property and suppression
                                           of evidence; motion - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch205,Sec3115   USC18_OL-1094   Sec. 3115. Inventory upon execution and return of
                                           search warrant - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch205,Sec3116   USC18_OL-1095   Sec. 3116. Records of examining magistrate judge;
                                           return to clerk of court - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch205,Sec3117   USC18_OL-1096   Sec. 3117. Mobile tracking devices
18USC,PtII,Ch205,Sec3118   USC18_OL-1097   Sec. 3118. Implied consent for certain tests
18USC,PtII,Ch206           USC18_OL-1098   CHAPTER 206 - PEN REGISTERS AND TRAP AND
                                           TRACE DEVICES
18USC,PtII,Ch206,Sec3121   USC18_OL-1099   Sec. 3121. General prohibition on pen register and trap
                                           and trace device use; exception
18USC,PtII,Ch206,Sec3122   USC18_OL-1100   Sec. 3122. Application for an order for a pen register or
                                           a trap and trace device
18USC,PtII,Ch206,Sec3123   USC18_OL-1101   Sec. 3123. Issuance of an order for a pen register or a
                                           trap and trace device
18USC,PtII,Ch206,Sec3124   USC18_OL-1102   Sec. 3124. Assistance in installation and use of a pen
                                           register or a trap and trace device
18USC,PtII,Ch206,Sec3125   USC18_OL-1103   Sec. 3125. Emergency pen register and trap and trace
                                           device installation
18USC,PtII,Ch206,Sec3126   USC18_OL-1104   Sec. 3126. Reports concerning pen registers and trap
                                           and trace devices
                                                        USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtII,Ch206,Sec3127    USC18_OL-1105   Sec. 3127. Definitions for chapter
18USC,PtII,Ch207            USC18_OL-1106   CHAPTER 207 - RELEASE AND DETENTION
                                            PENDING JUDICIAL PROCEEDINGS
18USC,PtII,Ch207,Sec3141    USC18_OL-1107   Sec. 3141. Release and detention authority generally

18USC,PtII,Ch207,Sec3142    USC18_OL-1108   Sec. 3142. Release or detention of a defendant
                                            pending trial
18USC,PtII,Ch207,Sec3143    USC18_OL-1109   Sec. 3143. Release or detention of a defendant
                                            pending sentence or appeal
18USC,PtII,Ch207,Sec3144    USC18_OL-1110   Sec. 3144. Release or detention of a material witness

18USC,PtII,Ch207,Sec3145    USC18_OL-1111   Sec. 3145. Review and appeal of a release or detention
18USC,PtII,Ch207,Sec3146    USC18_OL-1112   Sec. 3146. Penalty for failure to appear
18USC,PtII,Ch207,Sec3147    USC18_OL-1113   Sec. 3147. Penalty for an offense committed while on
18USC,PtII,Ch207,Sec3148    USC18_OL-1114   Sec. 3148. Sanctions for violation of a release condition

18USC,PtII,Ch207,Sec3149    USC18_OL-1115   Sec. 3149. Surrender of an offender by a surety
18USC,PtII,Ch207,Sec3150    USC18_OL-1116   Sec. 3150. Applicability to a case removed from a State
18USC,PtII,Ch207,Sec3150a   USC18_OL-1117   Sec. 3150a. Repealed.
18USC,PtII,Ch207,Sec3151    USC18_OL-1118   Sec. 3151. Refund of forfeited bail
18USC,PtII,Ch207,Sec3152    USC18_OL-1119   Sec. 3152. Establishment of pretrial services
18USC,PtII,Ch207,Sec3153    USC18_OL-1120   Sec. 3153. Organization and administration of pretrial
18USC,PtII,Ch207,Sec3154    USC18_OL-1121   Sec. 3154. Functions and powers relating to pretrial
18USC,PtII,Ch207,Sec3155    USC18_OL-1122   Sec. 3155. Annual reports
18USC,PtII,Ch207,Sec3156    USC18_OL-1123   Sec. 3156. Definitions
18USC,PtII,Ch208            USC18_OL-1124   CHAPTER 208 - SPEEDY TRIAL
18USC,PtII,Ch208,Sec3161    USC18_OL-1125   Sec. 3161. Time limits and exclusions
18USC,PtII,Ch208,Sec3162    USC18_OL-1126   Sec. 3162. Sanctions
18USC,PtII,Ch208,Sec3163    USC18_OL-1127   Sec. 3163. Effective dates
18USC,PtII,Ch208,Sec3164    USC18_OL-1128   Sec. 3164. Persons detained or designated as being of
                                            high risk
                                                       USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtII,Ch208,Sec3165   USC18_OL-1129   Sec. 3165. District plans - generally
18USC,PtII,Ch208,Sec3166   USC18_OL-1130   Sec. 3166. District plans - contents
18USC,PtII,Ch208,Sec3167   USC18_OL-1131   Sec. 3167. Reports to Congress
18USC,PtII,Ch208,Sec3168   USC18_OL-1132   Sec. 3168. Planning process
18USC,PtII,Ch208,Sec3169   USC18_OL-1133   Sec. 3169. Federal Judicial Center
18USC,PtII,Ch208,Sec3170   USC18_OL-1134   Sec. 3170. Speedy trial data
18USC,PtII,Ch208,Sec3171   USC18_OL-1135   Sec. 3171. Planning appropriations
18USC,PtII,Ch208,Sec3172   USC18_OL-1136   Sec. 3172. Definitions
18USC,PtII,Ch208,Sec3173   USC18_OL-1137   Sec. 3173. Sixth amendment rights
18USC,PtII,Ch208,Sec3174   USC18_OL-1138   Sec. 3174. Judicial emergency and implementation
18USC,PtII,Ch209           USC18_OL-1139   CHAPTER 209 - EXTRADITION
18USC,PtII,Ch209,Sec3181   USC18_OL-1140   Sec. 3181. Scope and limitation of chapter
18USC,PtII,Ch209,Sec3182   USC18_OL-1141   Sec. 3182. Fugitives from State or Territory to State,
                                           District, or Territory
18USC,PtII,Ch209,Sec3183   USC18_OL-1142   Sec. 3183. Fugitives from State, Territory, or
                                           Possession into extraterritorial jurisdiction of United
18USC,PtII,Ch209,Sec3184   USC18_OL-1143   Sec. 3184. Fugitives from foreign country to United
18USC,PtII,Ch209,Sec3185   USC18_OL-1144   Sec. 3185. Fugitives from country under control of
                                           United States into the United States
18USC,PtII,Ch209,Sec3186   USC18_OL-1145   Sec. 3186. Secretary of State to surrender fugitive
18USC,PtII,Ch209,Sec3187   USC18_OL-1146   Sec. 3187. Provisional arrest and detention within
                                           extraterritorial jurisdiction
18USC,PtII,Ch209,Sec3188   USC18_OL-1147   Sec. 3188. Time of commitment pending extradition
18USC,PtII,Ch209,Sec3189   USC18_OL-1148   Sec. 3189. Place and character of hearing
18USC,PtII,Ch209,Sec3190   USC18_OL-1149   Sec. 3190. Evidence on hearing
18USC,PtII,Ch209,Sec3191   USC18_OL-1150   Sec. 3191. Witnesses for indigent fugitives
18USC,PtII,Ch209,Sec3192   USC18_OL-1151   Sec. 3192. Protection of accused
18USC,PtII,Ch209,Sec3193   USC18_OL-1152   Sec. 3193. Receiving agent's authority over offenders
18USC,PtII,Ch209,Sec3194   USC18_OL-1153   Sec. 3194. Transportation of fugitive by receiving agent

18USC,PtII,Ch209,Sec3195   USC18_OL-1154   Sec. 3195. Payment of fees and costs
18USC,PtII,Ch209,Sec3196   USC18_OL-1155   Sec. 3196. Extradition of United States citizens
18USC,PtII,Ch211           USC18_OL-1156   CHAPTER 211 - JURISDICTION AND VENUE
18USC,PtII,Ch211,Sec3231   USC18_OL-1157   Sec. 3231. District courts
                                                      USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtII,Ch211,Sec3232   USC18_OL-1158   Sec. 3232. District of offense - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch211,Sec3233   USC18_OL-1159   Sec. 3233. Transfer within district - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch211,Sec3234   USC18_OL-1160   Sec. 3234. Change of venue to another district - (Rule)

18USC,PtII,Ch211,Sec3235   USC18_OL-1161   Sec. 3235. Venue in capital cases
18USC,PtII,Ch211,Sec3236   USC18_OL-1162   Sec. 3236. Murder or manslaughter
18USC,PtII,Ch211,Sec3237   USC18_OL-1163   Sec. 3237. Offenses begun in one district and
                                           completed in another
18USC,PtII,Ch211,Sec3238   USC18_OL-1164   Sec. 3238. Offenses not committed in any district
18USC,PtII,Ch211,Sec3239   USC18_OL-1165   Sec. 3239. Optional venue for espionage and related
18USC,PtII,Ch211,Sec3240   USC18_OL-1166   Sec. 3240. Creation of new district or division
18USC,PtII,Ch211,Sec3241   USC18_OL-1167   Sec. 3241. Jurisdiction of offenses under certain
18USC,PtII,Ch211,Sec3242   USC18_OL-1168   Sec. 3242. Indians committing certain offenses; acts on
18USC,PtII,Ch211,Sec3243   USC18_OL-1169   Sec. 3243. Jurisdiction of State of Kansas over
                                           offenses committed by or against Indians on Indian
18USC,PtII,Ch211,Sec3244   USC18_OL-1170   Sec. 3244. Jurisdiction of proceedings relating to
                                           transferred offenders
18USC,PtII,Ch212,Sec3261   USC18_OL-1172   Sec. 3261. Criminal offenses committed by certain
                                           members of the Armed Forces and by persons
                                           employed by or accompanying the Armed Forces
                                           outside the United States
18USC,PtII,Ch212,Sec3262   USC18_OL-1173   Sec. 3262. Arrest and commitment
18USC,PtII,Ch212,Sec3263   USC18_OL-1174   Sec. 3263. Delivery to authorities of foreign countries
18USC,PtII,Ch212,Sec3264   USC18_OL-1175   Sec. 3264. Limitation on removal
18USC,PtII,Ch212,Sec3265   USC18_OL-1176   Sec. 3265. Initial proceedings
18USC,PtII,Ch212,Sec3266   USC18_OL-1177   Sec. 3266. Regulations
18USC,PtII,Ch212,Sec3267   USC18_OL-1178   Sec. 3267. Definitions
18USC,PtII,Ch212A          USC18_OL-1179   CHAPTER 212A - EXTRATERRITORIAL
                                           JURISDICTION OVER CERTAIN TRAFFICKING IN
                                           PERSONS OFFENSES
                                                        USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtII,Ch212A,Sec3271   USC18_OL-1180   Sec. 3271. Trafficking in persons offenses committed
                                            by persons employed by or accompanying the Federal
                                            Government outside the United States

18USC,PtII,Ch212A,Sec3272   USC18_OL-1181   Sec. 3272. Definitions
18USC,PtII,Ch213            USC18_OL-1182   CHAPTER 213 - LIMITATIONS
18USC,PtII,Ch213,Sec3281    USC18_OL-1183   Sec. 3281. Capital offenses
18USC,PtII,Ch213,Sec3282    USC18_OL-1184   Sec. 3282. Offenses not capital
18USC,PtII,Ch213,Sec3283    USC18_OL-1185   Sec. 3283. Offenses against children
18USC,PtII,Ch213,Sec3284    USC18_OL-1186   Sec. 3284. Concealment of bankrupt's assets
18USC,PtII,Ch213,Sec3285    USC18_OL-1187   Sec. 3285. Criminal contempt
18USC,PtII,Ch213,Sec3286    USC18_OL-1188   Sec. 3286. Extension of statute of limitation for certain
                                            terrorism offenses
18USC,PtII,Ch213,Sec3287    USC18_OL-1189   Sec. 3287. Wartime suspension of limitations
18USC,PtII,Ch213,Sec3288    USC18_OL-1190   Sec. 3288. Indictments and information dismissed after
                                            period of limitations
18USC,PtII,Ch213,Sec3289    USC18_OL-1191   Sec. 3289. Indictments and information dismissed
                                            before period of limitations
18USC,PtII,Ch213,Sec3290    USC18_OL-1192   Sec. 3290. Fugitives from justice
18USC,PtII,Ch213,Sec3291    USC18_OL-1193   Sec. 3291. Nationality, citizenship and passports
18USC,PtII,Ch213,Sec3292    USC18_OL-1194   Sec. 3292. Suspension of limitations to permit United
                                            States to obtain foreign evidence
18USC,PtII,Ch213,Sec3293    USC18_OL-1195   Sec. 3293. Financial institution offenses
18USC,PtII,Ch213,Sec3294    USC18_OL-1196   Sec. 3294. Theft of major artwork
18USC,PtII,Ch213,Sec3295    USC18_OL-1197   Sec. 3295. Arson offenses
18USC,PtII,Ch213,Sec3296    USC18_OL-1198   Sec. 3296. Counts dismissed pursuant to a plea
18USC,PtII,Ch213,Sec3297    USC18_OL-1199   Sec. 3297. Cases involving DNA evidence
18USC,PtII,Ch213,Sec3298    USC18_OL-1200   Sec. 3298. Trafficking-related offenses
18USC,PtII,Ch213,Sec3299    USC18_OL-1201   Sec. 3299. Child abduction and sex offenses
18USC,PtII,Ch213,Sec3300    USC18_OL-1202   Sec. 3300. Recruitment or use of child soldiers
18USC,PtII,Ch213,Sec3301    USC18_OL-1507   Sec. 3301. Securities fraud offenses
18USC,PtII,Ch215            USC18_OL-1203   CHAPTER 215 - GRAND JURY
18USC,PtII,Ch215,Sec3321    USC18_OL-1204   Sec. 3321. Number of grand jurors; summoning
                                            additional jurors
                                                       USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtII,Ch215,Sec3322   USC18_OL-1205   Sec. 3322. Disclosure of certain matters occurring
                                           before grand jury
18USC,PtII,Ch215,Sec3323   USC18_OL-1206   Secs. 3323 to 3328. Repealed.
18USC,PtII,Ch216           USC18_OL-1207   CHAPTER 216 - SPECIAL GRAND JURY
18USC,PtII,Ch216,Sec3331   USC18_OL-1208   Sec. 3331. Summoning and term
18USC,PtII,Ch216,Sec3332   USC18_OL-1209   Sec. 3332. Powers and duties
18USC,PtII,Ch216,Sec3333   USC18_OL-1210   Sec. 3333. Reports
18USC,PtII,Ch216,Sec3334   USC18_OL-1211   Sec. 3334. General provisions
18USC,PtII,Ch217,Sec3361   USC18_OL-1213   Sec. 3361. Form and contents - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch217,Sec3362   USC18_OL-1214   Sec. 3362. Waiver of indictment and prosecution on
                                           information - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch217,Sec3363   USC18_OL-1215   Sec. 3363. Joinder of offenses - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch217,Sec3364   USC18_OL-1216   Sec. 3364. Joinder of defendants - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch217,Sec3365   USC18_OL-1217   Sec. 3365. Amendment of information - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch217,Sec3366   USC18_OL-1218   Sec. 3366. Bill of particulars - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch217,Sec3367   USC18_OL-1219   Sec. 3367. Dismissal - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch219           USC18_OL-1220   CHAPTER 219 - TRIAL BY UNITED STATES
                                           MAGISTRATE JUDGES
18USC,PtII,Ch219,Sec3401   USC18_OL-1221   Sec. 3401. Misdemeanors; application of probation laws

18USC,PtII,Ch219,Sec3402   USC18_OL-1222   Sec. 3402. Rules of procedure, practice and appeal

18USC,PtII,Ch221,Sec3431   USC18_OL-1224   Sec. 3431. Term of court; power of court unaffected by
                                           expiration - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch221,Sec3432   USC18_OL-1225   Sec. 3432. Indictment and list of jurors and witnesses
                                           for prisoner in capital cases
18USC,PtII,Ch221,Sec3433   USC18_OL-1226   Sec. 3433. Arraignment - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch221,Sec3434   USC18_OL-1227   Sec. 3434. Presence of defendant - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch221,Sec3435   USC18_OL-1228   Sec. 3435. Receiver of stolen property triable before or
                                           after principal
18USC,PtII,Ch221,Sec3436   USC18_OL-1229   Sec. 3436. Consolidation of indictments or informations
                                           - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch221,Sec3437   USC18_OL-1230   Sec. 3437. Severance - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch221,Sec3438   USC18_OL-1231   Sec. 3438. Pleas - (Rule)
                                                       USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtII,Ch221,Sec3439    USC18_OL-1232   Sec. 3439. Demurrers and special pleas in bar or
                                            abatement abolished; relief on motion - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch221,Sec3440    USC18_OL-1233   Sec. 3440. Defenses and objections determined on
                                            motion - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch221,Sec3441    USC18_OL-1234   Sec. 3441. Jury; number of jurors; waiver - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch221,Sec3442    USC18_OL-1235   Sec. 3442. Jurors, examination, peremptory
                                            challenges; alternates - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch221,Sec3443    USC18_OL-1236   Sec. 3443. Instructions to jury - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch221,Sec3444    USC18_OL-1237   Sec. 3444. Disability of judge - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch221,Sec3445    USC18_OL-1238   Sec. 3445. Motion for judgment of acquittal - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch221,Sec3446    USC18_OL-1239   Sec. 3446. New trial - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch223            USC18_OL-1240   CHAPTER 223 - WITNESSES AND EVIDENCE
18USC,PtII,Ch223,Sec3481    USC18_OL-1241   Sec. 3481. Competency of accused
18USC,PtII,Ch223,Sec3482    USC18_OL-1242   Sec. 3482. Evidence and witnesses - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch223,Sec3483    USC18_OL-1243   Sec. 3483. Indigent defendants, process to produce
                                            evidence - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch223,Sec3484    USC18_OL-1244   Sec. 3484. Subpoenas - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch223,Sec3485    USC18_OL-1245   Sec. 3485. Expert witnesses - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch223,Sec3486    USC18_OL-1246   Sec. 3486. Administrative subpoenas
18USC,PtII,Ch223,Sec3486A   USC18_OL-1247   Sec. 3486A. Repealed.
18USC,PtII,Ch223,Sec3487    USC18_OL-1248   Sec. 3487. Refusal to pay as evidence of embezzlement

18USC,PtII,Ch223,Sec3488    USC18_OL-1249   Sec. 3488. Intoxicating liquor in Indian country as
                                            evidence of unlawful introduction
18USC,PtII,Ch223,Sec3489    USC18_OL-1250   Sec. 3489. Discovery and inspection - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch223,Sec3490    USC18_OL-1251   Sec. 3490. Official record or entry - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch223,Sec3491    USC18_OL-1252   Sec. 3491. Foreign documents
18USC,PtII,Ch223,Sec3492    USC18_OL-1253   Sec. 3492. Commission to consular officers to
                                            authenticate foreign documents
18USC,PtII,Ch223,Sec3493    USC18_OL-1254   Sec. 3493. Deposition to authenticate foreign
18USC,PtII,Ch223,Sec3494    USC18_OL-1255   Sec. 3494. Certification of genuineness of foreign
18USC,PtII,Ch223,Sec3495    USC18_OL-1256   Sec. 3495. Fees and expenses of consuls, counsel,
                                            interpreters and witnesses
                                                       USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtII,Ch223,Sec3496   USC18_OL-1257   Sec. 3496. Regulations by President as to
                                           commissions, fees of witnesses, counsel and
18USC,PtII,Ch223,Sec3497   USC18_OL-1258   Sec. 3497. Account as evidence of embezzlement
18USC,PtII,Ch223,Sec3498   USC18_OL-1259   Sec. 3498. Depositions - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch223,Sec3499   USC18_OL-1260   Sec. 3499. Contempt of court by witness - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch223,Sec3500   USC18_OL-1261   Sec. 3500. Demands for production of statements and
                                           reports of witnesses
18USC,PtII,Ch223,Sec3501   USC18_OL-1262   Sec. 3501. Admissibility of confessions
18USC,PtII,Ch223,Sec3502   USC18_OL-1263   Sec. 3502. Admissibility in evidence of eye witness
18USC,PtII,Ch223,Sec3503   USC18_OL-1264   Sec. 3503. Repealed.
18USC,PtII,Ch223,Sec3504   USC18_OL-1265   Sec. 3504. Litigation concerning sources of evidence
18USC,PtII,Ch223,Sec3505   USC18_OL-1266   Sec. 3505. Foreign records of regularly conducted
18USC,PtII,Ch223,Sec3506   USC18_OL-1267   Sec. 3506. Service of papers filed in opposition to
                                           official request by United States to foreign government
                                           for criminal evidence
18USC,PtII,Ch223,Sec3507   USC18_OL-1268   Sec. 3507. Special master at foreign deposition
18USC,PtII,Ch223,Sec3508   USC18_OL-1269   Sec. 3508. Custody and return of foreign witnesses
18USC,PtII,Ch223,Sec3509   USC18_OL-1270   Sec. 3509. Child victims' and child witnesses' rights
18USC,PtII,Ch223,Sec3510   USC18_OL-1271   Sec. 3510. Rights of victims to attend and observe trial

18USC,PtII,Ch223,Sec3511   USC18_OL-1272   Sec. 3511. Judicial review of requests for information
18USC,PtII,Ch223,Sec3512   USC18_OL-1273   Sec. 3512. Foreign requests for assistance in criminal
                                           investigations and prosecutions
18USC,PtII,Ch224           USC18_OL-1274   CHAPTER 224 - PROTECTION OF WITNESSES
18USC,PtII,Ch224,Sec3521   USC18_OL-1275   Sec. 3521. Witness relocation and protection
18USC,PtII,Ch224,Sec3522   USC18_OL-1276   Sec. 3522. Probationers and parolees
18USC,PtII,Ch224,Sec3523   USC18_OL-1277   Sec. 3523. Civil judgments
18USC,PtII,Ch224,Sec3524   USC18_OL-1278   Sec. 3524. Child custody arrangements
18USC,PtII,Ch224,Sec3525   USC18_OL-1279   Sec. 3525. Victims Compensation Fund
18USC,PtII,Ch224,Sec3526   USC18_OL-1280   Sec. 3526. Cooperation of other Federal agencies and
                                           State governments; reimbursement of expenses
18USC,PtII,Ch224,Sec3527   USC18_OL-1281   Sec. 3527. Additional authority of Attorney General
18USC,PtII,Ch224,Sec3528   USC18_OL-1282   Sec. 3528. Definition
                                                             USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtII,Ch225                 USC18_OL-1283   CHAPTER 225 - VERDICT
18USC,PtII,Ch225,Sec3531         USC18_OL-1284   Sec. 3531. Return; several defendants; conviction of
                                                 less offense; poll of jury - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch225,Sec3532         USC18_OL-1285   Sec. 3532. Setting aside verdict of guilty; judgment
                                                 notwithstanding verdict - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch227                 USC18_OL-1286   CHAPTER 227 - SENTENCES
18USC,PtII,Ch227,SubchA,Sec355   USC18_OL-1288   Sec. 3551. Authorized sentences
18USC,PtII,Ch227,SubchA,Sec355   USC18_OL-1289   Sec. 3552. Presentence reports
18USC,PtII,Ch227,SubchA,Sec355   USC18_OL-1290   Sec. 3553. Imposition of a sentence
18USC,PtII,Ch227,SubchA,Sec355   USC18_OL-1291   Sec. 3554. Order of criminal forfeiture
18USC,PtII,Ch227,SubchA,Sec355   USC18_OL-1292   Sec. 3555. Order of notice to victims
18USC,PtII,Ch227,SubchA,Sec355   USC18_OL-1293   Sec. 3556. Order of restitution
18USC,PtII,Ch227,SubchA,Sec355   USC18_OL-1294   Sec. 3557. Review of a sentence
18USC,PtII,Ch227,SubchA,Sec355   USC18_OL-1295   Sec. 3558. Implementation of a sentence
18USC,PtII,Ch227,SubchA,Sec355   USC18_OL-1296   Sec. 3559. Sentencing classification of offenses
18USC,PtII,Ch227,SubchB          USC18_OL-1297   SUBCHAPTER B - PROBATION
18USC,PtII,Ch227,SubchB,Sec356   USC18_OL-1298   Sec. 3561. Sentence of probation
18USC,PtII,Ch227,SubchB,Sec356   USC18_OL-1299   Sec. 3562. Imposition of a sentence of probation
18USC,PtII,Ch227,SubchB,Sec356   USC18_OL-1300   Sec. 3563. Conditions of probation
18USC,PtII,Ch227,SubchB,Sec356   USC18_OL-1301   Sec. 3564. Running of a term of probation
18USC,PtII,Ch227,SubchB,Sec356   USC18_OL-1302   Sec. 3565. Revocation of probation
                                                            USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtII,Ch227,SubchB,Sec356   USC18_OL-1303   Sec. 3566. Implementation of a sentence of probation
18USC,PtII,Ch227,SubchC          USC18_OL-1304   SUBCHAPTER C - FINES
18USC,PtII,Ch227,SubchC,Sec357   USC18_OL-1305   Sec. 3571. Sentence of fine
18USC,PtII,Ch227,SubchC,Sec357   USC18_OL-1306   Sec. 3572. Imposition of a sentence of fine and related
2                                                matters
18USC,PtII,Ch227,SubchC,Sec357   USC18_OL-1307   Sec. 3573. Petition of the Government for modification
3                                                or remission
18USC,PtII,Ch227,SubchC,Sec357   USC18_OL-1308   Sec. 3574. Implementation of a sentence of fine
18USC,PtII,Ch227,SubchD          USC18_OL-1309   SUBCHAPTER D - IMPRISONMENT
18USC,PtII,Ch227,SubchD,Sec358   USC18_OL-1310   Sec. 3581. Sentence of imprisonment
18USC,PtII,Ch227,SubchD,Sec358   USC18_OL-1311   Sec. 3582. Imposition of a sentence of imprisonment
18USC,PtII,Ch227,SubchD,Sec358   USC18_OL-1312   Sec. 3583. Inclusion of a term of supervised release
3                                                after imprisonment
18USC,PtII,Ch227,SubchD,Sec358   USC18_OL-1313   Sec. 3584. Multiple sentences of imprisonment
18USC,PtII,Ch227,SubchD,Sec358   USC18_OL-1314   Sec. 3585. Calculation of a term of imprisonment
18USC,PtII,Ch227,SubchD,Sec358   USC18_OL-1315   Sec. 3586. Implementation of a sentence of
6                                                imprisonment
18USC,PtII,Ch228                 USC18_OL-1316   CHAPTER 228 - DEATH SENTENCE
18USC,PtII,Ch228,Sec3591         USC18_OL-1317   Sec. 3591. Sentence of death
18USC,PtII,Ch228,Sec3592         USC18_OL-1318   Sec. 3592. Mitigating and aggravating factors to be
                                                 considered in determining whether a sentence of death
                                                 is justified
18USC,PtII,Ch228,Sec3593         USC18_OL-1319   Sec. 3593. Special hearing to determine whether a
                                                 sentence of death is justified
18USC,PtII,Ch228,Sec3594         USC18_OL-1320   Sec. 3594. Imposition of a sentence of death
18USC,PtII,Ch228,Sec3595         USC18_OL-1321   Sec. 3595. Review of a sentence of death
18USC,PtII,Ch228,Sec3596         USC18_OL-1322   Sec. 3596. Implementation of a sentence of death
18USC,PtII,Ch228,Sec3597         USC18_OL-1323   Sec. 3597. Use of State facilities
18USC,PtII,Ch228,Sec3598         USC18_OL-1324   Sec. 3598. Special provisions for Indian country
                                                             USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtII,Ch228,Sec3599         USC18_OL-1325   Sec. 3599. Counsel for financially unable defendants
18USC,PtII,Ch228A                USC18_OL-1326   CHAPTER 228A - POST-CONVICTION DNA TESTING

18USC,PtII,Ch228A,Sec3600        USC18_OL-1327   Sec. 3600. DNA testing
18USC,PtII,Ch228A,Sec3600A       USC18_OL-1328   Sec. 3600A. Preservation of biological evidence
18USC,PtII,Ch229                 USC18_OL-1329   CHAPTER 229 - POSTSENTENCE ADMINISTRATION

18USC,PtII,Ch229,SubchA          USC18_OL-1330   SUBCHAPTER A - PROBATION
18USC,PtII,Ch229,SubchA,Sec360   USC18_OL-1331   Sec. 3601. Supervision of probation
18USC,PtII,Ch229,SubchA,Sec360   USC18_OL-1332   Sec. 3602. Appointment of probation officers
18USC,PtII,Ch229,SubchA,Sec360   USC18_OL-1333   Sec. 3603. Duties of probation officers
18USC,PtII,Ch229,SubchA,Sec360   USC18_OL-1334   Sec. 3604. Transportation of a probationer
18USC,PtII,Ch229,SubchA,Sec360   USC18_OL-1335   Sec. 3605. Transfer of jurisdiction over a probationer
18USC,PtII,Ch229,SubchA,Sec360   USC18_OL-1336   Sec. 3606. Arrest and return of a probationer
18USC,PtII,Ch229,SubchA,Sec360   USC18_OL-1337   Sec. 3607. Special probation and expungement
7                                                procedures for drug possessors
18USC,PtII,Ch229,SubchA,Sec360   USC18_OL-1338   Sec. 3608. Drug testing of Federal offenders on post-
8                                                conviction release
18USC,PtII,Ch229,SubchB          USC18_OL-1339   SUBCHAPTER B - FINES
18USC,PtII,Ch229,SubchB,Sec361   USC18_OL-1340   Sec. 3611. Payment of a fine or restitution
18USC,PtII,Ch229,SubchB,Sec361   USC18_OL-1341   Sec. 3612. Collection of unpaid fine or restitution
18USC,PtII,Ch229,SubchB,Sec361   USC18_OL-1342   Sec. 3613. Civil remedies for satisfaction of an unpaid
3                                                fine
18USC,PtII,Ch229,SubchB,Sec361   USC18_OL-1343   Sec. 3613A. Effect of default
18USC,PtII,Ch229,SubchB,Sec361   USC18_OL-1344   Sec. 3614. Resentencing upon failure to pay a fine or
4                                                restitution
                                                             USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtII,Ch229,SubchB,Sec361   USC18_OL-1345   Sec. 3615. Criminal default
18USC,PtII,Ch229,SubchC          USC18_OL-1346   SUBCHAPTER C - IMPRISONMENT
18USC,PtII,Ch229,SubchC,Sec362   USC18_OL-1347   Sec. 3621. Imprisonment of a convicted person
18USC,PtII,Ch229,SubchC,Sec362   USC18_OL-1348   Sec. 3622. Temporary release of a prisoner
18USC,PtII,Ch229,SubchC,Sec362   USC18_OL-1349   Sec. 3623. Transfer of a prisoner to State authority
18USC,PtII,Ch229,SubchC,Sec362   USC18_OL-1350   Sec. 3624. Release of a prisoner
18USC,PtII,Ch229,SubchC,Sec362   USC18_OL-1351   Sec. 3625. Inapplicability of the Administrative
5                                                Procedure Act
18USC,PtII,Ch229,SubchC,Sec362   USC18_OL-1352   Sec. 3626. Appropriate remedies with respect to prison
6                                                conditions
18USC,PtII,Ch231                 USC18_OL-1353   [CHAPTER 231 - REPEALED]
18USC,PtII,Ch231,Sec3651         USC18_OL-1354   [Secs. 3651 to 3656. Repealed or Renumbered. Pub. L.
                                                 98-473, title II, Sec. 212(a)(1), (2), Oct. 12, 1984, 98
                                                 Stat. 1987]
18USC,PtII,Ch232                 USC18_OL-1355   CHAPTER 232 - MISCELLANEOUS SENTENCING
18USC,PtII,Ch232,Sec3661         USC18_OL-1356   Sec. 3661. Use of information for sentencing
18USC,PtII,Ch232,Sec3662         USC18_OL-1357   Sec. 3662. Conviction records
18USC,PtII,Ch232,Sec3663         USC18_OL-1358   Sec. 3663. Order of restitution
18USC,PtII,Ch232,Sec3663A        USC18_OL-1359   Sec. 3663A. Mandatory restitution to victims of certain
18USC,PtII,Ch232,Sec3664         USC18_OL-1360   Sec. 3664. Procedure for issuance and enforcement of
                                                 order of restitution
18USC,PtII,Ch232,Sec3665         USC18_OL-1361   Sec. 3665. Firearms possessed by convicted felons
18USC,PtII,Ch232,Sec3666         USC18_OL-1362   Sec. 3666. Bribe moneys
18USC,PtII,Ch232,Sec3667         USC18_OL-1363   Sec. 3667. Liquors and related property; definitions
18USC,PtII,Ch232,Sec3668         USC18_OL-1364   Sec. 3668. Remission or mitigation of forfeitures under
                                                 liquor laws; possession pending trial
18USC,PtII,Ch232,Sec3669         USC18_OL-1365   Sec. 3669. Conveyances carrying liquor
18USC,PtII,Ch232,Sec3670         USC18_OL-1366   Sec. 3670. Disposition of conveyances seized for
                                                 violation of the Indian liquor laws
                                                        USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtII,Ch232,Sec3671    USC18_OL-1367   Sec. 3671. Vessels carrying explosives and steerage
18USC,PtII,Ch232,Sec3672    USC18_OL-1368   Sec. 3672. Duties of Director of Administrative Office of
                                            the United States Courts
18USC,PtII,Ch232,Sec3673    USC18_OL-1369   Sec. 3673. Definitions for sentencing provisions
18USC,PtII,Ch232A           USC18_OL-1370   CHAPTER 232A - SPECIAL FORFEITURE OF
                                            COLLATERAL PROFITS OF CRIME
18USC,PtII,Ch232A,Sec3681   USC18_OL-1371   Sec. 3681. Order of special forfeiture
18USC,PtII,Ch232A,Sec3682   USC18_OL-1372   Sec. 3682. Notice to victims of order of special forfeiture

18USC,PtII,Ch233            USC18_OL-1373   CHAPTER 233 - CONTEMPTS
18USC,PtII,Ch233,Sec3691    USC18_OL-1374   Sec. 3691. Jury trial of criminal contempts
18USC,PtII,Ch233,Sec3692    USC18_OL-1375   Sec. 3692. Jury trial for contempt in labor dispute cases

18USC,PtII,Ch233,Sec3693    USC18_OL-1376   Sec. 3693. Summary disposition or jury trial; notice -
18USC,PtII,Ch235            USC18_OL-1377   CHAPTER 235 - APPEAL
18USC,PtII,Ch235,Sec3731    USC18_OL-1378   Sec. 3731. Appeal by United States
18USC,PtII,Ch235,Sec3732    USC18_OL-1379   Sec. 3732. Taking of appeal; notice; time - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch235,Sec3733    USC18_OL-1380   Sec. 3733. Assignment of errors - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch235,Sec3734    USC18_OL-1381   Sec. 3734. Bill of exceptions abolished - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch235,Sec3735    USC18_OL-1382   Sec. 3735. Bail on appeal or certiorari - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch235,Sec3736    USC18_OL-1383   Sec. 3736. Certiorari - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch235,Sec3737    USC18_OL-1384   Sec. 3737. Record - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch235,Sec3738    USC18_OL-1385   Sec. 3738. Docketing appeal and record - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch235,Sec3739    USC18_OL-1386   Sec. 3739. Supervision - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch235,Sec3740    USC18_OL-1387   Sec. 3740. Argument - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch235,Sec3741    USC18_OL-1388   Sec. 3741. Harmless error and plain error - (Rule)
18USC,PtII,Ch235,Sec3742    USC18_OL-1389   Sec. 3742. Review of a sentence
18USC,PtII,Ch237            USC18_OL-1390   CHAPTER 237 - CRIME VICTIMS' RIGHTS
18USC,PtII,Ch237,Sec3771    USC18_OL-1391   Sec. 3771. Crime victims' rights
18USC,PtIII                 USC18_OL-1392   PART III - PRISONS AND PRISONERS
18USC,PtIII,Ch301           USC18_OL-1393   CHAPTER 301 - GENERAL PROVISIONS
18USC,PtIII,Ch301,Sec4001   USC18_OL-1394   Sec. 4001. Limitation on detention; control of prisons
18USC,PtIII,Ch301,Sec4002   USC18_OL-1395   Sec. 4002. Federal prisoners in State institutions;
                                                        USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtIII,Ch301,Sec4003   USC18_OL-1396   Sec. 4003. Federal institutions in States without
                                            appropriate facilities
18USC,PtIII,Ch301,Sec4004   USC18_OL-1397   Sec. 4004. Oaths and acknowledgments
18USC,PtIII,Ch301,Sec4005   USC18_OL-1398   Sec. 4005. Medical relief; expenses
18USC,PtIII,Ch301,Sec4006   USC18_OL-1399   Sec. 4006. Subsistence for prisoners
18USC,PtIII,Ch301,Sec4007   USC18_OL-1400   Sec. 4007. Expenses of prisoners
18USC,PtIII,Ch301,Sec4008   USC18_OL-1401   Sec. 4008. Transportation expenses
18USC,PtIII,Ch301,Sec4009   USC18_OL-1402   Sec. 4009. Appropriations for sites and buildings
18USC,PtIII,Ch301,Sec4010   USC18_OL-1403   Sec. 4010. Acquisition of additional land
18USC,PtIII,Ch301,Sec4011   USC18_OL-1404   Sec. 4011. Disposition of cash collections for meals,
                                            laundry, etc.
18USC,PtIII,Ch301,Sec4012   USC18_OL-1405   Sec. 4012. Summary seizure and forfeiture of prison
18USC,PtIII,Ch301,Sec4013   USC18_OL-1406   Sec. 4013. Support of United States prisoners in non-
                                            Federal institutions
18USC,PtIII,Ch301,Sec4014   USC18_OL-1407   Sec. 4014. Testing for human immunodeficiency virus

18USC,PtIII,Ch303           USC18_OL-1408   CHAPTER 303 - BUREAU OF PRISONS
18USC,PtIII,Ch303,Sec4041   USC18_OL-1409   Sec. 4041. Bureau of Prisons; director and employees

18USC,PtIII,Ch303,Sec4042   USC18_OL-1410   Sec. 4042. Duties of Bureau of Prisons
18USC,PtIII,Ch303,Sec4043   USC18_OL-1411   Sec. 4043. Acceptance of gifts and bequests to the
                                            Commissary Funds, Federal Prisons
18USC,PtIII,Ch303,Sec4044   USC18_OL-1412   Sec. 4044. Donations on behalf of the Bureau of Prisons

18USC,PtIII,Ch303,Sec4045   USC18_OL-1413   Sec. 4045. Authority to conduct autopsies
18USC,PtIII,Ch303,Sec4046   USC18_OL-1414   Sec. 4046. Shock incarceration program
18USC,PtIII,Ch303,Sec4047   USC18_OL-1415   Sec. 4047. Prison impact assessments
18USC,PtIII,Ch303,Sec4048   USC18_OL-1416   Sec. 4048. Fees for health care services for prisoners

18USC,PtIII,Ch305,Sec4081   USC18_OL-1418   Sec. 4081. Classification and treatment of prisoners
18USC,PtIII,Ch305,Sec4082   USC18_OL-1419   Sec. 4082. Commitment to Attorney General;
                                            residential treatment centers; extension of limits of
                                            confinement; work furlough
18USC,PtIII,Ch305,Sec4083   USC18_OL-1420   Sec. 4083. Penitentiary imprisonment; consent
                                                         USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtIII,Ch305,Sec4084    USC18_OL-1421   Secs. 4084, 4085. Repealed.
18USC,PtIII,Ch305,Sec4086    USC18_OL-1422   Sec. 4086. Temporary safe-keeping of federal
                                             offenders by marshals
18USC,PtIII,Ch306            USC18_OL-1423   CHAPTER 306 - TRANSFER TO OR FROM FOREIGN
18USC,PtIII,Ch306,Sec4100    USC18_OL-1424   Sec. 4100. Scope and limitation of chapter
18USC,PtIII,Ch306,Sec4101    USC18_OL-1425   Sec. 4101. Definitions
18USC,PtIII,Ch306,Sec4102    USC18_OL-1426   Sec. 4102. Authority of the Attorney General
18USC,PtIII,Ch306,Sec4103    USC18_OL-1427   Sec. 4103. Applicability of United States laws
18USC,PtIII,Ch306,Sec4104    USC18_OL-1428   Sec. 4104. Transfer of offenders on probation
18USC,PtIII,Ch306,Sec4105    USC18_OL-1429   Sec. 4105. Transfer of offenders serving sentence of
18USC,PtIII,Ch306,Sec4106    USC18_OL-1430   Sec. 4106. Transfer of offenders on parole; parole of
                                             offenders transferred
18USC,PtIII,Ch306,Sec4106A   USC18_OL-1431   Sec. 4106A. Transfer of offenders on parole; parole of
                                             offenders transferred
18USC,PtIII,Ch306,Sec4107    USC18_OL-1432   Sec. 4107. Verification of consent of offender to
                                             transfer from the United States
18USC,PtIII,Ch306,Sec4108    USC18_OL-1433   Sec. 4108. Verification of consent of offender to
                                             transfer to the United States
18USC,PtIII,Ch306,Sec4109    USC18_OL-1434   Sec. 4109. Right to counsel, appointment of counsel
18USC,PtIII,Ch306,Sec4110    USC18_OL-1435   Sec. 4110. Transfer of juveniles
18USC,PtIII,Ch306,Sec4111    USC18_OL-1436   Sec. 4111. Prosecution barred by foreign conviction
18USC,PtIII,Ch306,Sec4112    USC18_OL-1437   Sec. 4112. Loss of rights, disqualification
18USC,PtIII,Ch306,Sec4113    USC18_OL-1438   Sec. 4113. Status of alien offender transferred to a
                                             foreign country
18USC,PtIII,Ch306,Sec4114    USC18_OL-1439   Sec. 4114. Return of transferred offenders
18USC,PtIII,Ch306,Sec4115    USC18_OL-1440   Sec. 4115. Execution of sentences imposing an
                                             obligation to make restitution or reparations
18USC,PtIII,Ch307            USC18_OL-1441   CHAPTER 307 - EMPLOYMENT
18USC,PtIII,Ch307,Sec4121    USC18_OL-1442   Sec. 4121. Federal Prison Industries; board of directors

18USC,PtIII,Ch307,Sec4122    USC18_OL-1443   Sec. 4122. Administration of Federal Prison Industries

18USC,PtIII,Ch307,Sec4123    USC18_OL-1444   Sec. 4123. New industries
                                                        USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtIII,Ch307,Sec4124   USC18_OL-1445   Sec. 4124. Purchase of prison-made products by
                                            Federal departments
18USC,PtIII,Ch307,Sec4125   USC18_OL-1446   Sec. 4125. Public works; prison camps
18USC,PtIII,Ch307,Sec4126   USC18_OL-1447   Sec. 4126. Prison Industries Fund; use and settlement
                                            of accounts
18USC,PtIII,Ch307,Sec4127   USC18_OL-1448   Sec. 4127. Prison Industries report to Congress
18USC,PtIII,Ch307,Sec4128   USC18_OL-1449   Sec. 4128. Enforcement by Attorney General
18USC,PtIII,Ch307,Sec4129   USC18_OL-1450   Sec. 4129. Authority to borrow and invest
18USC,PtIII,Ch309           USC18_OL-1451   [CHAPTER 309 - REPEALED]
18USC,PtIII,Ch309,Sec4161   USC18_OL-1452   Secs. 4161 to 4166. Repealed.
18USC,PtIII,Ch311           USC18_OL-1453   [CHAPTER 311 - REPEALED]
18USC,PtIII,Ch311,Sec4201   USC18_OL-1454   Secs. 4201 to 4218. Repealed.
18USC,PtIII,Ch313           USC18_OL-1455   CHAPTER 313 - OFFENDERS WITH MENTAL
                                            DISEASE OR DEFECT
18USC,PtIII,Ch313,Sec4241   USC18_OL-1456   Sec. 4241. Determination of mental competency to
                                            stand trial to undergo postrelease proceedings
18USC,PtIII,Ch313,Sec4242   USC18_OL-1457   Sec. 4242. Determination of the existence of insanity at
                                            the time of the offense
18USC,PtIII,Ch313,Sec4243   USC18_OL-1458   Sec. 4243. Hospitalization of a person found not guilty
                                            only by reason of insanity
18USC,PtIII,Ch313,Sec4244   USC18_OL-1459   Sec. 4244. Hospitalization of a convicted person
                                            suffering from mental disease or defect
18USC,PtIII,Ch313,Sec4245   USC18_OL-1460   Sec. 4245. Hospitalization of an imprisoned person
                                            suffering from mental disease or defect
18USC,PtIII,Ch313,Sec4246   USC18_OL-1461   Sec. 4246. Hospitalization of a person due for release
                                            but suffering from mental disease or defect
18USC,PtIII,Ch313,Sec4247   USC18_OL-1462   Sec. 4247. General provisions for chapter
18USC,PtIII,Ch313,Sec4248   USC18_OL-1463   Sec. 4248. Civil commitment of a sexually dangerous
18USC,PtIII,Ch314           USC18_OL-1464   [CHAPTER 314 - REPEALED]
18USC,PtIII,Ch314,Sec4251   USC18_OL-1465   Secs. 4251 to 4255. Repealed.
18USC,PtIII,Ch315           USC18_OL-1466   CHAPTER 315 - DISCHARGE AND RELEASE
18USC,PtIII,Ch315,Sec4281   USC18_OL-1467   Sec. 4281. Repealed.
18USC,PtIII,Ch315,Sec4282   USC18_OL-1468   Sec. 4282. Arrested but unconvicted persons
18USC,PtIII,Ch315,Sec4283   USC18_OL-1469   Secs. 4283, 4284. Repealed.
                                                       USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtIII,Ch315,Sec4285   USC18_OL-1470   Sec. 4285. Persons released pending further judicial
18USC,PtIII,Ch317           USC18_OL-1471   CHAPTER 317 - INSTITUTIONS FOR WOMEN
18USC,PtIII,Ch317,Sec4321   USC18_OL-1472   Sec. 4321. Board of Advisers
18USC,PtIII,Ch319           USC18_OL-1473   CHAPTER 319 - NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF
18USC,PtIII,Ch319,Sec4351   USC18_OL-1474   Sec. 4351. Establishment; Advisory Board; appointment
                                            of members; compensation; officers; committees;
                                            delegation of powers; Director, appointment and powers

18USC,PtIII,Ch319,Sec4352   USC18_OL-1475   Sec. 4352. Authority of Institute; time; records of
                                            recipients; access; scope of section
18USC,PtIII,Ch319,Sec4353   USC18_OL-1476   Sec. 4353. Repealed.
18USC,PtIV                  USC18_OL-1477   PART IV - CORRECTION OF YOUTHFUL
18USC,PtIV,Ch401            USC18_OL-1478   CHAPTER 401 - GENERAL PROVISIONS
18USC,PtIV,Ch401,Sec5001    USC18_OL-1479   Sec. 5001. Surrender to State authorities; expenses
18USC,PtIV,Ch401,Sec5002    USC18_OL-1480   Sec. 5002. Repealed.
18USC,PtIV,Ch401,Sec5003    USC18_OL-1481   Sec. 5003. Custody of State offenders
18USC,PtIV,Ch402            USC18_OL-1482   [CHAPTER 402 - REPEALED]
18USC,PtIV,Ch402,Sec5005    USC18_OL-1483   Secs. 5005, 5006. Repealed.
18USC,PtIV,Ch402,Sec5007    USC18_OL-1484   [Secs. 5007 to 5009. Repealed Pub. L. 94-233, Sec. 5,
                                            Mar. 15, 1976, 90 Stat. 231]
18USC,PtIV,Ch402,Sec5010    USC18_OL-1485   Secs. 5010 to 5026. Repealed.
18USC,PtIV,Ch403            USC18_OL-1486   CHAPTER 403 - JUVENILE DELINQUENCY
18USC,PtIV,Ch403,Sec5031    USC18_OL-1487   Sec. 5031. Definitions
18USC,PtIV,Ch403,Sec5032    USC18_OL-1488   Sec. 5032. Delinquency proceedings in district courts;
                                            transfer for criminal prosecution
18USC,PtIV,Ch403,Sec5033    USC18_OL-1489   Sec. 5033. Custody prior to appearance before
                                            magistrate judge
18USC,PtIV,Ch403,Sec5034    USC18_OL-1490   Sec. 5034. Duties of magistrate judge
18USC,PtIV,Ch403,Sec5035    USC18_OL-1491   Sec. 5035. Detention prior to disposition
18USC,PtIV,Ch403,Sec5036    USC18_OL-1492   Sec. 5036. Speedy trial
18USC,PtIV,Ch403,Sec5037    USC18_OL-1493   Sec. 5037. Dispositional hearing
18USC,PtIV,Ch403,Sec5038    USC18_OL-1494   Sec. 5038. Use of juvenile records
18USC,PtIV,Ch403,Sec5039    USC18_OL-1495   Sec. 5039. Commitment
                                                      USC Title 18 Outline
18USC,PtIV,Ch403,Sec5040   USC18_OL-1496   Sec. 5040. Support
18USC,PtIV,Ch403,Sec5041   USC18_OL-1497   Sec. 5041. Repealed.
18USC,PtIV,Ch403,Sec5042   USC18_OL-1498   Sec. 5042. Revocation of probation
18USC,PtV                  USC18_OL-1499   PART V - IMMUNITY OF WITNESSES
18USC,PtV,Ch601            USC18_OL-1500   CHAPTER 601 - IMMUNITY OF WITNESSES
18USC,PtV,Ch601,Sec6001    USC18_OL-1501   Sec. 6001. Definitions
18USC,PtV,Ch601,Sec6002    USC18_OL-1502   Sec. 6002. Immunity generally
18USC,PtV,Ch601,Sec6003    USC18_OL-1503   Sec. 6003. Court and grand jury proceedings
18USC,PtV,Ch601,Sec6004    USC18_OL-1504   Sec. 6004. Certain administrative proceedings
18USC,PtV,Ch601,Sec6005    USC18_OL-1505   Sec. 6005. Congressional proceedings
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