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  AQH-G4 Draft Standard Appointment Letter
  Version 2.0 April 2012


Version     Occasion of          Change           Date of        Modifications made
            Change               author           modification
1.0         Original placed in   S Sutcliffe      September
            Academic Quality                      2008
2.0         QAA Quality Code     A Roberts        May 2012       Publishing external examiner
            on External                                          details

  Draft Standard Appointment Letter for External Examiners. See Page 2

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I am pleased to inform you that the University’s Quality Management Sub Committee
has approved your appointment as an external examiner.        Your appointment will
commence on xxxxxxxxxxxx until xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and you will be responsible for the

Programme Examiner for xxxxxxxxx

Module Examiner for xxxxxxxxxxxxx (include all titles and codes)

You will be required to attend the following assessment boards:

Programme Assessment Board (include name and timing)

Module Assessment Board           (include name and timing)

(if dates not available include: You will be notified as soon as board dates have been

You will also be required to make xxxx visits to the University during the year.
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(For collaborative provision include where appropriate: You will also be required to
make visits to the following partner institutions which deliver the above
programme/modules and to comment upon these in your report:)

You will be expected to moderate the following sample (complete as appropriate):

xxxx examination scripts
xxxx coursework assignments
xxxx presentations

Full details of your role are set out in the enclosed policy document.

The Faculty will pay you a fee of XXXXXX per annum plus reasonable expenses (a
copy of the expenses guidelines is enclosed). The fee is payable on receipt of your
annual report and covers all duties and visits associated with your role. This report
should be submitted on the University proforma within six weeks of the date of the final
assessment Board each academic year.

I enclose the following items in connection with your appointment:

External Examiner Policy
Assessment Regulations
Programme Specification(s)
Module Descriptors
Report Proforma(s)

Where an external examiner does not fulfil the requirements of the University (as set out
in the attached policy) the University reserves the right to terminate the appointment at
any time.

As a new examiner you will be invited to attend the next annual induction session which
will be held on xxxxx. Attendance at this session is mandatory for those without previous
external examining experience. Expenses will be payable for all those who attend.
Formal invitations will be sent out by the University’s Quality Assurance and
Enhancement Unit.

Please confirm by letter or e-mail that you have accepted the post.

As you may know, the QAA published the new Quality Code on External Examining in
2011. The code states that institutions should make available to students the name,
position and institution of all external examiners. The University of Sunderland will be
publishing a list of their examiners on the University’s intranet; the list will only be
available to University staff and current students who are logged into the intranet with
their University account. This list will show your name, employer and title (as recorded
from your initial appointment form) and the modules and programmes for which you are
an examiner as listed above. Details held for you are:

Present Position:
Programme: as above
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Modules: as above

If any of the above details are incorrect or if you have any questions regarding your
appointment or role please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Quality Officer


Please reply to:


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